How Can You Integrate Everything with ThriveCart 2024 : Step By Step

Integration is one of the best features of ThriveCart. By integrating it with other applications, it makes the work quite more comfortable to do and understand. You can effortlessly attract as many customers to your site. It will allow you to display real-time proof of the social environment in the electronic format.

ThriveCart offers you to integrate with many applications in the market. It is an excellent platform that provides the best solutions after integration. You can have a vast collection of applications in different fields like membership platforms, CRMs/email autoresponders, accounting software, social media accounts, PDF stamping, project management system, and many more.

Let us study some integrations in ThriveCart, and how they can be added.

What are the Integrations in ThriveCart?

It is essential to choose a shopping cart that can integrate with other applications or platforms for better performance. You need to choose a cart that can integrate with every possible payment processor.

Let us come to the platform called ThriveCart, the shopping cart, with a unique integration feature. It can integrate with many applications available in the market. It is the most robust feature of the ThriveCart, making it the most appreciating shopping cart.

Integration with the Payment Processor

ThriveCart can integrate with payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, GooglePay,, and ApplePay. It is effortless to set up PayPal and Stripe with ThriveCart. 

It is most recommended that there should be more than one payment processor. So that if there is any problem that arises with the one, you can make the other useful. Once you are ready with the payment processor integrated, you can use it with just one click.

Integration with an Email System Provider

You have various applications in the category of email system providers like Active Campaign, Drip, Infusionsoft, and many more. At the initial level, you have to add new customers to your email lists. It also allows them to tag customers to automation as well as adding just their names.

How-Can-You-Integrate-Everything-with-ThriveCart- System Provider

ThriveCart has many advantages when it gets integrated with various applications. It can trigger many activities like:

  • Purchase failure
  • Main product purchase
  • Refund upsell
  • Purchased upsell
  • Abandoned cart
  • Main product refunded
  • Declined Upsell
  • Specific coupon code used
  • Subscription payment code
  • Purchased bump offer
  • Subscription canceled
  • Refunded bump offer
  • Subscription payment failed
  • Subscription payment refunded
  • Subscription payment mode

Integration with Membership Systems

ThriveCart can integrate with many membership system applications like Optimizemember, Digital Access Pass, Membermouse, and Wishlist Member.

Integrations for Notifications

ThriveCart gets integrated with Slack to get notifications, Demio to organize webinars and Kunaki for the fulfillment of CD/DVD.

Built-in Integrations

ThriveCart has Zapier as its built-in integrated application. It is used to integrate with the external membership carts like Teachable and Thinkific.

How-Can-You-Integrate-Everything-with-ThriveCart- Integration

What are the Benefits of Integration?

It leads to the growth of the business on online platforms. By integrating different applications will make work more natural to do and understand. There are many benefits of combinations. Here we will discuss at least three benefits of integration:

Building a Deeper Understanding of the Customer’s Journey

By integrating, you can have a better and more in-depth look into the customers’ data sources. You can keep an eye on every move of customers, like how many orders placed, how many requests delivered, and many more. It will make a connection between you and the customers.   

You can easily find the behavioral changes in customers with time. You can analyze the potential of your visitors on your site and their purchases.

Connecting with Customers Wherever They are in the Moment

After integrating, you will find information about your customer from various sources. You will know the customer’s profiles, new interests, latest purchases, old purchases, and many more.

You can keep track of your every offline customer to know their purchase history, demographics, birthday, product preferences, loyalty status. You can integrate your  offline customer details with the online customers. With the integration, you can quickly deliver engaging experiences of the customer’s interest with the real world or offline outlets.

You can Make Sure that Messaging from One Department Does Not Determine Another One.

As it is an ecommerce and brands are always competing in the market. Brands never coordinate with each other effectively. Every brand tries to promote its products through emails to gain as many as customers they can.

