Jungle Scout vs Terapeak 2024: Which One Worth The HYPE?


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Jungle Scout is a product research software designed specifically for research purposes on Amazon.

Terapeak is a great product research tool that provides great insights about products on eBay and Amazon.

  • Inventory Manager
  • Product Tracker
  • Sales Analytics
  • Keyword Scout
  • Category Selector
  • Data Visualization
  • Active Listings
  • Market Share
  • Jungle Scout is highly accurate
  • Ease of Use
  • It provides insights into the product
  • Great tool for tracking the performance
  • Best Customer Support
  • Great tool for competitor analysis
  • Terapeak provides real-time sales data
  • It has good keyword searchability
  • Provides great insights into the analysis of data
  • Best Customer Support
  • Terapeak works better with eBay tool
  • Easy to Use with Amazon as well as eBay.
  • Their monthly pricing is a bit more as compared to other
  • It has very little accuracy so it is not reliable.
Ease of Use

It is very user-friendly according to its users and the tools provided by Jungle Scout has better accuracy in finding the right products.

It has very little accuracy so it is not reliable.

Value For Money

Jungle Scout is totally worth every penny because of its capability to boost sales of their customers.

Terapeak has comparatively less cost when compared to Jungle Scout

Customer Support

According to the reviews of customers, Jungle Scout's customer support is really helpful and can be contacted whenever you want.

The Support provided by Terapeak is not up to the mark. Their support has google forms and in case of any query, you have to fill up the forms and wait for them to revert back. This causes many problems and is not very appropriate while troubleshooting the problem.

Still, figuring out which one to choose — Jungle Scout vs Terapeak?

Well, we’re here to help.

What things are needed to become a Successful Seller on e-commerce platforms?

To succeed as an online seller, we need information about how to attract our customers, how to use the right keywords, and also track the performance of our competitors.

We also need to have good insights into what our customers want, are looking for, and what they feel about our product. There are many product launch and research tools available to gather all this data without investing much time. These tools help you to do everything needed, to increase your sales, and enhance your growth.

Bottom Line Upfront: Jungle Scout is an  Amazon research tool for Amazon sellers. Through this you can search for desired products, estimate sales, research keywords and also spy on your competitors easily. Terapeak is a similar tool but the features offered by Jungle Scout is much better than Terapeak. So it would be best if you choose Jungle Scout.

What are the best product research tools?

When we talk about product research tools, Jungle Scout is the first name that tops the list of best tools. Another one is Terapeak. Jungle Scout and Terapeak are both great product research and finder tools and help you with all the research needed for your success.

They provide you with competitor data and also help with keeping a track of your performance and sales. These tools help you to select the product you wish to sell and use the correct keywords to attract your customers. They also help with all the market and product research.

Research Tools

Let us compare Jungle Scout Vs Terapeak and discover the best tool among them. Let us get started.

Jungle Scout vs TeraPeak: Basic Overview

Jungle Scout Overview 

Jungle Scout is a product research software designed specifically for research purposes on Amazon. It is the leading all-in-one selling platform for amazon which provides data and insights to help everyone grow their business. 

Jungle Scout Review- Onestop solution for Amazon Sellers

Jungle Scout supports over 200000+ entrepreneurs. It has tracked over 175 billion + products and helped launch 200000+ products. Jungle Scout provides users with information about products; product tracking, evaluating product ideas and opportunities, looking at and measuring sales data from different competitors, and calculating FBA revenue estimates. 

Jungle Scout has a web application as well as a chrome extension. The chrome extension is very useful when you want instant insights into your data and wish to have clear and simple analytics regarding the performance of your products.

What can you do with Jungle Scout?

  • You can do an in-depth competitor keyword and performance analysis.
  • You can find the most trending keywords using the keyword scout.
  • You can track the performance of your product through sales analytics.
  • You can easily calculate the net profit using the profit calculator.
  • You can easily view all the data about the supplier using the supplier database.
  • You can gather data about all the products using the product database.

Terapeak Overview: 

Terapeak is a great product research tool that provides great insights about products on eBay and Amazon. It is an effective tool for researching your competitors and finding out ways in which you can improve your sales and listings.

