Intelligynce vs Ecomhunt 2024: The Ultimate Comparison (Pros & Cons)



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Intelligynce is one of the best eCOM research analytics available for your business! It can give you access to a huge database of eCommerce stores and

Ecomhunt allows you to easily find products that are already proven to sell or how we like to call them Winning products in just a few clicks.

  • Import unlimited product & reviews
  • Powerful Google chrome extension
  • Powerful search filters
  • Instagram Influencing
  • Analysis & Reports of Products
  • Chrome Extension
  • Spy on more than 250,000 store
  • Access to 500k Shopify Stores
  • In-Depth Aliexpress Research
  • Easy to find and research hot selling products.
  • Eliminate the risk of committing to new products.
  • Can quickly add multiple products to your dropshipping store
  • Slideshow Video Ads Feature Missing
  • Free version has very limited features

If you wish to start an eCommerce business, you must check carefully Intelligynce vs Ecomhunt.

It is a great idea to start an eCommerce business. In today’s environment, it is the ruling trend and business today.

As the world has now moved on from traditional business practices the era of E-commerce has taken to a new light.

So, to get started with Ecomhunt or Intelligynce and establish a successful e-commerce business you must understand the ins and outs of both.

Ecomhunt vs Intelligyence detailed comparison

This is exactly what we will explore throughout the duration of this article, so stay tuned!

Intelligynce vs Ecomhunt Overview 2024: Which One Should You Choose?

Intelligynce Overview

It is the software that offers you the best product research to search over 2.5 million products. Easy and accessible niche with Intelligynce.

It is much simpler and helps in introducing to your store by successfully running it online.

It searches through Shopify Stores(hundreds and thousands) to find out the niche products.

Intelligynce vs ecomhunt- Overview

Without a question, Intelligynce could be a commendable venture for most individuals owning an e-commerce trade. This software saves you a parcel of time you will spend while doing item inquiries.

Furthermore, Intelligynce is an exceptionally user-friendly computer program and doesn’t fundamentally require you to have any information to investigate apparatuses.

So, why don’t you subscribe to one of the over plans and begin getting a charge out of hustle-free items inquired about? At the same time, you’ll moreover spare a part of the hours in which you’ll contribute to more beneficial exercises.

Intelligynce is a powerful software that helps eCommerce store owners and entrepreneurs to find, research and analyze profitable products on AliExpress.

With its automated search filters and product comparison features, Intelligynce enables users to quickly identify the best-selling items from AliExpress and maximize their profits. Get an in-depth review of Intelligynce to see how it can benefit you and your business.

Ecomhunt: Overview

In this environment, in case you are not dealing with and accepting the positive sides of utilizing the web to create cash, you’re lost out on an awesome way to gain a living. The highest booming industry, e-commerce is the foremost noteworthy illustration of Amazon.

As there is a lot of struggle and race outside, so it is needed to have different and unique products to attract customers and give the competitors cut-throat competition.

ECom Hunt & Intelligynce comparison : Overview

So, for this Ecomhunt is the right tool that claims out all the worries and tensions of searching for the product.

The Ecomhunt site depicts it as “a curation of the finest modern products, every day.” This implies that it may be a legit way to discover winnings and the foremost well-known items online. It makes a difference the clients in chasing for the foremost prevalent items more productively, which makes the business’s deals change high.

Ecomhunt includes winning items physically every single day through which you’ll be able to halt squandering your time and cash on off-base items that don’t offer. Not as it did Ecomhunt offers assistance in finding the most smoking offering items but to those which are trending on other marketplaces like AliExpress.

Additionally, it too appears to have all the vital points of interest, almost the items which incorporate the advertisements run by your competitors and working. This way, you’ll have a readymade list of all conceivable items you wish in your store which are running best within the advertisement. This way you’ll spare time, exertion, and a part of cash in finding the items to offer.

It truly gives you insights about your products to your Facebook users.

As it provides you the information on what products are being daily sold, in this way it is helpful to know what country to target and to which age group and gender.

Hot-selling niches are being sold in different varieties too.

Hence, if you are looking for an amazing and promising product that can uplift your sales to a higher level, then it is time to consider Ecomhunt.

Features: What Do they offer?


  • Winning Products

By making sales and introducing new products, it is really important to fill up your stores with new and exciting products.

  • Adhunter              

This Chrome expansion is unquestionably a lifesaver. It permits the clients to discover, utilize and dissect their competitors’ genuine Facebook and social media promotions and gives them the sum of activity, how long it has been running, which nations have clicked on that advertisement, and other more valuable data.

Introducing AdHunter – Reveal Your Competitors Facebook Ads Performance – Ecomhunt

Indeed even though this plug-in is free of taking a toll, you are going to have an Ecomhunt account for this include.

