Madgicx Review 2024: How Good Is Madgicx? (My Personal Experience)


Overall Verdict

With its AI-powered analysis of your ad creatives, Madgicx can help you unlock your full potential and bring your ideas to life. By understanding what resonates with your audience, you can create ads that truly connect with them and drive better results. It's all about optimizing your creative strategies to make a real impact and leave a lasting impression.

Out of 10


  • AI-backed omnichannel marketing platform
  • AI-powered creative intelligence
  • Budget optimization
  • Ad-spend based pricing that fits every advertiser
  • 360° audience coverage
  • Data-driven targeting


  • More pricing options needed
  • White labelling is expensive


Price: $ 29

In this Madgicx Review, I look at one of the most popular Ecom tracking & attribution tool available and provide a complete overview of its key pros and cons. Is it right for your business? Let’s find out.

Do you own an online business or brand? Do you run ads on Facebook for your online brand?

Ever thought of what you need to do to make your Facebook Ads campaign a success? The last one is the most important question that you should probably have an answer to. Why?

Social media marketing is one of the most profitable ways to promote and publicize your business in today’s internet-savvy world if done correctly!

Looking at this “Power of Connectivity” that FB possesses, online brands and businesses have made Facebook their home for promoting their products and services to the masses through Facebook Ads.

Research studies have revealed that over 95% of online businesses today prefer marketing their products on Facebook. This includes businesses of all types and sizes. Facebook is the best place for start-ups and small-scale businesses to advertise themselves.

Some of them know pretty well how to manage these ads, especially the medium and large businesses, who have a team designated specifically to handle the social media ad campaigns.

However, many businesses often struggle to manage their ad campaigns on Facebook. The main reasons may be because:

  • They don’t have enough manpower to handle the ad campaigns.
  • They don’t have an idea of how ad campaigns work on Facebook.

The best solution to either of the two problems mentioned above is “Automated FB Ad tools”! Here comes Madgicx which is an omnichannel marketing platform with creative intelligence and autonomous ad-buying capabilities that optimizes ads across Facebook and Google.

Bottom Line Upfront: 

As someone who has been in the advertising business for a long time, I understand the importance of optimizing Facebook advertisements to achieve the highest return on investment (ROI). That’s why I want to tell you about Madgicx’s amazing E-commerce Ad Cloud.

The E-com Ad Cloud takes the worry out of tracking Facebook advertising by providing accurate and insightful attribution. This allows me to make data-driven decisions and take my ad performance to new heights. Additionally, I can access live performance data across multiple ad platforms all in one place.

Madgicx understands the power of automation, and their ad automation tools are incredibly easy to set up. I can even preserve my budget when I’m not online thanks to automatic rules that I can customize based on my needs. It’s like having a personal assistant who ensures that my ads are running smoothly and effectively.

Madgicx Reviews

You can check out the best Facebook ads spy tools. Let’s start with a detailed Madgicx Review with features & pricing.

Madgicx Review

About Madgicx Review: AI Powered 

Google and Facebook move fast, and keeping up with these platforms requires expertise, time, and hard work.

That’s where Madgicx comes in. It makes life easier for every advertiser by providing all the knowledge and technology needed to succeed with online advertising.

Madgicx is a full-stack Ecom advertising platform that allows online business owners to manage their Facebook ad campaigns flawlessly using 7 Advertising Products in one powerful Platform. 

Madgicx Review is proud to rank #1 in five different categories and be recognized as a High Performer by, Inc.! is proud to be the favourite tool of the “1-percenter” top digital marketers.

Backed by AI and designed by advertisers for advertisers, the Madgicx platform combines all the knowledge and technology you need to maximize your results with Facebook ads.

  • 100+ Audiences
  • Ad Automation
  • Creative Intelligence
  • Ads Manager 2.0
  • Performance Analytics
  • Automated Reporting
  • And many more tools that will help you optimize your ads and save you time and money.

Why Choose Madgicx?

Madgicx is an omnichannel marketing platform that uses AI tags, creative insights, custom automation, and campaign overviews to enable solopreneurs and enterprises of all sizes to manage ad optimization.

Content management, conversion tracking, customer targeting, automatic publishing, customer involvement, social media monitoring, and campaign management are just a few of the key features.

Marketers who use Madgicx can use computer versioning analytics to analyze data points from creatives and evaluate the performance of each element.

Teams can use the one-click Ad Launcher to combine the best creatives and create ads using performance visualization, view and access Facebook and Instagram posts, existing ads, and potential creative and ad copy combinations in the content hub, and launch tailored ads to specific audiences based on preferences.

Madgicx has bid optimization capabilities, which allow customers to leverage the system’s pre-built procedures to find prospecting ad sets, understand their winning bids, and obtain visibility into their most profitable bids.

Ad Care enlarges ads in the comments section, assists in the management of unsubscribe processes by employing landing sites to automatically prohibit unsubscribers from receiving future campaigns, and inserts direct connections to pages in the comments to improve traffic.

Madgicx is accessible on a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription basis, with live chat, knowledge base, and FAQs as support options.

How to Create a Top-Seed Audience Lookalike?

1. Choose your Top 5 or Top 10 best-performing seed audiences.
2. Lookalike all of those audiences at 1%.
3. Go ahead and combine them into 1 super powerful audience.

This Audience has both components. It’s an extremely high-quality audience on one side yet a large enough audience on the other side.
It’s that easy to create powerful audience combinations based on your data.

But wait—this is just one audience out of hundreds of special audiences.

So don’t waste too much time. Start your free trial at and launch sophisticated audiences across the full funnel strategy (including AI Audiences) to unlock the full potential of your ad account.

Pricing Plans Of Madgicx

Madgicx offers three price editions, ranging from $29 to $199, and is also accessible for free. Examine the various price editions below to choose which edition and features best suit your budget and demands. Madgicx also offers a 7-day Free Trial.

1. All-in-One AI Plan

All-in-One AI Plan

2. One-Click Report

One-Click Report

3. Madgicx Cloud Tracking

Madgicx Cloud Tracking

Top Features of Madgicx in Detail:

Madgicx Review- Features

1. Strategic Dashboard

The Strategic Dashboard gives you access to unprecedented levels of detail. It reveals completely undiscovered metrics and guides you toward revenue-generating decisions.

To genuinely revolutionize your results, you may evaluate your ad account holistically in order to gain enhanced insights and match your advertising strategy with your business KPIs.

2. Ad Copy Insights

AI algorithms tag language aspects that lead to positive outcomes across diverse audiences, allowing you to see which words sell.

Find scalable ad versions, identify your top performers, invest in new copy testing, and cut your overspending.

3. Creative Insights

Computer vision technology can help you assess billions of data points and obtain valuable insights about your creatives. You can identify which ones are generating the most revenue and have the most potential for growth.

To avoid ad fatigue, monitor how specific creatives perform over time. AI can extract the components that drive performance, even for videos. Facebook and Instagram offer different formats to reach your audience.

4. Smart Filters

At each point of the funnel, you must uniquely engage with your audience. Allow their Smart Filters to show you how.

