How to Create Multiple Payment Options in ThriveCart 2024

How to Create Multiple Payment Options in ThriveCart




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Thrivecart does not support a single check-out page with multiple payment options at the current time. But with some basic knowledge about HTML, you can create modifications and develop this feature on your website. This additional feature of multiple payment options will help you provide a seamless shopping experience for all your customers with a minimal amount of effort. 

Since ThriveCart doesn’t support multiple payment options, you will need to develop payment pages for all your desired options manually. These can then be linked to each other to ensure that the check-out process is smooth and flawless. 

ThriveCart - Payment Cart

Using the Thrivecart dashboard, you can set up and modify the check-out page’s view as per your requirements. The layout can be adjusted to help you make changes in the page’s placement and design according to your preferences.

How to set up a check-out page?

Though it may sound complicated, the ease of use of the Thrivecart dashboard ensures that you can have a multi-pay check-out page in a matter of minutes. The setup format is easy enough for any user to understand and complete the process independently without any knowledge about coding.

First, you create a check-out page on your dashboard as per your choice. Once you are satisfied with the design, you duplicate the model for different types of payment methods. You link different types of payment pages to one another. 

ThriveCart - Check Out Page

Additionally, you can link the pages together using URLs, so connecting pages to each other are straightforward. Using this system of linking individual separate pages to each other, you can develop different payment methods. Some of the various payment methods are One Time payment, Split Pay, or others as per convenience.

Moreover, necessary backend adjustments are also possible with a minimal understanding of HTML. Once the pages with your different payment options are clearly set up and linked together, your work is complete. You can use some HTML coding to give it a more polished look and improve the visuals.

Because setting up a multiple payment options page is possible using minimal coding. This usage of minimal coding ensures that there are little to no bugs. Moreover, the links are easily moveable using the predetermined design of the page.

The step by step guide to set up multiple payment options

  • Create a new product or edit an existing product

Under the payment category, when creating a new product or editing an existing product, you can set up different payment options. ThriveCart allows you to choose from four different options, which include Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.Net, and Apple Pay. 

  • Choose the Payment Type

The next step in the process of creating multiple payment options is to choose the payment type. Yet again, there are four different payment types available to choose from. These payment types are a One-time fee, Subscription, Split Pay, and Pay your price. Additionally, you can also choose different models to create different options to customize your website.

ThriveCart- Payment Mode

  • Set up your payment option

After choosing the right combination of payment type, you need to decide how the option will appear on the check-out page. You can use different columns to decide on the final look. While ThriveCart offers you some custom templates to make the process quicker, it also allows you to modify this section. You can edit the content to look it presentable according to your preferences.

ThriveCart allows you to display the number of items available in case you have limited stock. This particular option comes in very handy when deciding on your marketing strategy. Moreover, ThriveCart also allows you to choose the number of products you can sell at once. For example, you can choose to enable customers to buy only one product at a time or buy multiple products at once.

  • Customize the payment page

Having an attractive and easy-to-use check-out page can make a big difference in the number of sales. The check-out page is the final checkpoint before the sales happen. Considering this cruciality, ThriveCart lets you customize the last check-out page. You can click and drag different options and choose how the menu will appear to the buyers.

Additionally, ThriveCart offers you a unique feature. It allows you to automate one default payment method. This payment method will automatically provide them with a default option to buy the product in a hassle-free manner.

  • Choose from different payment options

If you have a comprehensive pricing policy, ThriveCart is the website for you. ThriveCart allows you to set different access levels for your payment options. For example, yours is a website for courses. Based on the level of membership, you can browse various parts of your website.

In such a case, you can provide a Basic Entry Pass to your customers who will have primitive access to your website. You can additionally choose an All Access pack, which gives you complete access to the site.

  • Control payment behavior rules

The next thing to do is set up payment behavior rules. This section comes in handy when you want to provide different access or send out notifications. This section allows you to control various payment behaviors that you can utilize to customize your shopping experience even further.

  • Track your payment scripts

ThriveCart allows you to track your payment scripts to get more information on the buyers’ purchasing behavior.

  • Control Affiliate Commissions

Considering that you might need to pay different commissions to your affiliates depending on what they buy. ThriveCart allows you to customize your payments for affiliates simply and quickly. You can choose a standard option for all your affiliates or customize different payment plans for various affiliates. Moreover, you can also decide on different payment options and conditions, which helps you manage your business portfolio better.

  • Select your coupons and discounts

ThriveCart allows you to provide different coupons and discounts on your website. You can choose which product will have which coupon and discount applicable to it. This feature comes in very handy when coupons and discounts are an essential segment of your marketing strategy. You can also decide on the validity period of these coupons and discounts to have better control over your pricing.

Once you have created your payment options, which must have been very quick, it is essential to get an overview of how these payment options are working. ThriveCart provides detailed reports that help you understand the performance of different payment options for different products. Using this information, you can optimize your pricing and payment strategy to achieve maximum results.

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Things to consider before creating multiple payment options in ThriveCart?

  • Embed split pay URL into a one-time payment page in a video box while developing your dashboard.
  • One page allows one payment plan only. So, you can create separate pages for different plans. After you create the pages with distinct options, you need to link them using their URLs.
  • If you have basic knowledge of coding, it is easy to make and incorporate different pages to set up a comprehensive payment structure. Since you don’t need too much code, there are fewer chances of error.
  • You can quickly locate your link and move it around to place it wherever you want.

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