GetResponse vs Aweber: Which is better to Opt ?

We all know email listing is a great way of growing your business as an internet marketer.  It is a great way to convert your website visitors into clients. And helps you develop a long term relationship with your subscribers, generate resale. But it is nearly impossible to sit in front of the computer and reply to every mail you get.  Email listing is one of the most important things but frankly we cannot spend all our time in just replying to every email we get.


We will end up losing everything and all our clients.  This is where Autoresponders come in handy. They will do all the work for you when it comes to Email marketing. Autoresponder is a computer program which automatically answers all the email Sent to you. Autoresponders also takes cares of your marketing need as it immediately provide information to your potential client. It is a very popular tool among internet marketers.

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Read more to find out who won GetResponse vs Aweber

GetResponse vs Aweber

there are thousands of autoresponders available in the market. And most of them are not able to live up to the promises they make. Lot of newbie go through this and end up spending money on bogus autoresponders.

That is why today I am going to tell you about two most famous autoresponders present in the market today Aweber and GetResponse.  I am going to tell you about various features of these leading Email marketing tools and compare their performance.  So let’s see who is going to win GetResponse vs   Aweber



I have always preferred AWEBER’s templates over GetResponse . Not only they are more in number (600) but they are also better in looking. Aweber has 4 types of template design inline, pop up, pop over and light box. This saves a lot of time when it comes to editing and creating templates. Aweber’s templates look more professional, appealing and can be used in various varieties of marketing tactics.

But recently GetResponse surpassed Aweber as they added an excellent feature in which templates were edited automatically according to the device used. Realising the popularity of this responsive feature in GetResponse, Aweber included this feature recently.

Landing Page

Creating a landing page is a big deal. As your landing page helps you to gather data and create your potential client list. When it comes to creating landing page, GetResponse is the ultimate dominator.  Its impeccable landing page creator tool which contains more than 100 templates will help you make an impressive landing page. Its drag and drop editor makes all the work very easy and simple to do.

Aweber will also let you do similar things but with Aweber the process is complex also it is going to cost you more, which is a huge setback.

Creating a Newsletter


If you are creating a newsletter for your mailing list using Aweber then it will be done some. All you got to do is choose templates from the list. Enter your content and done. Aweber has a spam score version which analyzes your newsletter on the basis of number of images; links and words used, and let you know if it will land in Inbox of receiver or spam folder. This feature is a big asset for everyone. You can also schedule the emails to go out. Just set the time and date and email will be sent.


GetResponse beats Aweber when it comes to creating a newsletter. You can either choose from the readymade templates, modify them or you can create your own template using the drag and drop feature which will help you add a personal touch in your newsletter. One of the best features of GetResponse is testing and preview. It helps you see how your newsletter will look on different operating devices and on different devices and browsers.


aweber mail dashboard
And that’s not it there is one more revolutionary feature called time travel. This will help you schedule the newsletter to be sent according to the local time of receiver. This feature will increase your success rate remarkably.

Drag and Drop Editor

Getresponse is the ultimate winner when it comes to drag and drop feature.  Getresponse is majorly based on drag and drop editing feature, and developers have made sure to keep this feature interactive and as simple as they can. You can take the existing templates and edit and modify it according to your taste and need.

Whereas aweber is bit complex and slow when compared to Getresponse. It will take time to get used to the interface of drag and drop feature. It is advised that if you are using the drag and drop feature of aweber then use it on a blank templates as their readymade templates are very nicely done.



Pricing is one of the most important factors. And GetResponse definitely kicks Aweber’s butt when it comes to pricing. Using mailing list of 1000 email addresses will cost you only 15$ with GetResponse whereas with Aweber it will cost you 29$.  If you opt for yearly package you will get discounts, GetResponse will give you 18% whereas Aweber will give you 15%.



GetResponse offers 30 day free trial in which you can give this tool a shot and decide if this tool is for you or not. Aweber will cost you 1$ to use it for a month. GetResponse will not ask you for your credit card details.

