How to Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 Using LitExtension 2024

Curious to know about How to Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 Using LitExtension? Read our detailed guide.

In today’s world, the eCommerce industry is expanding remarkably. Due to well-known reasons, the majority of people are preferring online shopping as compared to offline. Some of the eCommerce platforms are more expensive and it requires a higher cost to maintain. 

Yes, it is because of this very issue of raised costs within the eCommerce Business industry that you might want to look into things like Litextension from Magento to Magento Migration.

Litextension of Magento to Magento Migration provides all kinds of advanced functionality to the store owners at a sufficient price. Magento is one of the famous and most used eCommerce platforms across the globe. At the very core of both platforms, you will find that they are both content management systems. 

Magento provides strong features and strong support so extend online business quickly and safely. It is the world’s biggest e-commerce platform, offers tons of options for customization and integration to its users along with full flexibility and control in order to operate efficiently as well as support rapid growth.

I am sure you are read to go, and can’t wait to learn more about this seemingly excellent new software! So, I suggest you keep reading, quench your curiosity, and satisfy your hunger for new knowledge, especially knowledge that can potentially maximize your profits on your eCommerce project!

About Litextension (How to Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 Using LitExtension 2024

If you haven’t heard of Magento 2 migration yet, then here is a brief foreword to make it similar to your senses. Since the declaration of adobe, the platform representatives, on concluding their support for Magento 1, the loss of measurement on the security update has made it a matter of concern to many store owners. From entering into an open field of hackers to an outdated and abiding profit strategy, the transition is almost necessary at this point in time.  Hence migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is widely being practised.

 LitExtension Overview

To fully understand this concept, it can take a lot of time. So we have simplified it a little for you. Hopefully, you are able to gain a good picture of what it is and how it can help you through the next few sections!

What exactly is it?

Magento Migration is an internet business platform based on unique innovation that helps online dealers with flexible payment options, and It also supervises the design, content, and usability of their online store. Magento offers deep promotion, website designing, and list administration devices. It is an extraordinary web-based business platform that facilitates open-source, to scale venture SaaS-based frameworks.

Regardless of the number of items, Magento migration is sufficiently capable to oblige your requirements. It can oversee countless individual items, and as far as possible to the number of items you convey is the span of your server.

Magento Migration is a widely known e-commerce platform used mostly by online retailers. It is a high-performance, customizable technology with excellent out-of-box capabilities and a vibrant community developed around it that continues to introduce new features.

It’s all right to say that Magento Migration is the right approach you might make when you’re looking for market growth.

How can it help you?

With more than 300,000 users around the globe selling more and driving innovation through Magento migration. Magento Migration likewise offers highlights like items and stock administration that make it simple to compose and comprehend your site. You can set up channels and routes precisely as you prefer to enable clients to discover precisely what they’re searching for, which can support transformation rates and enhance the general execution of your site.


With Magento’s division choices, you can target clients in light of their truck and purchasing history, in addition to giving customized, important substance. You can likewise tailor the advancements you indicate nearby and send custom coupons, implying that clients just observe promotion content that is identified with items they’ve clicked, bought, or added to their truck. Magento migration additionally enables you to set up item suggestions and upsells on item and checkout pages.

Magento migration covers the following things:

What does it cover? What are the main things? We can check them out right here!

  1. Data Migration from BigCommerce to Magento
  2. Design Migration and Enhancement
  3. It also migrates features as supported by the Magento platform and additional features
  4. Responsive Upgrade
  5. Design Finetune as per your business needs
  6. Metadata Migration
  7. It keeps URLs the same and moves all 301 redirects for you.
  8. Basic Homepage SEO.

Litextension Features:

Here are some of the features of Magento that make it the great eCommerce platform that people are so keen to take a shot on:

  • Open Source Platform- Magento migration is an open-source e-commerce platform that runs on PHP allowing it to become highly adaptable to new innovations and its Community edition is free to use but one can also upgrade to Enterprise edition which adds more features and functionality just by spending a small amount.

