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Graphy Vs LifterLMS 2024– Which One Is Right for You?

Graphy Vs LifterLMS

Overall Verdict

As you can see, both the platforms are adept, and it was a close call but the better choice out of the two is Graphy

Out of 10




Price: $ 49



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$ Pricing
$49 $120+ each per year
Best for

This service is a wonderful way to share and expand your knowledge with your audience while also earning money.

LifterLMS is a learning management system built of a core plugin.

  • Construct A Commercially Successful Enterprise
  • Schedule courses as you like
  • Offer multimedia support
  • Create Your Own Brand
  • Integration With WooCommerce
  • Course Builder With Drag And Drop Functionality
  • Memberships for Multiple Courses
  • Enhance Your Course’s Content
  • Create white-labeled native
  • Host your courses on your personalized domain
  • Drag-and-Drop Website Builder
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Numerous integrations
  • Create an overview for the course
  • Positive evaluations have a monopoly
  • keep clients on your website longer
  • Overwhelming for beginners
  • Not compatible with any other content
Ease of Use

The ease of use of Graphy is far better than that of LifterLMS

The ease of use of LifterLMS is good but not better than Graphy.

Value For Money

There is no beating up Graphy in Pricing either. They don’t ask You to Pay anything in the beginning.

LifterLMS is a bit expensive In comparison to Graphy.

Customer Support

24x7 Customer support not just chat - - Graphy dedicated relationships managers to customers to whom they can reach out to

LifterLMS is renowned for its flourishing and well-supported LMS user community, which it fosters via active listening, social interaction

Graphy Vs LifterLMS  2024: Overview

Gone are the days when people used to just work for money. Everybody’s looking for “meaning” in their jobs and making sure that it provides them the quintessential satisfaction.

A good chunk of the online education business is running on this mantra because people get validation by sharing the knowledge they have.

The online education business is booming like never before because people are monetizing their skills with 10x times the rigor they used to do in their regular jobs. The more the educators – the more the platforms. 

Now, you are one of these educators who have recently found out this path to ultimate job satisfaction.

Graphy Vs LifterLMS

However, there are a plethora of options to choose from in terms of a robust online course creation platform.

You are confused between Graphy or LifterLMS, as both of them are great competitors in the online education market.

And you want to know which one out of the two is the best for you. Well, keep reading because we can help you out.

Here in this article, we have mentioned in detail both these incredible platforms that will help you decide which one out of the two is the best. So, stay with us till the end.

What is Graphy?

Graphy provides an end-to-end solution that caters to all your needs as an online educator.

It is a white-labeled learning management system that assists you in developing, marketing, and selling online courses.

It is an Indian learning management system (LMS) platform created to develop a technology solution that would empower the online education industry.

They now have over 2000 course authors and 5 million active learners on their site! 

With Graphy, setting a price for your content is easy and simple. Once you are done with publishing your course you can click on Set Course Price.

You can add pricing thereafter – you can give it for free, a one-time payment option, or even a subscription model which works through RazorPay and Stripe. It’s as simple as Nextflix or Amazon’s subscription plan.

graphy- Graphy Vs LifterLMS

You can set up a name, value, and validity to the course – for example, if you want the course to be valid for 90 days and require it to expire thereafter, you can do so too. Plus, if the listed price is for example – supposed to be INR2000 and the final payment is INR1800, it will show as 10% off for the student.

All GST and taxes are inbuilt as features. 

When a student purchases your course you can give them cashback valid up to whatever limits you want.

It is very similar to Paytm or Ola Money cashback. So here, according to the example, the student will get INR180 cashback if he/she purchases it for INR 1800 – which will be valid for 50 days.

If within this time frame they are purchasing any other course they can use these coins to do so. 

So, all in all, Graphy is not just beneficial for your business, it is an interesting portal to work with as well. 

What is LifterLMS? 

LifterLMS is a WordPress plugin that enables the creation of an LMS (learning management system) through which online courses may be delivered.

It may be used in conjunction with an existing WordPress theme or integrated into a new one, and it enables you to construct an online learning portal.

lifterlms- Graphy Vs LifterLMS


The main plugin is free, while add-ons start at $99. It’s simpler than ever to become the next Udemy! LifterLMS is a learning management system built on a core plugin.

Additionally, it enables premium addons like payment gateways, content leaking, paywalls, and assignments.

Major Features and Benefits of Graphy

Graphy provides the following features in short – website, applications (android + ios completely white-labeled), CMS, LMS, eCommerce, payment gateway, live classes, engagement, and marketing tools.

Any content creator can create a website very easily on the platform, if required they also make mobile applications.

The process to create courses in various forms is seamless and you can sell them at your desired rate. It has downloadable PDFs. 

1. Unique feature:

Drip content with content scheduling. You can schedule a course as per the joining date or on a date of your choice. 

2. White Labeling:

 Complete white labeling of a customer’s brand. 

3. Integrated payment gateways :

Graphy does not charge any revenue sharing from our customers. They are a simple subscription-based model, money will go directly to the content creator’s bank account through the payment gateway chosen.