Find the most appropriate creatives for each channel via which you communicate with your customers, and describe their various positions and devices.

Diversity is one of the world’s most wonderful things, but it also poses a challenge for multinational marketers. Smart filters make it easy to understand which creative works were created and transform this obstacle into an advantage.

Use micro-segmentation to personalize content at scale. Make use of a business intelligence solution that can accurately evaluate unified account data at the persona level.

4. Madgicx Mobile

Sign up or log in to Madgicx Mobile to get these reports immediately. Swipe right and left to seamlessly navigate between different time frames.

Simply track revenue, leads, app installs, and overall campaign effectiveness to monitor and evaluate your key company KPIs. Our Dashboard is designed to show you exactly what you need to know.

Find out how your current campaigns are doing. Get real-time traffic statistics and the performance of your most recent ad account.

5. AI Audience

Within a centralized audience centre, 100+ audiences are available in only a few clicks. Use artificial intelligence (AI) to find and target your most profitable customers. Launch 27 audiences based on an AFM model.

Combine multiple high-converting lookalikes into a single Super Lookalike Audience with Madgicx’s Top Seed Audiences and watch your ROAS skyrocket.

Select your best-performing demographics based on previous data with ease. Make an informed decision based on previous persona performance.

Experiment with different percentages of lookalikes, all the way up to 20%. Find the most profitable audiences, scale them, and take your company to the next level.

6. Ad Launcher

The ability to see ad text and creative performance allows you to quickly combine the greatest creatives with the best copies to produce the next amazing ad.

In terms of ad performance, there is only one source of fact: Even if an ad appears in multiple ad groups and campaigns, our clever technology recognizes it and integrates all performance data so you can see it all in one place in your Ad Launcher.

This is where you’ll find all of your content: Existing ads, Instagram and Facebook posts, and possible copy and creative combinations are all ready to go through your Ad Launcher.

Select customized ads and launch them to specified audiences. Find out which ad converts the best for different age and gender groups, countries, funnel phases, and more by using hidden analytics.

7. Automation Tactics

It’s never been easier to automate your advertising! Thanks to Madgicx’s built-in techniques, you can ensure that your advertising is optimized without too much effort. Simply relax and let the machines do the work.

With their sophisticated automation strategies, you can buy advertising more efficiently and improve your campaigns. Increase your return on investment (ROI), which will lead to more conversions and, ultimately, more income for your company.

While the industry standard for repeating checks is 15-30 minutes, Madgicx’s rules are truly real-time. This allows us to maximize the effectiveness of our strategies and provide you with the finest potential outcomes.

8. Budget Optimization

Manually optimizing your adverts is a time-consuming and difficult activity that you should delegate to the computers. Allow Madgicx’s Autonomous Budget Optimizer to handle your ad buying so you can focus on growing your business.

Madgicx’s account budget management capabilities are comprehensive. To achieve the greatest results, our execution capabilities make use of both ad set and campaign budget optimization.

Daily budget scaling based on performance, as stated by your goals and objectives. Your budget will be scaled up or down automatically based on the criteria that are relevant to you.

Analyze and assess a massive volume of data with efficiency and precision that only AI algorithms can handle. Never lose out on possibilities to scale and make the most of your money.

The elite marketing team you always desired is now at your service. Your budget will be in good hands, thanks to the power of AI and the experience of experienced media buyers.

Over-targeting your audience is an easy way to fatigue them. When Madgicx’s maximum exposure limit is reached at each funnel level, your budget is automatically downscaled to avoid audience fatigue.

9. Scaling Strategies

Madgicx’s pre-built and Custom Automation Tactics allow you to avoid wasting money on ineffective initiatives and instead focus your resources on scaling the ones that are working.

To produce additional versions of your greatest audiences and creatives, mass launch multivariate testing. Experiment with crucial variables using statistical analysis as a foundation.

In your account, identify the best bids for different audiences and strike the correct balance between volume and quality.

Before you grow your budget, use Madgicx’s Insight Tools to ensure that you’ve covered all possible creative forms, funnel stages, and audience categories.

Simply enter your KPIs and objectives, and our smart algorithms will optimize your budget accordingly. This is the first Budget Optimizer to work at the account level.

Allow their AI algorithms to anticipate your next best move and create a perfect pre-defined campaign configuration for you, including audiences, advertisements, ad sets, budget, and more.

10. Ad Care

Comments on your adverts influence potential customers’ decisions. Being present in this part from the start establishes the foundation for a favourable brand dialogue.

The comment box is an important component of your advertisement and should be treated as such. The Ad Care comment enlarges the ad and makes it much more noticeable and conspicuous.

Manage the unsubscribe process through a Madgicx-hosted landing page, and unsubscribers will be automatically removed from future campaigns. You can reduce negative comments on your adverts this way.

Automation Tactics Offered By Madgicx:

Automation Tactics Offered By Madgicx

1) Bid Testing:

Actually, it’s a scaling strategy to improve your performance. Using this feature, you can run bid campaigns to find your best-performing bid.

You can have all the data after launching your bid campaigns. also, you have the option to choose b/w manual and automation bidding settings. 

2) Creative Cluster:

Here, creative clusters analyze creative combinations based on the elements of the merged ad. Simply by discovering, analyzing, and also comparing other creative clusters, you will be able to find the single ad element that literally drives high-performing ads. 

You can also use the creative clusters to easily analyze winning creative factors and compare clusters. 

3) Mass Creation:

Using Mass Creation you can just launch 100+ AI-based Audiences like you can create new audience-based campaigns easily with the help of this feature. It lets you build a full-funnel targeting strategy.

Once you launch all these campaigns, just let them compete right against your account setup.  

4) Automated Reporting:

With the help of this feature, you can simply automate the agency reporting that generates reports directly for your clients. Also, the report can be shared directly with your inbox on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can set the timing and on which basis you want the reports delivered to your inbox. 

Since Facebook ads are their target niche and Facebook has fundamentally transformed the way they market, the developers of Madgicx are committed to providing quality performance and customer satisfaction as they unite all the knowledge, skills, and technology required to succeed with Facebook Ads under one automated execution platform. 

Madgicx Facts & Figures

The facts and figures for any business speak volumes about how good (or bad) it really is. Here are a bunch of facts and figures about Madgicx that you should know to get an idea of their outreach, reputation, goodwill, and performance.

  • Rising Star Award – 2019 (Awards by Finances Online)
  • Premium Usability Award – 2019 (Awards by Finances Online)
  • Managing an average of $50 Million on Facebook monthly
  • Filled with Polyglots! Their team can speak 8 international languages
  • Catering to over 4000 customers worldwide
  • International offices are located in 3 cities: Vienna, Tel Aviv, and Kiev

Madgicx Knowledgebase!

 Apart from their extremely responsive customer support service, they have also put together a very useful knowledge base in the form of an online video training course and a blog.

The Madgicx Video Training Course is a full-fledged video library where you can find tutorials and demo videos about useful features and tools of their products.

