Madgicx vs Qwaya 2024: Which One Is The Best (Pros & Cons)

You would have read about a dozen reviews over Madgicx or Qwaya. Here in this article, I will give a complete in-depth analysis of both the websites and their services. So you excited to read about Madgicx vs Qwaya, and who wins in the end?

When you think of bringing our business online or starting an Ad campaign a hell lot of question pops up out of nowhere. how to start? Would a team of professional programmers work better or you should try and reach an advertising firm? How to handle data. What is the trick for quicker growth? Though random, these questions are important. 

Umm… I am sure if you have done your research correctly and have come to do this article by far, then probably you will find your answers soon. Following this, you will read a detailed comparison of Madgicx and Qwaya.

Madgicx vs Qwaya 2024 | The Ultimate Comparison

About Madgicx

Do you seek any help advertising or optimizing strategies of your business? May I Introduce you to Madgicx, sound similar to ‘magic’ right, oh! Don’t worry work similar even.

Artificial intelligence is familiar to all of us, it just sounds high-tech and everything. You will be amazed to know how badly we are surrounded by it in our daily. And that’s exactly what Madgicx does too. Madgicx is a software, which advantages from AI to scrutinize strategies and bring ads from popular media platforms like Facebook or Google. 

 Madgicx vs Qwaya- Madgicx

It helps you get hold of your target audience and promote your brand in a wider range. But what makes Madhicx so special? The defining feature of madgicx is that you can completely rely on it to stew some new strategy for you if the previous one fails by chance.

About Qwaya 

Where to end the quest for advertisement tools for Instagram and Facebook?  Qwaya helps you boost your advertising campaign.  

If you have acquaintance with small or medium enterprises you must have heard of Qwaya’s name and its services. It’s a powerful ad tool that helps you channel traffic to your website and has integration with Google analytics which helps you provide the success overview of your brand. 

 Madgicx vs Qwaya- Qwaya

Qwaya empowers its client to create some really attractive ads for themselves, to pacify and simplify the process it provides a list of templates to choose from. User may customize their ads if they wish so.

Common Features Madgicx vs Qwaya


Automize Ad generation and buying- Ever wonder if you could also promote your business over Facebook or any other social media platform? Madgicx does just the job! With Madgicx for your help, you can make amazingly attractive Ads all over Facebook.

MadgicX- Add Care


You can simply provide the necessary data to the software and then sit back and let it do its job.


Ads under your control- So, It is your ad, so you rule! You can schedule the timings of your ads beforehand by simply engaging the Ad scheduler. This helps you to roll your ad even without being physically present at the moment. You have the power to set some performance-based rules if you feel that is necessary.

Qwaya- AB Testing

Nay! It does not end so easily. Do you feel Facebook Ad rotation is not up to your standard, No problem do it yourselves with Qwaya. Rotate your ads according to your desired variation


Brand Tracking- Computing and analyzing is always a tedious task. Oh! You need not worry about that anyway! Magic provides you with the best reports and analyses for you to keep better tracks on your accounts and concentrate more on improving rather than pouring for hours over data. 

Madgicx Dashboard- Magicx vs Smartly.ioad


Excel Export Reports- Qwaya provides you simplified data reports. These reports help you keep track of your sales accounts and lead marketing. If these reports are not an area of expertise you can convert them into excel sheets and send them to a designated staff or person to mull-over them. The reports can be converted file formats sich as  .xlsx or .csv.  

Qwaya- Audience Testing


Organize your campaign- You are availed of a simple drag and drop system to organize and structure all your campaigning stages. It helps you to be better organized and stick to your style of working.

MadgicX- Bid Optimization


Create Strategies- What a brainstorming situation it is to fabricate strategies for your business! Now, hold your breath, and rely on Madgicx for the same. It will probably never disappoint you. But it does it will surely compensate it with some other strategy.

Qwaya- Scheduling


Customizable- Madgicx provides you with a template gallery to choose your ad design. You can choose a pre-designed template your customize your ad. Whatever suits you the best! But the Madgicx’ s client finds it fascinating for its allowance of personal creativity.

Smart-Filters - Madgicx


Templates and Target!- Qwaya also helps you create decorative ads by providing a list of Pre-designed templates. You can design your ads if you wish so anytime. You don’t want to show your ads to some to whom your product or services is not useful or would just skip the ad as it is worthless to, it also helps you get hold of your target audience. 

