Intelligynce Review 2024: Is This Shopify Spy Tool Worth It? 🤔


Overall Verdict

Intelligynce is a powerful and legit tool that mainly allows you to spy on more than 200,000 Shopify Stores along with 1 million products easily. Intelligynce is a powerful tool for anyone involved in eCommerce, especially for those using platforms like AliExpress for dropshipping.

Out of 10


  • Integrates on any device very easily anywhere
  • It will save your time and money in finding profitable products.
  • Helps you in finding the best selling products under any niche.
  • Features that are provided are awesome
  • Ali Inspector Exclusive Bonus Software
  • Download AliExpress Products


  • Product can be improved with Dashboard UI.
  • DFY Shopify Stores Are Expensive.
  • No refund Policy.


Price: $ 39

In this post, I have personally featured an Intelligynce Review, highlighting its features, pros, cons, and much more.

Are you in search of products that actually sell well on Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces? If Yes!

Then you are in the right place, as here we will feature a tool that will help you find profitable and winning products that bring sales conversion and increased ROI.

Intelligynce is a powerful software package that spies on over 250,000 successful Shopify stores worldwide to help you locate profitable products.

Finding reliable and profitable products can be daunting, but Intelligynce automates the process and provides top-selling products on Shopify, Amazon, and eBay.

It’s also useful for finding suppliers for selected dropship products on AliExpress with just one click.

In this Intelligynce review, we’ll explore the tool’s detailed insights, along with an exclusive combo offer that’s right for you.

Intelligynce Review

Intelligynce Review 2024: Overview

Intelligynce is a powerful and legitimate tool that mainly allows you to spy quickly on more than 200,000 Shopify Stores along with 1 million products.  

Here, you can filter the search results in numerous ways to find the products that are actually in demand and selling well on marketplaces like Shopify, Amazon, and eBay.

Intelligynce Review

The best part about this tool is that you don’t have to do the manual work. If you want to start selling products right in your store, then, with this tool, you can find products from AliExpress that sell well and simply start making money.

Intelligynce will save you countless hours of research and stop you from wasting time and money on the wrong products.

Intelligynce is a tool in the market for Shopify Entrepreneurs who are willing to earn a good amount of money.

Features of Intelligynce:

Now, we are going to provide quick information about the Intelligynce Features here.

1. Estimated Sales:

Here, with Intelligynce you can quickly sell all of the low/high/mid income estimates right for any particular store. Simply find the estimated sales of any products from any store and then decide what you can sell to get the same benefit.

2. Store Search Tools:

Now, you have the power to search for more than 200,000 Shopify Stores.

3. Product Search Tools:

You can also search for more than 1 million products in a few minutes simply by using many different filters. This tool will help you find the best-selling products that actually bring sales conversion. Pexda Review is a robust tool for finding profitable products to sell online. 

4. Powerful Filters:

The best of all features, here you can easily filter all of the massive lists of over 200,000 Shopify stores by the Facebook conversion Pixel along with the price point of each store’s best-selling items, and it really doesn’t matter if they have the Facebook Page or any Twitter profile along with the keyword search also.

5. Built-In Bookmarks:

This feature will help you bookmark all of the best stores and products simply by saving them right to your personal bookmark folder. Here, you can simply keep all of your favourite stores and favourite products right for quick viewing anytime, anywhere.

What Makes Intelligynce Invincible?

The Powerful suite of tools is designed to optimize eCommerce operations, particularly for users who utilize AliExpress for dropshipping.

Let’s break down how each of these tools can benefit an eCommerce business, ensuring your content is aligned with Google’s guidelines on creating helpful, user-centric content.

1. Keyword Generator Tool

Keyword Generator Tool

Purpose: Generates thousands of niche keywords to help users find new product ideas and explore profitable niches.

Key Benefits:

  • Speed and Efficiency: Instantly generate keywords, saving time and enhancing productivity.
  • Targeted Search: Helps refine marketing strategies by targeting keywords that are most relevant to the users’ product lines.
  • Idea Generation: Ideal for businesses at the brainstorming stage, providing a push in creative direction with the “Deep Search” option.

2. Best Sellers Tool

Best Sellers Tool

Purpose: Analyzes top-selling products on AliExpress across multiple categories, offering insights into market trends and consumer preferences.

