Intelligynce Chrome Extension: The Ultimate Guide to Spy Tool 2024

Have you heard about a spy tool known as Intelligynce Chrome Extension? Yes, a spy tool! Are you planning to start an e-commerce website?

Are you worried about the authenticity of the products you are planning to sell on your website? Worry not! Because we are going to talk about a tool that will help you in locating original and profit-making products to increase your sales. Since there are innumerable products sold on some of the popular e-commerce sites, it is an impossible task to manually check if a product is authentic and right for you to sell.

Selling products online is a resourceful way of earning income and growing your business. But it is also necessary to sell the right and trending product in the market. To assist you with this, you need a tool that can detect reliable and popular products automatically for you. Is this possible? Yes, it is with the very popular tool – Intelligynce.

Intelligynce is a cloud-based software that spies on online stores like eBay, Amazon, and Shopify to bring forward the best products from their huge inventory. This is a powerful tool enabled to spy on more than 5,00,000 Shopify stores and 2,50,000 Dropship products.

Intelligynce gives a complete analysis of the products, thus helping you sell in-demand products and getting more customers. It helps in increasing the sales conversions and creating a database of loyal customers for you. This article will show you how Intelligynce Chrome Extension is the best spy tool for your e-commerce business.

Intelligynce Chrome Extension: Overview

So what is Intelligynce all about? It is essentially a software to help you to track stores of Shopify worldwide to find out commercially successful products. It is extremely easy on the wallet, so Intelligynce is your go-to choice for hunting down commercially successful products online.

This software gives you access to all the information about any particular store. All you have to do is type up ‘Shopify Store Search’. You will find out about people visiting the page, the social media pages for the particular store, on an average regular sales and also the best-selling products of the store.

Intelligynce chrome extension : Overview

If you know specific keywords while searching then with this tool, you will get a list of all the shops selling that particular product you’re looking for.

Very useful software for researching products on Amazon, Shopify, and eBay. You do not even need to go through the entire list. They give the option to filter the search results to save time and increase efficiency in finding exactly what you need. This also saves you from manually having to search for the required products or any other reason necessary.

Intelligynce is a powerful tool that helps online entrepreneurs to track their competitors and keep up with emerging trends in the eCommerce market.

However, if you’re looking for alternatives to Intelligynce, there are several options available. Some of these include Sellics, AMZTracker, EcomSpy, and Jungle Scout.

Intelligynce Chrome Extension Features

  • Keyword Creation Device

In the Intelligynce chrome extension, the codewords have a major role. There are some extremely targeted codewords that have to be created. This device can create these important keywords rapidly in a few seconds with the help of its inherent Keyword creation device.

Verdict – this feature is useful as it gets rapid ingress to the valuables and a few profit-making nooks which helps the users to earn and make money. Initiate with this device and go in for the result codewords to search it for more immediately.

  • Brand leader device

Examine and critique the whole unique product information on Ali Express with the use of a brand leader device of Intelligynce. The nooks which visualize the best-selling products are given:


  • Ladies’ clothing and accessories
  • Gent’s clothing and accessories
  • Cell phones and accessories
  • Desktop and workplaces
  • Buyer electronics
  • Jewellery and accessories
  • Homes and parks
  • Footwears
  • Mother and children
  • Physical activity and enjoyment
  • Selfcare and physical fitness
  • Cars and bikes
  • home renovation

Verdict – to know about the latest products retailing in the market and what is its request and demand in the market in recent times this tool has all the statistics from all nooks and gives the information about a minimum of 380 product groups. Quickly, bare the topmost retailing output products for e-commerce shops.

  • Import Unlimited Products and Reviews

With the assistance of the Intelligynce product research device, you can easily review and import multiple products at your convenience. Instantly buy these products from the Shopify and Woocommerce shops at one click when these stores are combined with these devices.

Intelligynce Review Chrome-Extension-Features

Furthermore, you can even buy a few product reviews and get much retail with the use of the same. Without worries and problems, the operating system can make the review buy in a particular task that can surely be done in a few minutes or seconds

Verdict – these can auto-create the cost each time a user buys these output products on their panels. It also helps in to import the reviews instantly onto the Shopify and Woocommerce shops to rapid increment, and the product retails with reliability and integrity.

