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If you’re selling things online, having a website that lots of people visit is really important. You want your online shop to be one of the top ones out there. Being at the top of search engine results helps a lot because more people find your products. For a successful online store, having a good shopping cart and a way to take payments online is key.

You need a tool that lets you safely take money from customers online. This tool should also let you sell your stuff to people all over the world, helping you grow your business. Shopping carts come with cool features that help sellers make more money online.

Not everyone knows how to pick the best shopping cart for their online shop. Some people understand what makes a shopping cart good and why it’s important. Each shopping cart is different and special in its own way.

ThriveCart is one of the excellent platforms in terms of performance. But have you ever thought of integrating ThriveCart with some other platform or shopping cart to increase its performance, like Shopify?

In fact, ThriveCart and Shopify are even considered as competitors. I have also shared a comparison between Shopify & ThriveCart in one of my posts.

Let us go through how it is possible in detail.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a cloud-based eCommerce platform that supports online payment. Entrepreneurs can set electronic stores for selling their goods and services online. Like physical stores of products, you can also sell anything online through these shopping carts. 

How to use shopify and thrivecart

It is an open-source platform that is operated in Canada. It is quite simple to use and understand the essential feature of selling.

It is the leading shopping cart in the world. Most of the sellers around the globe prefer Shopify for selling their products online. It offers a free 14-day trial to let sellers use this for a while and decide before buying it.

The application offers a large variety of templates, both in-built and customizable. Merchants can choose the template of their choice or customize them as per their needs. They can use these templates as an interface for their online stores. It allows integrating with several online payment platforms in more than 50 languages around the world. 

Shopify can easily get integrated with Thrivecart and can make an excellent tool for entrepreneurs to sell their goods online. 

Features of Shopify:

There is a massive list of the features of Shopify that can be useful for sellers. Let us discuss a few essential features of Shopify:

1. Shopify Unlimited Product Listing

Entrepreneurs using Shopify as their online shopping platform will have the ability to list their products on their store as many as they want. Some shopping carts do not support unlimited product listing, but that is not with Shopify.

Shopify dashboard sales

There are no restrictions on the listing of the products and gives customers complete power to access them.

2. Shopify Bandwidth and Storage

Shopify does not put any extra charges on customers for visiting the online store or photos, or files. They can easily and freely upload the photos of the products. But it does not support any uploading of videos. 

3. Shopify POS Transactions

Shopify allows sellers to sell their products through listings uploaded on the website. They can also add pop-up windows to process orders on the listings. It also allows us to accept the online payment through bank transfers or can receive cash on delivery.

4. Shopify Sales Channels

Shopify supports the selling products online through various online marketing channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and many more. It allows sellers to sell online on eCommerce stores by listing their goods.

Shopify eCommerce Sales Channels

Every possible sales platform wants to get integrated with Shopify to keep track of their sales, products, customers, and their different active orders on various channels.

5. Shopify Fraud Prevention

Shopify is one of the safest shopping cart platforms in the market. It has a built-in fraud analyzer that can easily flag the customer that appears to be fraudulent. Vendors have powers to take action like to make inquiries, or cancel the order, or accept it against the orders in the cart made by the customers.

6. Shopify Order Placement

There is a convenience of the sales agent for the customers in Shopify. They can make visitor’s purchases by just asking an agent to fill out the order and send them the acknowledgment receipt. The sales agents can create the customer order and submit it on a call for the customers.

7. Shopify Discount Codes

Shopify allows you to generate discount codes and send them to customers. These codes help visitors to buy products and services at discounted rates and special offers. These discounts with exclusive seasonal offers and rewards will also attract new customers to your site and help in increasing the online sales of your goods.

Shopify Integrations

Shopify can be integrated with much third-party software. The products can be transferred from one platform to another easily. There is a list of platforms that can be easily integrated with Shopify, including: 

  • Oberlo
  • MailChimp
  • Sagunto
  • Shippit
  • Lucky Orange
  • Transporter
  • Koongo
  • LoyaltyLion
  • Google Analytics
  • Zapier
  • Wholesale Club
  • Springbot
  • Io
  • Digital Downloads
  • HubSpot
  • Ecomdash
  • ThriveCart
  • Weglot Translate

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Which Feature of ThriveCart Supports Attachments with Other Carts?

Thrivecart features and benefits

ThriveCart has a feature called ThriveCart Cross-Platform Integration. It is an important and the brightest feature of ThriveCart. It can integrate with any other shopping cart or third-party software to increase the sellers’ marketing and sales options.

It can also be linked with various email software to easily send email notifications to customers when sellers confirm their purchases. It also works with many social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the promotion of their products. 

