HYROS Review 2024 (Is Alex Becker’s HYROS Overrated?)


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HYROS a must-go option if you are marketing on multiple channels. In each layer of the marketing funnel, the user gets massive insights about the platform and ads that help in bringing robust results.

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  • Tracks Clicks and Conversions
  • View your traffic sources via dashboard
  • Tracking is based on 10 data points
  • Gives Detialed Reports
  • Allows you to identify Ad campaigns
  • Reduction in Ad spend of up to 10-15%


  • Only available by invitation
  • Pricing model isn't transparent
  • They require companies to be of certain size


Price: $

One of the various massive issues in today’s time that marketers face is proper attribution. To put it in perspective, you might actually be getting a lot of sales that Google or Facebook ads are actually reporting.

Though the chances are that some of this can be attributed to the organic traffic, it is likely that the platforms are extremely under-reporting your sales.

This is exactly where platforms like HYROS come into the picture. HYROS, which was earlier identified as Market Hero, is the SaaS company of Alex Becker that is designed for the top-level businesses that are ready to spend over 5-figures a month on digital advertising.

Before getting into the basics, let us have a brief idea about what makes Alex Becker a name that you can trust.

Who Is Alex Becker?

Alex Becker is a super-successful digital entrepreneur and a well-known name because of his famous videos on YouTube, Software Company, and “The Ten Pillars Of Wealth,” his best-selling book.

Alex Becker review scam or legit

Alex began his career with his SEO company in the year 2012 and built over $4 Million a year. With his knowledge in Search Engine Optimization, he ranked his blog named Source Wave (which is now closed).

The platform was used for selling SEO software and services and teaching people how they can do SEO by their own self. Eventually, it was rebranded as Konker.

It was sold back in the year 2019 and is still the marketplace for all the SEO-related stuff. It is basically Fiverr but for the SEO services.

Becker also started with dropshipping products that let the users sell as well as shop the products using third-party platforms. It cuts down the need of stocking any inventory.

Currently, his main venture is all about helping others in selling successfully with his ad tracking platform HYROS.

What makes this millionaire a trustworthy name is his accomplishments by his early 30s, which almost the majority of the online marketers will not be able to attain in their entire career. Let us get started and learn more about what exactly Alex has to offer to you with HYROS.

HYROS Review

Knowing More About HYROS : HYROS Review

Hyros Overview- Review

The platform offers top-tier sales tracking, accuracy, and attribution possible for the top-notch info as well as influencer businesses. The estimated revenue of the company in 2020 was $1.16M.

The platform has the potential of saving 20 to 30 percent of the ad spend without any negative effect on the sales for online marketers. It claims to have the ability to “training” the Google and Facebook AIs in order to find customers online in a much more affordable manner.

It offers customer value analytics for the long term so that you can figure out the real lifetime value of the customer. HYROS offers an incredible visual design as well as an easy-to-use dashboard. The platform lets you track the online ads with ease right on a single dashboard with top-tier accuracy levels.

To put it simply, HYROS tracks all the traffic sources, viz. Organic Traffic, Facebook Ads and Google Ads, Sync it all to a single place and finally match the sales to the real source.

This software lets the user plug into each and every layer of the marketing funnelin order to accurately understand the ads and platforms that are at the top of their performance.

Even though Google and Facebook track the performance of your ads, you will be surprised to know about the data slips of ads through the cracks. HYROS has the potential of taking Google and Facebook’s own advertisement tracking platform and then putting it on steroids.

Book a demo -Hyros Review

The platform is indeed a game-changer for those who spend any significant advertisements daily. It can work great for those into multi-channel marketing like email marketing.

It at times gets confusing as to how HYROS can do this job better than Google and FB’s own system for attribution. First things first, the platform has nothing to do with Google or FB’s own attribution system. It all comes down to having one’s own system for First Click Attribution.

Till now, the advertisers on the enterprise level have attained these insane marketing tech stats costing thousands of dollars every month. HYROS, on the other hand, is a lot less expensive and can thus work wonders for the owners of small businesses.

