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LitExtension is the World's Leading Shopping Cart Migration that let you migrate orders, customers, products from your existing store to your preferred shopping cart in just few Simples Steps. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with options for customized migrations, makes it suitable for both straightforward and complex transfer needs.

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  • Highest Security Level
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Free Re-Migrations
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support
  • 120+ eCommerce Platforms Are Supported
  • Pleasant personal approach and fast response times


  • Limited Pricing Options Available
  • The data transfer is time-consuming
  • supports Limited payment methods


Price: $ 79

Join me as I take you through my experience with LitExtension and help you decide if it’s the right solution for your e-commerce needs.

Don’t let a fast-approaching deadline stress you out. With LitExtension, you won’t have to worry about moving your whole store from one shopping cart to another.

Tired of how hard it is to move your customers, goods, and orders to a new shopping cart? Stop looking.

Feel the power of LitExtension and move your store easily and quickly in just three steps. Don’t worry about technology problems and save valuable time at the same time.

Get ready for an honest and thorough LitExtension Review that will go into detail about the great migration services LitExtension offers.

🚀Bottom Line Upfront:

When it comes to user experience, litextntion is the most effective online shopping cart solution currently on the market, which was made just for moving products and customers from old shopping carts. With LitExtension, the process is broken down into three easy steps, giving you more time to focus on what really matters: growing your business. LitExtension is a top-tier service that gives merchants and eCommerce pros the best possible shopping cart migration experience.

LitExtension Review

LitExtension Review 2024: Overview

The key feature of LitExtention is that it automates the process of migration between two different platforms. So, what exactly is LitExtension?

It is one of the greatest platforms on which you can migrate your e-commerce platforms. Isn’t it great and way too flexible for the online business to run and make it a wider platform?

LitExtension Review

Flexibility gives freedom to the one who owns and relies upon these kinds of E-commerce platforms. One needs nothing when it comes to digital flexibility.

LitExtension is one of the renowned worldwide shopping cart migration services for various varied merchants and E-commerce experts.

It can only be possible with the dedicated expertise in the firm and LitExtension makes sure that they have the best one which ultimately makes the work easy.

LitExtension Features

LitExtension Features

LitExtension has the greatest features and is of utmost usefulness. LitExtension works on its profound features and makes it the best working migration site for expertise.

Mentioned below are some of the important and interesting features of LitExtension.

1) Fully Automated

LitExtension is a fully automated site where there is minimum human involvement and interference. This makes work look smart and easy to handle.

2) Id Retention

When it comes to migrating a whole domain, people always worry about what and how much will be migrated.

LitExtension makes sure that everything belonging to your domain on the previous site is migrated fully to the next site, including your ID retention, which is like a world-winning moment. 

3) Free Demo

Migrating your whole domain is a risk factor. What happens when you have already paid money but are not satisfied or have missed some important information?

LitExtension does not get you to that extent of its level as it provides a free demo migration, where you can easily judge how it works and what service it provides.

4) Customer Password Migration

Isn’t it great when the smallest information gets you into another domain or site and includes whatever you always wanted?

Your password is to migrate from the previous domain to the current domain. The password is securely migrated, and you can work as you were already working but with a different site than the one you chose.

5) Smart Update

Upgrading and updating are important aspects of the internet. During hectic work, you might sometimes forget to update the software you are using.

For the update of the software, you don’t even have to worry about it when it comes to LitExtension.

6) Highly Secured Data

Litextension gives you the best-secured data. It acts as a safe locker where you totally rely on keeping your data secure. It is a trustworthy platform for the secured data presented and maintained untouched. 

How to Migrate Using LitExtension?

Shopping cart migration requires a great deal of effort and focus.  The steps have to be carried out meticulously so that the outcome is perfect. It is absolutely not a cakewalk even for experts.

But surprisingly, with LitExtension, the migration process has become super easy. Even if the technology does not fascinate you, you can accomplish the desired tasks. Just a few clicks, and your entities are transferred from the source to the target cart. 

Let’s understand migration with LitExtension in a step-by-step process.

1) Specify Your Target Store

To execute a migration, a target store needs to be decided on for which data has to be transferred.

2) Take a Backup of Your Source Store Data

LitExtension just duplicates your data from one shopping cart to another. Your source store data will not undergo any changes during the migration process.

3) Migrate with LitExtension

Create an account with LitExtension. You can either register for a new account or sign in. You can even use your existing Google or Facebook account to log in.  

LitExtension - Target Cart Set Up

Navigate to the migration page. At the top right corner, click the Create new emigration button.

LitExtension - Migrating

Select the source cart type and enter the URL in the blank bar. By following the tutorial video or wizard information you can get an idea of how to receive your password and API info. Fill in the required information in the form. 

LitExtension - Setup

Select the target store and enter its URL in the blank bar. Download the LitExtension connector by clicking on it. Derive the zip file and upload the connector to the root folder of the Target store.

Click Next to configure migration. Then, specify the entities you wish to migrate. They include customers, orders, and products.

Either all of them are selected together, or each is selected individually.

4) After the Migration is Complete, Check your Store

You can check the migrated data in your store after the process is completed. However, across platforms, the process of checking data varies. 

5) Carry out Recent Data Migration

In order to ensure that the migration does not have an impact on the performance of your business, the source store is kept active by LitExtension during the migration and after that, too. 

There are three steps to doing it with LitExtension:

  1. Visit your LitExtension account.
  2. Choose the additional entities you need to transfer from the migration list.
  3. Click the “ recent migration” button and follow the steps you practice in order to set up the whole process.

