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In a word, GoHighLevel is a customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing platform that enables marketing agencies and enterprises to acquire a

Kajabi is a marketing and content delivery platform best to content based products

  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Landing Pages and Form Builder
  • Messaging & Chatbot
  • No knowledge of coding required
  • 100+ templates available
  • Gives full control over all page elements
  • Allows you to establish an infinite number of sub-accounts, and its software is white-labeled.
  • Marketing automation that is very sophisticated and integrated
  • Integrated sales funnel
  • Integrated email marketing solutions
  • There is currently no native PayPal connectivity (you have to use Zapier).
  • There is no free option
Ease of Use

GoHighLevel consolidates all of those resources into one simple-to-use platform.

Kajabi integrates with many platforms as well and it is really easy to use.

Value For Money

if you’re looking for a platform to manage your agency, GoHighLevel is an excellent option.

There is no free option, and the costs are somewhat more than those of comparable sites.

Customer Support

Customer support available: Email/Help Desk FAQs/Forum Knowledge Base

Most of their customer Support reviews are positive.

Looking for a comparison between GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi?  We got you covered.

As a marketer, you understand how critical platform selection is to your success. You also recognize that there are several possibilities and that making a choice might be difficult.

You will often hear about two platforms: Go High Level and Kajabi. You may be unsure which platform is best for your company, but this article will assist you in deciding by evaluating the advantages of each

We’ll examine two well-known marketing platforms: Go High Level and Kajabi. We’ll compare their price, features, and customer service to help you choose which is the best fit for your organization.

What Is a Marketing Platform & Why Use It?

A marketing platform is a sort of software that enables you to manage all of your marketing activities in one location, including your website, marketing campaigns, email list, and other marketing initiatives.

There are several platform types available on the market, each with unique features tailored to marketers of varying degrees of expertise.

Typically, these platforms are cloud-based, which means they can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

These may assist you in saving time, increasing productivity, and streamlining your marketing activities. Numerous platforms provide both free and paid services, however, some demand payment to access all platform features.

Marketers use platforms to simplify their tasks. These tools enable you to quickly and easily construct stunning, efficient landing pages and sales funnels without the assistance of a developer or web designer.

Additionally, marketers may have access to other capabilities such as automation tools and communicating with their audience through live chats, social media feeds, and more by using a marketing platform.

However, the primary reason marketers utilize marketing platforms is to simplify campaign management and lead generation. With the stroke of a button, you can easily develop landing pages and sales funnels, saving you time and money on sophisticated code or costly web designers.

Additionally, you can manage all of your marketing initiatives in one location, which means less clutter in your office and more time for content creation and engagement.

What Is GoHighLevel?

Shaun Clark and Varun Vairavan established Go High Level in April 2018. It has expanded to over 1800 marketing firms and almost 50,000 customer accounts!

Go High Level was created to alleviate the time and stress associated with converting leads for customers. It allows agencies to establish automatic follow-up campaigns, landing sites, survey forms, scheduling, and cold outreach campaigns in a matter of minutes.

Consider the combination of  Google Sheets, Woodpecker, Calendly, ActiveCampaign, and Click Funnels

Go High Level gives new customers access to a library of pre-built sales funnels, landing page templates, and automated SMS and email follow-up campaigns.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi GoHighLevel

Attorneys, chiropractors, dentists, and pest control are all pre-made examples. This simplifies the process of replicating campaigns for new customers and, more crucially, makes it outsourceable to your VA.

Additionally, the Go High-Level assistance is the greatest I’ve encountered. They have an outstanding knowledge library (complete with videos), a nearly 4,000-member Facebook group, a quick-response live chat, and will even hop on Zoom sessions if you want more in-depth support!

For More Information check out my GoHighLevel Review.

What Is Kajabi?

Kenny Rueter and Travis Rosser established Kajabi. It is a very effective software application for anybody interested in monetizing their expertise via the creation and sale of digital items such as online courses and membership programs.

Kajabi offers a robust feature set (described in further detail below), and in addition to developing online courses, it can also be used to create marketing emails, various sorts of membership sites, checkout pages, and landing pages.

It includes all the tools you’re likely to need to personalize your site to fulfill the specific purpose you’re after.


Indeed, you may use it to construct and administer your complete website, including your email list.

Kajabi enables you to include a variety of payment methods, as well as automated marketing tools and procedures, on your website.

