How to Contact a Seller on Amazon

Do you want to learn How to Contact a Seller on Amazon, This post will go through all the ways you can contact sellers to make inquiries, file grievances, or offer feedback.

Before or after making a purchase on Amazon, contacting the seller with any questions or concerns is quick and simple. You can communicate with any third-party Amazon seller through their “About” page, your “Orders” page, or your Amazon Buyer/Seller Messages inbox once you’ve logged into Amazon on your computer or mobile app.

How to get in touch with a seller Using the product listing page

Before placing an order, you should get in touch with vendors through the product listing page. However, you can still utilize it after you make a purchase. Start by visiting, locating a certain product, and contacting the seller.

As an alternative, if you have a certain vendor in mind, you can find the product by going to their storefront, provided they have one.

  • Click the seller’s name on the right-side panel once you’ve found the item. It can be found beneath the Buy Now button and next to Sold by. The seller’s name can be found by scrolling down on the Amazon mobile app. You’ll be directed instantly to the seller’s contact and information page

How to Contact a Seller on Amazon

  • To access the Seller Messaging Assistant, click the yellow Ask a question icon on the seller’s website.

How to Co ntact a Seller on Amazon

  • Follow the instructions in the chat window and choose the options that are relevant to your question. You can put your inquiry here and attach files using the message box that displays.
  • If you’ve already placed an order with the vendor, buttons requesting communication concerning that order may be visible.

Enter your query in the field and press the Send Message button. Amazon copies your message and provides a copy to the seller.

Send Messages to the buyer and seller

You can carry on a conversation with a seller you’ve already spoken with via one of the other two options by using Amazon’s Buyer/Seller Messaging tool. This is how:

  • Go to Account & List’s on the home page.

How to Contact a Seller on Amazon

  • Choose Account under Your Account from the drop-down menu.
  • Your Messages box should be clicked.

You can view every conversation exchanged between you and independent sellers by selecting the Buyer/Seller Messages tab. Pick a conversation, and carry on from there.

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Before placing a purchase, you should get in touch with sellers via Amazon’s product listing page. If you’ve already placed an order and are having problems with it, use the Orders page.

Additionally, the buyer/seller chat feature is available if you need to continue a dialogue that you started earlier.

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