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All popular websites understand how many applications you can send in a certain way to keep a track of the time to prevent spam on their websites.

If you send more than the appropriate number, you will not get any access to the website. Extending these boundaries is what many Internet marketers need to do in order to scale and expand their businesses.

If you are one of these Internet marketers, you should definitely use a huge proportion of proxies and rotate them at regular intervals.

This article will explain how to rotate IP addresses in detail and you will also discover the most effective web scraping API and the best-rotating proxies in the market.

What is IP Address Rotation?

When you use a static proxy server, it has only one IP address that is assigned to it. To avoid being blacklisted from web scraping and other forms of automated processes, you must use more than one IP address.

That is possible with IP address rotation. IP Rotation is the method by which the IP Address allotted to your web requests changes after each suggestion or after a specified time frame.

Those who use proxy servers with a single IP address allotted to them can set up a system with multiple proxies as well as create a proxy pool.


With a proxy pool, users can set up a system in which their web requests are routed through a randomly selected IP address, and the IP address is recorded so that you don’t use one over another.

In all honesty, the ability to manage a group of proxies and successfully rotate them can be exhausting, and you may make errors in the process.

Instead of developing your very own IP address rotation system, it is preferable to use pre-existing rotating proxies. Scraping APIs may be the best alternative for untrained web scrapers.

Why Rotate Proxies?

The most common barrier in web scraping operations is avoiding being obstructed by websites while attempting to gather data.

One procedure that can aid with block prevention is proxy rotation.

This can help scrapers get around most anti-scraping measures because it enables them to mimic the behavior of different users, thus increasing their chances of remaining undiscovered while trying to collect huge quantities of information.

There are numerous instances where proxy rotation is used. Here are just a couple of examples:

  • SEO companies use proxy servers that immediately rotate to verify search rankings from different locations. For example, you can examine keyword rankings in Brazil or Germany using proxies.
  • To scrape webpages for analysis and performance reasons, data intelligence firms automatically rotate proxies.
  • Corporate entities can use IP address rotation to avoid geographic presentation and perhaps price gouging.
  • Data triangulation firms validate data by rotating IP addresses.
  • IT industries rotate the IP addresses for their departing bots to sustain network loads.
  • You can go beyond request limits and bypass geographical restrictions.

Techniques Used To Rotate IP Addresses

IP addresses can be rotated by Internet Service Providers using a variety of methods. The following are some of them:

Pre-configured IP rotation – This is a method in which the rotation is pre-programmed to take place at specific intervals. When the stipulated time period expires, the user is given a new IP address.

Specific IP Rotation– The user has the option of selecting which IP address to use for an outgoing link.
Random IP Rotation- In this, every new outgoing connection is given a random address. The user has no say over which address is assigned.

Burst IP rotation – Over a certain number of connections, the ISP allocates new IP addresses. For instance, if the stipulated number is 10, the eleventh connection will be assigned a new IP address after the first ten connections are created.

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How is an IP address rotated?


Proxy Rotator

A computerized proxy rotating tool, like our Proxy Rotator, can be used by all web users. The proxy IP address will be instantly rotated by this application using the random IP rotation technique.

This is how it goes:

  • Logging into your account or contacting us will allow you to add the proxy rotator to your proxy plan.
  • Add just one endpoint to the array of proxy servers you were assigned.
  • The endpoint will obtain a new IP address for each session.

You will receive thorough starting instructions once you buy Datacenter Proxies. You can learn more about the procedure for setting up the proxy rotator as well as explore solutions to frequently asked queries there.

When web scraping, it’s simple to get around barriers thanks to a specialized proxy rotating service. Additionally, it reduces the possibility of misconfiguring the IP rotation procedure, which might cause some proxies to be used excessively and result in prohibitions.

Be aware that our residential proxies rotate on their own and don’t require a proxy rotator. Rotation is highly advised for Datacenter Proxies though, as it further lowers the likelihood of being stopped.

  • Manually

Proxy rotation could be done manually at the level of a particular individual. One can directly set the proxy settings in Chrome, for example. Proxy tools like FoxyProxy can greatly facilitate setting up and simple proxy changes.

  • Programmatically

Proxy rotation may also be carried out automatically with the aid of resources like the Python Requests library.

Top 5 Best Rotating Proxies 2024

Employing rotating proxies from service providers with a big proxy pool is by far the most popular method to take advantage of IP rotation.

When it comes to this, residential proxies are among the best because they are recognized for their stability and compliance with the majority of well-known sites on the Web.

Below are some of the top suppliers of changing proxies.

1. Bright Data

The current market leader in proxy service providers is undoubtedly Bright Data. With a pool of more than 72 million residential IP addresses, it is the greatest proxy network. It cuts across the divisions of homes, mobile devices, and data centers.

bright data

The finest IP rotation system in the industry and complete control over how the IP is rotated are two features of Luminati that you will begin to appreciate. You can just use their highly revolving proxies, which change IPs after each session, and it supports session-based IP rotation.

2. Smartproxy

Due to its low financial commitment, Smartproxy is a recommended proxy service. Instead of having to settle with Microleaves because it does not support high rotating proxies, Smartproxy supports both high rotating proxies as well as time-based rotating proxies.

Smartproxy USA Proxy service

Very much like Bright Data, Smartproxy has proxies in all nations around the world and in a few cities. You would be able to use their pool for just $75.

You should be aware that the scrape webpages, Luminati, and Oxylabs are based on consumable bandwidth, and also that your link will be interrupted once your allotted bandwidth has been used up

3. Storm Proxies

When opposed to the pools of the other service companies on the list, Storm proxies’ pool is the smallest. It has an extremely limited pool of 70,000 residential proxies.

Despite the fact that it appears small in comparison to all the others, you could use it for large projects.


Storm proxies, like Shifter, do not allow highly rotating proxies. Prices are established by ports rather than bandwidth. Every five minutes, the IP address given to each port is changed. The least expensive option on the list is Storm proxies

4. Scraper API

One of the top scraping Tools available is undoubtedly the Scraper API. It is ideal for those with less scraping expertise because they don’t have to worry about taking care of any anti-scraping difficulties themselves.


You won’t have to worry about handling VPNs, headless browsers, or Captchas thanks to the Scraper API. Sending an API request is all that is required to obtain the HTML of a website.

With over 5 billion requests processed each month, the scraper API is quite common among large companies

5. ScrapingBee

One more tool that is recommended for web scraping is ScrapingBee.

ScrapingBee - Overview

This is due to the fact that they have developed a reliable system, and when you are using them, you can count on the support of clients like Zillow, Woo-commerce, Deloitte, and SAP. The collection of IP addresses available to ScrapingBee is considerable.

They effectively rotate IP addresses and route requests from their customers. The truth that they can assist you in managing headless browsers is also significant.

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You now understand the advantages and functions of using proxies along with IP rotation. Let’s say you do perform data scraping as well as web crawling activities.

In that situation, adopting a top-notch proxy rotation solution is strongly suggested in order to boost your chances of success and safeguard your proxy pool infrastructure.

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