How to Start Dropshipping In India 2024 ( How It Works?)

A typical website needs a basic platform setup, domain name, hosting, and customization. After you’ve set up that stuff, making it a blog or online store is your choice. Now if you want to build your own online shop, then you need to find reliable Dropshippers that deliver the exact items that you want to sell through your website.

Who is a Dropshipper?

To those who do not know exactly what the word means, a “Dropshipper” is a form of supply chain management in which the retailer does not hold products in stock but rather transfers to either the supplier, another retailer, or a wholesaler the required customer orders and related shipment information. These people or businesses then ship the goods directly to the customer.

Importance of Dropshippers

Dropshippers are essentially the outlets from which every online store gets advertised and licensed pop-culture merchandise such as branded items such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Marvel. Selling approved versions of these products requires legal access from all manufacturers and companies. Starting your own store by dropshipping is one of the most accessible ways to quickly and cost-effectively start an e-commerce company.

Dropshipping ideas-beginner's guide

In addition, dropshippers provide the store and vendors with legal access to sell licensed merchandise. Owing to stringent licensing laws and regulations, selling licensed goods to consumers gets difficult. Dropshipping simply ensures e-commerce companies have legal access to all of these common and marketed licensed goods, so they can market them to their customers.

Dropshipping in India!

In India dropshipping is a great cost-effective way to start an e-commerce company for new entrepreneurs. Dropshipping helps an entrepreneur to sell goods online without having to hold inventory or ship items making it a business model that is low-risk for those just beginning. The best part of dropshipping is that you are only purchasing items from your customers after they made the order on your website, saving you more money. India’s e-commerce revenues are rising at a 51 percent annual pace, making it the biggest market for online retailers.

And the eCommerce revenues are projected to account for $120 billion in revenue by 2020. Indian dropshippers are free to market their businesses to those outside India, but it is obvious that the e-commerce sector in India will continue to expand, making it a worthwhile sector to drop into.

Dropshipping Model- guide for dropshpping

The first step in locating your store for India is finding suppliers to India or Indian suppliers who can provide dropshipping goods. Having local suppliers in India may increase the probability of delivering goods on time. Shopify, one of the fastest-growing e-commerce sites on the market today, is also the most favored dropshipping source for most of today’s eCommerce companies, which is what I’m going to speak about in this post. But before that, let’s first understand the wholesale and drop shipping scenario in India’s eCommerce market.

Why is dropshipping better than wholesale in India?

In India’s conventional business model, a commodity manufactured by a producer would typically be sold to distributors and subsequently passed on to wholesalers and later retailers before reaching end customers, each of them paying the necessary profit margin on others. Wholesale in India will cost more money to companies through product prices, transportation costs, and high employee costs.

The cost of the products is high as there is a need to buy large quantities to ensure reasonable prices without a guarantee that they will be sold. Shipping costs are high because individual companies have little access to government incentives like ePacket. Employee costs are high, and as the company expands, you need to recruit a bigger team to package and ship goods.

You (online retailer) do not need to hold products in stock when drop shipping, but rather pass orders from customers and shipping information to either manufacturer/wholesaler, who then ships the products directly to customers. Dropshipping helps companies to automate much of their business so that they concentrate on activities that produce revenue from customer service, such as marketing or establishing close ties.

It also helps Indian dropshippers to rapidly expand their businesses to sell their goods all over the world. Dropshipping is a budget-friendly choice for Indian entrepreneurs enabling them to start minimally risky businesses. Let’s pass on to India’s payment gateways-keep scrolling.

About Shopify

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that helps online stores sell customers products and merchandise. What Shopify does is that it offers a wide and diverse range of official merchandise from the recognizable and famous film, TV, and video game brands thatDropshipping in India - Shopify

Shopify store owners can easily sell directly from their eCommerce stores and then drop the stuff straight to their customers. The platform allows you to sell officially licensed pop culture products and branded merchandise within your Shopify store quickly and easily.

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Why use Shopify for dropshipping?

Shopify is recognized internationally for the variety of goods it can deliver to e-commerce companies. No other dropship suppliers now sell a range of officially approved pop-culture products on the market, and that’s what makes Shopify stand out. This is one big attribute that gives Shopify an advantage over other sites for dropshipping. All in all, Shopify has a strong mix of great goods and a reliable fulfillment service so that all Shopify stores can integrate with their service and offer their own customers exclusive items.

How does Shopify work?

Understanding how Shopify operates is no rocket science. It works like any other dropship supplier does. Here are the main steps that are involved in the entire process:

Dropshipping in India - How Does Drop shipping Work

  • You add their products to your store.
  • Your customers purchase the products
  • Your customer’s orders automatically forward to Shopify.
  • Shopify fulfills and ships the orders directly to your customers.

Make the most out of your Drop-Shipping Business!

Each company with its own unique character. Drop-shipping does so. For the young and affluent generation, drop-shipping in India comes with a lot of opportunities. There is a grueling market for eCommerce stores, which offer exquisite goods at a fair price, with the rise in online dwellers. I hope you are familiar with a group of virtual shoppers who scavenge to find the right items across multiple online platforms. There is another group that holds a close eye, skulking the enigmatic wen only to find the best offer possible.