Qwaya- Campaign

Unique Features Madgicx vs Qwaya 


Creativity Through Artificial Intelligence- The efficient use of Artificial Intelligence through high-class computer algorithms is a great deal! It can analyze a million chunks of data in a fraction of second and present you with an evaluated report in no time at all.

Increment reports- To grow a business if important to know what is the pace of your growth or what are your current results. They provide you with the proper sales and marketing reports. You can automize or schedule the interval in which you desire to have the reports. This helps as you don’t have to stress over and the reports are super-simple yet extensive.

Madgicx- Audiance

User-friendly DashBoard- The Dashboard is really simple yet extensive. It is where you will find your business overview and holistic strategies. Simple and Exclusive!

Madgicx Mobile Application- It kind of troublesome to carry your laptop always? For all those who don’t want people to know they are pouring over their record-breaking business, you can use the Madigcx mobile application. It makes everything so easy. Now you have business at your fingertips.

Madgicx Mobile-App

Creative Insight and Filters- If you want a dedicated set of customers you ought to provide them something unique. With help you AI you gain a creative insight to design and decorate your content depending on your customer list and popular demands from your brand. And the Filters are just the right tool for the task. Get going and portray your innovative brain on the screen for your users to see it too.

AI Audience- The records and data you provide are used to create an AI support audience. They provide you 27 audiences for better reach and engagement over social media platforms.


Build a URL- The URL builder tool allows you to create your URL. This personal URL not only will save your time but also provides you the leisure of working anywhere and at any time.

Integration with Google analytics- Ever wondered if you could grab the advantages of super-efficient Google Analytics by integrating it with your business to review some of the best extensive reports provided by Google Services. So get all the help you need to analyze your advertisements and campaign.

Multiple User allowed- It is all too hectic for a single person to handle all these reports. You might even want to share your resources with your team. Qwaya makes it possible for you, Add several team members or colleagues and seamlessly divide the work time

Free training session- You might be completely new to this whole new software and online business model. No Issues! Although Qwaya claims to be very user-friendly, they provide free video training for every feature they provide.

Verdict- Though we see both the software have some competitive similar features and some distinguishing rare features too. The use of AI in the Madgicx is contrasting to the Google analytic integration for the Qwaya. 

In my opinion, the users are the better judge here. They can actually list their requirements and choose the best. Here in this Madgicx vs. Qwaya verdict, we can say that Madgicx has got some really good features and might come in handy to the majority.

Pricing Madgicx vs Qwaya  

Madgicx- To avail the service for just $44 per month. You can even choose to pay $39 per month which has to be paid quarterly but is billed annually. For this price, you will get Ads generated and launched for 1 account and AI audiences. 


All this comes with a customizable dashboard, innovative filters, and creative insight. To be honest, it is pretty cheap and the best price Madgicx has to offer. But you always have the free trial to try the software are testify it for yourselves. 


Qwaya lets you have a different subscription to serve the best of your purposes at a cost that is best for your pocket.


Premium version- The premium version will cost you $149 per month with all the intriguing benefits of unlimited ads of 1 account user. You also get unlimited Facebook users to increase your engagement.

Business Version- Business subscription slips away with $249 per month from your bank. You get all the basic individual version features except you have it for up to 5 users. 

Agency Version- You reap the advantages of the Agency subscription you have empty $349 per month. from your pockets This is inclusive of all the best features Qwaya. up to 10 users can access it. This version is best explored rather than read!

Qwaya also provides a 14-day free trial with no such registration fee. You can try the software and see if it serves your purpose or not. Make judicious use of the 14 day trial period. You don’t want to regret paying in the future.

Verdict- The verdict is quite clear here. Clearly, Madgicx takes the credit for being pocket friendly for its users. 

But comparing both, they provide free trials and their pricing pattern have equal pros and cons.

Pros and Cons Madgicx vs Qwaya


  • User experience-  The Madgicx users are fascinated by the claims of the software and how efficiently they prove themselves to be honest. 
  • Audience Creation- The Sales funnel does it jobs just right! They help you get more and more customers and help you to grow online with minimum effort from your side.
  • Automation- With Madgicx you can automize all the settings and sleep in harming with no nightmare of crazy budget bills or ad schedules. 
  • Unlimited ad Creation– You have no limit on the number of ad yo design or create. This allows you to work on more than more projects at a time.
  • Time Saviour- Your ads will be ready in a couple of minutes. The tools and templates they provide do their job quite efficiently.
  • Integration- It can easily be integrated with some top of the shelf websites and some big household names among which are Google, Facebook, and Shopify. It can be integrated with a really wide range of apps!
  • Cheap- Madgicx does not cost you a fortune! You will probably have difficulty in seeking software providing the same benefits at this rate.
  • Reach your goal- The sole motive of the software is to assist you to expand your business. In simple words, your profits are their gain. 