Terapeak makes use of the recent supply, demand, and pricing data on eBay and helps you discover the correct price, time, and type of product that you wish to sell.

it also helps you to research recent marketplace prices and analyze real-time world sales data for all the items to optimize and improve your sales.

it also helps you analyze all the market trends and product categories and help you in growing your business by increasing the overall sales.

TeraPeak Review: Dashboard

What can you do with Terapeak?

Terapeak allows you to perform various functions. The list of things that we can do with Terapeak is as mentioned below:

  • You can see the performance of products and categories across all the eBay marketplaces.
  • You can get good insights at a glance using statistics, graphs, and charts.
  • You can get an overview of all the popular products and categories.
  • You can get strategies for improvement and attract buyers to your products.
  • You can get insights into the trending keywords and you can use different filters to find out the data that you desire.

Key Features: Jungle Scout Vs Terapeak

Comparing the different features offered by Jungle Scout and Terapeak will give you a great insight into the performance of both these tools.

So, let us see the various features offered and then compare the performance of Jungle Scout and Terapeak.

Jungle Scout Features:

Let us have a look at all the features offered by Jungle Scout.

  • Product Database: Jungle Scout has the biggest product database consisting of more than 70,000 products directly from the Amazon Product database. You can easily find the perfect product that you have been looking for.

Jungle Scout Product

  • Product Tracker: This product tracker helps you track the performance of your product over time.

Product Tracker

  • Opportunity Finder: This feature helps you to discover suitable product niches that help you to maximize your profit.
  • Inventory Manager: This feature helps you to keep a check on your inventory. You can easily find out when to order your next stock so you don’t have the chance to run out of stock.
  • Supplier Database: It has a collection of data about all suppliers and you can easily find the best supplier for you.
  • Sales Analytics: The sales analytics feature helps you keep track of your sales. You can easily predict the performance of your sales over time.

Jungle Scout chrome extension- check daily sales

  • Launch: The launch feature of Jungle Scout helps you send out emails and notifications to your customer regarding any new product you are launching. This helps to bring the customers to you with the help of direct marketing.
  • Jungle Scout Academy: It is a collection of all the FBA training that you would need in your journey. It also has ebooks and videos for all its users.
  • Listing Builder: Jungle Scout keeps on updating its features from time to time. The recently added features would be the listing builder. Using this listing builder you can easily create the lists of all your amazon listings in a single place.
  • Keyword Scout: Jungle Scout has recently updated its keyword Scout which is a great tool to find appropriate keywords for your product. You can easily find great keywords which would bring you more profits. You can also use it to keep a track of all the keywords that you are using and find out the trending keywords.

Keyword Scout

  • Niche Hunter: The niche hunter helps you find all the required niches for your product and also identify the most trending niches. These help your product to be discoverable on Amazon.
  • Jungle Scout Extension: Jungle Scout has also updated its chrome extension which now has some more additional features added to it.

Terapeak Features:

Let us have a look at the various features provided by Terapeak.

  • Category selector: The category selector helps you to narrow your search by searching through various categories of products and enables you to view the specific transactions based on the categories selected.
  • Type-ahead component: This helps to see the recommended keywords and suggestions based on the popular searches and keywords entered.
  • Data visualization: This feature helps you to easily visualize all the data and spot the trend analysis and prices change.
  • Active listings: You can easily analyze all the active listings and review the best practices by comparing listings and top keywords based on the performance of your competitor.
  • Market share: You can easily get data on the market share and identify your top competitors. You can calculate the average price of items and also visualize all the competitor market share data easily.

TeraPeak Review: Market Share

  • Multi-user account access: You can easily get access to multiple users and provide special access to your employees so that they can easily streamline your operations.

Product Research Tools: Jungle Scout Vs Terapeak

Jungle Scout Research Tools

Jungle Scout: The Jungle Scout research tools consists of tools for product research, supplier, and keyword research. These tools will give you proper knowledge about the trending keyword and help you keep a track of the performance of various keywords and products. These also give insights into the competitor’s keywords and help us launch our product with ease. 

how to use Jungle Scout- the keyword finding

Terapeak Research Tools

Terapeak: With the Terapeak research tool you can easily find out how the different products and keywords are performing across various marketplaces.

It gives you reports on the product performance and competitor keywords to discover the most trending keywords and help you understand the performance of your products.

TeraPeak Review: Product Search

To get the customized results you can easily apply filters like listing type, buyer country, starting price, and time of the day, and get them sorted out according to various categories.

