Top 18+ Hotel Affiliate Programs 2024: How Do You Find Commission On Hotels?

In this post, we will provide the list of the Top 18+ Hotel Affiliate Programs 2024; let’s start

Travel is one of the most profitable affiliate markets available. If you assist in selling a vacation package, a flight, or a hotel room, you might be a part of a substantial transaction. Even a one-digit commission rate might yield hundreds for each transaction.

The travel sector is both competitive and lucrative. You must know the most acceptable beginning methods and networks to traverse this affiliate marketing area.

This article will overview the niche and highlight the top affiliate programs for various sub-niches, such as general travel, airlines, hotels, and tours.

The top affiliate programs for travel insurance and accessories can also be found. Let’s begin by dissecting the travel niche and how affiliates might claim the available commissions.

Top Hotel Affiliate Programs

Top 18+ Hotel Affiliate Programs 2024

Things To Look For In A Travel Affiliate Program

Unfortunately, most newbies squander time with unproductive affiliate programs, and new marketers are typically hesitant to apply to established programs for fear of rejection.

Another frequent beginner error is ignoring programs with lower commission rates. However, even a single-digit percentage of a hotel stay, car hire, airline, or holiday package might translate to a substantial profit.

Here are some crucial features of a lucrative travel affiliate program –

1. Affiliate support:

Travel programs should provide their partners with generous assistance, such as simple sales monitoring tools, high-resolution product photos and banners, and consumer research that can be used to customize your offers.

2. Payment policies:

Affiliate programs pay to utilize various payment methods and schedules. Some schemes may have a minimum payment amount requirement.

3. Cookie duration:

Cookies are used by affiliate programs to monitor who receives the compensation for a sale or click. For instance, if the cookie’s lifetime is 14 days, you will get credit for the transaction if the customer purchases within two weeks after visiting your link.

4. High-quality products:

You should not spend time advertising a product that nobody wants to purchase. Check the product’s ratings and ask whether you would buy it or suggest it to a friend.

5. Experience:

A valuable affiliate program should have an outstanding reputation. Investigate the company’s testimonials and see what other affiliate partners say about the brand.

Top 18+ Hotel Affiliate Programs 2024

Here is the list of Hotel Affiliate Programs:

1. Turnkey Vacation Rentals:

Not to brag, but I’ve been in several premium hotels across the globe, but one of my most memorable holidays was spent in a long-term flat in Amsterdam. Turnkey Vacations provides a similar experience for your audience since you can access 4,600 properties in 80 North American locations.

Guests enjoy the seclusion of a complete home to themselves, with the reassurance of professional housekeeping and customer support if anything goes wrong. Similar to Airbnb, but with additional assistance.

The average order amount for this affiliate program is astonishing; it’s over $ 2,000 per transaction. Affiliates may earn up to 5 percent, translating to over $ 100 for each suggested transaction.

Commission rate: 5 %

Cookie duration: 30 days

2. Avani Hotels And Resorts:

Avani Hotels & Resorts may answer your prayers if you seek contemporary, trendy, and fashionable accommodations in some of the world’s most exotic locales.

Avani Hotels And Resorts Hotel Affiliate Programs

They provide a variety of city and resort hotels in destinations such as Seychelles, Zambia, Korea, Lesotho, and Portugal. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg; they have hundreds more hotels globally.

While many hotels prioritize aesthetics above practicality, Avani Hotels strives to find a balance that works for everyone. Therefore, you will never feel like staying at a dull hotel. But you’ll never feel like attempting to sleep during a bachelor or bachelorette party.

Their evaluations have a similar theme: the staff goes above and beyond to make customers feel welcome and appreciated. So, how lucrative is their affiliate program? Affiliates get a 5 % commission on all completed stays.

This provision makes me wonder how many hotel customers fail to pay their bills annually. Enough to constitute a problem. In addition, you will earn around $ 53 for every 100 qualifying visitors you deliver to their website.

Commission rate: 5 %

Cookie duration: 30 days

3. Red Roof Inns:

Red Roof Inns are ideal for those who want to visit a vast city without staying in a hotel miles from everything. Nothing is worse than discovering that you must drive many kilometers to reach the city’s attractions.

