Top 20+ Investing Affiliate Programs To Add To Your Portfolio 2024 📈

If you’re someone who knows how important it is to make your money work for you, then investing is probably already on your radar.

But did you know that you can also make some extra cash by sharing top investment tools with others? I’m talking about investing affiliate programs.

These programs are a win-win for everyone involved. You get to help your friends or audience discover tools that can help them grow their wealth, while also earning a commission for your referral.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can get started with investing in affiliate programs, then stick around. I’ve got some great options to share with you.

Let’s dive in and find out how you can start boosting your earnings by simply sharing your passion for investing!

Top Investing Affiliate Programs To Add To Your Portfolio

What is an Investing Affiliate Program?

An Investing Affiliate Program is a partnership arrangement between you (the affiliate) and a company that offers investment-related products or services.

In this program, you promote these products or services through various channels, such as your website, blog, social media platforms, or email newsletters.

You earn a commission when someone clicks on one of your unique affiliate links and makes a purchase or signs up for a service.

These programs are designed to leverage the marketing and audience reach of affiliates to increase the visibility and sales of investment tools, platforms, courses, or financial advisory services.

They offer a way for individuals with a strong online presence and influence to monetize their content while providing valuable resources to their audience.

Top 22 Investing Affiliate Programs 2024

1. Wall Street Journal:

The Wall Street Journal began as a series of daily news bulletins sent to New York stock market dealers. In July 1889, after many years of this, the first actual printed issue of The Wall Street Journal was produced.

This newspaper has since expanded to become one of the largest in the United States. Its primary readers are businesses and investors. Therefore, I am not just pulling affiliate programs out of thin air.

Wall Street Journal Investing affiliate programs

For instance, the typical household income of a Wall Street Journal subscriber is $191,000. These individuals have no problem with their work being behind a paywall or requiring a membership to read it.

You may offer their membership service via their affiliate program. Each recommendation that results in the sale of online or print membership is worth $ 30 to you. The most pleasing aspect of this affiliate offer is that your audience automatically qualifies.

Those who want it will click the link to subscribe, while those who do will not bother.

  • Commission rate: $ 30
  • Cookie duration: 7 days

2. Forex Mentor:

There is a significant difference between learning from knowledgeable individuals and those who believe they are familiar. Peter Bain, the company’s creator, identified a massive issue in the Forex (Foreign Exchange) industry and created Forex Mentor.

Forex Mentor

People were being misled on an industrial scale, and they were charged for this outrageously inaccurate information. Therefore, he established a teaching and mentoring group where novice Forex traders could learn from seasoned experts.

The tactics presented in this course are used by several of the world’s largest trading firms. This investing affiliate network pays a thirty percent commission for every sale, which seems substantial.

However, conversion rates are relatively low since this is a highly specialized program. Consequently, you will earn $ 9 to $ 10 for every 100 people you direct to their website using your affiliate links.

  • Commission rate: 30 %
  • Cookie duration: 60 days

3. Motley Fool:

The Motley Fool has existed since the Internet’s first days in 1993. Tom and David Gardner sought to eliminate the mystique and dread around financial management and investment.

Motley Fool Investing affiliate program

In a world of self-importance, the Motley Fool was delighted not to take itself too seriously.

They took the risk of giving individuals the whole truth about investments, savings, and personal finances, even though others would not do so. A little over two decades later, The Motley Fool has become one of the most well-known brands.

That may greatly simplify your work as an affiliate.

Advertising a firm with a thirty-year track record of success in the sector is always simpler than promoting a relative newcomer. Now, facts on their affiliate program are few, particularly given that Awin manages it.

Nevertheless, when your audience subscribes to your goods and services, you may expect to earn about $100 in commissions (per transaction).

  • Commission rate: TBC
  • Cookie duration: 60 days

4. PeerStreet:

Any “Flipping Vegas” or “The Property Brothers” viewer will comprehend the desire to invest in real estate. Because renovating and reselling properties may be quite lucrative.

Like generating $ 100k in profit for more giant flips, however, this would need to borrow a large sum of money and bring enormous danger.


Instead, you may let the PeerStreet team manage your real estate investment objectives. Your funds are used to finance real estate ventures discovered by their algorithm.

So, there is no room for speculation. You may begin investing with as little as $ 1,000.

ROI is typically between 6 and 9 percent yearly, but it often approaches double digits in booming markets. As an affiliate, you may earn $ 30 for each lead you send them.