The Winner: Jungle Scout has better tools for research purposes and is a clear winner in terms of the quality of research done. Terapeak also has a great tool for research purposes but the amount of data research done on Jungle Scout is very higher  

Jungle Scout Vs Terapeak: Data Accuracy

Jungle Scout Data Accuracy

Jungle Scout: Jungle Scout has the highest data accuracy among the product research and finder tools. It is highly reliable and all its tools help you gather the correct data.

Terapeak Data Accuracy

Terapeak: Though Terapeak provides great insights into the different features like research, keyword and listings, it is not highly accurate. The reviews suggest that the accuracy of Terapeak is very low.

The Winner: When we talk about data accuracy, Jungle Scout is a clear winner as it has the highest accuracy and is indeed very reliable.

Jungle Scout Vs Terapeak: Support 

Jungle Scout Support

Jungle Scout: Jungle Scout has a great support team that provides 24*7 support for all its users. It also has a great question and answer page which provides help for all your questions. All the resources offered are also of great help and they make the problem-solving process a lot easier.

Terapeak Support

Terapeak: The Support provided by Terapeak is not up to the mark. Their support has google forms and in case of any query, you have to fill up the forms and wait for them to revert back. This causes many problems and is not very appropriate while troubleshooting the problem.

The Winner: Jungle Scout is a clear winner because of its great support features which are very helpful for all its users and guarantee a smooth experience. 

Pricing Battle: Jungle Scout Vs Terapeak

Pricing plays a very important role when choosing any tool. When we want to discover the best tool for product research, we must look into the various subscription plans and identify the most beneficial plans for us, which will give us more profit in the amount we spent. Let us have a look at the pricing plans of Jungle Scout and Terapeak.

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans:

Jungle Scout has three different pricing plans. It has a separate plan for its web application, and extensions and both are combined together. Let us take a look at the pricing plans of Jungle Scout and the features offered in each plan.

The pricing plans of Jungle Scout are as follows:

1. Jungle Scout web application: The Jungle Scout Web application will cost you $139 when billed monthly and $468 when billed annually. When you decide to buy this application, there are many features that you get to access.

  • You can easily perform unlimited searches using the product database and supplier database. 
  • You get access to the most amazing keyword tool i.e. keyword Scout which helps you find the right keywords for your product. 
  • Tools like opportunity finder, email campaigns, inventory manager, listing builder, sales analytics, and rank and supplier tracker are also included in this plan.
  • You also get easy access to the Jungle Scout Academy and the Jungle Scout customer support with this. 
  • The only things not included in this plan are the chrome extension and opportunity score.

2. Jungle Scout extension: Jungle Scout extension costs only $19 per month and $228 when billed annually. 

  • You can use features like- opportunity score, 20 searches using the product database, supplier database, keyword Scout, and 3 product trackers with this plan. 
  • Additional features like AccuSales estimates, customer support, and Jungle Scout Academy are also included in it. 

We have seen the pricing of the Jungle Scout web application and its chrome extension separately. What if I tell you that you can use both these plans together in one single bundle? Yes, the Jungle Scout and extension plan offers all the features of its web application and chrome extension in a single place which will cost you $49 per month and $588 when billed annually.

Jungle Scout new pricing

Terapeak Pricing Plans:

Terapeak has comparatively less cost when compared to Jungle Scout. Let us have a look at the subscriptions of Terapeak.

  • Terapeak can be accessed under the “Research Tab” in the Sellers Hub.
  • It is free to the Basic, Premium, Anchor, and Enterprise subscribers of the eBay store
  • The subscribers who are beginners and non-store sellers can use Terapeak at the cost of $12 per month.
  • You can also use Terapeak at a cost of $19 per month without any commitments. 

TeraPeak Review: Pricing Plans

Pros & Cons: Jungle Scout vs Terapeak

Let us have a look at the different pros and cons of Jungle Scout and Terapeak. Comparing these two tools based on their pros and cons would give insights into their strengths and weaknesses.

Jungle Scout Pros 

  • It is highly accurate and hence widely used.
  • It provides insights into the product as well as the supplier database.
  • It is a great tool for tracking the performance of your keywords and products.
  • It provides great insights into the performance of your competitors and is a great tool for competitor analysis. 