Red Roof Inns Hotel Affiliate Programs

Consequently, Red Roof Inns provides inexpensive, centrally-located lodging across North America, including New York, Detroit, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Fargo, Houston, and Orlando, among many more cities.

However, they also provide hotels for foreign and business tourists in Japan and Brazil. If you’re seeking a hotel chain that welcomes pets, you’ve found it. Your pet’s stay with you is complimentary.

This one aspect of their company makes it instantly appealing to pet owners, something that ninety percent of hotels fail to achieve. The Red Roof Collection focuses on providing visitors with value, comfort, and affordability.

Three percent commission is on the lower end of the spectrum; however, Commission Junction’s affiliate traffic indicates that their deals convert effectively.

Promoting their hotels to pet owners is a distinct sub-niche they should pursue. Furthermore, competition for these sorts of specialized searches is minimal.

Commission rate: 3 %

Cookie duration: 30 days

4. BlueBay Hotels:

BlueBay Hotels are specifically designed for individuals who want to get away from it all. And by afar, I mean far away. They have hotels in Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Luxembourg, Turkey, Italy, and Spain.

BlueBay Hotels affiliate program

Therefore, you will not travel to more familiar places in North America, Asia, or Europe. Their hotels vary from family-friendly hotels to those more suitable for couples seeking a calmer experience.

Once in a lifetime, you can arrange a romantic weekend without dealing with children screaming during breakfast, supper, and lunch. In addition, they provide a variety of activities, ranging from golf and cycling to snorkeling and jet skiing (depending on the area).

BlueBay Hotels desires to provide guests with moments that will last a lifetime. This program similarly offers a 6 % commission on all suggested purchases, and it’s beginning to seem like affiliate managers are mimicking one another.

They provide promotional coupons that you may utilize to influence your audience, which is always helpful.

Commission rate: 6 %

Cookie duration: 30 days

5. Choice Hotels:

Choice Hotels is an international chain that opened its doors in 1941. The Choice Hotel brand comprises 6,300 hotels with 570,000 rooms in 35 countries. Choice Hotels stays true to its name by offering accommodations for every budget.

Choice Hotels affiliate program

If guests choose something more upmarket, they may choose between the Ascend and Cambria Hotels. Are you absent from home for a lengthy period? Check out their MainStay Suites, WoodSpring Suites, and Suburban hotels for more extended stays.

Ideal for business travelers, these accommodations combine apartment-style living with hotel-style amenities. Comfort, Clarion, and Quality Inn hotels are available to guests on a budget.

The “Lowest Price Guarantee” is a potentially effective pre-sell for affiliates; if a consumer finds a lower Internet rate for a stay, they get a $ 50 gift card.

This program’s EPC is modest, but its ‘Network Earnings’ score is high. Therefore, there is no reason why you cannot earn a respectable income by marketing their products to the appropriate audience. Do not include, for instance, Choice Hotel links on your pet care website.

Commission rate: 5 %

Cookie duration: 7 days

6. Oberoi Hotels:

At first sight, Oberoi Hotels can seem to be simply another luxury hotel brand. However, their whole enterprise began with M.S. Oberoi earning 50 Indian Rupees (INR) as a hotel clerk.

Oberoi Hotels And Resorts Affiliate Programs

In 1934, he established his first hotel after putting in a lot of effort and gaining a great deal of knowledge and then opening his first hotel in 1934. Since then, the company has expanded to 31 hotels in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Mauritius, Indonesia, Egypt, and India.

Even better is that family members continue operating the firm today. Therefore, guests can reserve opulent accommodations and get superior service in the most exotic locales.

There is something unique about staying in a 5-star hotel in India; you are welcome. Not only a Vaseline-gummed façade.

Affiliates are paid a 6 % commission on an average purchase of almost $ 600, which will deposit $ 30 into your affiliate account.

The only real difficulty here is introducing your audience to Oberoi Hotels & Resorts since they are not an immediately identifiable brand for most people. Therefore, wherever feasible, strive to get authentic testimonies and hotel evaluations from visitors. These may be pretty valuable for increasing your conversion rate.

Commission rate: 6 %

Cookie duration: 30 days

7. Derby Hotels:

Derby Hotels offers visitors to major European cities a more tranquil stay at any of its 21 hotels. These hotels embody the architectural and cultural legacy of the town in which they are located.