Here you can find 6 steps that focus on the jobs will do for you, featuring best practices to help you work better. Ideal for those who like to see how it’s done, rather than read the manual.

Video Training Course - Madgicx com

In case you are unable to find what you were looking for, you can contact their success team and learn everything there is to know about from someone.

Furthermore, they have curated a blog that has free articles, guides, and tutorials to help you to grow your business & knowledge as a Facebook, Instagram and Google Advertiser. 

Why Do I Recommend Madgicx for Your Business?

Now, I know so much about Madgicx and what they can do for you. I personally have been using Madgicx ad marketing tools to automate and manage my Facebook ad campaigns for quite some time now, and to be dead honest, their performance has been really great.

The reality of ad marketing is that, as your business or brand keeps expanding with time, managing the ad campaigns and other marketing aspects manually becomes a tedious task.

What Madgicx does is blend artificial intelligence with ad automation to learn, understand and act for you without you even being physically present all the time to do the same stuff manually.

This has saved me a lot of time and effort and, of course, the money to hire an ad marketing official. In other words, with Madgicx, you are able to have full control of your business ad campaign anywhere, anytime.

1. Takes Control of Your Business

The dashboard’s unparalleled level of detail exposes secret metrics so that company KPIs can be matched with Facebook Ad strategy to really revolutionize the performance.

2. Automated Tactics to Scale Your Business with AI has put together a series of short-term and long-term revenue maximization tactics to run your ads 24/7 to squeeze out every last drop in performance from ad sets.

3. Create a Full-Funnel Strategy in 5-clicks

Mass Creation allows you to build a complete campaign that wouldn’t even be set up for you by an elite ad agency. + 100 AI eRFM module-based audiences.

4. Enjoy Agency Class Reporting

Madgicx boasts of a zero-effort reporting function that gives you an in-depth performance overview at all times by providing you rich reports triggered on daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.

What Makes Madgicx So Unique? Why Use Madgicx For Google & Facebook Ads Automation?

Madgicx- First E-Commerce Ad Cloud

1. Targeting

The targeting tool is one of Madgicx’s most useful and unique features. It allows users to learn more about their target audiences by examining their interests and behavior.

The tool also allows you to exclude or add specific audiences to verify that your ads are reaching the right people.

Madgicx’s audience studio is another one-of-a-kind tool. Users can use this tool to test their adverts on different audiences to evaluate which group or combination is the most profitable. There are three parts to the audience studio:

Acquisition: Customers who have previously engaged with the user’s ads but have not made a purchase through the ad.
Retargeting: These customers have seen the advertisement and engaged with the content.
Retention: Existing clients are retained with retention platforms, which allow users to communicate with up to 90% of their audience.

2. Creative & Ad Copy Analysis

This feature shows which videos/images are most effective at attracting clients.

It helps users design the perfect ad by displaying the best mixture of text and phrases coupled with visuals, allowing them to reach the largest audience and generate the most revenue.

The Ad Copy Analysis tells the user which ads are successful and which ones aren’t. This tool allows users to examine not only which pictures work best but also which age groups interact with the advertisement.

The Ad Copy Analysis may be used to create weekly reports that show users how their ads are progressing and how they can improve them.

3. Ad Launcher

The Ad Launcher is a tool that allows users to launch new and current advertisements. The user may easily upload their top advertising and monitor the performance of those that have already been published.

This functionality also allows users to combine advertising to generate new adverts and expand the use of their existing content. Users can also prepare bulk ads for distribution and preview ads that are about to be published.

Madgicx Pros and Cons


  • Automates ad optimization with advanced AI technology.
  • Offers detailed analytics for data-driven decision-making.
  • Seamless integration with Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.
  • A User-friendly interface simplifies campaign management tasks.
  • Robust targeting tools enhance audience engagement significantly.
  • Continuous updates and features keep it cutting-edge.


  • It can be expensive for small businesses and startups.
  • The steep learning curve for new users initially.

Madgicx Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Madgicx User Reviews

Madgicx reviews

Best Madgicx Alternatives 2024

1) Revealbot

Revealbot is an AI-powered Facebook and Instagram ad automation, optimization, and management platform for agencies and brands that use Facebook to advertise.

It’s a cutting-edge platform that allows marketers to automate Facebook Ads, alerts them when they’re wasting money on unsuccessful ads, and provides recommendations for how to improve them.

Revealbot overview

Machine learning is at the heart of the system, making it simple to examine previous data and forecast CPA and conversions.

Automation, auto-boosting, and bulk generation are among the three powerful modules included in Revealbot. Marketers can use the automation module to set custom rules for ad automation and alerts.

In the meanwhile, the auto-boosting module allows marketers to promote content while maintaining control over their consumers and goals. Finally, the bulk creation module is intended to make the process of creating bulk Facebook ads as simple as possible.

2) Supermetrics

Supermetrics is analytics software that centralizes and makes all of your metrics and performance indicators easily accessible.

Originally created to help businesses access their Google Analytics data, It has grown into a full-fledged business reporting platform that works with a variety of analytics engines and applications.

Supermetrics Overview

The software has evolved into an excellent tool for gathering data and insights to aid in the development and implementation of web analytics, social media, and online marketing strategies.

Supermetrics for Google Drive, the company’s flagship product, allows organizations to conduct queries, refresh data with a single click, and easily share reports and dashboards with other team members. Supermetrics Data Grabber gives you the distinct advantage of generating Excel reports based on data from Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, Bing Ads, Twitter, and YouTube with ease and speed.

Nothing has to be installed or embedded in a script. What used to take hours has turned into a quick process that saves you a significant lot of time and effort each week.


🚀 How does Madgicx enhance ad performance?

Madgicx uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze your advertising data and provide actionable insights. It optimizes campaigns by automating ad targeting, bidding, and creative placement, ensuring that ads are shown to the right audience at the optimal time and place.

👥 Who should use Madgicx?

Madgicx is ideal for digital marketers, social media managers, and businesses of all sizes that want to improve their online advertising efforts. It is particularly useful for those who manage large-scale ad campaigns and seek to automate routine tasks.

📊 How does Madgicx compare to other ad management tools?

Madgicx stands out due to its comprehensive AI capabilities and user-friendly interface. It provides more detailed analytical insights and automation options compared to many traditional ad management tools, making it a robust choice for advertisers seeking to leverage AI in their strategies.

🔧 Is Madgicx easy to integrate with existing marketing tools?

Yes, Madgicx integrates seamlessly with many popular marketing platforms and tools, including Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads, and various analytics services. This integration capability makes it easy to sync and manage campaigns across different channels from a single dashboard.

💡 Can Madgicx help reduce advertising costs?

Madgicx helps optimize your ad spend by targeting the most relevant audiences and eliminating underperforming ads. Its strategic automation and optimization can lead to a more efficient use of your advertising budget, potentially reducing overall costs while improving campaign performance.

🆘 What kind of support does Madgicx offer?

Madgicx provides robust customer support through multiple channels, including live chat, email, and a comprehensive knowledge base. They also offer personalized onboarding sessions and regular webinars to help users get the most out of their platform.