Pros Qwaya 

  • Supporting devices-You can use on any device you like. It has a cloud-based server that stores your data online so you can access it from the web. Though it will support all types of iOS, desktops, and Android
  • Customer types- It is highly recommended and suitable for small to medium scale enterprises and businesses.
  • Integration- It integrates with Google Analytics and Excel. Both of which help to add to the uniqueness of the software. 
  • Ad testing- All your ads go through a test before they roll everywhere online. These tests ensure that your ads are unique and can be easily viewed on different mobile apps and newsfeed section.
  • Detailed Reporting- Qwaya lets you have details of every sales and lead. They provide you proper analysis and help you significantly.

Cons Madgicx

  • Madgicx and its features can effectively be acknowledged by larger firms or firms that command a certain growing pattern in the market. In Reality, small businesses can’t utilize the full potential of the software.
  • Although the tools are really useful you might take some time to get a hang with them. But with the time you will be acquainted with the functionality of the tools.


  • The price itself is too hefty. Many a time small firms are reluctant to invest in this software due to restraints in the budgets. 
  • The user experience is sometimes not as delightful as they claim to provide. The user has complaints regarding bugs in the mobile application and lag in the report generation.
  • Believe it or not! But with so many features you will never be able to bring in all the features to the utility.

Verdict- As listed above, the list of pros is quite long and competitive for both the software. But when we have a good look in the cons section we find Madgicx leads the game. Though hardly one could coin a proper complaint against both the software.

Support service


If you visit the Madgicx website, you will see a cute pop-up asking you to drop in your queries. If you send in a query or your question there is a very high chance that you will get a satisfactory answer by the chatbot. Yeah! The support service is this good!

They provide 24-hour support, so don’t look at the clock before asking a question. 

Other than this they provide you with a long list of FAQs to answer the most common question. Detailed articles and blogs along with the small training session help the visitors to get an insight into the software and how it works.

Qwaya Qwaya provides you an online support system to text them your doubts and get it solved in minimum to no time. There are several free training webinars to understand each and every function and tool effortlessly.

They also have Case-studies and blogs that introduce the functionality of the software to the users. To know more about the software you can follow their various social media handles. 

Verdict- Both the software provide an equal level of support. Here the point of consideration is the time and ease. We believe that the Free- training webinars get Qwaya with some extra points for a bonus. 


👉Can marketing tools help?

Marketing tools are often very helpful as they can make simple manual tasks a whole lot easier. By automating certain processes you or your organization can focus your manpower on things that require a bit know knowhow and will be a much better way to allocate limited human resources.

👉Which marketing tool provides all these features at a low cost?

Marketing does not have to be a very expensive process. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely can be burdensome at the start. But if it is used properly and put to good use, then you can indeed produce results at a low cost.

👉Is Madgicx worth the hype?

Madgicx is not just a hype. It is home to some great features that can just be perfect at times. But the only catch is you would need to spend around 200 bucks a month. That’s not too bad considering the returns that it potentially offers you, the only step that can be difficult is the initial investment, one that you will make back using this great tool!

Testimonials Madgicx vs Qwaya

Madgicx Customer Reviews

Madgicx - Testimonials

Qwaya Customer Reviews

Qwaya- Testimonials

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Final Verdict: Madgicx vs Qwaya 2024 

The battle must come to an end at some point. I am sure at this point you have been weighing all of the features that Madgicx and Qwaya offer you. Each definitely has its merits. Madgicx and Qwaya each with reasonable pricing and a great base of features provide us with a difficult choice.

But we must consider factors like transparent pricing, in which case Madgicx is quite definitely the winners as per the customizable pricing options.

Then we look at Quwaya, which is also with its benefits. Such as with its testing and reporting.

But overall it seems to be as Madgicx has a better range of features and can be a lot more consumer-friendly in some regards of price. 

Hoping to leave you in better regard and a bit more about these tools, this article comes to an end declaring Madgicx as the winner of this close battle!


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