Key Benefits:

  • Market Insights: Understand what products are best sellers in real-time, allowing for quick adaptation of sales strategies.
  • Competitive Analysis: See what products competitors might be profiting from and discover gaps in the market.
  • Data Rich: Access to 33 different data points per product, from sales volume to customer ratings, providing a comprehensive overview to inform decision-making.

3. Powerful Search Options

Powerful Search Options

Purpose: Offers three dynamic ways to search for products on AliExpress, including using AliExpress’s own search engine, Bing, or a direct list of product links.

Key Benefits:

  • Flexibility in Search: Users can tailor their search process based on preferred methods or available resources.
  • Enhanced Product Discovery: Makes it easier to uncover exactly what products to add to eCommerce stores, tailored to specific business needs.
  • Streamlined Process: Directly integrate search findings into marketing or procurement strategies without manual data entry.

4. Built-In AliExpress Product Link Scraper

Purpose: Extracts product data directly from various content that includes AliExpress links, enhancing the capability to gather and analyze product information.

Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Data Access: Pull information from any site hosting AliExpress links, expanding the scope of data collection.
  • Automation: Reduces the manual effort required in data collection, allowing for more focus on strategy and sales.
  • Versatility: Can scrape links from a wide range of sources including search engine results and specific web pages, providing a broad view of available products and market conditions.

5. Utilizing These Tools for SEO and Content Marketing

  1. Content Creation: Use insights from these tools to create SEO-optimized content that addresses trending products, niche markets, and consumer interests.
  2. Keyword Optimization: Integrate the generated keywords into product descriptions, blog posts, and ad campaigns to improve SEO rankings and attract more site traffic.
  3. Data-Driven Strategies: Employ the comprehensive data these tools provide to refine marketing campaigns, optimize product listings, and improve overall business strategies based on real-world analytics and trends.

The Intelligynce Chrome Extension:  

Another thing that makes intelligence stay a step ahead of the competition is When you get access to the Intelligynce Chrome Extension, you will get the following features that are listed below:

  • Activity View: Now, you can simply see how many products a store has actually launched and when they are launching them. You will also get information about their update and also which theme they are actually using.
  • Best Seller: Here, with this feature, you can easily see the top 5 best-selling products along with the prices too. Simply click on the products for a more in-depth view.
  • Apps: With this feature, you will know which Shopify store is using which app to become successful. You can simply find out all of the installed Shopify app rights in the Shopify App Store. And from there, you can use the same app to skyrocket your own sales conversion.
  • SEO: Now you can simply get all of the detailed information about the traffic, i.e., from where they are getting the traffic, Social Organic Traffic. Here, you can simply click on the “See More Traffic Stats right for the breakdown of all the processes and insights, and then you can evaluate all of the strategies.”

Why Do You Need Intelligynce?

When we start selling products online, most struggle to find profitable and winning outcomes.

Somehow, they get stuck and never get started, or they may also begin filling their store with harmful products that never sell, and in the end, they waste their time and money, too. Really, it will be a huge disappointment and a waste of time, too.

So, what can you do to avoid these mistakes and fill your store only with profitable and winning products that actually sell well? Intelligynce is there to make your process simple and easy.

With this tool, you can quickly determine what is actually selling in the most successful e-commerce stores worldwide.

Intelligynce will spy on all of the best-selling products in popular stores and give you the products that increase sales conversion and ROI.

Intelligynce Pricing:

Intelligynce Review- Price Plan

Subscription Type Normal Price Discounted Price Billing Type Savings
Monthly Payment Option $49 per month $39 per month Monthly $10 off monthly
Yearly Payment Option $99 per year $79 per year Annually $20 off annually
Lifetime Member Option $197 one-time $99 one-time One-time payment $98 one-time

1. Monthly Payment Option

Cost: $39/month

Best for: Users who prefer short-term commitments or wish to test the tool before committing long-term.

Flexibility: Easiest to cancel or switch without major financial repercussions.

2. Yearly Payment Option

Cost: $79/year

Best for: Users looking for a balance between cost savings and commitment.

Savings: More cost-effective than the monthly option on an annual basis, saving $20 annually compared to normal pricing.

3. Lifetime Member Option

Cost: $99 one-time

Best for: Users committed to using Intelligynce for the long haul.

Value: Greatest savings with a one-time payment, effectively eliminating recurring payments and saving $98 off the normal one-time price.