All of this is in a single application. This distinguishes it from competitors like Teachable or Thinkific, which lack the flexibility to construct your website and manage sophisticated advertising and marketing strategies.

Kajabi provides design and advertising possibilities that are simply superior to those offered by other online course platforms, and as a result, we believe it will best fit your requirements, regardless of what they are.

Major Benefits of GoHighLevel

Here are the benefits of gohighlevel:

1. Mobile Application:

Go High Level does not have a mobile application, but it does have a mobile application that enables you to use some of the features of Go High Level on your phone. You have the option of using the desktop or mobile mode. You may view your dashboard in either desktop or mobile mode.

The distinction between High Level CRM and its competitors is that it supports more complicated activities.

2. Reputation Management:

High Level’s reputation management strategy is based on social evidence. As a marketer, you are aware of the importance of social proof in business. Each review affects your business’s reputation.

By enabling you to contact your customers and request a “Review request,” Fiverr makes it simple for them to post a review about you on the platform of your choice.

Customers may be provided a link to your Google My Business profile along with the URL of your business.

3. Online and Offline Appointment Tools:

Go High Level’s booking and appointment tools may be quite beneficial if you work with a large number of customers and want to stay on top of your game! Go High Level offers a calendar plug-in for your business or website that enables customers to schedule your services.

The booking and appointment feature is perfect for businesses that wish to encourage customers to schedule a consultation with them.

From the Settings dashboard, you can build a calendar and integrate it into your funnel. High Level has a Scheduling dashboard, which dynamically updates when reservations are made on your funnel.

4. Membership Sites:

Go High Level offers membership sites for providers of online courses in an attempt to serve as a one-stop-shop for marketers.

If you’re a course creator who runs a membership site, you can migrate it to Go High Level. You may use Go High Level to build membership websites to sell premium stuff.

At first sight, the dashboard seems to be relatively basic, yet the impact was quite similar to Teachable.

While the dashboard is straightforward, the results are equal to those offered by premium course platforms.

5. Marketing Automation Tool:

High Level elevates marketing automation to new heights. High Level’s most alluring feature is its advanced automation.

It’s both exciting and fascinating to be able to mix different providers and run an integrated marketing campaign without changing tools.

A basic example of marketing automation at a high level is connecting High Level CRM, other features, and the Go High Level dashboard, which includes SMS and email marketing. This is the primary benefit of Go High Level

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi Marketing Automation gohighlevel

Going native would require you to run your marketing campaign using several technologies independently, with maybe two or three providers being able to link.

On the other side, Go High Level consolidates all services into a single dashboard. To begin, marketing automation on a high level enables you to design and execute marketing campaigns.

6. SMS Marketing:

How about stepping up your marketing efforts? That is why High Level is optimized for it.

SMS marketing is a regular element of High Level’s platform. Using SMS marketing, the High Level SMS dashboard enables you to monitor and nurture your clientele.

You may use High Level to send and receive text messages, as well as to record and analyze them.

From your High Level dashboard, you can generate and send text messages to all of your customers. It has a visual text editor that displays a preview of your text message on the right-hand side of the screen inside a mobile phone frame.

It watches your phone’s contact list and sends a text message on your behalf to all of your contacts. Additionally, it keeps track of everything that occurs.

7. Email Marketing:

What is included inside the box? Go High Level enables you to create a list, launch an email campaign, and automate your lead nurturing process. Beginning with the fundamentals, Go High Level enables you to produce visually attractive emails for your marketing campaign.

It enables the creation, customization, and publication of email templates. While there are just five pre-defined email templates, the Go High Level email builder is user-friendly, so building your own should be uncomplicated. It has a visual editor that makes it simple to generate and send emails.

You may choose the layout style that you like. Additionally, it enables you to include a footer in your email and code it (if you’re comfortable with codes). That is only the beginning.

The primary aspect of the application is its capabilities, which include complex settings such as smart lists and email marketing campaigns.

Smart lists enable you to segment your email list for more targeted marketing. Segmentation and tagging of email lists are words that are used in native email automation software. By establishing smart lists, you can increase the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.

8. CRM and pipeline management tool:

The platform is most well-known for its enterprise-level CRM capabilities. And it’s one of how Go High Level differentiates itself from the competitors.

Many sales funnel builders and email marketing platforms do not include customer relationship management software.

While High Level’s dashboard does not have a CRM function, it does include unique capabilities that enable you to manage and nurture your customers, which is the goal in and of itself.