Terapeak Pros

  • It provides real-time sales data.
  • It has good keyword searchability.
  • It provides great insights into the analysis of data.
  • It works better with eBay tools.

Jungle Scout Cons

  • The software is a bit complicated in terms of navigating and a new user might get confused.
  • Their monthly pricing is a bit more as compared to other tools.

Terapeak Cons 

  • Not very useful with Amazon products and databases.
  • It has very little accuracy so it is not reliable.

Jungle Scout vs Terapeak: Recommendations

Till now we have looked into the different features of Jungle Scout and Terapeak and their subscription plans. Now, it’s time for some recommendations. To make better recommendations, let me first tell you what I liked about these two tools and their benefits.

Why do I like Jungle Scout? 

I like Jungle Scout because it is a great product research tool. With Jungle Scout you can do product research with much ease. It provides solid discernment of sales data. It is highly reliable and gives accurate data about both the product as well as the supplier.

It is also a great tool to identify the products which will give large profits. Jungle Scout shows you the product review data from potential competitors and gives insights on interpolated sales data. They offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. 

Benefits of Jungle Scout:

  • You get access to the largest product database.
  • You get good ideas with the help of the opportunity finder.
  • You get a visual representation of historical data which gets easier to compare and keep a track of the various trends.
  • You get all the details about the suppliers through the supplier database.
  • You can access all the great features at a very reasonable price.

Why do I like Terapeak?

Terapeak helps to increase sales using Ebay’s insight tools. It provides real-time sales data on eBay and has some nice keyword searchability.

Though the data provided is not always accurate the information is many times helpful while launching and selling your product.

The real-time data provided is a great information source; it also saves a lot of our manual time which otherwise would have been spent on collecting and analyzing real-time data at small intervals.

Benefits of Terapeak:

  • You can search through a huge database of transactions.
  • You can get clear and easy statistics for better understanding.
  • You can analyze markets, trends, and competitive listings, and find out the most selling items.
  • You can know the type of products that are high-driving the sales 
  • You can get data on the most trending keywords and use them to attract your customers.
  • You can get all the information on the eBay marketplace.

FAQ On Jungle Scout vs Terapeak

Is Jungle Scout accurate?

It is well knowledge that Jungle Scout has an accuracy rate of 84,1 percent. According to the information that we have, the product is selling an anticipated 500 pieces per month. As a result, we locate a manufacturer in China who can produce the item for $5 apiece, and we invest $7,500 in purchasing three months' worth of inventory.

What does terapeak cost?

Terapeak Research has a free version and offers a free trial. The premium edition of Terapeak Research begins at a price of USD 19.98 per month.

Is Jungle Scout worth it ?

When it comes to doing research on products, Jungle Scout is unquestionably the best option. Therefore, there is no need for you to use Viral Launch if you are in the starting phases of your business and want to uncover successful goods. However, if expanding your FBA business is a priority for you, you should investigate this option.

Is terapeak accurate?

When it comes to researching things to sell on eBay, Terapeak is not a reputable source of information.

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Conclusion: Jungle Scout vs Terapeak 2024

We have seen all the positive and negative points of Jungle Scout and Terapeak till now and compared their features too. The greatest conclusion that I could draw was that although Terapeak has its best features, it is well suited for all eBay users.

The data offered by Terpeak for amazon is not up to the mark and not reliable. Terapeak also lacks many features and has a very large scope for improvement. The market research tool being the center of attention of Terapeak has no comparison to the research tools offered by Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout, being one of the most used and popular tools is highly reliable and trustworthy and offers great insights into all the data. It is very easy to use and helps throughout the seller’s journey.

It is a great tool for beginners and has a variety of resources to help you out. The support provided by the Jungle Scout team is also amazing and success is always guaranteed,

Now, coming to the final verdict, Jungle Scout is way better than Terapeak in all aspects. Terapeak is good for eBay users. Jungle Scout is a great tool that offers many more features than Terapeak. Jungle Scout is a clear winner here and hence is the best tool for you.

Although, some of you may find Terapeak to be worth the money and great for beginners. So, you can even try Terapeak for easy results. Jungle Scout may seem complicated to some users. 

Among Jungle Scout Vs Terapeak, you can choose whichever you like based on your requirements and needs. Happy Selling!

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