This is a one-time fee, but their business strategy is resilient, so any warm traffic you provide them should convert nicely. They even have a testimonial from “The Big Short”-famous Dr. Michael Burry.

  • Commission rate: $ 30 per lead
  • Cookie duration: 45 days

5. Bitbond:

Bitbond flips the concept of a typical P2P (peer-to-peer) business loan on its head. If you’re seeking a small company loan, they can assist you.

However, they also link investors with small firms needing quick financial assistance.


The distinction is that everything is conducted using Bitcoin so that you may get funding for your firm regardless of location, even in those nations that have made every effort to eliminate peer-to-peer lending.

A further advantage of obtaining a small business loan with Bitbond is that funding is accessible instantly after approval. You are also not penalized for early loan repayment.

Affiliate commissions are provided at varying rates to refer borrowers and lenders to the site.

If you refer a borrower to Bitbond, you will get a 20 % fee. However, if you refer a lender to Bitbond, you will get a 30 % fee.

  • Commission rate: 20 % – 30 %
  • Cookie duration: Unknown

6. New Frontier Data:

The growing legalization of marijuana has spawned a whole new business.

It will be valued at $ 57 billion within the next ten years. New Frontier Data offers investors and company owners every conceivable piece of information on this market.

new frontier - Investing Affiliate Program

Nobody could have foreseen how rapidly the cannabis sector would flourish or how much revenue it would create. What you have here is a company that provides accurate information on what is, in essence, the following “gold rush.”

New Frontier Data has the answers you need if you are an investor seeking to diversify your portfolio or a company owner who wants more focused marketing.

You will earn a 15 % commission on the reports sold through your affiliate link.

The average cost per transaction for more general reports is $7. However, they offer reports that cost more than $3,600, which would earn you a fee of $540.

  • Commission rate: 15 %
  • Cookie duration: 90 days

7. Zacks Trade:

Zacks Trade is a global internet broker with a worldwide presence. You can trade on over 90 exchanges in 19 countries, giving you more chances than you can shake a stick.

If you’re concerned that Zacks’s Trade may be too complex for your audience, you need not worry.

Zacks Trade - Investing Affiliate Program

They provide tools for traders of various experience and skill levels and an Android and iOS trading app. Are there further advantages? Stock trades cost just $ 0.01 per share, and the minimum trade amount is $ 3.

A commission is only paid when a new customer opens an account with Zacks. You are not compensated for lead generation. Affiliates are compensated $ 70 for each new customer account created, making this a lucrative program.

If you make an effort. Because earning money via an affiliate program requires work irrespective of its claimed conversion or commission rates.

  • Commission rate: $ 70
  • Cookie duration: 7 days

8. Golden Eagle Coins:

Individuals born in the 1970s have already seen six recessions and three stock market collapses. With Golden Eagle Coins, you may invest your money recession-resistantly.4

Golden Eagle Coins - Investing Affiliate Program

Precious metals can depreciate, but they retain a substantial portion of their intrinsic value.

Regardless of the state of the stock and real estate markets, their online shop offers 5,000 unique items, ranging from 1 oz silver bars that cost less than $20 to 1 KG gold bars worth about $50,000.

Therefore, your visitors may invest in precious metals with the weekly amount they spend on coffee.

You will get $ 15 for each sale generated via your affiliate links, regardless of the purchased quantity, which is unfortunate, given that they claim it to be $ 1,200.

However, a $50 extra is paid on all transactions above $5,000, bringing your commission on more significant purchases to $65. That’s not too awful, considering everything.

  • Commission rate: $ 15 per sale
  • Cookie duration: 15 days

9. Money Metals Exchange:

Money Metals Exchange was founded in 2010 for investors who comprehend the volatility of financial markets. Or for anybody who realizes that FIAT money has no real value.

Money Metals Exchange

Therefore, instead of investing in abstractions (stocks and bonds), your visitors have the option of purchasing precious metals. If nothing else, this may be a lovely keepsake to pass on to your children in the future.

Their affiliate program pays $ 16 for every sale, regardless of the purchased quantity. Therefore, even if a visitor buys $ 5,000 worth of gold coins, you will only get $ 16. And yes, this is typical of promotional efforts for precious metals schemes.

  • Commission rate: $ 16
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

10. Ally Invest:

With a managed portfolio, you pay a fee, and the manager invests your assets in carefully selected bonds and mutual funds. You may begin using their investing services for as little as $ 100.

Ally - Investing Affiliate Program

However, if you’re more of a Warren Buffett type, you might opt to construct your investing plan. Ally Invest is pleased to assist you in any direction you choose.