Customer Support

A good customer service is the backbone of every business. Without a good customer service you cannot expect growth in business. GetResponse and Aweber both offer phone, live chat and email support. GetResponse has 24 hours live chat support which is a good thing, if you are stuck with some issue and need immediate help you can always count on chat support. Aweber’s live chat support is available from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM on weekdays. Time duration of email support has not been mentioned by GetResponse as well as Aweber.

Aweber has toll free phone service but only for US callers, which is a good thing if you have too many issues.

AWeber testimonials GetResponse testimonials

Summary of features with a helpful comparison table

Both platforms have a ample set of features (particularly GetResponse).

We’ve already taken a look at how they both shape up in terms of pricing; let’s take a look at how they shape up in terms of overall features.

  GetResponse AWeber
Number of emails Unlimited Unlimited
Email templates 600+ 500+
Drag and drop message builder Yes Yes
Form builder Yes Yes
Time-based auto responder Yes Yes
Action based auto responder Yes No
Detailed analytics Yes Yes
Split testing Yes Yes
Contact management Yes Yes
List automation Yes Yes
Goal/sales tracking Yes Yes
Email reports Yes No
Responsive emails Yes Yes
Social integration Yes Yes
Image hosting Yes Yes
Photo gallery Yes No
RSS to email Yes Yes
Mobile app Yes No
Landing pages Yes ($15/month extra) No
Surveys Yes No
QR code generator Yes No
  Sign up for GetResponse Sign up for AWeber

The final scores

Count all of the sections up and mention criteria early on in the post.

Criteria GetResponse or AWeber?
Ease of setup AWeber
Email templates Draw
Message builder GetResponse
Auto responder GetResponse
Split testing GetResponse
Analytics GetResponse
Automation rules Draw
Integrations with other platforms Draw
Delivery rates Draw
Pricing GetResponse
Overall ease of use GetResponse
Support AWeber

The final verdict

AWeber has a solid platform that, for the most part, is straight forward to use but there are key elements that are more time consuming than they need to be.

On the other hand, GetResponse is a bit more complicated when you start setting up your first list, but you can still find your way through it.

GetResponse has a wider range of features, particularly the action based auto responder which adds a powerful level of automation to the platform. That extra level of automation could make a big difference to your results.

When you get into the more advanced features, GetResponse seems to have integrated them into their platform better. Things like split testing are much easier to use and have advanced features.


Your next step: try each platform for yourself

Both platforms have sufficient trials. Which are well worth taking advantage of.

GetResponse has a 30 day free trial (no credit card details required), whereas AWeber has a 1 month trial that costs $1 (requires credit card details and may rebill).
Autoresponder Getresponse Tutorial

Aweber Helpful Videos:

Click here to try GetResponse free for 30 days

Click here to try AWeber using their $1 trial


They both are full of good and helpful features. Some features are easy to use in one than another. I always advise my readers to try before you buy. Getresponse and Aweber both the Email marketing giants offer trial packs. You can use Getresponse’s one month trial period for free. And if you have a dollar to spare then you can also try Aweber for a month.

It’s hard to give a final verdict and tell you which tool you should use as it depends on your business needs. The feature which you will be using most might be excellent in one and not so good in another. That’s why i will suggest you to try both the tools.

I use to recommend Getresponse over Aweber any day. But Aweber has really Step up to the game and has made it really difficult for the users to decide who won GETRESPONSE VS AWEBER war.

Pros of Getresponse:

a) 30 day free trial
b) No credit card detail required during trial period
c) Easy to use and interactive
d) Landing page creator
e) Pricing


a) Drag and Drop feature is bit slower than Aweber
b) Slow email support

Pros of Aweber:

a) Very attractive templates
b) Creating Newsletters are very easy and simple

Cons Of Aweber:

a)No free trial
b) 24 hours customer support is not there
c) Expensive

Get discount at GetResponse :

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Get Discount at Aweber: 

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