  • Exact Product Sales.

It is unique from many other devices because their vending analyzer devices are something different which makes it unique. We can examine current contemporary retails and its statistics will be visualized in a few intervals of time.

Verdict – click the next switch or button and search some instinctive graphs to trace their product retails conveniently. The statistics can be used to point out customers via networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and other communication sites.

  • Look on Top of 2.5 million Statistics.

They have enormous data collection, unlike the various other product data archive that usually consists of some information about their products, compares to them it has a huge database. You can easily and quickly look out for the products which are suitable for the retailing business from their whole 2.5 million product data collections.

Intelligynce products enormous data collection

This data includes –

  • Ranking of best seller product.
  • Storage of daily visitor numbers.
  • Daily sales estimation
  • Detection of a Facebook pixel
  • Countings of Facebook fans
  • Number of Twitter followers
  • Instant links to Aliexpress, google.
  • Several Instagram followers.
  • Approximated Selling

This tool lets you put on sale income estimates involving all three categories namely low/mid and high. All you need to do is to search for the approximate product sale to verify and then conclude which product to sell yourself to obtain a similar benefit.

  • Filter Variation

What makes it easier for you to go through the long lists and decide between products is the assortment of filters offered by Intelligynce. This function lets you sift the long lists of stores on Shopify. The same feature also shows the price for every item that is most sold in the stores. All this is done along with Facebook conversion Pixel. This is possible irrespective of whether the stores have social media handles or not.

Verdict – the statistics can be easily reviewed with just a few clicks, and the whole analytic data comes into your hand easily with everything that is required.

  • At least 500,000 Shopify stores

You can conveniently uncover the topmost store and also topmost products and that are helping the other marketing sellers out to make and earn good money of dollars every day just by knowing the database of more than 530,000 stores present. More than half of the million Shopify stores look after the topmost selling products chosen by them.

Verdict – one must easily get access to thousands of Shopify stores and you can easily stop searching and look for google and another search engine for various Shopify stores. The statistics and database is renewed every two weeks and refresh the new data on how you need it.

  • Traffic analysis statistics

Have you noticed the rapidly increasing trend for every Shopify store monthly? Besides, the other countries get the traffic density as required. We can utilize all these strengths full information to construct a big and huge targeting Facebook and social networking google ad campaign.

Intelligynce review-chrome-extension-Traffic-Analysis

Verdict – With the all convenience and ease of the Shopify stores, have good and perfect retail for it. You can find certain features by just clicking the more stats button and get access to the statistics and search various things instance traffic sources, top commercial publishers and editors, customer interests, and many other things.

  • Chrome extension

Chrome is used by basically every person and it’s an important feature one must have, it permits you to download and combine applications into your phone’s google chrome website and by clicking any store’s switch for further information. You can find out about the numbering of products that how they are launched and produced by a store. The store’s five best branding and selling products have been viewed after the upgrade of the shop and what labels they use.

Verdict – you can easily get the whole brief and detailed information about the traffic. Instance, where and when the whole traffic comes from, single organic traffic, and much more other information which you need just by clicking the switch of seeing more traffic stats, and all the data will be in front of your sight.

Make Your Ecommerce Store Stand Out With Intelligynce vs Ecomhunt Comparison

Intelligynce Chrome Extension: Pricing

The pricing structure of the Intelligynce Chrome Extension is very simple with only a one-time payment option. Access to their software package is a lifetime with software updates and customer support for as long as you are a member.

Intelligynce Pricing with Review

They have three different pricing plans:

1)  Monthly Option – $39/mo

2)  Yearly Option – $79/yr

3)  Lifetime Option – $99

The payment can be done through Paypal and Credit Cards. Also, once the purchase is done, you are given access instantly to Intelligynce Products and Bonuses like:

  • Access to Google Ads and Keywords.
  • Display of Facebook Ads which are currently running.
  • Report on the daily estimated sales volume.
  • Keep a keen eye on your website competitors.

The extra free bonuses given by Intelligynce are worth $463. This includes:

  • $99 Value – Ali Express Hot Sellers
  • $99 Value – Shopify eCom Course
  • $99 Value – WooCom Course
  • $99 Value – eBay Hot Sellers
  • $67 Value – 2 Software of Ali Inspector

All these offers are temporary and currently available on their website.