These platforms help ThriveCart increase the sales of their products and services by linking them to the software in the market. More additional features are offered by ThriveCart, including:

  • Promo codes
  • 1-Click upsells
  • Split Testing
  • Webhooks
  • Embedded carts
  • Recurring subscription payments
  • Straight and easy checkout pages
  • 1-Click pop-up carts
  • Single one-time payments
  • Associate center
  • Funnel builders

ThriveCart Integrations:

  • PayPal
  • Zapier
  • GetResponse
  • AWeber
  • Stripe
  • GoToWebinar
  • Drip
  • Active Campaign
  • Convertkit
  • Shopify
  • Clickbank
  • HubSpot
  • MailChimp
  • Sendlane
  • OntraPort
  • Infusionsoft

What are the Steps to Add Shopify and ThriveCart?

There are following steps to add Shopify with ThriveCart so that they can work together in increasing the sales of vendors products in the market:

Step 1. Firstly, authenticate both Shopify and ThriveCart.

Step 2. You have to pick one of the applications as a trigger, which will kick off the automation.

Step 3. You have to choose the resultant action of the other application.

Step  4. Then the data should be selected that has to be sent from one application to another.

Step 5. It is done! You can now enjoy doing other things.

Benefits of Integrating Shopify with ThriveCart:

Integrating Shopify with ThriveCart makes selling online much easier and more effective. Here’s how it helps in simpler terms:

1. Making Buying Easy and Quick

  • Smooth Shopping: ThriveCart makes checking out really easy and customizable, so fewer people leave without buying, and more people end up buying.
  • Quick Buys: With everything streamlined, customers can buy faster, making their shopping experience better.

2. Helping You Sell More

  • More Ways to Increase Sales: ThriveCart is great at suggesting additional purchases or special deals at checkout, which means customers might spend more.
  • Grow with Affiliates: You can start an affiliate program with ThriveCart, getting more people to promote your products and bring in new customers.

3. More Payment Choices

  • Different Ways to Pay: ThriveCart lets your customers pay how they want, with lots of payment options.
  • Subscriptions Made Easy: Selling products or services regularly? ThriveCart has tools to help manage these payments smoothly.

4. Boosting Your Marketing

  • Special Deals Just for Your Customers: You can create personalized offers or discounts, making your deals more attractive.
  • Connect with Customers: Pairing with email platforms, you can send automated emails for promotions or remind customers about items they left in their cart, keeping them coming back.

5. Understanding Your Business Better

  • Smart Insights: Using both Shopify and ThriveCart gives you a full view of how your store is doing, helping you make better business decisions.

6. Making Things Run Smoothly

  • Less Work for You: The integration automates a lot of the selling process, like handling payments and following up with customers, which saves you time and hassle.
  • Everything in One Place: Shopify handles your store and products, while ThriveCart makes the checkout process better, so you have a single system for everything.

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❓Can I directly integrate Shopify with ThriveCart?

Direct integration between Shopify and ThriveCart is not available out of the box. However, you can use third-party integration tools or services like Zapier to connect them for specific functionalities, such as syncing customer data or managing orders.

✔How does ThriveCart enhance my Shopify store?

ThriveCart can enhance your Shopify store by providing a more customizable and optimized checkout experience, offering powerful upselling and affiliate management features, and improving your sales funnel efficiency. It's particularly beneficial for businesses looking to increase their average order value and conversion rates through strategic upsells, bumps, and special offers.

👀Can I use ThriveCart for subscription products on my Shopify store?

Yes, you can use ThriveCart to manage subscriptions and recurring payments for your products. While Shopify supports subscriptions through its own system and various apps, ThriveCart offers robust tools for subscription management, including dunning (managing declined payments) and customer account management.

👍How does the affiliate program work with ThriveCart?

ThriveCart's affiliate program allows you to recruit affiliates to promote your products in exchange for a commission on sales they generate. You can set up different commission rates, track affiliate sales through unique links, and manage payouts directly within ThriveCart.

🧐Is integrating Shopify with ThriveCart right for my business?

Integrating Shopify with ThriveCart is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to optimize their checkout process and maximize sales through advanced marketing strategies like upselling and affiliate marketing. If these are key goals for your business, integrating these platforms could be a strategic move.


Both of the platforms ThriveCart and Shopify are excellent software for creating online stores. Both of them have unique features with automated order and a digital payment system.

ThriveCart and Shopify are great in integrating with other platforms as well as with each other. Customers can find thriveCart challenging to use, but Shopify is quite easier to understand and operate. Like this, many things can be balanced by integrating them.

Shopify supports the feature of fraud prevention that can help ThriveCart sellers too. Together they are making a tremendous and unstoppable combo. 

If you really enjoyed guidance on using Shopify With ThriveCart For Your Business then please do like and share this post with your friends. Also, share your experience with me in the comment section.

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