Derby Hotels Affiliate Programs

Your clients can access various boutique hotels in Barcelona, Madrid, London, and Paris. Each hotel in their “Collection” is unique, so your hotel room experience will never be “cookie-cutter.”

Similar to being able to locate the portable kettle or trouser press in a room while blindfolded. Notably, their hotels have won hundreds of accolades since 2000.

These hotels are ideal for hipsters and business visitors with more disposable income.

A 6 % commission is provided to affiliates for each recommended transaction, corresponding to around $ 26 for each person who hires a hotel via your affiliate links.

There is a vacationer who loves to brag about staying at hotels that none of their acquaintances have heard of. And Derby Hotels are an ideal fit for this demographic.

Commission rate: 6 %

Cookie duration: 30 days

8. InterContinental Hotel Group:

The InterContinental Hotel Group is a large organization. This includes 5,000 hotels, 674,00 rooms, and 150 million yearly visitors. Candlewood Suites, Holiday Inn, Hotel Indigo, Hualuxe, Regent, and Crowne Plaza are a few of IHG’s most famous hotel brands.

interContinental Hotel Group affiliate program

And before you snicker at my promotion of Holiday Inn, let me assure you that I have never had a terrible visit with them. But I’ve had horrible treatment in five-star hotels, including discolored linens that still give me nightmares.

IHG will have a hotel that meets your guests’ requirements, budget, and destination, regardless of the sort of hotel they choose to book. Essentially, they offer a hotel for each purpose, whether for a family on vacation or a business visitor seeking a reputable brand.

Yes, a three percent commission rate is relatively low, but it is usual for associates in this field. However, this program’s EPC and ‘Network Earnings’ scores indicate that many reservations are made via IHG affiliates. Consequently, there is affiliate income to be generated.

Commission rate: 3 %

Cookie duration: 14 days

9. Sirenis Hotels:

Were you unaware of Sirenis Hotels before today? Me neither. Even though the same family has owned and operated this company since 1970, throughout its hotels in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colombia, and Cuba, Sirenis provides a mix of economical and luxurious accommodations.

Sirenis Hotels affiliate program

Their Grand Sirenis Hotels are their most opulent accommodations, although travelers can expect a pleasant stay at all of their sites. Why would you promote a smaller network of hotels instead of a huge hotel chain or franchise?

Because family-owned companies must prioritize customer happiness. The major hotel chains do not. Or at least that is how I would promote it.

They are doing something right since their average order size exceeds $ 1,000. Therefore, affiliates may earn $ 62 per referral, a fair amount for any affiliate scheme.

Their website supports many languages, so they target the Spanish-speaking market. Non-English speakers are equally as eager as English speakers to click on affiliate links.

Commission rate: 6 %

Cookie duration: 30 days

10. Priceline:

Priceline is another well-known travel industry price comparison website. Something they have been doing for more than two decades. Priceline is one of the most famous hotel price comparison websites, giving discounts on well-known brands such as Hyatt, Hilton, Intercontinental, Kimpton, and Westin.

Priceline affiliate program

They give access to 700,000 hotels in 170 countries for tourists and travelers. Because Priceline is a well-known brand, you won’t have to do much convincing to convince your readers to click through to their offerings.

Finding the ideal perspective in your content to pre-sell consumers on specific hotel deals is simple. Similar to “The Ten Best Hotels for Adults Only in Central Paris.” Just a thought.

Affiliates get paid between 3 and 5 percent in commission, depending on the deal they promote. And here is where you must exercise caution since some booking types, such as those booked using coupons, pay no commission. Affiliates always read the tiny print.

Commission rate: 3 % – 5 %

Cookie duration: 30 days

11. Travelocity

Travelocity seems to have a greater purpose than just being a travel website. They see life as “…one long adventure.” Someone has recently been reading Marcus Aurelius.

Either way, it is a strong PR push for a well-known firm in the travel sector, perhaps due to its existence since 1996. Travelocity allows users to book hotels, flights, automobiles, and even cruises, similar to many other price comparison sites.

You may pick between adults-only resorts (no children allowed everywhere) and family-friendly hotels, which simplifies the task of reserving vacation accommodations (kids around). This makes their products sufficiently diverse to appeal to most hotel-booking enthusiasts.

