How to Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program: Step By Step Guide 2024

Blogging is the trend of the era, the freshest of successful business platforms and one of the highest payout conversion platforms. Blogging, now attached with digital marketing, plays an important role in forming a business image and in converting potential customers into real ones.

With a proper structure planning and a layout of your efforts in the right direction, your blogging can easily replace the income of your daily job. An easy way out to win the rat race. But every penny you earn needs hard work and investment, so does blogging, quality content production doesn’t happen in a day; it is a matter of practicing and constant research.

Once you are familiar with the concept of blogging, the next question that strikes your mind is- How do I earn enough to replace blogging with my current job?

How to Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program: Step By Step Guide 2024

Well, my friend, Amazon Affiliate is the solution to this problem!

What is Amazon Affiliate?

How to Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate program was started by Amazon in 1996 as an affiliate marketing program, wherein when a blogger posts about a product from Amazon and shares its link, and a customer clicks through those links and buys something, the blogger earns a share.

If quick money and a stable platform is what you demand of life, working as an amazon associate is the deal for you.

Let us learn how:

Amazon offers you to become an amazon associate through the affiliate program.

This virtual platform will allow you as an online marketer or as an affiliate marketer to earn some extra cash by promoting the products available on amazon.

Here is how it works:

#1. You direct your customer to amazon through your affiliate link.

#2. The customer makes a purchase.

Congratulations! You made money. Simple, isn’t it?

Whenever your customer reaches amazon through you, your affiliate link is visible on the url. Every purchase he/she makes, you earn credit for it.

The best part is that it does not matter what the customer buys, you still shall get paid for your effort. They do not even need to buy the product you primarily referred them to.

Let us sum up a in a simple statement, THE POTENTIAL TO EARN HERE IS HUGE!

Also, let us face a fact. Amazon knows the art of making a sale. Their online procedure is probably the best sales go through funnel when it comes to e-commerce websites. Probably you too have browsed amazon before reading this article because it is just that famous. Meanwhile, whether you have purchased an item or not, amazon sends you attractive deals matching your interests over mail and voucher coupons.

Amazingly amazon has been generating $35,000,000,000 each year, and growing!

When it comes to building your money, amazon is to be your best friend.



Going online and using up all my internet data was a good pass-time and a completely non constructive investment. Or so I felt.

I first learned about this program and decided to try. Surprisingly it worked, and worked wonders. A lot of people have put their internet to use and have chosen to make this as their full time job.

amazon product affiliate make money online

Here is how you do it:

Amazon affiliate

  • Pick up a topic or a niche of your interest of writing.
  • Set up your own blog and pull up your socks.
  • Register with the amazon associates program,
  • Make sales daily!


Making that extra dime with amazon is easy. You can start up with posting affiliate links over social media websites. While that being an option, I do not consider that as the perfect model of business keeping in mind the criteria of borderline spam.

My suggested way is to have your own blog, organic traffic, audience of people interested in what you say and why you say, and then convert that crowd smartly.

Now the question is what to promote?

Amazon affiliate products

You can promote any item on the amazon. However, the ideal sale would be the item that matches interest with your niche of blog.

Let’s say that your blog’s topic is leisure sports activities, then the ideal sell would be sports equipment and membership coupons for some sports clubs. Since your audience signed up to follow you due to a common interest between your topic of content and their hobby, they are most likely to love those products that you offer. This is called crowd conversion in an effective manner.

Although there is no harm linking other products with your blog, as merchandise of different categories may awaken the interests of different people.

You must pay attention to the Gravity of the product chosen by you. You want to see whether your product is attractive to most audience or not. You just want to check out the products that are more popular and affordable. To see if your niche is the right one or not, you can use Google Adwords to check the cost-per-click for the keywords related to your niche. Visit Google AdWords, log in, and under Tools and Analysis, choose Keyword Planner.

You have to click on ‘Search For New Keyword Ad Group Ideas’ and enter a few keywords related to your niche, for example if your niche is cosmetics, then add- “Foundation, Make up” etc. Click “Get Ideas”, then click on “Keyword Ideas” and look at the suggested bid. The suggested bid is basically how much an AdWords advertiser pays for one click in AdWords for people searching for this particular keyword.