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Conclusion: Madgicx Review 2024

With over 100 Facebook and Google audiences to select from, I can rapidly identify and target my best audiences.

The audience selection method saves me time while also allowing me to contact the ideal folks who are more likely to interact and convert.

And let me tell you about AI-powered ad creative analysis. It’s incredible! Beyond simple data, I obtain complete insights into the performance of my creatives.

The AI-powered analysis enables me to discover what works best, allowing me to optimize my creative strategy and engage my audience like never before.

Madgicx’s E-commerce Ad Cloud has completely revolutionized my advertising strategy. It’s a one-stop shop for all of my Facebook advertising needs, allowing me to save time, enhance ROI, and gain control over my ad campaigns.

Goodbye, ad management difficulties, and welcome to a more efficient and productive advertising experience. You will not be disappointed!

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100 User Reviews on Madgicx

  1. The Madgicx software is the worst product I’ve ever used in all my life. It’s basically a ransomware that has made me lose everything in no time. First off, when you install it – which takes forever by the way – it forces you to create yet another account with all your credit card information and ID again. And then when managing others’ accounts using notepad, it crashes every five minutes for absolutely no reason at all! Even without this downward spiral, I have barely been able to “focus on what I’m good at” because who knows how many hours are lost implementing something called “custom API”. But don’t waste any more time complaining about Madgicx-cause frankly…I think they suck big

  2. Try it! Over the course of the past month or so, not only have I noticed that my hour has decreased but also my marketing efforts produce better quality results. A work weekend is all day on Sunday while a normal weekday ends with 4-5 hours in front of Excel sheet – Madgicx saves time on all this for me!
    Right off the bat, you are able to find creatives based on ROAs or CTRs so you can save time building campaigns and figuring out which assets are working best. No more guessing! And seeing metrics at different stages is super helpful too – v/o quotes outperforming banner ads? Boom, cut back some budget from Banner Ads into Video Ads. Less money more conversions right .

  3. Initially, I was very excited about this product, but it turns out that after playing with the interface for a few minutes I realized how difficult it is to set up and that there’s no way to create ads in this software. If you’re looking for something more user-friendly, go for another provider like Facebook Ads Manager.

  4. I tried out Madgicx Review for three months and it was amazing. I received so many targeted ads, that I felt like companies knew me better than the people in my life! Plus, Madgicx Review rewards customers with a coupon or discount, which is always great. If you want to experience an even better advertising campaign without wasting any more of your money on expensive commercials; then download this app today!

  5. Madgicx Review is the next generation of review platforms, but with a major twist. The unique offline aspect promoted by Madgicx Review ensures that brands are engaging to customers right where they want them- on their devices! Unlike other reviewed platforms, Madgicx reviews offers an innovative incentive system for both customer and advertisers alike. As well as getting a significant discount when they buy a product online, users can also get discounted products from retailers without actually buying the initial item- which helps you secure your brand through more consistent engagement with your audience. Added features like our ability to track conversion metrics make this new platform better than its counterparts in every way; we’re solving problems that others couldn’t even identify!

  6. Madgicx is the most used automation software out-there. As a marketer, you can’t ignore being able to get all of your work done faster and smarter! Gone are the days of spending hours looking for creatives with low CTRs or getting frustrated because 14 people did not download an app from a campaign that ran 7 days straight. With Madgics new features it will be so easy to find what you need in seconds without having had to waste time on menial tasks. I guarantee fewer headaches and more opportunities for growth in efficiency with this tool!

  7. The best marketing tool for any size business.

    Madgicx is the only marketing automation tool you’ll need because it’s so versatile and user-friendly! I’m a solopreneur based in Texas. It took me 2 days to set up my account, and not one hour of that time was spent reading through instruction manuals or doing anything technical—everything’s computer-generated and automated to boot! Plus, they’re adding new features all the time like content scheduling and vanity URLs for mobile sites.

  8. This app is really good! It does exactly what it says. It’s all the information you need when you’re in a bind when it comes to marketing, and that’s great because I hate math. So when I went into the trade fair last year and saw this product they were using my name for ads but they said everything was too time-consuming with their old system so I wanted to try out theirs instead. They were like “awesome!,” gave me an app right there on the spot, and told me how it worked (which, don’t get me wrong – can be a little tricky).

  9. Madgicx is the smartest way to do marketing using your ads. Three reasons why Madgicx can help you optimize ad spend better than ever before: (1) Great frequency AI sorting – Through a well-designed algorithm, software identifies and delivers highly performing creatives in real time. Now there’s no need for long hours sorting through analytics to find what has been outperforming other campaigns. All you have to do is upload a few creatives and select specific segments, everything will be sorted out automatically.(2) Social media onboarding tool – You’ll never have worries about publicizing information to your followers again with this easy social media onboarding tool from Madgicx.

  10. Madgicx just doesn’t work for me. The performance metrics that this product delivers are hidden, and the direct-to-revenue decision insights that it promises to provide were all put on my sheets when I didn’t catch them immediately in order to manipulate or distract me. It is not intelligent; it is only a spreadsheet masquerading as machine learning and applying methodological tricks in attempts to sell you something else (while telling marketers like me how we should be marketing). But I’m not falling for its faux AI shtick, because statistics can fool anyone into making bad decisions–not even my boyfriend is buying it!

  11. I used Madgicx to run a campaign for their customer, and I can say first hand they know what they are doing. If you want the most bang for your buck and make sure you get those leads which are warm at each step of the marketing funnel when it is time to convert them into customers then this is the perfect tool. It is so easy and intuitive to use!

  12. How freaking awesome would it be to have all of your marketing messages in one place? I used Madgicx for the first time and I had a lot of people respond! It was so much easier to communicate with different kinds of people while we’re on a budget.
    You put your focus where you wanted it and Madgicx stepped up. There’s no limit to how many contacts or customers you can reach, so everyone wins!

  13. I’ve been trying to advertise my start-up for months with no luck. I saw that Madgicx had great ratings and decided to give it a try. It was easy, all I did was choose the demographics of people in my region who would be interested in my product, set an advertising budget, and let them do their thing!

  14. I’m so happy with Madgicx! I was having a hard time because we couldn’t figure out who our target audience was and which channels to use for each demographic. But Madgicx really helped us figure it all out and made everything easier than ever before!

  15. Madgicx is fantastic! I am a business owner and needed something to do all the work for me. I am busy working at my store, and we didn’t want to add any additional employees so this was perfect. It does everything you need it to without costing too much for low volume sites like ours.
    Saves money on staff, frees up our time so we can focus on what we love doing- running the store- while still growing results with minimal effort

  16. I second the need for more pricing options. Regardless of what you’re an entrepreneur, artist or college kid trying to make a buck without resorting to your parents’ furniture which is marked up 100%, Madgicx is an awesome option for getting your business started with little spends on marketing and workspace needed. I don’t love white labelling but sometimes it’s not worth the cost.