Now that we know the basics of the platform let us get into the details of its key features.

What Makes The Platform So Good? (Is Alex Becker’s HYROS Overrated?)

→ Hyper-Accurate Tracking

Print Tracking- Hyros Review

With HYROS, you get to see the complete journey of your customer. From every click to the purchases made by the customer gets tracked.

It can be viewed in the simple-to-use dashboard as all the data gets mapped right in one profile. The platform tracks the customers by the 10 data points as well as combines all of this together in order to ensure tracking that is nothing less than laser-accurate.

It plugs right into the business, and the user is clearly able to see the Facebook and Google tracking they are missing, thus cutting down the missed sales as well as confusion. The users of the platform get to attribute about 30 to 40 percent more sales to the ads consistently.

HYROS dashboard review

All in all, the platform lets you see the true LTV of the customer. It tracks every move of the customer, starting from the first ad click to forever.

With this, you will get to see the long-term Return On Investment on the advertisements weeks, months and years after the initial click. This is primarily because HYROS was designed keeping in mind everything ranging from long-click to the sales cycle.

It also specializes in easing the tracking of various aspects of info marketing. Info business has multiple sources of traffic, a plethora of unique layers, and complicated funnels, and HYROS can ease its tracking.

→ Detailed Reports

HYROS lets you see the complete breakdown of all the traffic and figure out how profitable it actually is. The platform takes all the data for generating reports that will show you the exact ad source that is generating the real Return On Investment.

HYROS ad tracking tool- reports

The chrome application lets the users show the hyper-accurate tracking by HYROS right in the dashboard of Facebook and Google Ads. HYROS specializes in tracking the Long sales funnels, sales calls, downsales, upsales, memberships, recurring sales, and a lot more.

You get to see the entire journey of the customers overall the traffic sources. It connects all the traffic sources right in one single hub as well as allows how the customers interact with your complete presence online. You no longer have to “guess” the actions taken by your customers.

→ Easy Set-Up

It is pretty easy to set up HYROS as it just needs 2 easy clicks and is much easier to install than the Facebook Pixel.

→ Plethora Of Integrations

HYROS can easily integrate with the system owing to the wide array of integration it has to offer to the users. Here you can integrate with Facebook Ads, Stripe, Zapier, Shopify, ClickFunnels, Scheduleonce and hundreds of others.

→ Customizable Models For Attributions

AI Ad learning

The platform provides numerous ways for you in order to look at the attribution of the customers all simultaneously. From the first click to the last click and splitting up the click value, you can customize it according to your need. It also lets you set the time limits to the sources of attribution.

→ Make Your Ad AI Smarter

HYROS workflow diagram- hyros reviews

Both Facebook and Google use Artificial Intelligence in order to find the customer in an effective manner. But their Artificial Intelligence is only as good as the data it is sent. HYROS, on the other hand, uploads all the tracking data, which enables the ad platform to quickly learn and become much better at finding the customer at a much lower cost.

→ Call Optimization

HYROS has the ability to track the sales call as well as tracking the customers that can convert on the mobile phone. It can track your complete sales call funnel Return On Investment even if it is offline.

The platform is designed to plug in and then report every layer of the call funnel, even if the user changes their device or email. It has special codes that can detect the call funnel as well as optimize to track it.

→ Effective Email Tracking

HYROS can effectively track, separate as well as segment the emails in order to make the Return On Investment super clear. This way, you have a clear idea of ROI each time you are hitting the send button. The platform also helps in separating the organic email from the results of paid advertising.

Email tracking feature- HYROS Review

Here you get to see those sales-generating emails or ads that get confusing as the clicks override each other. With HYROS, you can separate the traffic sources or get them combined in order to get a clearer picture of how these ads perform without each other.

You can easily set it up in a matter of just a few seconds in any email tool. It lets you completely track all your emails by just simply adding their parameter to the email links.

