MalCare Review 2024 | 🚀(Pros and Cons) (Best WordPress Malware Scan Plugin? )

Malcare Review

Overall Verdict

MalCare offers you just the right solution for all such problems. An online malware scanner and plugin specially designed for WordPress websites, this tool aims at providing simple, safe and efficient scanning and security to your entire website.

Out of 10


  • Quick and simple
  • MalCare effectively processes its data and tests over 100+ signals
  • Effectively identifies the most complex hacks
  • Fetches every suspicious file to its servers and scans it using their advance set of algorithms.
  • Tracks Smallest File Changes
  • MalCare effectively processes its data and tests over 100+ signals


  • No unlimited plans
  • Small logo of Malcare will appear in Footer of your website
  • Better pricing options needed for beginners


Price: $ 9

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Do you have a WordPress website?

Do you want to know how to protect your site from common security threats?

Solution : Malcare provides an intuitive interface for managing various levels of WordPress security. Use it to change, update or block passwords, set up two-factor authentication and much more. Malcare is the best way to keep your WordPress site secure without spending too much time worrying about the task.

The only security plugin that does not overload your server while ensuring a full and complete WordPress security service

In this post, I have featured MalCare Review & MalCare Coupon Code that will help you get an exclusive discount on MalCare. So let’s dive in.

I am sure you must have heard or read about BlogVault. I had just recently posted an article about it. BlogVault is an online backup service that provides excellent and secure backup service to all WordPress websites.

This tool is a simple, safe, and efficient way to back up your entire website data including recent articles, posts, videos, plugins, and settings. Read my review of “BlogVault: WordPress Backup & Security” to learn more about BlogVault and its features.

MalCare Review

Bottom Line: MalCare is a reliable WordPress Malware Removal service out there. I have tried Malcare and found it amazing, as it helped me to remove malware for my own site BloggersIdeas.

Malcare is a better alternative to other security plugins that overload your server with unnecessary tasks. By disabling all the extra functions of other plugins, you will be able to fully concentrate on what matters – running a secure website with absolute safety.

The best part about this tool is that you don’t have to do anything, and the process is super simple and straightforward. Get Exclusive Discount On Malcare NOW

MalCare-Facebook Reviews

But in this article, I am going to talk about another amazing product called “MalCare: Malware Scanner” that has been developed by the same team that worked behind the success of BlogVault and is slowly emerging as one of the best Malware Scanning tools in today’s time.

MalCare Review 2024

Malcare checks for malicious content in your WordPress installation and blocks it. You can have an additional layer of security by using the more advanced features of the plugin. The ability to take control of your WordPress site with complete and reliable security options and protection against unwanted access.

This includes preventing unauthorized changes to user data, passwords, logins and more. Once installed, Malcare will automatically update all plugins on your site and ensure that they are always up-to-date with each other.

Why do you need a Malware Scanner? Is MalCare Any Good?

malcare reviews pricing coupon code

Anything and everything on the internet is prone to hacks some time or the other. If you have a fully functioning website, then you need to make sure that it remains secure against any kind of malicious codes and hacks.

MalCare- Overview

Coming from the same development team, MalCare is definitely something interesting and worth your attention. What makes it even better is that it has been exclusively designed for WordPress websites.

Let’s read through to learn more about it!

– What is Malcare?

– What is Malcare used for?

– How does Malcare work?

– Why I decided to use Malcare

– What are the benefits of using Malcare?

– What are the Cons for using Malcare?

What is the best WordPress security plugin? MalCare WordPress Malware Scanner 

Malcare is the only plugin that provides full security services to any WordPress site. It ensures that the security of your site does not get overwhelmed and that all plugins are running in the background, thus avoiding conflicts between plugins.

In addition, it will also automatically update all plugins on your site as soon as they become outdated or updated by another plugin, which can be a problem when one plugin is responsible for updating some content but others should update concurrently.

Malcare reviews clean site wordpress security

After achieving much acclaim and success in the niche of website backup services through BlogVault, the same development team decided to employ their skills and expertise to design another WordPress exclusive tool for Malware scanning, MalCare, which along with BlogVault, will make your blogging experience more secure and hassle-free than ever.

So yes, MalCare is an online automated Malware scanner and plugin designed especially for Websites running on the WordPress platform.