  17. Overall, Madgicx is a great time saver for any kind of digital marketing professional. The amount of features available would take months to try and learn on your own. It saved me hours each day running ad campaigns with different budgets and ad sets.
    This app definitely has some bugs here and there but nothing too terrible or unusable! Sometimes it takes awhile to find the best creatives for an ad set, but it’s worth all the hard work when you see conversions coming in left and right!! 🙂
    I am not exaggerating when I say this little app works wonders!!! If you’re thinking about buying it then do yourself (and your business) a favor- BUY MADGICX TODAY!

  18. Madgicx just works perfectly fine for me!
    Madgicx provides you with unprecedented performance insights, which reveal hidden metrics and direct you towards revenue-oriented decision making.
    With the help of it you just Simply provide the machine with your KPIs and targets, and the intelligent algorithms will autonomously optimize your account 24/7, freeing you to focus on what you’re good at.

  19. I have tried so many software systems out there! From SEO, to social media marketing, to email campaigns. I love how easy Madgicx is for even a beginner like me. This solves all of my issues in one simple click!

  20. I was a bit sceptical when I first opened this package up. With a name like Madgicx, I expected it to be some kind of cultish marketing company with a ton of catchphrases and weird slogans. Surprisingly, I found that what they have done is emphasize the importance of business data analysis by being an omnichannel marketing platform for small-medium sized brands who don’t have access to big budgets or resources. Their beautiful interface is easy to use and offers so many functions from content uploading, a conversion tracking through social media monitoring 😍

  21. Cancellation has been a disaster. Not only will they not allow you to cancel your future payments and NOT receive access to the time you’ve currently paid for, but I was also charged $500 after the OWNER of the company showed me a screenshot that my account was paused/cancelled in Stripe.
    Now I’m forced to cancel my debit card.
    I would stay away from this company by all means.

  22. Madgicx is a first rate AI-sponsored omnichannel promoting stage with inventive insight and self-governing advertisement purchasing capacities that upgrades advertisements across Facebook, Instagram and Google

    Madgicx has made a bunch of Automation strategies and procedures also. All things considered, these systems are made based on industry specialists and actually these are demonstrated to work and improve your Facebook Ads Performance.

  23. Let me tell you about my new favourite product! There are so many marketing programs out there that all say they’ll do the same thing when in reality they don’t. But not Madgicx. It’s amazing! I tried it with one of my clients and saw gains in minutes! This program is great for beginners looking to get started or even someone with extensive experience who wants more control over their marketing efforts. Trust me – you NEED this in your life if you want to increase your sales!!

  24. The best feature of Madgicx is that it has a great AI powered centred intelligence. It helped me in the methodology of budget making.

  25. Hey Andy wow this is very much detailed review about Madgicx I know they have free trial but on internet I was looking for Madgicx coupon codes or Madgicx promo codes? Do you have any of these ? Madgicx really help my business grow upto 6 Figs in revenue on monthly basis through Facebook ads. Yahav is super awesome dude I saw the interview with Jitendra Vaswani and he was very much open about Madgicx.

  26. Hey Andy thanks alot for the detailed article, I really love the Madgicx tool, they have great tool for optimizing my Facebook and Google Ads. Does Madgicx provides any kind of coupon codes, like any Magdicx coupon codes available on internet ?

  27. You’ve basically just promoted your competition by not only having the same features but also making it so much more difficult to use. I can’t believe anyone takes this seriously when there are other options that work ten times better for less (and they’re cheaper).

  28. This is a low-cost, affordable option to get your brand in front of many people. This platform can target your customers while they’re researching, evaluating and making the purchasing decision. Setup is easy and you have access to all metrics for tracking through on this marketing tool so that you know exactly what’s going on with your campaign at all times. Our user profiles are designed to create more relevant ads that catch the eye and inspire curiosity enough to garner desires for further research by clicking onto a site or visiting our robust blog section. If you want something versatile without breaking the bank, Madgicx provides just that!

  29. Don’t buy Madgicx. The setup is excruciating and the learning curve is steep. And you can’t even create ads in the software – it’s a nightmare!

  30. I know that marketing sometimes feels like a one-person job. You’re expected to wear all these hats – analytics, marketing, sales – but you only have the energy for two of them at once. All this information becomes incredibly overwhelming and soon enough, it becomes hard to tell if you’ve got your hands on anything viable.
    When I first started my agency, I used Madgicx for all my campaigns. They really helped me be more efficient with both time and money spent.

  31. “Madgicx do their thing and it’s pretty great’ll. It’s all about performance, insights, and revenue-directed decision making. This flexible digital marketing assistant will automatically optimize your account 24/7 while you’ll be off doing something that makes you good.”

  32. This product is okay. It has a good collection of features but I find that the pricing options are not enticing enough for me to purchase it. The white labelling option is expensive, which doesn’t make sense considering how much of an already made product this is, and makes no sense considering how many online creative tools there are.

  33. “I’ve never seen anything like Madgicx. Literally, it created a whole new world for me in marketing- land! The way I saw things before was so much smaller than the possibilities are now. Slap on some gloves, head to Madgicx-land and experience how easy it is to really get your message across these days! Everyone should have this platform if they want their voice to be heard loud and clear in today’s noisy social media world where nobody pays attention anymore.🙂 ”

  34. This app is great! It allows me to focus on what I’m good with, and it will optimize my account 24/7. In this day in age, when customer service has been replaced with self serve options at online stores there are a lot of applications out ther ethat do things like search for deals or checking up on neighborhood crime rates. If you’re looking for a more personal answer with your analytics, then Madgicx is perfect for you!

  35. Madgicx is awesome!
    The product makes me happy because it does its job without problems. It’s amazing to use Madgicx and I’m excited about the performance insights, which are using intelligent algorithms that will optimize my account 24/7 – letting me focus on what I am best at.

  36. Madgicx is the perfect tool for someone who’s new to digital marketing, but looking to make some really awesome results. Madgicx can generate an unlimited number of campaigns that all suggest top performing creatives and ad sets by ROAS, CTR, or at different stages like acquisition. Love their great service!

  37. After having this app for three days, I am still struggling with how to use it because the setup process takes too long. The idea behind Madgicx is genius; however, there are drawbacks that make it difficult to use or take advantage of all its features. You can’t create ads in the software itself and the learning curve is steeper than other apps like Snap Ads.

  38. I love this software! It’s a tad difficult to set up but the abilities make it worth it. It has a steeper learning curve than other ad programs, and you can’t create ads in the program itself, but building them on a different website is quite easy once you get used to it. The downside? You can’t print your files or export them like any normal file without special exporting tools.

  39. Madgicx was the game changer I wanted in my digital marketing. It offers all the tools that I can utilize to design and manage brilliant campaigns for my business at a pace that’s custom-made to suit whatever needs may arise. The dashboard is fully customizable, meaning that it can be managed with ease from any device whatsoever at any time of day! Which is awesome, considering how busy life tends to get.
    In terms of functionality, you’ll spend more time on your work than managing technical headaches thanks to their automated publishing feature which scans new posts within a specified periodicity without me lifting a finger. Just set it and forget it while your audience heads over for a visit instead of scrolling past ads like they used to.