Pros & Cons Of Intelligynce Chrome Extension


  • Intelligynce Chrome Extension gives an in-depth analysis of Shopify stores within a few seconds.
  • It saves a lot of time and money by finding reliable and profitable products.
  • It finds the best products from popular e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress.
  • You can see all the products a store has launched with its timeline and updates.
  • You can view the store’s top 5 best-selling products at their prices.
  • It allows you to get all the SEO-related information of the store, for example, the source of website traffic of the store.
  • With Intelligynce Chrome Extension, you can find out all the apps used by Shopify stores. Installing these similar apps will help you make your sales profitable and your business successful.
  • The tool has search filters that are very powerful and accurate.
  • The pricing of the software is competitive.
  • It shows the top-ranking keywords from Facebook, Google ads, and Google search results for all Shopify stores.


  • The tool does not have any Refund policy on any of their packages

Consumer Support

Intelligynce Chrome Extension offers a prompt and first-rate consumer support facility. They have an email option. You can write to them on their official support mail id and they will respond instantaneously.

Unlike a lot of other sites, which use automated bots or AI to answer your queries, Intelligynce is ahead of the race. Here, you can be assured to have a conversation with a real person anytime you have a query.

FAQs On Intelligynce Chrome Extension

✅ Is It Possible for a Chrome Extension to Generate Viruses?

Yes, a chrome extension can generate viruses as Google exclaims that they examine and assess numerous apps and thousands & millions of researchers and users remain infected, and sometimes Google proves to be unaccountable and unsuccessful at protecting users.

🔥 Why Do Chrome Extensions Become Extremely Dangerous?

There's a rich profusion of examples, which portrays how these browser extensions can trouble the ones who view them. These harmful extensions sometimes include automatic clicks on pay per click advertisements which create revenue, it did not affect users negatively, but it could. These spiteful extensions were generated via social networking sites like messengers in 2017.Extensions don’t generate risks but even if they do; it becomes the target of hackers. It's not always that, extensions are dependable. But mostly, are felt to be spiteful. Even if some extensions are reliable and safe, some are easily sold.

👉 What is one of the best options for Google Chrome extensions with best reviews?

The best options for Google Chrome extensions with best reviews that will help designers and users to enhance their work are:- color Zilla ( which is an extremely old extension, which still proves to be the best color picker. Secondly, site palette. A color palette generator, with the most beautiful and best blend of colors. It further helps us gain and extract numerous color palettes. It is quite reliable and convenient. Thirdly, a dimension, which is a size checker, helping us in measuring areas of various elements on any page. It has little unique functionality as compared to other extensions. It has features which are quite exquisite. Yet, at the same time, it does not assure you that it will thoroughly work with pictures.

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Conclusion: Intelligynce Chrome Extension 2024

Intelligynce chrome extension is an important tool that helps you grab valuable and effective information much quicker and with required efficacy.

The extension includes the option of getting intelligent results as presented under Google results, enabling the viewers to view the right and desirable solutions to the questions. Just through the click of a button, We are very easily allowed to seek answers to various problems, just by being on the same page.

The extension Even has to gain access to the browser requiring a conversation with the server so, he could provide the user with the best search results. It does not ask or question the user with the Unrequired additional information but only the details concerning the research.

The main motive is just to brainstorm with the learner or researcher by providing an abundance of knowledge, necessary information( not overloading), and other important valuable points. To increase one’s storehouse of knowledge and better understanding, to enhance their efficiency, rationality, and productivity.

It is the most extensive and prominent tool found on every search engine as a part of an effective plugin. It comprises more than 1000+ users operating it, and various tutorials guide and explains to you the tools and techniques associated with an intelligence chrome extension.

We just have to mention the criteria of research, and this reliable tool can help us fetch the best results and arrangements. we can search individuals just by their name, age, groups they are associated with, and through their other recognizable attributes. market intelligence tool helps you surf profitable products and view them making it a source and helping them to sell via Amazon.

It enables us to view insights and analytics like monthly revenue etc. We can directly install the extension, view Amazon, and then click on market intelligence subscription.

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