How To Ask A Seller A Question On Amazon

You can get whatever you need from Amazon is likely to have everything you’re looking for.

There are third-party vendors on Amazon as well as Amazon itself, which ships and sells many of its own products straight to customers. The Amazon Prime program has recommended some of these products, while others haven’t.

If you buy something from Amazon, you’ll need to read the product descriptions carefully and consider the delivery timeframes, since not all items are eligible for Amazon Prime’s one-day shipping, which we all enjoy so much. This is why you need to be careful.

In some cases, you may need to contact a seller directly because there is a problem with your order, or you may not be sure about a product.

You should know how to ask a seller a question or start a conversation with an Amazon seller for whatever purpose. Fortunately, we’re here to help!

On Amazon, how to ask a seller a question?

You may accomplish this in a variety of ways, both before and after you purchase an item.

Product listing page

On Amazon, you may come across a product that you like, but have a few questions about.

If you are unable to locate the seller’s contact information on the website, you may be wondering if you can get in touch with the seller directly to have any questions answered.

To accomplish this, simply go to the Product Listing Page and send a message to the seller. To contact the seller of a product, simply click on the listing’s title and look for the seller’s name.

amazon product listing

On the right-hand side of the website, you should find this under the “Add to Cart” or “In Stock” sections. ‘Sold by seller name here” and fulfilled by Amazon’ should appear on the product page.

As a result, you may click on the seller’s name to access their contact information, their other products, and more.

Once you click on the seller’s page, you will discover a section that reads ‘Have a question for seller’ and a button that says ‘Ask A Question’.

The vendor will be able to respond immediately to your message if you click on this button. However, you will initially see a page that says ‘Tell us more about your issue’ and you may choose a subject that is linked to your problem or concern.

Then, you will need to follow the steps to fill in and pick a topic for your inquiry or remark. This will be in the shape of a drop-down menu, and you’ll have to choose the closest connected choice.

Customers frequently contact vendors with questions regarding shipping, refunds, return policies, and product specifics.

Additionally, you may be asked if you’re contacting the seller regarding an Amazon item, or if it’s a question about an order you’ve already placed.

Fill out a text box on the next page after making your selections, then click the “Submit” button. Once you’ve done that, you may enter in your message or query for the seller to answer.

If you’ve already placed an order, please provide the order number, specifics of the issue, and any other requests you may have at this stage. In addition, your message must exceed 4,000 characters.

If you have a complaint or damaged goods, you may also provide files and photos to support your case.

Once you’ve finished writing your message, you can use the Email button to send it to the seller. On your behalf, Amazon will then forward the communication, and will email you a copy of the message. As a result, neither you nor the seller will be able to access each other’s email addresses.

Usually, you’ll get a response within a few hours, but it’s advisable to wait at least two working days before contacting them again.

If the seller fails to answer and your order has a problem, you will most likely be able to have it resolved by contacting Amazon Customer Service. Alternatively, if you’ve previously purchased from a vendor, you may contact them using the Your Orders tab to address an issue.

With The Help Of ‘Your Orders’

It is possible to get in touch with a seller after placing an order on Amazon by going to your Orders page. Your Orders may also be accessed by selecting your profile in the right-hand corner and utilizing the drop-down menu until you locate the option.

Select Your Orders or go to and click the Returns & Orders tab after you’ve found this option. The next step is to track down the order or product that is causing the problem.

The next step is to pick Get Help With Order or Problem With Order from the drop-down menu that appears. After this, you’ll be able to submit a problem report.

As an example, you can contact the vendor and ask for a refund or exchange. Alternatively, you can contact Amazon’s Customer Service team to fix the issue if you’re unable to contact the seller in this manner.

To provide feedback for the seller if there is no problem, you can use this method. You should be able to provide a star rating and a brief description of your experience with the seller on this page.

Helium 10 and Jungle Scout are the two must-have tools to start selling on Amazon.

By means of the Buyer/Seller Messages Section.

The seller may also need to contact you, or you may need to contact the seller.

Even if there is an issue with your order, such as an out-of-stock item or a delivery delay, the seller may attempt to contact you directly. This is why it’s important to keep an eye on your Amazon account messages on a regular basis.

If you’ve already communicated with a seller, you may do so again by going to Your Account and retrieving your previous messages. To accomplish this, go to the bottom of the page and click on the Communication and Content tab.

The Messages From Amazon & Sellers button is the one you want to click on out of all the alternatives there. To access it, simply click on this link.

Your Amazon inbox page will appear after clicking on this button, and it will include messages and conversations from Amazon as well as those from any third-party merchants you’ve previously collaborated with. Messages you’ve sent to vendors may also be viewed in this section.

Using your message center, you may identify the seller in question and send them a new message. Open a text box and confine your message to less than 4,000 characters this time around.


If you need to get in touch with a seller on Amazon, the process is really straightforward. Before placing your order, just follow the steps outlined above, or contact the seller directly using the contact form on the seller’s profile page.

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