What’s more intriguing is that Go High Level offers an industry-leading CRM solution.

High Level CRM enables you to manage prospects and keep track of your leads, customers, and conversions.

High Level integrates with other tools you may already be using to make it simpler to track prospects as they advance through the sales funnel. Your High Level dashboard does not have a CRM component. Alternatively, go to the Opportunities dashboard.

Major Benefits of Kajabi

Here are the benefits of kajabi:

1. Fosters An Enthusiastic Community:

This Kajabi function is more of an add-on that has no impact on your overall user experience. The platform has meetings for its subscribers at regular intervals, which you may attend to interact with other active members and learn how they are growing their businesses using this platform.

Kajabi features

Additionally, a newcomer may get critical information on maximizing the use of Kajabi’s resources.

2. Ease Of Creation And Promotion Of Live Events/Webinars:

Although it is a minor aspect of product development, Kajabi’s excellent services deserve recognition. It integrates with Zoom, the world’s most popular online meeting platform. It works flawlessly for Kajabi’s users that want to host live webinars for their consumers.

3. Immediate Product Creation:

Kajabi’s in-built templates relieve users of the trouble of coding and other programming methods. With its ready-to-use capabilities, businesses may launch their course development immediately.

Additionally, you may easily personalize each component by adding or eliminating relevant items from the course.

4. Proper Video Streaming Capabilities:

Wistia, a popular and useful solution for this purpose, is used to host videos in Kajabi. It is a fully integrated technology that works flawlessly for video streaming of course material regardless of the screen or bandwidth utilized by students. Additionally, it simplifies the process of uploading files and saves you considerable time.

Wistia provides completely secure video hosting and streaming without the need to purchase an additional license.

For example, a Wistia license costs roughly $ 99; so, buying Kajabi’s basic plan for $ 119 is not a terrible investment. Additionally, as mentioned before, this package includes extra benefits.

5. Blogging Tools:

Another effective marketing strategy is to establish a blog in which you can discuss your courses and how they might assist your students in the long run. This feature works to your advantage in terms of increasing your target audience.

Kajabi’s blogging component has significantly developed over time, and although it still lacks interaction with WordPress, it is considered superior to equivalent capabilities given by competing platforms.

6. Uniquely Designed Templates:

Kajabi provides a selection of themes that are current, trendy, and professional in appearance. These templates are critical for developing SEO-friendly sales pages.

Additionally, you may experiment with commercial themes available on the market to construct a Kajabi-focused website if you dislike the platform’s built-in layouts.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi kajabi checkout page

7. Made To Sell:

Kajabi’s excellent sales marketing funnels and sales pages are critical for maximizing the sales of your digital items. It is based on the notion of increasing the conversion rate of visitors into loyal consumers.

Additionally, all of the labor associated with email marketing campaigns is performed automatically by Kajabi’s automated systems, saving you significant time.

The greatest feature of Kajabi, which other comparable platforms often lack, is that it has tools for every operation; hence, it does not need interaction with third-party applications and tools to perform well.

Entrepreneurs have been aided by the email marketing campaign, which was launched in 2020. They can simply and rapidly create an eye-catching and dynamic email list campaign. These incredible marketing capabilities set Kajabi apart from other comparable services.

Go High Level Vs Kajabi: Community Support 

A community of users is an intriguing addition to consider since it enables you to connect and communicate with like-minded individuals, network, and even get feedback on your ideas.

Go High Level offers a global client base, which means you may quickly connect with people who use the site and ask questions if necessary. Additionally, you may connect with them to broaden your network and exchange ideas.

Kajabi, like Go High Level, offers a community of users that provide help, discuss ideas, and so on, although it’s significantly less active.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi: Customer Support 

Client support is crucial because you want to ensure that you can obtain help quickly if you need it as a customer.

Go High Level provides a variety of help alternatives, including email, 24/7 customer service for customers worldwide, and an online chat option for fast live assistance.

Additionally, Kajabi provides email and live chat assistance, and based on user ratings, their support crew is responsive.

Pricing Comparison: GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi

GoHighLevel Pricing

1. Agency Starter Account:

The GoHighLevel Agency Starter Account is the firm’s entry-level marketing agency plan. Monthly fees for the Agency Starter account are $ 97.

The agency basic account has all of the features. Additionally, it includes Twilio, an application that enables you to link your API and allow two-way messaging. Integration with Mailgun is also included with the Agency beginning account.