It is the only single-click, fully automated hack cleaner available in the market today, which means you don’t have to wait for technical assistance, which that usually takes 12 hours or more, depending on the complexity of your hack.

Best WordPress Security And Malware Scan Plugin?
Best WordPress Security And Malware Scan Plugin?

MalCare employs a decisive and learning algorithm that utilizes data collected from the cases the team has previously dealt with and learns from it. It processes more than 100 signals and characteristics, to check if your site has been hacked.

This feature helps identify the most complex hacks, with a minimal amount of errors. Thus, you can be at ease with your WordPress site’s security.

MalCare: What makes it different from others?

Malcare pricing

The BlogVaut development team has made perfect use of their skills and experience in crafting this tool, ensuring the least amount of errors and maximum results for its users. As a result of which, MalCare Malware Scanner has garnered significant praise and popularity in a relatively short period of time.

Malcare Reviews Pricing plans

The best thing about these algorithms is that, unlike other plugins and tools available in the market, these don’t slow down your WordPress sites at all, since these algorithms run on their systems.

  • Unlike other similar tools in the market, MalCare doesn’t even use checks for signatures or a pattern.
  • MalCare effectively processes its data and tests over 100+ signals to identify hacks over time and keeps learning from it.
  • MalCare is quick and simple. It is a single-click, fully automated hack cleaner, which means you can clean your site with a single click.
  • MalCare has made a name for itself when it comes to accurate scanning. Their system effectively identifies the most complex hacks, with zero false positives.

MalCare: Key Features & Major Advantages

– Easily and quickly change passwords, two-factor authentication and much more

– Create custom WordPress themes and plugins from the built-in WordPress Theme Builder.

– Find out when your website is vulnerable to security attacks and improve it with Malcare’s advanced WordPress security dashboard.

– It’s quick and easy to configure security settings. You can also enable/disable plugins, upload images, and get a detailed overview of your WordPress site.

– The best thing about Malcare is that it does everything you need while offering complete control over your website’s security.

malcare reviews

Accurately Detects Even Complex Hacks

MalCare Dashboard

MalCare is the most effective, efficient, and accurate way to scan and detect even the most complex WordPress hacks like Malicious code, hack codes, hidden Trojans, that can hide anywhere on your WordPress site and comes in many forms.

No matter where its hideout is or how complex its structure is, MalCare’s intelligent processing engine sniffs out any such sort of malware from your website.

Doesn’t Sound False Alarms

There are numerous Website scanning tools that raise a false alarm and get you tensed. Then when you scan through, you find nothing. This can waste your time. However, if you ignore them you might also miss notifications about any malicious code on your site.

But with MalCare, there is nothing like false alarms or notifications about ‘possible hacks’. MalCare efficiently investigates any such malicious and mal-code and alerts you about legitimately malicious instances on your WordPress site.

Detects Malware, the Intelligent Way

As mentioned earlier, MalCare is built on an intelligent processing engine and employs smart algorithms that keep learning from the data it processes. Furthermore, it focuses solely on code based on its behavior and heuristics, rather than a signature.

MalCare Features - Malcare Review

MalCare evolves overtime to keep up with malicious codes and hack threats and is pretty well equipped to keep your WordPress site safe and secure even in the future.

Removes Malware with One Click

Most security solutions in the market today use manual inspection & removal of bad code to solve complex hacks. This isn’t really a useless way to come about it, but it can take anything between a few hours to a few days to complete properly.

MalCare in comparison to them removes every simple or even complex hack with one single click. Thus, you don’t have to wait for time-consuming technical support either.

Tough on Malware, Easy on Site- Performance

Even while performing such complex security scans in the background, MalCare allows no compromise with your WordPress site’s performance. All thanks to MalCare’s advanced heavy-duty hack-detection algorithms that exclusively run on their servers, not yours.

So basically, you will not have to choose between your site’s security and performance. You get both of them efficiently and at ease.

Automatically Scans Your Site Daily

MalCare automatically scans your site every day, automatically. So even if you always forget to schedule scans, it will not be a problem.

Hacks always take you by surprise. So having MalCare scan your site every day reduces any chances of that.