6) Change DNS and Switch Domain

After the migration is over, the DNS needs to be changed, and the domain needs to be switched to the new store. If you are a beginner, pay a single fee, and LitExtension will provide you with this service, too.

LitExtension Pricing: How Much Does LitExtension Cost?

One of the most important aspects that influence the decision to avail of a service is its price of it. Nobody wants to be too hard on his pocket, right?

After reviewing the features designed to assist us in performing our desired tasks and gauging their merits and demerits, we can estimate the cost of the service. 

LitExtension Review- calculate price

LitExtension has a very clear business pricing plan. It allows you to make a one-time purchase and avail yourself of the migration service it provides. However, the fees do not always remain constant.

LitExtension Review- Pricing

They depend on the number of customers, orders, and products in your store.  The exact amount to be paid can be computed by using the migration pricing calculator provided by LitExtension.

You Can Invest in Two Ways

One-time Purchase: This plan offers complete professional support, fully automated migration facilities, and a three-month migration guarantee. It is available for $79.

All-in-one Migration Service: This plan is available at $139. You will be bestowed with some additional benefits under this plan.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. I don’t think anything should stop you now! Still, the choice is yours. 

LitExtension: Customer Support

LitExtension Customer Support

LitExtension cares about its customers. It opens up different avenues for the customers to get in touch with them. There are multiple ways to contact them and get your issues resolved.

One way to do that is to submit your queries to the ticket system. Their official email address is always available for you to correspond with.

Besides, when you visit the LitExtension site, you will find a chatbox in the bottom right corner where you can indulge in live chats with them. 

They are available for phone calls all seven days of the week, from 8 in the morning till midnight.

LitExtension Reviews: What Customers Say About LitExtention?

LitExtension customer Review


LitExtension Reviews

Litextention Reviews on Trustpilot

LitExtension Reviews

LitExtension: Pros and Cons


  • Efficiently transfers store data to new e-commerce platforms.
  • Compatible with a broad array of platforms and supports customized migrations.
  • Automated process reduces downtime and minimizes operational disruption.
  • The intuitive interface makes the migration process straightforward.
  • Offers a free demo to try before making a commitment.
  • Provides comprehensive logs and reports for clear tracking.


  • More complex migrations might need further customization.
  • Customer support response times vary.
  • Possibility of data mismatches in highly tailored setups.


🚀 Can I migrate to the trial store before a real store?

Yes, you can do that. After migrating to the trial store, you can re-migrate to the real store. Make sure that you store the trial and real store in one server. While you are re-migrating, three things cannot be changed: The Source cart type, The Target cart type The Source cart URL

👀 What methods of payment are supported by LitExtension?

LitExtension currently accepts 8 payment methods. They include PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin Cash, Tether USD, and Western Union. There is a LitExtension Payment Guide, which you can refer to to get other details regarding the payment.

🤔 Do I need to pay an additional charge after purchasing a product?

No. The extra sum will not be charged to purchase their service. A demo is available for free. You can carry out a migration of products, orders, and various entities from your store to the shopping cart you wish to migrate them to during the demo to get familiar with the procedure.

👉 What is FTP?

FTP is File Transfer Protocol is an internet protocol that helps to transfer files from one system to another across the internet.

🔥 Is LitExtension safe?

LitExtension offers a safe way to transfer your store. The entire process is seamless, with no downtime or disruption during the move-in date and time on day one of installation. In addition, you will still be able to receive new customers while completing necessary tasks at your new location - it’s almost too easy being an entrepreneur when Lit extensions have done all this work for you.

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Conclusion: Is LitExtension Worth the Price?

LitExtension is the best example of smart software made to make data transfer easier. Migration has always been hard, but LitExtension makes it easy.

Leave your worries behind because the litExtention team of technical experts and great customer support will take care of everything.

LitExtension makes sure that every customer has a good time with its easy-to-use interface. Rest assured that our software not only does what it says it will do to automate shopping cart migration but also puts the security of your important data first throughout the process.

Don’t just take our word for it; many users have compared LitExtension to its alternatives and found that it is better in every way.

LitExtension is also great because it is fast and works well, but it is also very cheap. You can try our service for free for three months and get your money back within 30 days. It’s easy to decide to subscribe to LitExtension.

It’s important to note that even a small investment will bring you a lot of benefits, giving you a big return on your money. If you choose LitExtension today, you can start a trip of data migration that is smoother than ever before.

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  44. I have never been disappointed with LitExtension services. They even made some customizations for me despite my tight budget! I will always recommend their service because of how helpful they are and the speed in which our work gets done is fantastic.

  45. I was skeptical. I had heard the horror stories about migrating shopping carts to Shopify and didn’t know if this would be just some infomercial-style scam meant to trick people into wasting money on promises that could never be kept. But when my conversion rate tanked, I had nothing else to lose! So I took a deep breath and did it anyway – and you know what? It went off without a hitch! They walked me through everything from start to finish on how to migrate all of our products, customers, coupons, blog posts…everything. What really sealed the deal for me was that they offered online support 24/7 with live chat responsiveness so we always felt like they were there with us every step of the way.

  46. Litextension is the best thing to happen to my online store. I quit painstakingly transferring data manually just for simple things like uploading new products, updating product costs, pricing,” and more. Within minutes of setting up Litextension my whole business was set up on WooCommerce; freeing me up from all those tedious tasks! The migration process couldn’t be easier, either.

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