Due to Travelocity’s wide variety of items, the affiliate compensation system is a little perplexing. That is typical of a generic affiliate travel scheme.

Commission rate: Up to 4 %

Cookie duration: 45 days

12. Hotels.Com: has been in operation for an extremely long period. It began 1991 as the Hotel Reservation Network but changed its name to when it joined Expedia in 2001. That equates to around 15,200 years of Internet existence.

Additionally, this specific brand has become linked with reserving hotel accommodations online. was ahead of its time…or there were hundreds of imitators. Their website is accessible in 35 languages, and they have 85 customized websites to serve their global audience. This is a significant benefit of advertising them.

Therefore, you may send affiliate links to anyone, regardless of location or language. You get a 1 % profit for selling one of their gift cards but a 4 % commission for each stay booked.

The 7-day cookie is annoying, but most internet hotel bookers already know what they want. You should see no conversion issues if you provide relevant traffic to their landing page(s).

This is also one of the most successful hotel affiliate programs on Commission Junction, so associates get substantial checks often.

Commission rate: Up to 4 %

Cookie duration: 7 days

13. Trusted Housesitters:

I recognize that this is not a hotel, but bear with me. A large number of travel affiliates have suggested Trusted Housesitters, and the commissions seem to be quite lucrative.

Trusted Housesitters affiliate programs

Trusted Housesitters is a membership-based website where house owners and house-sitters may meet to organize a house. Usually, sitters are tasked with caring for pets, but they may also be requested to watch the home for an extended time.

A typical house might last anywhere between two weeks and many months. The advantage is that the housesitter stays someplace for free. To become a platform member, the sole need is an annual membership fee. The same goes for those who need their home “sat.”

Owners and Sitters pay $ 259 per year for the premium plan, $ 169 per year for the standard plan, and $ 129 per year for the basic plan to join Trusted Housesitters.

With a 40 % affiliate commission, the corresponding amounts are $ 103.60, $ 67.60, and $ 51.60. These are very competitive prices for shipping a single yearly subscription.

Commission rate: 40 percent

Cookie duration: 30 days

14. Vrbo:

When the Airbnb affiliate program was discontinued in 2021, many travel affiliates were at a loss regarding where to direct their readers.

The most prominent alternative was Vrbo, an abbreviation for “vacation rentals by owner.” It has a similar idea as Airbnb but a much smaller brand awareness.

Frequently, you may discover the same accommodations on Vrbo as you would on Airbnb or even on for flats. Hosts often offer their properties in numerous places to reach as many potential guests as possible.

Since your audience may be unfamiliar with Vrbo, discussing your experience on the site might go a long way toward creating credibility. Using Vrbo as a customer will give you more ideas for promoting this affiliate program successfully and honestly.

And as usual, you can test if it converts and, if it doesn’t, try marketing the same property on a different platform.

Commission: 2.5 % to 4 %

Cookie duration: 7 days

15. Plum Guide:

Plum Guide is comparable to an upscale version of Airbnb, with prices beginning at 139€ and upwards. They choose the best 1 percent of homes in some of the world’s most popular holiday locations, such as Tel Aviv, Berlin, Lisbon, Barcelona, Madrid, Copenhagen, Milan, Rome, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and London.

Plum Guide affiliate programs

Therefore, although the hotels on Plum Guide may be out of reach for the ordinary visitor, reservations made via this program tend to be pricier.

In addition, the lengthy 90-day cookie term implies you have enough time to book guests’ stay when they begin their investigation on your website.

Plum Guide might complement the hotel affiliate programs you currently promote if you cater to luxury travelers.

Commission rate: 7 % to 10 %

Cookie duration: 90 days

16. HostelWorld:

HostelWorld is an excellent option for if your audience comprises college students, young individuals, or those seeking long-term affordable travel.

HostelWorld affiliate programs

It’s been a while since I stayed at a hostel, so I don’t actively encourage them. Our study discovered several connections to HostelWorld on leading travel blogs and websites.

Even if you’re not a fan of hostels, HostelWorld seems to be expanding into the market for travel experiences, which is becoming more competitive.

Commission rate: 18 % to 22 %

Cookie duration: 30 days

17. Agoda:

Agoda is among the most popular alternatives to among accommodation partner websites. Both online travel booking sites allow users to reserve hotels, apartments, and whole houses.