Use EasyAzon To Save Time And Make More Money With Amazon

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How to Attract traffic on your link?

Well, that is indeed a matter of importance, and to do so you must learn the art of SEO. To understand SEO you need to understand what it does and how it is done?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of attracting traffic on your blog content by using tools such as meta and alt tagging so that your website appears high on the list of results that are returned by a search engine.

The question that you might be wondering about is how can SEO help in attracting the right audience?

Well, a typical interested buyer might search for reviews before buying the product he is interested in, now when he searches on a search engine about the review, there’s a high possibility that he might land on your page if you’ve used SEO on your website. This way he comes across your affiliate link, and if he clicks through it then even if he buys something else from Amazon, you’ll end up getting the profit. It is a win-win situation!

There’s an even better chance of the buyer clicking through your link if he searches for a particular product that you happen to have reviewed. This way, he ends up on your blog because you’ve reviewed the product he is interested in, and he also gets to know about Amazon’s price offer.

And in case the buyer is in mood to shop more, Hurray my friend, he’ll end up buying more, which means you’ll end up earning more. For every purchase that the person makes after clicking on your link within 24 hours, you’ll be credited for it.

A buyer might easily go for a phone cover and tempered glass if he is buying a new phone, the one you reviewed on your website. You may end up earning ten times the expectations.

Now can you see the potential Amazon Associate program has?

Buy promoting your Blog takes more than just SEO, you can go an extra mile by opting for Blogging as a full time career and doing all that you can to promote the reviews.

How to promote your reviews?

Well, the first step is clear – SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. This plays the most important role in promoting your Blog. Every running website needs a social media presence and so do you.

While some businesses have presence on all social media platforms, others have one only on a single platform. You need to identify your ideal target audience, which is the buyer in this case, and figure out the social media that your target audience prefers.

Here Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram play a better role than Linked In or twitter. Use google analytics, and find out the bounce rates on your posts. You’ll be able to figure out the best networks and the worst. But it is important to be active on those social platforms before checking analytics so make sure you promote the content well. Also, make sure to link your blog and not the affiliate link since most sites do not allow it.

If you think Social Media isn’t your thing, you should take help from Automation tools such as WordPress Sharing, Buffer,

Another way to promote your content is by email-marketing. Keep the emails of your prospective clients ready and shoot an email every time you review product. This way you don’t have to sit back and wait.

You can also opt for Joint venture webinars to rocket up your sales in a short span of time.

Once you try all of these marketing techniques, and your business starts to steam up, you can go for paid advertising. Make sure you are making enough money to pay back!

All that we need is conversions.

Paid advertising will help you by:

  • Getting more traffic on your blog
  • Getting a wider e-mail list
  • More traffic on webinars

For example, if you Google “learn adwords,” you can see that Google Adwords themselves are advertising for this keyword, by running Google Ads and promoting their content.

 Check out

Best High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs/Networks

So, keywords that say about learning about your product or service are also a good head start.

You can also try targeting your competitors, for example when you search Blogspot, you also get results for WordPress.

The next question that comes up is if you should post a good review or a bad one?

Well, to earn credibility, it is important to give a true review be it good or bad however try to be as sophisticated as possible to not sound rude. It is always recommended to opt for a product that you use and stick to. It is because you can write in depth about a product if you swear by it and use it for your own.

It is interesting to see that there is a feeling of honesty between you and the consumer when you post about something that you genuinely use. Pat Flynn points out rightly that involved affiliate marketing is by far the most profitable, because you are not doing it to make quick cash.

It is not completely forbidden to give a bad review but since it is your choice to pick the product, I’d highly recommend you to choose a product you like, because a consumer will be far more interested in buying a good product than a foul one.

Check some of the products I am promoting through Amazon on my blog

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The best way to figure out your choice of product is to watch your daily routine and examine the products you use, then find how many of them are on Amazon and after selecting 2 or 3, check how its keyword is doing on Google Keywords.

This way will make sure that you have deep knowledge of the product and also, it is easy to optimize.