Agency Starter Account

Finally, you may only establish one agency account for yourself. As a consequence, you may open accounts for other agencies or customers that do business via an agency. It’s a single account that you may use to manage both your own business and the business of other agencies or clients.

2. Agency Unlimited Account:

The Agency Unlimited account is a subscription package designed for large businesses that want to establish a unique agency account for each of their clients. Monthly fees for the Agency unlimited account are $ 297.

It includes all of the capabilities included in the Agency beginning account, as well as an unlimited number of sub-accounts and a custom desktop application.

Agency Unlimited Account

With the branded desktop software, you may brand the application with your bespoke agency domain name. Rather than visiting Go High Level, your customers will be able to access their dashboard using their personalized domain.

Additionally, they may be presented with customized Whitelabel reports.

3. White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade:

This is High Level’s most costly plan. It is to High Level’s credit that it allows for such a great degree of customization and flexibility.

As implied by the name, it provides a Whitelabel mobile application with your company’s logo that allows your customers to track the efficacy of their marketing services.

Go High Level White Label Option gohighlevel pricing

Additionally, the High Level team will create a custom Zapier for your business, tailoring it to your specific requirements.

You may purchase this plan as a stand-alone service for $ 6.95 per month. This is not a stand-alone solution; you must have an Agency Unlimited membership to use it.

This upgrade costs an extra $ 497 per month for individuals with six or seven figures in sales.

Kajabi Pricing

You may think Kajabi to be a little pricey, but in all honesty, it’s the greatest value for money to receive all of these premium features. Additionally, the variety of programs will assist you in making the best decisions for your organization.

Their basic plan is around $ 119 per month, while their pro plan is $ 319 per month. Additionally, choosing the yearly payment arrangement may save you 20 % of your money. Here, I’ll go into further depth about each plan to help you choose which one best suits your needs and budget.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi Kajabi Pricing review

1. Basic Plan:

If you choose the monthly payment option, this plan will cost you $ 149. However, you may save 20 % by making a yearly payment of $ 119 each month.

This approach includes three distinct courses or digital goods, each with its marketing funnel. Additionally, this package includes infinite landing pages, access to email marketing tools, housing for 1000 students, a single administrator, and a single website.

2. Growth Plan:

The second Kajabi plan costs around $ 159 per month if paid annually. Monthly subscribers will pay around $ 199.

This strategy provides for the marketing of 15 goods and their pipeline. It supports around 10,000 active users, provides access to a single website, and allows for approximately ten administrators.

3. Pro Plan:

The Pro Kajabi package costs $ 319 per month for yearly subscribers and roughly $ 399 per month for monthly subscribers. It is capable of supporting up to 100 courses and 100 distinct pipelines for each course. Additionally, this package includes three websites, twenty-five administrators, twenty-five thousand active users, and two million e-commerce emails.

The package does not stop there; it also includes an infinite number of sales pages, affiliates, template editors, and automated tools.

Pricing Verdict

Price is a vital issue to consider when selecting a marketing platform since you don’t want to pay too much without sacrificing essential capabilities.

Customers have two choices with Go High Level: the Agency Started Account, which costs $ 97 per month, or the Agency Unlimited Account, which costs $ 297 per month. Additionally, for an extra $ 497 per month on top of your selected package, it offers a White Labeled Mobile App and a Custom Zap Upgrade.

On the other hand, Kajabi provides three subscription plans: the Basic plan, which costs $ 119 per month, the Growth Plan, which costs $ 159 per month, and the Pro plan, which costs $ 319 per month.

Given that Go High Level provides more capabilities in addition to its plans, I would argue that it is superior because you will be able to acquire all you need on one platform along with additional possibilities.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi: Ease of Migration

Ease of migration is also a consideration, as you do not want to spend an excessive amount of time transferring from one platform or website to another.

Go High Level’s migration procedure is simple and uncomplicated, so there will be no issues if you wish to move platforms in the future. Additionally, it supports people who want assistance with migration to this platform.

Additionally, because of Kajabi’s ease of use, the migration procedure is simple and fast. Additionally, it assists people experiencing difficulty adjusting to utilizing their system.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi: User Interaction

Ascertain that you can communicate with prospects and customers, as well as the platform itself, to ask questions and get feedback from customer support.

To this end, I would say that both platforms offer a fantastic customer support department that can assist you with any difficulties or queries that may occur, but Go High Level has the advantage since its customer care staff is accessible 24/7 to assist you.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi: Integration

Integration is a critical aspect that determines whether or not a platform is compatible with other tools you use, so ensure that it interfaces with the other systems you use.