  40. I’m so glad I found out about this app! It has literally been a life saver for me. The campaign management and streamlined reporting aspect of the platform have made it easy to track my marketing progress over the course of time, which is perfect because I can always see if things are working or not. With Madgicx, you’ll never forget a data point ever again; and with its AI-backed intelligence built in, your ads will be more creative than ever before!

  41. “Madgicx is a new way to grow your small business into a big one. This software has helped so many solopreneurs run their businesses on autopilot as it allows them to manage everything from campaign overviews and customer targeting to social media monitoring, all from the convenience of their own computers.”
    “I’ve been looking for an online marketing platform for some time now that would allow me to back away from my laptop and let Madgicx take care of things for me. I’m thrilled I finally found a program that’s exactly what I need.”

  42. Madgicx is a joke. I’ve been using this for about a year now and it’s just awful. They promise to deliver insights, but instead they give you complete garbage. It hardly even works on my phone, so how am I supposed to use this on the desktop? The only way any of the numbers have ever gone up was when I uploaded fake data! Don’t waste your money with Madgicx’s terrible software!

  43. “I love Madgicx for their team who is always responsive, and really gets me. The dashboard allows me to set up my campaigns at the touch of a button, targeting demographics and interests.”

  44. I love Madgicx! I use it for my marketing campaigns, I’ve never run out of budget. It eliminates any time crunch because the program’s interface is so user-friendly. Madgicx makes it super simple to set up tracking system and analytics.

  45. This app will save your time and help you focus on more creative aspects of marketing such as strategy.

  46. “The Madgicx app is awesome but tough to use. You can’t set up campaigns in the software itself and building ads take a lot of patience. The app makes it easy for you to track performance metrics like clicks, acquisition cost per click, average position, impressions on a search engine result page, and more. It also provides campaign management features that help you manage your bids at a number of task-oriented screens while running multiple campaigns simultaneously from one interface. ”

  47. This is a tool for enterprise-level ad spend. They do not tell you that. They communicate it is used by all levels of ad spend which is wrong. I can do all the things that this tool can do inside my FB ad manager. The only thing it has is the audience set up which is also not dynamic and just a list of people. There are way better solutions available. Don’t use it.

  48. Madgicx is the best platform I have ever owned due to its ease of use and access to data on how my campaigns are performing. Whether you find your campaign niche on Facebook, look for broad reach with Instagram or nurture leads with Google Ads, Madgicx will end up saving you a lot of time in search for the right strategy. Pretty cool tool if it can help me save all that valuable time!

  49. The Madgicx platform is a perfect fit for marketing…where you can see your ROI from day one. Discursive and engaging…with the right audience, this is a no-brainer.

  50. The best investment I made in my business!
    Madgicx is a software service that helps me bring out the best of my creativity and offers a whole lot more functionality. From social media management to automatically publishing campaigns, this platform for solopreneurs does it all! My campaigns are constantly optimized – I’ve seen a huge increase in ROI since using Madgicx. Plus, the customer interaction features keep customers coming back to buy again and again!

  51. For the past few months I’ve been meaning to get in shape and start dieting, but never got around to it. Now with Madgicx, all I have to do is simply log onto their website and type in what exactly I want (lose weight) or don’t want (gain muscle) AND THEY DO IT FOR ME. The best part- it’s not expensive at all! It costs just $4 a month for full access without needing to sign up for any lengthy contract. You can also pay annually- that way you’re really getting your money’s worth!

  52. I really love Madgicx! Just the other day, I was running numbers on my account when I thought “I need more money for myself.” It took me five minutes to get the new budget set up with Madgicx and it went smoother than ever before. When life is tough, you need total control over your accounts. And that’s exactly what Madgicx gives you. With this program setting everything up so your account can run smoothly, you have one less thing to worry about in all the craziness of daily life. Plus, there are great features like predicting trends so things happen faster and easier for us non-tech people out there who just want some easy answers without having to get into too much nitty gritty details.

  53. I tried using Madgicx and with just a couple of clicks, I suddenly had all the performance metrics for my advertisements at my fingertips―kinda magical, huh? It’s so easy to see how much money and time I will save each month on advertising. Plus, you can design your own ads with templates that Madgicx provides or create your ads from scratch! My advice is to stop looking around and use Madgicx today; it’s like magic!

  54. “So easy to use, I couldn’t believe it! This app is so simple it makes me want to take a nap.”
    “It has everything you need in one platform. Its functionality is very elegant. What do I tell you? Totally amazing!”
    “I didn’t even have to leave my desk for this product, not kidding.”

  55. So much time is wasted fighting back against annoying creatives, faulty campaigns and misguided ad sets. With Madgicx software not only can you automate your marketing tasks but also make them more efficient with this high performance application that creates campaigns for you, while dividing budgets into the most successful creatives automatically. Madgicx is lightening fast and has an amazing team who are always there to help you when need be! So stop wasting time managing your ads manually; instead download madgicx today!

  56. Ever wanted to outsource the things you do more than once? Madgicx does it for you. Let them take care of your ad automation, creative sourcing and bringing in traffic while YOU focus on more important things like strategy.
    It’s like hiring your own virtual assistant – but better! You can get creative with Madgicx by automating some tasks or just asking Chris questions since he is always available super quick!! They’ll learn all about their favorite forms of media so that ads are optimized for conversion without wasting money on CPMs skyrocketing up there!

  57. This product has failed to provide me any insights, despite me giving it the essential metrics and targets needed for optimization. I’ve tried contacting customer service in hopes of getting a refund and was not satisfied with their response.
    I would not recommend this product.

  58. Save time and resources! Work smarter, not harder with AI that analyzes your content for you. Madgicx is an omnichannel marketing platform that uses custom automation and campaign overviews to generate blog posts about dry skin or product discounts automatically. You can even use computer versioning analytics to figure out what types of creative produce the best conversion rates and take a “test-and-learn” approach where you compare different creatives (based on data points like which one generates the most website visitors?)to see what attracts your audience.

  59. Madgicx is an absolute necessity consider apparatus for each facebook publicist. I appreciate dispatching efforts through madgicx as this will open up advance bits of knowledge and a lot quicker to make numerous missions at simply snap of a catch.

  60. I used to like my old marketing software, but it never feels like the platform was built for me. I know what you’re thinking…all of these platforms are built for somebody. Well, when I stumbled on Madgicx, suddenly everything clicked! The features were designed with businesses in mind – I didn’t need any expensive consultants or training sessions to figure them out and they came at this price point which is about half of what they charge most agencies where we work. So far the conversion rate has skyrocketed thanks to all my new customers reaching these campaigns across their laptops, smartphones most tablets they carry around everywhere!

  61. Madgicx is the future of marketing. It has everything that I need to run my ads campaigns, targeting creatives, working with budgets and avoiding wastage in ad spends. The app’s intuitive interface saves me time because it provides all this information at one glance.”