Sign Up Now With Amazon To Make Money

In 4 Easy Steps I’ll guide you on becoming an Amazon Affiliate-

1.      Starting your Blog-

To enroll in the Amazon Affiliate program, you need to own a blog (free or paid). In case you are ready to pay, I’d highly recommend the GetAmasuite program but if you are more of an independent writer, you can opt for a personal website.

To get your own free website you can try NameCheap and go for Siterubix as a tool with it. Make sure that your page has a good page speed and an interactive user interface. Pagespeed, user interface and website design play a vital role in Ranking your site on top. Use google’s pagespeed Insight to know your page speed and try to rank high.

Also, if you are starting a new blog just for the purpose of the affiliate program, make sure to keep your domain name related to the Niche that you opt for. If you are not able to find the desired name, try different extensions like .uk/.org etc. Make sure that it is easy to type and has a broader keyword to it. For example, if your blog topic is going to be about Female Footwear, let your domain name be Footreview or comfysole.

Further, if you want to know where to find domain and web hosting, go for sites like Bluehost that cost less and give more.  As for the blogging platform, I highly recommend self-hosting WordPress with Bluehost since I swear by Neil Patel’s rulebook.

Amazon Is The Best When It Comes To Selling

Amazon affiliate products
Amazon knows how to sell. Their sales funnel is probably the best in the online commerce space and they have an amazingly HUGE catalog of things you can sell and promote.
I’m sure you’ve been on Amazon before, browsed some items and then all of a sudden you’re shown similar items in your Amazon homepage and you even get emails relating to what you viewed on Amazon.
This is their sales funnel in action, the same sales funnel that generates $35,000,000,000 each year (and growing).
And when it comes to making money as an Amazon Associate, this will be your biggest ally cause this insane funnel will work in your favor.

Thanks to Amazon’s good reputation and ability to drive sales, their affiliate program is an extremely attractive option for bloggers to earn money. Simply put, the more people who buy after clicking on your affiliate link, the more commission you will earn.


How To START A Blog in 15 Mins Step By Step Newbie Guide [2018]

That said, it’s not always that simple and it’s not the only option. As with many things in life, it’s well worth shopping around to find the best deal. For example, affilinet offer a wide variety of affiliate programs with other brands, some of which pay more per sale than the 6-10% commission offered by Amazon.

Amazon is still extremely lucrative, but it’s a good idea to consider joining other affiliate programs at the same time, depending on the content of your blog. This approach also ensures you will always have multiple income streams, which will help boost your earning potential.

2. Enrolling in Affiliate program-

The next step is the most important one, REGISTER! It is the easiest one too, all you need to do is go to Amazon’s website and scroll down till the end, once you reach the bottom click on ‘Become an Affiliate’. Then you need to fill up some basic information, get verified and voila!

Sign Up Now With Amazon To Make Money

3. Writing Reviews-

Once you’ve registered just find the right product, may be the straightener you use or the watch you swear by, and after choosing the product- Let the emotions do the work. Write all you can, about the product. The best part is that Amazon has so many products that it might have 70% of your daily products. According to Neil Patel, the average word count, of the pages ranking on Google’s page 1 for a given search term, was something over 2000.

So, make sure you know enough about the product so that you can write non-repetitive data of around 2000 words with in-depth knowledge. The point is to cover all the subtopics related to the product in a broad manner.

4. Linking and Marketing-

The review is then supposed to be linked with the affiliate link that you have and the marketing process follows up. It may be social media marketing or e-mail marketing, or online forums maybe. All you need to do is promote the product review and promote it wildly. Go for webinars, Youtube videos and bring traffic to your Niche website in anyway possible.


Conclusion: Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Guide

If you are a blogger, and have the potential to write honest in-depth reviews of products then this Amazon Affiliate Program can change your life. I won’t say it’ll be an overnight process but surely your hard work will pay off if you choose the right blogging platform, use the right SEO techniques and choose the right product.

Over time you’ll realize how interesting the job is, and you’ll earn while you sleep. Just follow the basic tips-

  1. Know which niche you are going to review, and research.
  2. Use SEO and social media marketing techniques
  3. Write honest reviews

Follow this, and be patient- Success will kiss your feet!

Sign Up Now With Amazon To Make Money
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