Go High Level interacts with websites, allowing you simple management of emails and content across several platforms.

Additionally, Kajabi integrates seamlessly with third-party platforms like Clickfunnels, Kartra, and Infusionsoft. This streamlines the process of managing contacts, content, and follow-ups across many platforms.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi: Ease of Use 

As a marketer, you should opt for a platform that is simple to use so that you can quickly grasp its capabilities and begin selling your brand.

Go High Level’s interface is straightforward, making it simple to explore and understand how everything works. It is straightforward to understand, with several training alternatives available to assist you in getting started.

On the other hand, Kajabi is quite simple to use and provides an equal amount of training and tutorials to assist you in understanding its capabilities. Thus, I can state that all systems are equally simple to use.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi: Marketing Automation 

Marketing automation is critical to every marketing plan since it saves time, generates revenue, and raises the return on investment

Go High Level has many tools that automate the process of publishing information to social media, delivering newsletters, pop-ups, follow-ups, and more

Kajabi, like Go High Level, provides marketing automation solutions but is quite restricted in several areas.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi: Customization

Marketing platforms must be adjustable in terms of content and settings since this allows marketers to customize their websites and opt-in forms to maximize conversions.

Kajabi enables you to create your layouts and visuals rather than relying on pre-designed templates. You may choose from a variety of fonts, colors, and layouts to ensure that your website looks both professional and representative of the brand you want to promote.

On the other side, Go High Level delivers pre-designed templates. These themes were created with marketing in mind and ensure that your website is optimized for conversions. They may, however, seem too “cookie-cutter” for those marketers seeking a more customized design.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi: Analytics 

Analytics is a critical element of marketing platforms since it enables marketers to determine which material is effective for their audience and which is ineffective.

Go High Level’s analytics function is integrated with Google Analytics, which provides detailed information about your website’s traffic, such as location, time spent on site, bounce rate, keywords, and how sources interact with your website’s pages.

Unfortunately, Kajabi lacks an analytics tool, since the platform is more akin to an e-commerce site than a genuine marketing automation platform.

FAQs On GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi 2024:

Why should I use Kajabi?

Kajabi combines all of your needs into one platform, allowing you to not only design and sell stunning online courses, but also manage your whole company. You may use Kajabi to create and sell a variety of digital items, including online courses, membership sites, and downloaded material.

Who created Go High Level?

Shaun Clark founded Go High Level, which provides agencies with everything they need to manage their clients' leads, websites, funnels, calendars, and a variety of other services.

What is GHL Go High Level?

Go High Level is a full-featured agency platform. The Platform has a fully-featured Page Builder for lead capture. Our user-friendly platform enables you to construct fully functional websites complete with personalized menus.

When was go high level founded?

High Level was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Dallas. Its objective is to assist agencies in reducing churn while also assisting their clients in growing. High Level presently services over 15,000 marketing firms worldwide, which together represent over 300,000 small companies.

What is Go High Level CRM?

Go High Level is a customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation tool created specifically for marketing companies.

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Final Verdict: GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi

Any company needs a marketing platform since it enables you to reach more customers and sell your goods or services.

Go High Level provides everything you need to successfully promote your company and establish an online presence. You may easily get started by selecting one of their two plans, each of which has unique features tailored to the sort of marketing approach you want to use.

Additionally, Kajabi provides effective marketing tools for your company and offers three pricing tiers. It’s an excellent pick for individuals seeking more functionality at a somewhat higher price point.

It is essential to examine the aforementioned elements when selecting a marketing platform for your company to guarantee that you receive everything you need in one place.

This considerably saves time and money, as you will no longer be required to look for solutions distributed across several platforms.

Both systems are useful marketing tools depending on your objectives, however, Go High Level is the superior platform overall based on the several variables I considered when comparing both platforms.

Go High Level provides a range of options that are available across all levels – from a White Labeled Mobile App to a Custom Zap Upgrade.

Additionally, it offers 24/7 customer assistance, which Kajabi does as well. Additionally, it has a vibrant community, which is always beneficial.

Additionally, it provides cheap subscriptions for a variety of features and tools, so you won’t have to worry about overspending. As a result of these considerations, I believe that Go High Level is a superior marketing platform to Kajabi.

I hope this information aided you in making the best marketing platform selection for your organization.

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