  62. I can’t express enough how much I LOVE Madgicx! It’s so easy to use and keeps me up to date with Facebook ads. My social media management team sees an increase in conversions every month, thanks to the features offered by Madgicx. There are so many marketing courses available on their site too which help boost our campaigns even more. Truly Amazing!

  63. I feel pretty confident in saying that Madgicx Review is one of the best advertisement platforms out there. It’s easy to use, and it can work with both Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

    You will always get highly relevant ads on all social networks you are on, which enhances your conversion rates. You also have a reward system for pay-per-click – when someone buys something after seeing your ad, they receive a coupon or discount automatically emailed to them! The platform itself may be new, but I think we can all agree now that this thing is just perfect.

  64. I never thought Facebook ads would work for me. But Madgicx changed everything! I have a much lower budget and they’ve helped me spend it all targeting those who are already shopping on my site. All in all, I’m saving so much more time and now am not burning through capital like before to monetize impressions on my own page or other sites outside of the window of concern for remarketing lists.

  65. I’ll surely tell you to try MadgicX, it has many features and works good!
    It is designed to help solopreneurs and businesses of all sizes manage ad optimization through AI tags, creative insights, custom automation and campaign overviews. The highlights of MadgicX are content management, conversion tracking, customer targeting, automated publishing, customer engagement, social media monitoring and campaign management.

  66. Tired of managing campaigns and starving for time to strategize? Madgicx is the one stop shop for dealing with tedious tasks so you can focus on more important work.
    Many users rave about its intuitive interface, fast feature updates and ability to find difficult-to-find creatives that perform assiduously out there just waiting for your business.Madgicx takes away all the pain points associated with account management and ad tracking – we got somebody on this!

  67. I absolutely love Madgicx for its simplistic interface and easy-to-use features. Many of my clients use it as well, and we wouldn’t go back to those old school expensive tools that crashed all the time!

    What Madgicx does: Locks you into a lifetime engagement quota so you don’t need to worry about your campaigns getting cut off due to a lack of funds or attention span. I’ve recommended it to so many people already – everyone is thanking me for this life-changing tool!

  68. I always dread when it’s time to set up an advertising campaign on Facebook. Then one day, I found Madgicx! Using this platform is like magic – the interface is intuitive and easy to use with clear instructions about what you want or need. You can track how your ads are performing in real-time without having to spend hours of your time trying to figure out Google Analytics; for that matter, even if you don’t know anything about metrics, colours, creativity…whatever! The team at Madgicx will provide training videos and flawless customer service so there’s never a question unanswered.

  69. MADGICX IS AWESOME! IT’S A TOTAL GAME CHANGER FOR MY BUSINESS. Madgicx is an all-in-one advertising platform that optimizes my ads for me, and it’s so easy to use. I just set up the account and let madgicx do its thing, and then voila–higher conversions on my brand recognition in less time than before. And did I mention how cost effective this AI is? Totally worth every penny!

    I’m not good at advertising myself–or really anything else but making business decisions in general because I have a real knack for it–but with madgicx, there are no more worries about marketing campaigns.

  70. What is there to say about this piece of junk?
    I have had my Madgicx on 24-7 for the last two weeks, but I’ve yet seen any performance improvement. Plus, it’s not just costing me money, it’s making new ones too! You can’t even afford to buy any decent feature upgrades with all of the charges you are incurring. Give up now before you make a bigger mistake than betting everything on Madgics!

  71. I’m digital who started using MadgicX last couple months and i am happy with its features and ease of use.
    MadgicX utility assists me sleep tight while my advertisements work. It saves my valuable time, when I make campaigns and optimize. Atomization for advertising campaigns are working with a bang. It’s very easy to keep track of the campaigns.

  72. I signed up with Madgicx like everyone else. I regret it. All you get is some fancy wall of numbers and letters that’s not explained to you how they came to be, or what they mean, but the wizards assure me they are good. I was promised human intervention too, which never happened either. To make matters worse, my account performance went into a nose dive after signing up with these guys! Save your money!

  73. Madgicx is one of the most reliable marketing programs around. It’s clear that they take their clients’ concerns into account when designing campaigns with them in mind. The Madgicx platform has all the latest technology to help you reach your target audience, and it even helps you optimize your ad spend so nothing goes to waste!

  74. I can’t believe how much time and energy it took before I used the Madgicx platform. With this program, I now have everything at my fingertips– from creating a campaign with keywords to making adjustments or analyzing progress with ease. Not only is this tool helpful for those who are new, but they provide a lot of data that an experienced professional will appreciate. Anyone who uses Facebook ads NEEDS MADGICX!

  75. If you’re tired of wasting time on tedious tasks and want to maximize your campaigns, then Madgicx is the solution for you. It makes all aspects of online ads simple with an AI-backed omnichannel marketing platform that optimizes your account 24/7. I love how it’s available on Google, Facebook and Instagram so I can get the best results across multiple platforms!

  76. Madgicx is an all in one advertising platform!
    Madgicx is an AI-backed omnichannel marketing platform with creative intelligence and autonomous ad buying capabilities that optimizes ads across Facebook, Instagram & Google.
    Masgicx makes your work easy for you.
    You just simply provide the machine with your KPIs and targets, and the intelligent algorithms will autonomously optimize your account 24/7, freeing you to focus on what you’re good at.
    It has many more cool features, you all should definitely check it out!

  77. Madgicx is an automated, affordable advertising service that allows you to spend more time on your business and less time optimizing or analyzing. It’s perfect for busy entrepreneurs!

  78. I absolutely love Madgicx! They make it so easy to manage and advertise with Facebook. I had my second child and I don’t know if they can tell, but my time is limited. This is not a limitation in the platform – everything is streamlined into one perfect dashboard for advertising campaigns that contribute positively to our bottom line. It took me about 30 minutes to create my first campaign template and upload the assets.

  79. Madgicx is a great time saver for those that want to save the every day tasks of creating campaigns and the hassle of spending hours doing tedious work manually. Madgicx’s intuitive user interface helps users find their audience by location, budget, language and more! It automates one-time burdens like setting up multiple campaigns at a time or scheduling ads—or even using #hashtag targeting. Chris has been super helpful with answering any questions I had about advertising abroad. Their team has been there from start to finish giving me my best ROI possible!

  80. I’ve tried out 2 or 3 of these projects that are similar to Madgicx and regret it every time. The most hassle-free experience I’ve had with an app like this is through Madgicx, which is why I will continue coming back to them for all my Facebook ad needs in the future.