LitExtension - Uptime


  1.  Multiple Store Management using Single Backend- Where other e-commerce platforms allow only one store per account, Magento migration allows its clients to manage multiple e-commerce stores using only a single administrative panel.
  • Easily Operational and Manageable- Another key feature of Magento migration is the ease with which its websites are managed and maintained by its clients, its flexibility and the easy customization options to meet the user’s requirements.
  1. Secured platform to its Websites- Magento migration offers unmatched security features to stronghold its e-commerce store. Its security plugins and safe payment options have nullified the security issues by prohibiting hackers from breaching into the system.

LitExtension - Shopping Cart Migration


  • Uses Thousands of Extensions for Hassle-Free Customization-Magento migration uses a wide variety of extensions both free and paid that allow its clients to customize his website according to his needs whether be it editing layouts and templates or adding various colors along with rewriting code, modifying events and grids, etc.
  • Varied Payment Options for its Users- Another reason for its popularity is the availability of various payment options for users such as PayPal, Credit card, Debit card, Internet banking, etc, and that too just a few clicks away.
  • Fastest Responsive Platform- As we all know, speed is everything and Magento migration is without any doubt one of the fastest responding e-commerce platforms available thanks to its high end catching technology along with database optimization techniques.

LitExtension - High Security

  • Works in Harmony with SEO to Generate Traffic- When it comes to working in collaboration with its SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) friendly plugins in placing its websites among the top ranks of available searched options, Magento migration is the clear winner.

Before getting into the setup process, there are a few requirements that need to be looked after in order to make sure the migration is executed aptly and this guide will definitely help you through the migration stipulation. 

  • The primary requirements for Magento migration are the software and hardware used.  The upgrade of software is necessary since it runs awfully on outdated software. Programs that must be present in your server are 

 -PHP: 7.0.13+ 

-MySQL: 5.6+ or persona 5.7+

-PHP extensions: dom, spl, hash, type, PDO/MySQL, intl, zip, mcrypt, iconv, xsl, soap.

(Proper extensions must be used in every step in order to avoid errors)

  •  Hardware requirements for Magento transition is a minimum of 2G RAM, better to have it with 24 GB along with SSD( solid-state drive)  technology that helps it in running faster. 
  • Before you start the migration, you need to test the Magento on a staging environment.
  • Whether you are doing the transition yourself or hiring a certified Magento developer make sure to follow all the Magento coding standards and the finest execution elucidated in the official manual. 
  • There must be a plan B in case any issue arises. Also, you have to be ensured that your database and files are backed up.

How to set up:

Step 1: Download the latest Magento 2 software from its official website. Once done, proceed to install it on a basic VPS(virtual private server) along with the above-stated hardware.

Note: Make sure to use the right extensions else it will detect an error and your setup will fail on the first step. 


Step 2:Make a layout of Magento as a “source cart” by selecting from the dropdown list. Entering its URL, follow up the quick and brief guidelines process to set up the connector.

Migration-LitExtension - Setup

Step 3: Set up Magento as a “target cart” by following the same instructions as mentioned in step one in order to get your API info.

Migration-LitExtension - SetupBar

Step 4: Migration of media files from source to destination is quite a bit relieving when you have made a proper synchronization in the database that helps in automatically transferring to Magento 2  but with a little manual work.

Migration-LitExtension - Configration

Step 4: Sort out all the input data to be documented and migrated from Magento to Magento. It will start displaying in accordance with the languages and order status in the new store. For instance, there are manual and automated ways of initial data migration that can be used as per your requirement. 

Migration-LitExtension - Demo Migration

Step 5: Execute complete migration from Magento to Magento. This final step of migration is an untroubled process since it keeps running in the background even when you shut off your browser. All the input data will securely be moved and stored in the new store as per the conjecture. 

Magento-1-to-Magento-2- LitExtension

Points to be noted:  If the CMS syntax is incorrect, then there will display an error such as an empty category/ landing page. Try to Avoid double .html.HTML URL extensions that lead to too much traffic.