  • The Shopify Apps

There are bounty more apps and expansions for the clients of Ecomhunt! It permits you to discover and introduce expansions for your Shopify store.

For those who are utilizing topics such as EcomTurbo, these plugins are not truly required. In any case, those who are simply running standard things, can discover the Best 5 Shopify Topics which they will without a doubt be fascinated by.

Shopify-Apps-Ecomhunt vs Intelligynce

  • Training and Lectures 

One of the things which are neglected some of the time is whether or not the clients or individuals of such gatherings are prepared in e-commerce or deals.

Ecomhunt, be that as it may, makes beyond any doubt this can be moreover secured by having a committed segment on Webinars and preparing since numerous of their clients are modern to this approach. Indeed those clients who are specialists in what they do can too advantage of preparing the fabric and cleaning their aptitudes. Such preparing fabric is as a rule sold for a tall cost elsewhere, but in Ecomhunt, it is included within the enrollment cost. So, for individuals, it is free of fetch.

  • Social Systems Engagement

Ecomhunt may be a winning item device that makes a difference with the duration of winning items for any e-commerce company proprietor willing to offer hot things online. Each item is uncommonly handpicked by e-commerce specialists by making any doubt it is brand-new and has tall social systems engagement with hot deals on other driving e-commerce shops.

  • Expertly Saves Time

EcomHunt spares you the stretch for looking for hot and quick offering items online. Or maybe, you’ll be able to concentrate on other things that matter for your e-commerce organization.  EcomHunt upgrades various things day by day for its clients and which are uncommonly handpicked by pros.

It happens to express all the real reviews for every particular section.

So, get started and try to experience all the upgraded features.

Intelligynce Features

  • Shopify Stores

This look work works nearly indistinguishably to the item look work, with the most difference being you seek for stores instead of particular items. The reason for this is often the same as the item look – discover competing stores and inquire about their items to assist the progress of your claim e-commerce business.

The same channels are utilized here, with social channels permitting you to channel your looks to stores with a set number of supporters or likes, extending from underneath 1,000 to upwards of one million. Store channels are the same as well, with channels for activity, everyday deals, money choices, and the least and greatest cost.

  • Hot Products

Typically a more current is included in the look work and it evacuates much of the mystery in finding a hot item. It’s particularly valuable for individuals modern to the e-commerce showcase, providing a list of hot offering items that you just can effortlessly choose from for your claim store.

It’s overhauled each week so it may be a great thought to induce in early some time recently other clients take note, as the more competition there’s for an item the less of a covered-up pearl it gets to be.

  • Store Inspector

When looking for stores you’ll be able to use the Store Auditor highlight to induce moment access to all sorts of data for each store you discover. This can be an amazing highlight because it gives parts of nitty-gritty data on each store counting when it was finally overhauled, assessed day-by-day deals, the Shopify topic, and username.

Intelligynce moreover lets you see the activity examination for any store. This includes info on the activity history, adds up to a month to month visits, normal guest page sees, normal time per visit, and activity by the nation. You’ll be able moreover to audit store competitors for each store and see what they are doing right to advance their stores and items.

Intelligynce & ecomhunt comparison-Platinum

  • Exploring Commodities

Intelligynce may be an effective computer program bundle that permits you to look at over 250,000 Shopify Stores and over items of one million. Effectively discover items that are in major hot demand and are demonstrated, as victors.

It aids you to search for the commodities that are available on E-bay and Amazon marketplaces.

  • Powerful Filters

It offers you amazing and powerful search filters. It comes with a price that is affordable easily. Unlimited products and reviews are the splendid things offered by Intelligynce. It has the Google Chrome Extension. It offers you the world-wide amazing sellers and product search tools.

Final Verdict

Hence, it is needed and noted that Intelligynce and Ecomhunt and different features which make them unique in their way. It is like both are the most important tools that help you build your online E-commerce business and serve and help them to reach business at great heights.

So, Stop waiting!! Go and Grab now!!

Benefits: What Do You Get?

Store Inspector

All the details are clearly explained in Shopify products and stores. You can inspect the products which are available in the stores such as Amazon or eBay etc to gain an insight into how it works and set up selling your products to get revenue or profits.

Store Information

You can spy on Shopify products and stores and you can even sell the products at different prices and gather information regarding different stores such as Amazon and eBay which helps you to get sales for your products that are present in Intelligynce.

Estimated Sales Information

You will get detailed information about any of the store’s actual sales made by selling their products. You will gain insight on how to sell your products in a store and how much profit or revenue you will receive for your products.

Intelligynce-The Estimated Sales

Traffic Analysis

There will be a gathering of a large audience that targets traffic to your products in Intelligynce with the features you are using to gain an audience and get sales for your specified products or store products.