  81. It’s been very delightful experience using MadgicX!
    I’ll tell you how MadgicX helps you in your business. Firstly, it’s a full-Stack Facebook Ads Platform and also a facebook Marketing Partner!
    It provides with 5 Key Products in 1 platform:
    ☆ AI Audience Creation
    ★ Automation tactics that fire in real-time
    ☆Campaign management
    ★ Ad-Set Performance management
    ☆Automated Reporting

  82. Madgicx is a unique tool for digital marketers and social media marketers that empowers users to take complete control of their Facebook marketing strategy. It reveals strategic details about every metric in a way that enables users to align business KPIs with a Facebook ad strategy.
    With advanced automated tactics that are backed by an AI, adverts can be optimized for the highest possible returns in the least possible resources. Users can leverage the tool to create winning adverts within a minute with the help of a streamlined creation process that delivers the highest potential with the best performing creatives!!
    Absolutely recommend this to everyone🤩

  83. Madgicx is a highly innovative application that can help you automate your day to day tasks in marketing. This free application is easy to find, use, and user-friendly when it comes to top performing creatives, ad sets by traffic type (Adwords ads, retargeting campaigns)and campaign stages(acquisition). It’s relief for all marketers who want more time!

  84. I’ve never written a user review before, but this one is so amazing that I had to sign up and write something.
    Madgicx is incredible. Other companies will try to sell you products, not help you grow your agency with their tool. Madgicx makes it simple and easy for us to use programs we just thought we could only dream about.

  85. Set-up can be a bit confusing and not draft mode.
    Its a bit hard to understand at first. They should make a class.
    wish it had visual funnels builder. I hope it’s not long to wait

  86. Non-stop to do lists, ad spends going nowhere. Working with creatives and planners all the time?
    Sound familiar? I used to be a slave of my tasks until a friend showed me this new app called Madgicx!
    It saves you so much time by automating everything, like creating campaigns, saving top performing creative etc. And for those last minute things (like Instagram posts) it sorts out your budget too by choosing at what stages can you get more ROI. All this while providing an amazing team service that makes the world of advertising an easier place to live in. Highly recommend!!

  87. Madgicx is the best advertising instrument for marketers. Once I set up my account in less than 5 minutes, Madgicx’s analytics tool made it easier to see that our advertisements are reaching the right audience, and doubling click-through rates.

    The analytic report offered excellent insights on which demographic group has responded well to our targeted ads. It also allowed me to segment my data in different ways until I found out what part of the campaign was working best -we increased conversions by 14%!
    Things are finally looking better for my business because all it takes is a few clicks to get started with Madgicx.

  88. Wow, thats pretty amazing. I love how it automates all my day to day tasks and makes the stuff I do look great!! It surely saved me a LOT of time! Definitely worth it!!
    A really helpful product for people who deal with application managers. Helps make sure you are creating campaigns that get results by wasting your time on other things – like strategizing, budgeting etc. Great customer service too! Love how easy they made this.

  89. “Madgicx is a comprehensive, user-friendly tool for marketers or ad executives. The time saved by utilizing the various features of Madgicx has been invaluable to my business.”
    “I can find top performers in less than five minutes now. There are so many features included with this software also, it’s really amazing.”

  90. Few years ago, my life was hard and I found myself working on the same tasks day in and day out. It’s not that new or challenging but it was draining me energy to keep up with all of them. Then one day, a friend suggested Madgicx for business tools! Now instead of serving clients all by myself everyday, I get tech support from this amazing team while we work together on marketing campaigns across multiple channels at the same time. With so many ad sets and creatives to choose from today, it’s always easy to set up ads without running out of budget mid way through a campaign and better than before: you can even filter your top performing creatives by CTr or Campaign ROAS!

  91. Madgicx is the best there is. It’s efficient and effective. They’re able to use algorithms that tell them who to serve within seconds; you can also search for user behavior based on what stage of the funnel they are in (Share tab, Engagement tab, Churn tab). The publishers panel will show you all your interactions with ads which you’ve created! Plus, they have amazing customer service – I contacted Chris and he was helpful and answered my questions very quickly! If it were up to me, I would give MADGICX 5 out of 5 stars without any reservation!

  92. The product saves you lot of time, so that you can focus on strategizing rather than exhausting yourself with the tasks. The team has simplified things using top-notch technology. They are extremely supportive and understanding. I have never had an issue with them over all these years!

  93. Cool product, saves me an xtra 10 hours everyday

    The whole team at Madgicx is extremely happy with all the time I save now. They are able to tackle more projects every day. My work has become easier for them too with automation of my tasks!

  94. I am not a social media expert, but it is becoming more and more important for my professional life. I hear that Facebook ads are the new thing to learn about, so I was excited to find out that there is one company making all of this less confusing! Madgicx offers everything you need in order to have success with your online advertising- they manage reports about how many likes you get on each post so you can play around on the different things on Facebook, they produce videos for us where tutorials are explained on how to use their services, they set up our website so we don’t have to know anything about web design.

  95. Madgicx is not just an application. Madgicx is a highly intelligent hub for all your promotional needs. Don’t grow old without growing better with us at Madgicx! Managing campaigns can be easy, seamless and stress-free. The time you would otherwise need to spend on advertising, social media or digital marketing can now be channeled back into more important aspects of the company. From campaign management, ad sets building by targeting keywords as ROAS or CTR goals as well as choosing from different stages like acquisition or activation, one will always find the help they need from our remarkable Masters-of-Skill & Social Media Heads – at any given time of day!

  96. I’ve tried a fair share of marketing platforms and Madgicx is hands down the best! The products are so easy to use, which really helps if you don’t have nearly as much time for all your work these days. There are so many nifty features and functions included that will take care of any kind of upgrade you choose to do in the future (I can’t wait!). I’ve been with them for over six months now, and they are always there to help me out when I need it!

  97. This top notch app is perfect for people who are pressed for time or don’t do well with complicated tasks. You can automate your ad spend by using the Madgicx system which will allow you to find high performing creatives, different stage of advertising teams and budgets. The easy interface also lets you see what kind of ROAS success rate you’re getting on any campaign that’s targeting a particular goal & budget. This way, it quickly becomes clear if your ads are achieving your expected results or not.

    A great feature is the ability to save exact search queries in order to find effective creatives without browsing through thousands of ads across networks, platforms and geographies separately over days/weeks/months!

  98. We faced so many issues with our old marketing automation products that made us want to pull out all of our hair. They were taking up too much time and didn’t have the tools we needed to work more efficiently. We finally found Madgicx, a product that actually saves us time and makes running campaigns easy! It has helped tremendously with creating campaigns on budgets. There’s nothing like it in the industry and we love using every single feature!

    Madgix is my new BFF when it comes to Instagram ads and Facebook ads for AQUISITION (no joke).

  99. I used to suck way too much at creating ads and choosing creatives. It was getting exhausting and no one knew what they were doing. So we created Madgicx: like a pro in your pocket! I couldn’t be happier, it’s an application that automates day-to day tasks, such as finding the best performing creatives for our goals–yay efficiency! Can anyone say time saver?
    I don’t want to take any chances with my ad spends either. With Madgicx I can easily find the top performers throughout the whole campaign life cycle using different types of advertising metrics, from roas to ctr or even aquisition phases .

  100. Madgicx is an amazing product, with fantastic customer service! It has helped me save so much time when it comes to managing my marketing campaigns.

    Product description: Madgicx allows you to automate your campaign management process without having the hassle of advertising budget wastage. The tools are easy for anyone to use – including marketers who have never created a campaign before.
    Love this wonderful software! Highly recommend it 🙂

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