4. Security:

They do not allow anyone to pirate the content through their Content Protection and Encryption feature (Digital Rights Management).

They break the video into multiple parts and provide an alphanumeric key that protects it and can only be unlocked by them. Graphy does not even keep the raw files with them – meaning even they cannot download them.

Through their Dynamic Watermarking feature, they ensure that nobody has permission to record the screen while a teacher is teaching.

Even if someone tries to do it then the person’s email address and phone number along with the company’s URL will be displayed.

This means the watermark will be blinking on the screen.

So, if someone leaks the video, he/she will be leaking their personal information. Device Restriction is another feature that should be highlighted.

This feature enables you as an educator to decide if you want your learners to limit the number of devices to access the course.

For example, if only two devices are registered like laptop and mobile – no other devices will be allowed to access the course.

Also, out of the multiple devices that are allowed to access – only one works at a time.

The mobile apps, on the other hand,  are also completely secured which means it does not allow screen recording, screenshots, screencasting, and does not work on emulators as well.

It also offers Secure Offline Downloads – if you want, you can allow your students to download the courses. 

5. Quizzes:

Both subjective and objective (MCQ as well) quizzes are available on Graphy. Generate a random quiz from your question bank to assess your learner’s comprehension of ideas. 

6. Live Test:

This is a kind of quiz that occurs in a specific time interval. It can be a time-bound one where you can witness it Live as an educator.  

7. Live classes

 Here Graphy gives a paid license of zoom from their end to the creators to conduct sessions. You can also integrate your YouTube channel to take live classes here.  

8. Assignments:

Here, as an educator, you can ask your students to upload something from their end.

For example, if there is an assignment on extempore, the students can upload a video of them speaking via which you can evaluate them. 

9. Forms:

You can make google forms to collect information. You may create them to gather data or feedback. Simply click “Forms” and add a heading.

On the next page, begin by adding fields from right to left and then your questions.

Multiple Choice Questions may be created using the Checkbox Group. When you want a detailed response/reply/review from your learners, the paragraph field may be utilized.

10. Blogs:

This will help you improve the SEO of your site and google rankings. 

graphy features

11. Promo Codes:

If you want to offer discounts on special occasions or festivals to improve business, this is what you use. You may create as many codes as required for specific packages or any course and suggest them on the checkout pages.

12. Certificate Creation and Issuance:

One of the finest benefits of Graphy is that it can automatically give certificates to students based on your specifications.

Although there is a default template for issuing certificates to your students, you may customize the style and terms under the “Certificates Section.”

13. Materials:

You may begin uploading the course’s video material in the sequence specified in the course’s finalized curriculum.

According to Graphy, all videos are encrypted and not downloadable. Additionally, you may embed videos by uploading them to YouTube or Vimeo.

Major Features and Benefits of LifterLMS

Here are the features of LifterLMS:

1. Enhance Your Online Courses Using Video Content:

Video material is one of the most effective methods for capturing students’ attention and increasing learning retention.

Additionally, it gives your courses a more professional appearance, which may result in increased enrollments, positive evaluations, and higher success rates for sales pitches or other marketing exercises using your course content.

LifterLMS’s video content plugin enables you to produce and share video material with your students, allowing you to educate in a more dynamic, visual manner.

2. Payment Feature Add-Ons:

Additionally, LifterLMS provides a variety of payment add-ons that are meant to help you earn more money.

These features include a pricing table for selling items or services in packages and bundles; and a course expiry feature that prevents learners from enrolling in your course once they have finished it.

They will have a designated time to address all of their concerns and troubleshooting problems; a free trial, during which you may give a limited time for viewing your course before making a purchase choice.

3. Memberships for Multiple Courses are Available:

LifterLMS has a variety of features that distinguish it from other Learning Management Systems and enable you to provide what your learners need.

LifterLMS enables you to build a learner subscription that may be used across many courses.

4. Enhance Your Course’s Content:

You may add material to your course using the drag-and-drop course builder, as well as the LMS system’s Elementor and live editors.

Simply drag a material from LifterLMS’s library into your course or section.

lifterlms features

Features Verdict– Graphy vs LifterLMS

As you can see, the features of both these platforms are pretty competitive and it is hard to compare between them and choose a winner.

However, when we compared the user reviews, we found that Graphy is better than LifterLMS. 

Why? Let’s give you some more insight!

Questions/Queries that you as creator might ask/have 

  • The student should not be able to skip anything and the course should follow the manner in which I have defined it. The course might not achieve its full potential if they skip and students might not benefit from it, which might have a negative impact on me as an educator. 
  • I also want to set up some criteria that the student should watch a particular video – a sort of course compliance 
  • I don’t want the student to go through everything – a PDF or just content that I have added should be essential 

Solution for the queries 

  • You can go to the Rules section and click on Enforce Sequential Learning. This feature ensures that the student is completing a particular video or marking it as completed and then only is able to move ahead. Students cannot directly jump to any later video. 
  • If you want your students to view the complete video so that they can get the gist of it for better understanding. You can simply click on the Enforce Complete Video Viewing for which they will have to watch 90% of the video no matter what  
  • Again you can go to Prerequisites and unable it – the students will automatically have read what you have uploaded, be it a PDF or text

So now you know why we can say that Graphy is the clear winner here.