This affiliate scheme may be very profitable if you own a site about personal finance, investment, or even a side business.

Affiliates have two options for earning money. The first is a $25 payment for each qualified lead produced, i.e., a completed inquiry form. You may earn $50 each time a new direct trading account is opened.

And with an almost $ 800 EPC, it seems they are converting traffic in bulk.

  • Commission rate: $ 25 – $ 50
  • Cookie duration: 45 days

11. Acorns:

This training may be ideal if your audience consists primarily of novice investors. Acorn is an app that invests users’ spare cash on their behalf. 

Acorns - Investing Affiliate Program

A user registers for the service and connects their bank account. Then, when a customer makes a purchase, Acorns rounds up the transaction to the closest dollar and invests the difference in a diverse portfolio.

Family accounts cost $ 5 per month, and individual accounts cost $ 1.

  • Commission: $ 80 per Investment Account Lead
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days

12. Empower:

Empower - Investing Affiliate Program

Its motto is “Wealth management for the Internet age.” It will help you grow and manage your investments through data-driven portfolio management.

They will offer a sleek and intuitive dashboard for a complete picture of your finances.

Currently, they manage over $5.5 billion in assets just for the clients according to their various financial needs. This program is different from others because it pays per the qualified lead. It works on a commission-free structure, and it is not like a SAAS company,

  • Commission: $ 100 per Qualified Lead
  • Cookie Duration: 60 Day Cookie Duration

13. Bitcoin IRA:

Bitcoin IRA provides IRA accounts in which cryptocurrencies or gold may be invested.

Bitcoin IRA - Investing Affiliate Program

Users can move their existing IRAs or 401ks to the BitCoin IRA brokerage, where they can decide how to support the funds. Among other characteristics is the ability to exchange assets at any moment.

Bitcoin IRA pays $ 50 for each completed application to affiliates. Additionally, they provide incentive rewards that might increase your affiliate revenue.

  • Commission: Up to $ 75 per Referral
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days

14. SpeedTrader:

Speed Trader is a brokerage service that provides traders with various tools. Popular SpeedTrader features include wide shortlists, inexpensive transactions, and a sophisticated trading interface.

Speed Trader is best suited for active day traders.

SpeedTrader - Investing Affiliate Program

There are numerous price choices for this service. Depending on the functionality they want, users may pay $49 or $79 per month for the trading program.

However, SpeedTrader waives these fees if the customer generates a minimum monthly commission.

The commission charges for traders are minimal. They start at $2.49 per transaction, $0.002 per share, or $0.25 per contract for options.

SpeedTrader’s affiliate scheme is advantageous; affiliates get $ 100 for each referral that pays their account.

  • Commission: $ 100 per Funded Account Referral
  • Cookie Duration: Not Specified

15. GoldBroker:

GoldBroker offers gold and silver, in addition to storage choices. Gold bars, gold coins, silver bars, and silver coins are among their offerings.

GoldBroker - Investing Affiliate Program

Additionally, clients who dislike storing their precious metals at home may use GoldBrokers’ storage facilities.

This affiliate program offers tiered commission rates based on the cumulative sales volume. There are two affiliate categories: purchase commission and storage commission.

The commission on storage is between 0.10 and 0.20 percent. Commission on purchases varies between 0.20 and 0.40 percent. This program provides affiliates with a cookie lifespan of one year.

  • Commission: 0.10 to 0.40 %
  • Cookie Duration: 1 Year

16. TradingView:

TradingView is a social network designed specifically for traders. It presently has over 30 million subscribers and provides instant access to its user’s charts, screeners, and technical analysis.

TradingView - Investing Affiliate Program

It provides novices free programs. Paid plans range in price from $ 14.95 to $ 59.95 per month.

TradingView’s affiliate program is fantastic. To begin with, every one of your recommendations will get a $ 30 credit towards their subscription just for signing up.

As an affiliate, you will get a 30 % lifetime commission. This is valid as long as your referral continues to pay for a plan. Additionally, this program includes a hefty 90-day cookie.

  • Commission: 30 % Lifetime Commission
  • Cookie Duration: 90 Days

17. MarketRiders:

MarketRiders is financial software that enables users to construct and manage internationally diversified retirement funds.

MarketRiders - Investing Affiliate Program

This program is compatible with all brokerage accounts. MarketRiders is founded on the investment strategies of Nobel Prize winners.