MalCare Review Pricing Plans 


MalCare offers customers to choose from 4 different plans according to their requirements. Each of these plans is priced differently on the basis of the features and services they offer.

MalCare further offers you a full-featured, free 7 day trial in case you want to make sure if their services are worth your time and money. Just sign up for free and check it out. NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED!

Visit their official website for more information regarding their services, plans, features, prices and more.

Attention : Use Coupon :  BLID10OFFMC To Get 10% Off on Each Malcare Plans

Malcare Testimonial & Customer Reviews

MalCare-customer reviews

I didn’t know my site was going to be blacklisted by Google because of a third-party link. MalCare helped me dodge that bullet safely and cleaned up my site right after.

Jennifer Carello

Owner, TechCare LLC

When you are backing up a site MalCare will tell you, if that site is infected and will clean it up for you. Another way for us web developers to save valuable time and resources! MalCare is magical.

Miriam Schwab

Founder & CEO, Illuminea and Strattic

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FAQS on MalCare Review

😎What is Malcare?

Malcare is a WordPress security plugin which protects your site from being hacked and it also cleans up your website from time to time. It immediately sends you an alert whenever your site is being hacked.

✅Is Malcare safe to use?

Malcare keeps your website safe from every attack. Its firewall mitigates all the attacks on your website. It doesn’t make any changes on your website so it is pretty safe to use it.

👉How much discount can you get on Malcare?

You can get up to 25% off on yearly plans on Malcare. If you purchase a yearly plan then you will get a maximum discount of 25%. If you are choosing a monthly plan then you can use our coupon “BLID10OFFMC” which will give you a discount of 10% on every plan.

✔Does Malcare offer any free trial?

Yes, Malcare offers a 7 days free trial to their users. So, if you are going to purchase a plan then you must try the free trial first.

👉Does Malcare offer any money-back guarantee?

You can get a refund within 30 days from Malcare but there is one condition to that. If Malcare is unable to detect any problem or can’t clean your malware only then you will be eligible for refund.

Final Thought: MalCare Review (MalCare Coupon Code Save 10% Off)

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, literally, everything on the internet stands a potential threat of getting hacked some time or the other. Sometimes, even adding a new plugin or changing your website’s theme can result in bugs and viruses for your site, resulting in its crashing.

Crashing a website due to viruses or the entire website getting hacked can be really painful to deal with when one’s work is near completion or already completed or when the site is gaining popularity.

MalCare Review, it offers you just the right solution for all such problems. An online malware scanner and plugin specially designed for WordPress websites, this tool aims at providing simple, safe, and efficient scanning and security to your entire website.

WordPress Security Plugin - MalCare Review

It is easy to use and conduct security checks on your WordPress website. Swift and simple experience, the MalCare plugin for your WordPress site makes it even simpler and quicker for you to scan through any kind of potential threat with JUST ONE CLICK. This One-click malware scanning feature is not available in any malware scanner in the market.

I personally loved the feature that you don’t have to manually scan your website for malicious codes and hack threats daily. It automatically scans your site every day, automatically. So even if you forget to schedule scans, MalCare will do your work.

Your data will be securely stored on their server during scanning to minimize any chances of data loss, with a further backup to Amazon S3 servers. Plus, they offer massive disk space starting at 50 GB.

To Summarize :  Why MalCare ?

– The Best WordPress Security Plugin

– Change any level of security with a simple plugin settings.

– Use it to change, update or block passwords; set up two-factor authentication; and much more.

– Malcare has a completely intuitive graphical user interface that’s suitable for both advanced and novice users.

– It’s easy to set up and easy to use; it doesn’t require any technical skills. It works from the first time you run it.

Altogether, if you are looking for the best solution to keep your website secure from any kind of internet hacks and threats, then MalCare is the thing for you.

You can also contact them on social media platform FacebookTwitter

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    MalCare uses collective intelligence from its network of websites to detect and block threats from hackers and bots in real time.
    I’ll absolutely going to recommend this to everyone!!

  2. I’ve been using Malcare and it’s so much helpful for me! It has very beneficial features to it such as:
    》Offsite scanning of website reduces server load
    》Machine learning helps MalCare get better results
    》Effective in removing malware
    》Backup service
    》Affordable pricing compared to other plugins on the market

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