Facebook Ads Information

One of the fastest and easy ways to promote your products and get sales is through Facebook Ads. You can gain a large audience for your products by promoting them on Facebook Ads which will help you reach your products throughout the globe.

Easy access to Facebook through social media accounts and easy returns on your products purchased through these ads.


One should target a group of the audience that is suitable for your products or who can buy products or get access to information and gain insight on your products and feel like it’ll be better suited to them to buy it which in turn helps you in gaining sales.

Engagement and Reviews

Reviews and Engagement help you in promoting the value of your products and get sales and revenue for the products which are available in Shopify stores. There are many users which are going to spy on your Shopify products which are available at Shopify stores and you’ll have lots of competition but you should develop your product to be unique and stand out from other products.

This will gain traffic to your site which helps in engagement with the audience and reviews on your products depending upon the quality.

Pros & Cons: Intelligynce vs Ecomhunt

There are several pros and cons to both. What makes it unique and better than the others is given in the following pros and cons.

As you all know e-commerce business selling products with several brands helps small businesses to grow their business in numerous ways through different integrations, interfaces, plugins provided by a particular website, or software tool which helps in targeting large audiences for sales. The followings are the pros and cons of these types of tools.


  • Intelligynce is a product search tool. E-commerce is very useful using this type of tool.
  • It saves a lot of time. It is easy and quick.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • The software does not require acknowledgment of research tools
  • Ecomhunt gives Facebook insights and ads for the users in Ofer to know about the products which are sold daily.
  • Through this, they can know which country to target, age and gender, etc.
  • It also helps in finding the best products for their users through hot products.
  • It also informs its members about different hot-selling niche products.


  • The pricing plans of Intelligynce are divided into different payment methods.
  • Monthly payment gives excellent value and it costs $29 per month. You’ll have to pay every month and it’s really good for e-commerce businesses who want to grow their business successfully.
  • One time-off payment gives access to all the features with a one-time plan which costs $149. Ali inspector needs to be downloaded on your computer. You can’t create slideshow Ads.
  • Annual payment costs $99 and if you want to use Intelligynce but you aren’t sure for how long to use it then this might help you out.
  • Ecomhunt should increase their limited products.
  • There is no free membership. It gives you limited information and there isn’t an on-demand date given it gives you insights about the site and how it works but ideally, it would be nice to see more.

FAQs On Intelligynce vs Ecomhunt 

👉Does Intelligynce offer May free trial?

Unfortunately, Intelligynce does not offer any free trial but you can get started with a monthly payment which starts at $49. It offers excellent value. You’ll have to pay every month and it’s really good for e-commerce businesses who want to grow their small businesses to reach successful heights.

🔥 What is Ecomhunt?

It provides information regarding Shopify stores on who is selling the best products. It also shows Facebook Ads of a particular product to the users. It gains target audiences suitable for the products which helps in getting profits and revenues which in turn helps in growing businesses successfully.

✅What services these both provide?

Intelligynce provides the services of Traffic Analysis; traffic sources and organic and sound search keywords, social traffic volumes, audience interests, and similar sites. Ecomhunt updates new products daily. All the products which are uploaded are examined by the experts. It includes services like Facebook Ads and targeting, profits, engagement, and reviews, links, offer coupons and Analytics, etc.

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Conclusion: Intelligynce vs Ecomhunt 2024

Intelligynce is a Shopify Analysis Tool that helps you to uncover the best Shopify products and stores which are making huge money with those products. A special discount coupon code offer is available. Lee product software generates a lot of niche keyword ideas and analyzes the bestseller, uncovers the top drop ship products for e-commerce business for your e-commerce store.

You can access Intelligynce through any device which has internet, laptop, or smartphone. There are great tools present in it such as Shopify products, Shopify stores, and Hot products. It has a sophisticated system in the background that goes out and gathers all of the data every two weeks and makes sure that all the data is up-to-date and fresh.

This data is pretty much impossible to do on your own if you’re using Google or some other search engines. Inside Shopify products, there are over 2.5 million products present in their database which is a massive amount of data that you can use with your fingertips. How this data is all Shopify products and Shopify stores but that doesn’t mean that you have to be selling your products in Shopify.

You can be selling on any e-commerce platform then this is just for researching new products that you could be putting into your e-commerce stores.

Ecomhunt is going to update popular hot dropshipping products that you’re gonna be able to add to your store. These are hand-picked products by Shopify experts so you know they are gonna have a real chance for success.

On top of that, they gonna show you the product information where you can source the price and the sales price you should be selling it for the margin, the profit you are going to make.

Ecomhunt helps you by showing you new products every day. They are going to provide a link to go ahead and find it on AliExpress. They are going to provide you Facebook targeting.

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