Graphy vs LifterLMS Pricing Comparison:

Here is a pricing comparison between Graphy vs LifterLMS. Let’s find out which is more cost-effective:

Graphy Pricing

They have 3 pricing plans to offer –

  • Basic: This will cost you $ 49 per month and $ 539 per year.
  • Business: This will cost you $ 169 per month and $ 1859 per year.
  • Advanced: This will cost you $ 299 per month and $ 3289 per year.

graphy price- Graphy vs Podia



LifterLMS Pricing

They have 1 individual and 2 bundle plans to offer –

  • Individual Add-ons ($ 120+ per year): Get your online course website up and running with the main LifterLMS plugin and a payment gateway or individual add-on of your choosing.
  •  Universe Bundle ($ 360 per year): Enhance your online course website’s passive income potential with passive income eCommerce, attractive design, marketing technology, and scaling automation solutions.

lifterlms price- Graphy vs LifterLMS

  • Infinity Bundle ($ 1200 per year): Increase student engagement and transformation potential with sophisticated features utilized by the top instructors, experts, and coaches in your immersive training programs.

Pricing Verdict – Graphy Vs LifterLMS

As you can see, the pricing methods of both these platforms are a little different than each other.

One thing I liked about the pricing structure of Graphy is it is beginner-friendly, i.e. for those who want to try it once.

However, LifterLMS is not. On the other hand, the bundles of LifterLMS are cheaper than the higher pricy plans of Graphy. 

However, the number of features that you get on Graphy is incomparable.

Its attributes are applicable to both beginners and pro content creators. Nowhere will you get such benefits at such an affordable price. 

Graphy Vs LifterLMS– Pros And Cons

Here are the pros & cons:

Graphy Pros

  • Create white-labeled native Android and iOS applications.
  • You may also host your courses on your personalized domain
  • Payment Gateways Integrated for Seamless Transactions
  • Make your course more interesting by using a variety of material forms (Video, Audio, PDF, Quiz, SCORM, Forms, and Assignments).
  • A No-Code, Drag-and-Drop Website Builder That Is Simple to Use
  • You may easily create affiliate programs to enable your followers or pupils to earn money as your affiliate
  • There are no transaction costs in any of the plans, it is a simple subscription-based model
  • Graphy is one of the more affordable platforms, in comparison to Teachable and Thinkific as well as LifterLMS, ones that provide very restricted capabilities in their free subscriptions
  • All pricing options include an unlimited number of courses, students, quizzes, and learners
  • Simple User Interface and User Experience, Easy to Learn and Use
  • Unlimited bandwidth with Graphy 

LifterLMS Pros

  • Numerous integrations and capabilities
  • It’s simple to create an overview for the course and add material.
  • The courses seem to be rather great.
  • You can keep clients on your website longer, which improves their user experience.
  • Positive evaluations have a monopoly.

Graphy Cons

  • Graphy has innumerable features to help content creators leverage their business. However, it might get overwhelming for beginners to navigate through the platform without a Demo or a relationship manager. 

LifterLMS Cons

  • Not compatible with any other content management system other than WordPress
  • They’ve altered the price, and as a result, customers who were previously aware of their cheaper cost sometimes get enraged.
  • Costlier than some other options

Quick Links:

FAQs About Graphy vs LifterLMS 2024

Is Graphy an effective platform?

Graphy is an excellent online platform for launching and growing your courses! It includes all of the standard features, such as unlimited courses and users, scheduling, and a payment method. However, allow me to concentrate on the marketing aspect. One of the additional benefits is the option to create a landing page for each course. It has Mobile ready UI, easy website builder at an affordable price.

Is LifterLMS a decent product?

LifterLMS is an outstanding course plugin that functions well. It has all of the features you'd expect from a course builder, and then some. You will need to purchase a payment gateway to sell your courses, but if that is OK with you, this is a wonderful choice.

Who are the usual Graphy users?

Graphy's regular clientele include the following - Freelancers, large corporations, mid-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, and small businesses and most importantly anybody and everybody who wants to create a business as an online EDUCATOR.

Is there an API available from Graphy?

Yes, Graphy does provide an API that can be used.

Is LifterLMS compatible with Elementor?

Indeed, it does. Lifter Elements enables you to use Elementor to customize your WordPress learning management system website with LifterLMS. Lifter Elements extends the visual editing and theme-building capabilities of Elementor to your LifterLMS courses.

Graphy vs LifterLMS Final Verdict: Which Is Better? 

As you can see, both the platforms are adept, and it was a close call but the better choice out of the two is Graphy.

You can host unlimited Live classes and webinars with Graphy.

As an educator, I think nothing can be more attractive than this! Please let us know in the comment section whether you liked it or not.




As you can see, both the platforms are adept, and it was a close call but the better choice out of the two is Graphy

Price:$ 49
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