Jungle Scout Extension – Validate Product Ideas In 2024

As of right now, Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce website. Amazon FBA is an option if you want to sell your items online. You may become a merchant with the firm and sell your goods on their website. The remainder of the labour, such as packaging, shipping, and listing inventory, is taken care of by Amazon.

To keep track of your Amazon sales, you may utilise a variety of programmes like Jungle Scout. You’ll learn all you need to know about the Jungle Scout addon and whether it’s the appropriate one in our review.

What Is Jungle Scout Extension?

Greg Mercer launched Jungle Scout in 2015 as a web-based utility. It aids in the selection of products to sell on Amazon by allowing merchants to make educated judgments.

In order to use the tool, you must have access to Amazon’s best seller rank, the quantity and type of reviews a seller receives, and other elements that impact sales figures.

To name just a few of the many functions it can do for its users, there are product discovery, supplier sourcing, business analytics, product launch and optimization, and even inventory management included in the tool’s capabilities.

In addition to the browser extension, the Jungle Scout Extension is also accessible as a web application. When you search for a seller on Amazon.com, you may use the tool to get a quick yet comprehensive examination of their page.

Using Jungle Scout provides a competitive edge to sellers since it helps them identify profitable items from suppliers. You may also keep tabs on certain goods to see how well they’re selling.

Features of Jungle Scouts Chrome Extension

Niche Hunter

It is possible to define parameters such as average pricing, average number of sales, product categories as well as other characteristics that aid in the discovery of big prospects on Amazon using this tool. This function, on the other hand, is quite difficult to grasp and use, necessitating some mental fortitude on your part.

Here is a description of some of the column names you may find:

Average price

When you conduct a keyword search on Amazon, this option displays the average price of the top ten product results. The average pricing might assist you decide how much you should sell your things. Fewer individuals will buy your product if you charge more than the usual price.

Average units sold

Jungle Scout chrome extension- check daily sales

These data represent the average units sold in the past 30 days. Because outliers are filtered away, you won’t notice values that are abnormally high or low in Jungle Scout. As a result, the numbers displayed are a true reflection of sales. It’s easy to tell if the statistics are healthy because they’re shown in green.


Competition among merchants provides ranks on a scale of 1 to 10, with ten being the least competitive. The amount of customer reviews for the top ten goods determines this score.

If items on page one only have a few reviews, your prospects of receiving less reviews and ranking higher are substantially better than if page one products have thousands of reviews.

Quality Index for Listings (LSQ)

Jungle Scout produces this score to educate on the optimization of the top 10 listings. There are various elements that go into determining the final score, including the title’s keyword density and the description’s length relevancy. High-quality listings have a score of 7 and above, while three or lower imply that the vendor has poor listing quality.

Opportunity score

A score of ten indicates a terrific chance, while a score of one indicates that you should seek for a different opportunity.

A high potential score suggests that the items have a strong demand. Therefore, vendors should capitalise on this by doing more than the fundamental to encourage sales.

Keywords Tab

The Keywords Tab offers numerous data, such as how often a person searches for a given keyword in 30 days. Because you can see what the majority of people are looking for, this data may be used to assess a wide range of product concepts.

Here are the columns under the keywords column:

Recommended giveaway

One popular strategy to debut a product is to sell it at a substantial discount or to gift. Jungle Scout can assist in coupon distribution and consumer acquisition. Your listing’s Amazon rating may be boosted as a result of this giveaway feature.

The recommended giveaway number from Jungle Scout estimates how many items you should give away each week to improve your chances of ranking in the top three.

Ease to rank

Similar to opportunity score, in that the closer the value is to 100, the simpler to rank data reflects how easy it is for Amazon algorithms to rank for that word.

Relevancy score

This number indicates the degree to which a certain phrase is related to your initial search. It might be handy if you’re still learning about a product.

You may uncover phrases and lingo that people are using to search the product, most of which may be unfamiliar. This research tool adds new keywords to your listing to help you target your possible clients.

Product tracker

This tool allows you to track a product’s performance over time. Amazon also permits you to create groups so that you can track like products.

This performance monitoring is crucial since the demand for items fluctuates based on the season. For instance, throughout holidays, most of the items have large quantities.

database of products

You can use the database to look for any product on Amazon, even if there are thousands of them. You may filter the results to limit down to certain goods you’d like.

Verdict – Is Jungle Scout Extension Worth Your Investment?

The gold standard for Amazon research tools is Jungle Scout. If you want to be a successful seller, you’ll need this tool to evaluate the market and competition and monitor product performance over time.

It is possible to prevent frequent mistakes made by sellers, such as overpaying for a product in the off-season. It’s possible to make money on Amazon by selling your products, but you’ll have to put in some work up front.

Set up your Jungle Scout account and start selling now!

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