These companies for the growth of their online business get integrated with different applications. So that they can run their campaigns, test them, and send them in a specific sequence. They make good relations with customers by selling their goods and services to satisfy them. In this process of gaining fame, they do not want to get into some other business but want to compete in the market.

What are the Different Types of Integrations Supported in ThriveCart?

There is a wide range of applications that can be integrated with ThriveCart. Here we will study the type of integrations that are offered by ThriveCart. There are types of combinations discussed below:

  • Payment Gateways: These are the type of integrations that can help you collect payments from the customers after making sales.
  • Autoresponders: These integrations help you add customers to your lists, tags, and sequences.
  • Membership Platforms: These integrations will help you to add customers to membership levels and groups.
  • Fulfillment Services: These integrations will help you to deliver the order to your customers.
  • Connected Apps: You will know about the third-party applications connected to your account by using these integrations with your ThriveCart account.
  • Notification and Order Sync: You can easily find out about the data sync with the third-party apps, and you can also track your order. You can quickly get notifications about your order and its delivery.

What Applications Can Integrate with ThriveCart?

Below is the list of applications that can be integrated with ThriveCart:

  • Membership sites: Kajabi
  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • E-Commerce: WooCommerce
  • Autoresponders/CRMs: ClickFunnels, PipeDrive, SalesForce
  • Accounting: QuickBooks, Xero
  • PDF Stampings: WebMerge
  • Project Management: Basecamp, Asana, Trello, Airtable, and Podio
  • Customer support: ZenDesk, FreshDesk
  • Notes and Organization: Wunderlist, Evernote, Google Calendar, and Google Tasks 

Above are the names of applications that can integrate, but there are more in the market suitable for ThriveCart. 

What are the Steps to Integrate with Other Applications?

The following steps can help you understand how you can integrate ThriveCart with other applications:

Step 1: ThriveCart Dashboard

You have to visit your settings page and click on the API and Webhooks button.

How-Can-You-Integrate-Everything-with-ThriveCart- DAshboard

The API and webhooks page opens. Click on the View Settings button you can see on the ThriveCart API. Then copy your secret word.

How-Can-You-Integrate-Everything-with-ThriveCart- API Webhook

How-Can-You-Integrate-Everything-with-ThriveCart- Secret Word

Step 2: Inside Influence Dashboard

You have to open the app screen by first opening the campaign and then click on the Apps button present on the capture page.

How-Can-You-Integrate-Everything-with-ThriveCart- Campaign Setting

Then, click on the Connect button present on the ThriveCart card. There you can paste your secret word and then click on the Add button. A connection will automatically get generated.


 Step 3: You Have to Copy the Webhook URL

How-Can-You-Integrate-Everything-with-ThriveCart- Webhook Is Connected

Step 4: Now, You have to Install the Webhook URL Using ThriveCart.


  • First, you have to click on the API and webhooks card present on the settings page.

How-Can-You-Integrate-Everything-with-ThriveCart- Webhook And Notification

  • Then click on the Webhooks and Notifications settings button.

How-Can-You-Integrate-Everything-with-ThriveCart- Webhook URL

  • Then paste the webhook URL in the following marked fields.

At last, you have to save the webhook, and you are done with integration. You can also test it by applying for some dummy orders, and you can later observe them in your dashboard with new activity popups.

After the successful integration plan, you can quickly get customers, or you can say orders in your campaign for your products. And if somehow, you face any issue, you can directly contact the support section. They are always happy to help with your queries.

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Conclusion: How Can You Integrate Everything with ThriveCart 2024 

Integrations are essential for every shopping cart to enhance its working. A shopping cart, when integrated with different applications, can make your work more comfortable to do. Here we have ThriveCart, a platform that has a great feature of integration. 

It can get integrated with a variety of different applications to grow the capacity of the work. It is a great deal for every seller in the market. Above, you have studied integrations, the benefits of integrations, and how you can integrate applications with ThriveCart. You may now know the significance of integration in ThriveCart.

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