How to use Coupon In Thrivecart 2024

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Unlocking coupons in Thrivecart!!

Who doesn’t want coupons? Coupons are one of the most exciting parts of purchase for a customer. They not only give benefits to a customer but also a valid reason for them to purchase even if they never intended to. Coupons prompt the customers to grab the deal since they prove beneficial in return. Saving costs and offering a greater value for the price is what customers expect from the vendors.

ThriveCart -

So, how do you design and set the coupons? It is simpler than boiling water with at your service. Read further to set them on your Thrivecart account and see the impact.

  1. Click the coupons tab on the top

The following page appears where you can find the created coupons along with the option of creating one.
ThriveCart allows you to copy the URL and the code and it also shows the number of times the coupon has been used.

Thrivecart - Click THe Coupon Code

You can also edit the coupon anytime. The above page appears after you click on the create new coupon button. As you can see, the coupons tab further has four simple sections asking for accurate information. Thrivecart operates so well that it doesn’t compromise on the clarity aspect.

  • Coupon Info:

The details regarding the coupon are to be filled in this section. It consists of the coupon name, coupon code, coupon status, discount type, discount, and for whom it applies. 

The coupon name should be set with reference to the product or category of products it relates to or can be for the period of any season or festival. For example, “Summer sale! 40% off on White Tees!!”. This coupon gave a clear picture as to what benefit he or she gets on white-colored T-shirts. So, the coupon name should contain the discount or benefit offered in a short and to the point manner. Don’t prolong it since it disinterests the customer. 

Coupon code is left to your permutations and combinations capability. Each coupon code should be unique and if not, will lead to misuse of such. Design the coupon code with numbers, letters, and even special characters if possible to enhance its authorization levels. Generally, short coupon codes limit the distribution of it to a larger number of products. However, if you have only a few segments to apply the coupons, then shorter coupon codes will be suitable and won’t do any harm. For example, if there are standard amounts of discounts for the total bill value then shorter coupon codes would be suitable. Make sure the coupon code is valid and does not match with any existing one. 

Thrivecart - Click THe Coupon Information

Coupon status allows you to keep track of the frequency of the usage of the coupons by the customer. This enables you to maintain a record of your long term and one time customers. The coupon status option lets you prepare a dashboard of the customer behavior and also helps you make decisions regarding the further changes or edits to be made to the coupons. It sometimes happens that the customers don’t come back feeling that the coupons were of no great use. So, the coupon status option lets you keep an eye on the line of the track of the customer behavior. It is finally up to you to keep their status enabled or disabled, however enabling them is suggestable.

Thrivecart gives you the flexibility to choose between fixed and percentage-based coupons. A fixed coupon specifies the standard amount of discount or benefits offered. For example, ”50$ off ” is a fixed based coupon that cuts 50$ from the total bill and the final discount value does not vary. So, just enter the amount along with selecting the fixed coupon option to activate it. Percentage based coupon option allows you to set different percentages for different products or product categories. For example, “30% off “, ” 40% off” are percentage-based coupons that specify the rates of discounts offered on the different products, product categories or festive seasons. Once the percentage-based coupon is applied the rate of discount is applied on the total bill.

Thrivecart - Click THe Coupon Information

If you have chosen the fixed price option then no more further options appear to be filled, and entering the amount in the discount option will suffice.

Enter the amount of discount you want to offer. It will be applicable to the coupon automatically.

If you have chosen the percentage option then you are open to choose whether the rate of discount applies to the entire funnel or the main product itself or the main product and bump

When you go for the percentage-based coupons you get to choose whether it applies to the whole funnel or only to the main product. The coupon can also be made applicable to recurring or future payments.

  • Usage:

After you are done with filling the coupon info click on save and go to the usage tab where you can see the following options to choose. 

You can choose whether the coupon is redeemable immediately or after a specified duration and the coupon remains redeemable until a set date or till you choose to disable it. Festive season coupons are generally redeemable from a specified date.

If you go for a set date then the date on which it is redeemable has to be entered. July 31st has been entered in the following image as an example.

Thrivecart - Coupon Usage

The Auto applies tab allows the customer to put zero effort into applying the coupon himself or herself. If the eligibility criteria is met by the customer, the coupon appears automatically. This is very helpful for those lazy and forgetful customers and also increases the chances of them feeling blessed when the coupon appears automatically. The seller, however, has to add those users in his auto applicability list. Long term customer’s ID is preferred to be added in this list by the seller. This feature is the most attractive one.

You can also limit the number of uses of the coupons and disable them further. If it is yes, the number of uses has to be entered.

Click on next after you are done selecting the required options.

  • Products:

You will be redirected to the products tab after you click next in the usage tab. The following options appear:

Thrivecart - Coupon Product

The coupons can be applied to all the products or the specific products themselves. If you choose specific products, then the class of products appears to open the options for you. Select the class of products for which you wish to apply the coupons.

  • Autoresponders:

Just one step away, the task will be completed. For that click on the Add rule button

The following page appears, where apart from providing benefits of discounts to the customer, you can also add them to some fun clubs and give them a quirky tag. It is your choice to either remove them from some tags or to add them.

You can select the service and everything else for which you want the coupon holder to be associated. Not one but multiple rules can be linked to one coupon by tapping on the Add rule button. After you are done with everything click on the save button. 

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Conclusion: How to use Coupon In Thrivecart 2024 

Well done! You have created a coupon. However, there are a few things to remember while creating coupons. Before you start creating coupons, categorize the products neatly, and decide the number and type of coupons. Sometimes, the customer may not need the coupon. Then he or she can share the coupons with their friends and add to your customer list. This also acts as a great doorway for fresh customers. So, keep creating attractive coupons and make sales and purchase a fun activity.

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