This program costs $149.95 monthly or $149.99 annually. Users can try it for 30 days free of charge. As an associate for MarketRiders, you will earn $20 for each suggested free trial signup.

  • Commission: $ 20 for Free Trial Sign Ups
  • Cookie Duration: 90 Days

18. M1 Finance:

M1 Finance is an investing application that lets users personalize their investment strategy by constructing “pies” charts in which each slice represents a different company or fund.

M1 Finance - Investing Affiliate Program

The portions of the pies are proportional. When configuring pies, users may choose from over 6,000 other stocks and ETFs.

Additionally, M1 Finance offers over 80 perfectly crafted pies for investors to pick from. Investors may invest money automatically, rebalance their pies and portfolios, and buy fractional shares.

As an affiliate, you may earn $80 for each eligible account. FlexOffers manages the affiliate program, which has a 30-day cookie duration.

  • Commission: $ 80 per Qualified Funding
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days

19. Titan:

Titan is a prominent investment firm that caters to a broader clientele than only billionaires. Their team prioritizes long-term investments.

Titan Fitness - Investing Affiliate Program

Titan operates as follows: consumers open a new account (taxable or retired) and deposit at least $100. Then, 90-minute Titan invests and actively manages the funds.

Titan pays affiliates $ 4 for each referral that establishes a new account and $ 48 when the referral funds their account.

  • Commission: $ 4 per Account Creation, $ 48 per account Funding
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days

20. eToro:

eToro is a social trading platform that enables cryptocurrency investments. For novice users to practice their trading tactics, demo accounts of $ 100,000 are provided.

Etoro - Investing Affiliate Program

The affiliate commissions at eToro are relatively generous, with affiliates receiving $ 120 for every new user who puts funds into their account.

  • Commission: $ 120 for First Time Deposits
  • Cookie Duration: 45 Days

21. RocketDollar:

RocketDollar enables users to establish self-directed retirement funds. This implies that consumers may invest in anything they like, so long as it is permitted under IRS regulations.

RocketDollar - Investing Affiliate Program

Currently, they provide self-directed IRAs and individual 401(k) accounts.

Rocket Dollar offers two products: Core, which costs $ 15 per month, and Gold, which costs $ 30 per month. As a RocketDollar affiliate, you will earn a 12 % commission on any purchases generated by your referrals.

  • Commission: 12% of Sales
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days

22. Robinhood:

Robinhood is a well-known online brokerage that provides stocks, mutual funds, options, gold, cash management, and cryptocurrency.

Moreover, they provide commission-free stock transactions and fractional shares.

Robinhood - Investing Affiliate Program

With no account minimums and useful investment tools, this brokerage is a fantastic alternative for novice investors. The Robinhood affiliate program is decent but inferior to other schemes.

They provide $ 4 for signups, $ 16 for financed accounts, and a cookie duration of just seven days.

  • Commission: $ 4 per Sign Up and $ 16 per Funded Account
  • Cookie Duration: 7 Days


🤔 How do I join an Investing Affiliate Program?

To join, you typically need to apply through the program's website. Requirements vary, but most programs ask for your website or social media details to ensure your content aligns with their brand. Once approved, you'll get access to affiliate links and marketing materials.

🤷‍♀️ Are there any fees to join these programs?

Most investing affiliate programs are free to join. However, it's important to read the terms and conditions as some programs may have specific requirements or fees for certain tools or promotional materials.

👀 What types of products or services can I promote?

You can promote a variety of investment-related products and services, including but not limited to, trading platforms, financial advisory services, investment courses, and financial tools.

🤑 How do I get paid?

Payment methods and schedules differ by program. Common payment methods include bank transfer, PayPal, and checks. Most programs have a minimum payout threshold and pay on a monthly or quarterly basis.

😅 Can I join multiple Investing Affiliate Programs?

Yes, you can join multiple programs to diversify your income sources. However, managing multiple partnerships requires organization and strategic planning to effectively promote each one without diluting your message or brand.

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Conclusion: Are These Affiliate Programs a Good Way to Make Money?

Investing affiliate programs offer a unique chance to earn by promoting financial products and services. These programs are ideal for those with an audience interested in investing, personal finance, or wealth management.

Affiliates can earn commissions on sign-ups or transactions by sharing links to investment platforms, tools, or educational resources.

The key to success lies in choosing reputable programs that match your audience’s interests and providing valuable content to build trust.

With the right approach, investing in affiliate programs can be a lucrative way to monetize your online presence, especially if you’re passionate about finance and helping others grow their wealth.

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