Now that we have an idea of the feature set that makes it so incredible, let us discuss the pricing of the platform.


HYROS Pricing Reviews

For ensuring a top-tier customer experience, HYROS is completely invite-based.

The claims to work with only the businesses belonging to certain industries and of a certain size.

For knowing further about the platform, you can book their demo and have an idea if the platform can work well for you. The platform offers its users a 90-days refund guarantee for any reason.

Next, we will be talking about the pros and cons of this platform.

Pros and Cons of Hyros: 


  • It is pretty user-friendly and has an incredible design.
  • It can work well with bringing down the money and time that you need to spend to test the ad campaigns.
  • It can help you in saving about 20 to 30 percent of your ad spend.
  • The platform offers detailed and measurable reports.


  • It is completely invitation-based.
  • You need to be a part of a certain industry and have a business of a certain size in order to be eligible to use this service.
  • The ad spend should be about $10k or more each month, which is definitely on the upper side.

In the next section, we will be talking about the affiliate program offered by HYROS.

Affiliate Program

What is print Tracking

HYROS Affiliate program gets you paid for sharing the platform with others. Affiliates get a commission of $1 to $15 for every referral. The platform only accepts customers that spend a minimum of $10K every month on advertisements as well as earning a revenue of $40K a month.

HYROS has the potential of boosting the ROI users get on the ads as well as paying for its own 10 times faster.

When promoting the platform, the affiliates get complete affiliate/promotional group access as well as a plethora of material that can be helpful in selling HYROS to clients. The affiliates also get pretty fast and dedicated representatives in order to help with everything.

Here you also get paid for improving the services because HYROX works towards fixing the current tracking updates, and thus it allows the affiliates to run the ads of their clientele in an efficient manner. It also lets the affiliates train the Facebook and Google AI in a much better manner with the conversion API.

HYROS Affiliate Program review

Here the affiliates can also create a pretty reliable system for attribution across all the traffic sources. All in all, affiliates get an astounding upgrade in the results as well as they get paid for that with the commissions.

The platform also lets you pay or buy for the accounts of your clients, and for that, you get a 30 per cent discount. This basically implies that the affiliates can upgrade the service as well as get their clientele an improved Return On Investment even without paying the full price.

For doing so, the affiliate needs to add the client on their own digression from the master account of the agency.

Keep reading ahead to know about the customer support offered by the platform.

Customer Support

In case of queries, the users can get in touch with their team by sending them an email at [email protected]. The website states the support hours of HYROS from 8 AM to 4 PM EST (Monday To Friday).

Apart from the customer support, you can find help for your basic queries related to the initial setup, learning to use the platform, advance use, agency/affiliate, troubleshooting, and API/ Integrations with the help of HYROS documentation.

FAQs On Hyros Review:

🔥Does HYROS Track Email Marketing?

Yes, HYROS plugs right into all the email systems imaginable. It can track any email as well as all its aspects that you are looking for.

✔Can The HYROS Data Be Shown In The Ad Platform Managers?

Yes, here on this platform, you can easily pass your data to the custom column in the ad manager and then display the results of tracking right next to the normal metrics of advertisement.

👓Do Businesses With A Lot Of Custom Factors Too Hard To Set Up?

The platform claims to have encountered a tracking setup of almost every type. So basically, it can plug right into practically every setup irrespective of how custom your business is.

Wrapping It Up: Is HYROS Worth It? HYROS Review 2024

Now that we are at the end of this post, hopefully, it helped you in understanding all the aspects of this platform. All in all, if a company is ready to invest a big chunk of its money into the advertisement, then HYROS is an incredible investment option to go with.

Advertising tracking and monitoring is definitely a staple of the entire marketing strategy. It is an amazing way of maximizing the potential to bring in the new business as well as keep it rolling.

It is a must-go option if you are marketing on multiple channels. In each layer of the marketing funnel, the user gets massive insights about the platform and ads that help in bringing robust results.

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