Other details:

  • The best service provider for Magento migration is magemonkeys that offers exceptional client services. They have an expert developers team with experience of more than 15 years in the eCommerce sector.
  • From a few days to a few months, Magento migration takes time completely based on the complexity of tasks and the amount of data to be transferred desired by the user.
  • A few major changes brought in Magento 2 in comparison with Magento 1 is the design and performance. There are various attractive template designs in magento 2 that can be freely used in any device without any errors. When it comes to comparison, a major increase in taking up orders, as high as 40% more, has been recorded in Magento 2 within a single hour which is almost 70% higher than that of Magento 1.
  • The admin panel and support forum have been giving spontaneous advantages to the users since it solves almost all queries without much delay.

Litextension Pros and Cons


  • The enhanced user interface that comes with Magento 2 gives improved performance and functionality. In simpler words, a faster and individualized shopping experience.
  •  The flexibility that comes along with migration is the benefit in demand, where the source code can be modified according to your necessity.
  • The most liked part of the migration is that it is mobile friendly that allows in making customizations to the mobile site without any trouble.
  • It has a B2B(business to business) and B2C(business to customer) feature.
  • Magento, along with the development community, has been working a lot on ensuring that the extensions used by the user are all up to date and are brought into practicality without any complexity. 


  • It is a time-consuming process with manual work to be done in almost all sections of coding.
  • Direct migration is undoable and requires a new theme to build from scratch.
  • Magento is a widely used community with growing demand. Hence, it is difficult to land on authentic developers who possess knowledge of all complex attributes of object-oriented development.
  • The support forum of Magento is unreliable since it invades spam due to unorganized surveillance. Product support is expensive as well because the developers have started charging strikingly for their service.
  • Since enhancement requires distinguished expertise and thinking skills, a dedicated server must be used to host Magento. Therefore resulting in giving a limit in hosting servers.

Litextension Pricing| How Much Does Litextension Cost? 

Magento migration will provide your website with full customization at a very reasonable price. They will also provide you payment gateway and logistic support on your website.

With Magento, Migration caters to the mentioned facilities at affordable prices.


Litextension-Magento-to-Magento- Pricing

  • * integrate your shopping cart with more than 50 various payment gateways,
  • * offer vouchers, discounts or recommendations,
  • * take care of returns,
  • * automate sending email campaigns,
  • * manage stock management.

The pricing for different migration facilities is given below. They also assure 30 days money-back guarantee.

Quick Links:

FAQs On Magento 1 to Magento 2 Using LitExtension

👉Why is migration necessary?

Since Adobe has officially ended its support to Magento 1, there will be no updates in plugins and credits, the data needs to be migrated that will also help the user with improved performance, which is much better than Magento 1.

👉Is the migration process expensive?

Expensive is a relative term, and it depends on your requirements and what exactly you are trying to accomplish. So I would say that the answer to this question depends on the developer you are working with and quite a few times it is a bit expensive but since it’s a one-time opportunity, no user should miss out on it.

👉Is migration a time-consuming process?

Although we can say there is no fixed timing or duration for this process. It has safely been concluded by a fair number of users that it is indeed a prolonged process. But what can be taken is that it can be tiresome and time consuming depending on the size and complexity of your website. But it is often a very necessary process, and it can probably save you a lot of trouble if you need to switch.

Conclusion: How to Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 Using LitExtension 2024

The above features when combined together bestow upon its users an edge over the cut-throat competition of today’s world. It doesn’t matter if you are already a big brand with thousands of products in the market or starting your career as an entrepreneur, Magento with its flexible nature can accommodate everything with ease to provide you with a mental satisfaction and an amazing user-friendly experience for your customers. 

When you are looking to launch an online store, it is necessary to set up a strong presence for your business in the online world. You will need an eCommerce platform that will help you to encourage more people to visit your site which can in turn boost your sales. 

By achieving greater conversion rates you can increase your revenue manifold within a short time. You can also choose to set up more than a single store in numerous countries and even choose to enhance your business prospects with multilingual support. Magento Migration services can help you to achieve all of these goals and more, thereby making it possible for you to secure a foothold in the online business market within a short time.

With this you are sure to have gotten a pretty good idea of what this is, how it can help you, the cool features that it offers and a lot more!

So stop lazing around! Get out there and give it a whirl!

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