Choosing the Right Plan: Decision Factors

  • Budget: How much are you willing to invest upfront? If the budget is tight, a monthly option may be preferable.
  • Commitment: Are you sure you’ll use the tool long-term? If uncertain, consider the monthly or yearly options.
  • Usage: How extensively you plan to use the tool can also dictate the best payment plan. Frequent, long-term use justifies the lifetime option.

Each of these plans offers its own set of advantages depending on your specific needs and how long you plan to use Intelligynce.

The lifetime membership provides the most economic sense for long-term users, while monthly and yearly options offer more flexibility and lower upfront costs.

Is Intelligynce Free?

The answer is both yes and no. Intelligynce offers a limited free version of its software that you can use to start understanding and exploring your business’s data.

The basic version includes the ability to analyze trends, correlations, and outliers in critical metrics such as sales, revenue, customer behaviour, etc., and create custom reports and visualizations.

However, Intelligynce also offers a paid premium version of its software that includes advanced features such as automated recommendations for optimizing your business processes, insights into customer behaviour, and access to industry-specific data sets.

These more advanced features allow users to gain a deeper understanding of their businesses and make more informed decisions.

Overall, Intelligynce provides an outstanding balance of free and paid options to fit the needs of any business. Whether you’re just getting started or need advanced insights into customer behavior, Intelligynce has something for everyone.

How To Claim The Bonus Offer?

Step 1: Click on the button here, and when you reach the Intelligynce Website, purchase it through Ali Inspector 2.

Step 2: Right after making your purchase, you will get an email that contains the link to the bonus download page.

Hurrah! You’re ready to. You have successfully claimed your offer 🙂

About Ali Inspector 2:

Basically, Ali Inspector is a powerful AliExpress Product Research Software that will help find niche keywords, Analyze bestsellers, and uncover all of the top-performing dropship products right for your e-commerce store.

About Ali Inspector 2

Ali Inspector really has some amazing features that will help you in ramping up your e-commerce business. Here we have listed some of the features of Ali Inspector below:

  • Keyword Generator Tool
  • Best Seller Tool
  • Keyword Search Tool
  • Download AliExpress Products
  • Download Review For Shopify

This is not the end of features here. You will find many more valuable features that will help you in getting a step ahead of your competitors.

Customer Support Of Intelligynce

The customer support you get with Intelligynce is really praiseworthy. They have a team of professionals who will greatly help you.

Most often, we see that for customer support, many of the products are using automated chatbots to solve their customers’ problems. But here, it is not so. You will contact an actual human being to solve your problem. Simply drop an email and get your problem solved.

So, you don’t have to worry about customer support here; you are getting top-notch support. What are you waiting for? Just go and start earning by finding the winning products using Intelligynce.

Intelligynce Customer Testimonials

Intelligynce customer reviews online

Intelligynce: Pros and Cons


  • Quickly uncovers top-selling products across numerous categories.
  • Access to detailed data with 33 metrics per product.
  • Saves time on market research with automated tools.
  • Offers comprehensive competitor analysis and market insight features.
  • Easy integration with eCommerce platforms enhances operational efficiency.
  • The lifetime access option provides exceptional long-term value.


  • Monthly and yearly costs may be prohibitive initially.
  • Can be overwhelming due to extensive data and features.


🤔 Who should use Intelligynce?

It's ideal for eCommerce store owners, dropshippers, and anyone looking to understand product trends and competitive landscapes on platforms like AliExpress.

📊 What data can I get from Intelligynce?

You can access over 33 data points per product, including sales data, product ratings, and more.

🔧 How does Intelligynce integrate with my existing tools?

Intelligynce can be used alongside various eCommerce platforms and tools, enhancing data analysis and decision-making processes.

📈 What are the main benefits of using Intelligynce?

It saves time on product research, provides detailed competitor insights, and helps optimize product offerings for better sales.

🚀 Can Intelligynce help with new product launches?

Yes, it can identify trending products and niches, making it easier to decide on new products to launch.

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Conclusion: Intelligynce Review 2024

Intelligynce stands out as a robust software solution, offering the unique capability to analyze over 250,000 successful Shopify stores globally.

This feature is invaluable for identifying profitable products. If you’re searching for an efficient and straightforward tool to discover lucrative items, Intelligynce is certainly worth considering.

To conclude, Intelligynce is a tool that merits serious consideration for those aiming to elevate their online dropshipping business by focusing on profitable products.

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