Agoda affiliate programs

Both hotel affiliate schemes provide simply a session-based cookie. To get credit for the referral, the booking must be made in the tab that the referred visitor initially opened when they clicked on your link.

In the end, everything boils down to audience knowledge and brand recognition.

In the publisher dashboard of CJ affiliate, the United Kingdom had the highest 30-day EPC (profits per click) for Agoda, followed by the United States and Canada. Therefore, if you have a British audience, you should compare the performance of Agoda and

A disadvantage of Agoda is the $ 200 minimum payment requirement. In addition, Agoda only pays affiliates through bank transfer and costs $ 10 for every payment., in comparison, has a minimum payment of 100€ (about USD 113), pays out by bank transfer and PayPal, and does not impose a service fee.

Commission: 6 % (CJ Affiliate)

Cookie duration: 30 days (CJ Affiliate)

18. is the most popular travel affiliate program, according to our survey of hundreds of leading travel blogs. Affiliate Programs

Hotels are enormously lucrative, and for a good reason. First, they are pricey, costing around $ 100 per night in many destinations. People also like to reserve many nights in a single session.

You’ll earn substantial commissions if you write material that captivates consumers just before they book.

As a hotel associate, you will see a significant cancellation rate, perhaps as high as 30 to 40 percent. It is difficult to avoid since free cancellation policies practically promote it. Nonetheless, the earnings available are tremendous. is unique in that it does not use a traditional cookie. You only get credit for “in-session” Bookings. You must target those on the verge of making reservations to achieve a sale.

Despite its shortcomings, has sufficient brand awareness and conversion rates to make it one of the top travel affiliate programs you can promote. requires new affiliates to earn a minimum of 100 € in commissions before receiving payment. Nevertheless, given the typical commission, most travel affiliates can attain this goal reasonably.

In addition, you only get a commission when a booking has been fulfilled and the host or hotel has reported a successful stay. Consequently, commissions are sometimes paid months after a booking has been made.

While the payments on are not instantaneous, they are reliable, and a high season’s worth of reservations may set you up for most of the year.

Commission: 25 % to 34 % of’s take (

Cookie duration: 0 days

19. TripAdvisor:

TripAdvisor is one of the most popular online travel planning sites. You can connect to restaurants, activities, and lodging on TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor affiliate programs

The TripAdvisor affiliate program distributes compensation to affiliates based on leads instead of purchases.

This implies that you will earn significantly lower commissions (about $ 0.20 to $ 0.50) than if you connected directly to the lodging providers that TripAdvisor collaborates with.

You will only earn affiliate money if the click you submit to TripAdvisor results in a click-through to the hotel property. No other form of click-out will make you a commission.

Whether or not this is a suitable method for you relies significantly on your writing. This may make sense for information that is early in the trip-planning phase. In this case, you still rely on chance instead of advertising your content and links with purpose.

Promoting hotels via, Agoda, or will be more beneficial if you produce recommendations for individuals actively booking their accommodations.

Commission: 50 % of click out

Cookie duration: 14 days

FAQs On Hotel Affiliate Programs

🏨 What is a hotel affiliate program?

A hotel affiliate program is a marketing arrangement between a hotel booking platform and an affiliate partner. The platform pays the affiliate a commission for each hotel booking that the affiliate generates through their unique referral link.

❌ What are some common mistakes to avoid when promoting a hotel affiliate program?

Some common mistakes to avoid when promoting a hotel affiliate program include making false or misleading claims, promoting hotels or booking platforms that are not reputable, and spamming potential customers.

🌟 What are the benefits of joining a hotel affiliate program?

Hotel affiliate programs offer several benefits, including high commissions, access to a wide range of hotels and booking platforms, and marketing tools and resources to help you succeed.

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Conclusion: Hotel Affiliate Programs 2024

What are the top affiliate travel programs? It depends on your interests and the material you present on your travel-related website. Now, you have a solid understanding of the several travel affiliate programs and the things they provide.

The next step is to create travel blogs or social media accounts that will allow you to reach an audience that shares your enthusiasm.

One of the fantastic things about the travel business is that, regardless of your emphasis, you may promote many programs simultaneously. Your site may have booking options for flights, hotels, and insurance. They may elect to schedule them all in the same session!

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