Let me send you a few tips to help make your proposal more appealing to those prospects.

The reason every discount offer you run!

Whenever you intend on running a deal make sure you tag a justification for it. It’s crucial that you distinguish yourself from online competition. The virtual world is crowded with several players online who are imaginative enough to incorporate targeted marketing campaigns. Most marketplaces have already dominated the digital space and are readily operational. Most of these business models have a clear digital presence and are well supported.

When I say digital identity I mean the popularity of the brand and the loyal followers it has. A tiny tweet about an offer / seasonal sale is more than enough for their virtual stores to push big traffic. Offers and promotions no longer constitute a competitive benefit unless you know how to apply them wisely. Think of it this way, you set up and started to promote an online shop. Your paid promotions have been convincing enough for people to begin visiting your virtual shop.

Dropshipping in India - Total Sale

People started to note on entering the store that you are running a bid. Fantastic! Offer they heard. The problem arises when they find out that there is no end date for the deal, or it is not a seasonal deal. If you struggle to answer the urgency, then you give the visitor a chance to reflect. Whether or not I can buy it now or can return and put the order later. The customer is not forced to take action because of the offer.

Selecting the right product

The digital world has increasingly developed into a diverse marketplace. The best example would be, how regular promo emails will hit your inbox. A daily post, automating to reach the inbox of your customer is just a feeble and appalling attempt. I admit we are fallible, but it is not an option to fail to consider what are the key factors that could potentially help influence the consumer.

Let me bring one question to you. Why are you taking the decision to start a dropshipping company in India? What a chance that forced you to start this journey. Yeah, a commodity that has the ability to make some money has been noticed. A unique product that you believe people would love to purchase online.

Dropshipping in India - Right Product

Will it matter how special the product is? What would anyone purchase from you if they can purchase the same thing from a website such as Amazon or the local store? After all, you’re an unknown business entity to the world until you achieve a certain brand exposure. Why would somebody buy something from an unknown entity? What your company dropshipping offers will crack the barrier. The best catch is an innovative business model that offers unique products.

Instead of having a daily cup of coffee. List a few cups which have specific shapes or designs. If you sell a cup with a personalized handle, don’t you think it would pike the customer’s interest? He/she should book the page at least or transfer it to the cart. Don’t try to drop-ship any product you need to understand which products can help you achieve a better profit or which products have a higher chance of being sold more quickly.

How you List your Products Matters

Most eCommerce businesses fail to grasp the idea that owning an online store is just the first step. How you set up the store and run it plays a significant role in affecting the consumer. It can be as simple as scribbling the summary of the product or showing the items on the web page.

Dropshipping in India -Add Your Product

You can combine the 5 images instead of listing 5 different images and make a GIF. So that consumers have an opportunity to see all the photos without clicking on specific photos when they land on the product page. If you have multiple variants then make sure to show all variants as appropriate. Rather than showing a standard white-background picture of the product seek to give it a meaning. For example, if it falls under the category of clothing then why not employ a local model to take a couple of shots with the items and then show them.

It offers an opportunity for your guest to see how the product looks in the real world. You can try pinning a video to the product tab, too.

Promote your Virtual Store

Not neglect the value of a good plan for digital marketing. Advertising has been and still has been one of the key characteristics that help a company develop and prosper. If customers are not aware of what goods you are selling, then how do you expect them to buy from you?

You can’t be that arrogant and just expect people to know and walk in your presence. To promote your dropshipping business you must work hard rigorously. The more you promote your digital company, the greater the chances of people discovering your business. When people sense the influence of your brand then the big bucks start rolling in.

Pricing Plan

Dropshipping in India -Pricing Plan

There are plenty of online strategies you can implement to promote your Indian dropshipping business. Mentioned below are only a few online marketing strategies;

  • Drive organic traffic to your website using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Drive instant traffic to your website using Google Ads
  • Increase your brand’s visibility using Social Media Marketing
  • Root your dropshipping business’s domain authority using Influencer Marketing
  • Interact, Engage, Nurture and Convert your leads through Push Marketing

Customer Testimonial

Dropshipping in India - TestimonialQuick Links:

Conclusion: How To Start Dropshipping In India (2024)

Shopify app is also a huge advancement for e-commerce business owners who have always desired but struggled to sell official and licensed pop-culture products from franchises like Harry Potter, Marvel and Star Wars, and more because there is no legal access to them. It effectively ensures that e-commerce companies legally sell licensed products in an open market without the expense of buying, storing, and controlling inventories.

Today Shopify is the first of its kind service open to all eCommerce store owners. As a result of innovative services and apps, the search, find and sell officially licensed pop-culture merchandise has become the leading forum for entrepreneurs. If you own a company or online store that is interested in pop-culture merchandise from popular franchises, or you’ve just been interested in selling those kinds of items in your own e-commerce store, then Shopify is the “go-to” solution for you!

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