How To Get Verified On TikTok 2024: 5 Steps To Make It Happen

Wondering how to get verified on TikTok?

Verification on social media platforms is an important step for content creators.

By proving you’re the person you say you are, it gives you legitimacy on the platform.

It’s a bit harder to get the blue tick on TikTok, so it’s also a little more valuable.

You can learn how to become TikTok verified in this article.

Are you Required To Have A Certain Number of Followers To Be Verified?

There has never been an official statement about how many followers you need to become verified on TikTok.

It is possible for celebrities to get their TikTok accounts verified even if they have zero followers, simply because they are celebrities.

Several million followers are common among popular creator accounts.

Get Verified On TikTok

Though many TikTok accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers aren’t verified, the requirements seem to be more comprehensive than just how many followers you have.

Difference Between a TikTok Popular Creator And a Verified Account?

You can have one of two levels of verification on TikTok.

The blue ticks next to each user’s name are the same, but the descriptors to the right of them vary.

Verified accounts are shown with a blue checkmark in the TikTok app on iPhone.

The following is a description of each type of TikTok verified account.

Popular creator: Users that have a lot of followers, get lots of engagement on their content and follow TikTok’s rules are the easiest to get this status.

Verified account: Verified accounts are much harder to obtain and are typically given only to famous people and large organizations.

The checkmark appears next to usernames in search results and follower lists, while on TikTok profiles the verification type appears next to the checkmark.

How To Get A TikTok Verified Badge:

TikTok’s blue tick can mean some other things for content creators besides confirming their identity.

What Is A Verified Account On TikTok?

Celebrities, brands, or popular content creators are usually the only ones with verified accounts.

Blue ticks on TikTok are taken seriously since they believe that they should only be presented to accounts in danger of being copied.

Get Verified On TikTok

Rather than simply adopting a fan-created account, people prefer to follow and interact with their favorite actors.

How Does TikTok Verify Your Account?

As you know, the blue tick provides credibility to your followers, but it can also help your content gain more traction.

Since verified accounts are prioritized by TikTok’s algorithm, your content is more likely to gain traction. 

Does Verified TikTokers Get Paid?

In a sense. A TikTok verified account will increase your chances of getting sponsorships from different brands like other social media platforms.

Nevertheless, TikTok pays its verified creators nothing.

Verified TikTokers Get Paid

In spite of this, TikTok takes pride in its creator community and works more closely with them to create partnerships with brands than other platforms do.

Can You Apply For TikTok Verification?

No. Verified accounts cannot be obtained through Instagram or Twitter.

There are a few rules that TikTok requires to be considered, and you’ll learn more about them later.

Do You Need A Certain Number Of Followers To Be Verified On TikTok?

A set number of followers isn’t required to be verified.

Instead, you’ll need to increase your account’s metrics and activity.

What matters is how many TikTok followers grow on a daily basis or how long videos are viewed.

How Does Verified Accounts On TikTok Benefit You?

Having a verified account offers many benefits that you’ve already read about.

Nevertheless, here are the benefits you can expect:

  • Added authenticity: Following a verified account increases the impact of your content because followers know they’re engaging with a real person.
  • Better exposure and reach: Content that has been verified is shown to more people and more of the time, simply because the platform knows this is the content users are looking for.
  • More credibility: Followers are more likely to trust an account when they know who is behind it – again, extending its reach of it.

Get Verified On TikTok: How To Do It

There’s no known way to verify your account since TikTok hasn’t made it public.

There have, however, been quite a few examples of influencers and content creators sharing their TikTok answers online.

TikTok verifications attract a lot of scams, so be careful before reading these tips.

 The most important thing is to refrain from paying for followers on TikTok.

We won’t allow this to happen, because it violates our Terms of Service.

If you do this, you’re likely to waste hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

1. Attract More Followers Every Day

TikTok does not require a minimum number of followers to get verified, but the number of followers you gain every day is a factor that is considered.

TikTok is supposed to look for new followers at a rate of 500 to 2,000 per day, according to a few websites.

2. More Time Spent Watching

The length of time people spend watching your videos is another important metric.

Making videos people want to watch all the way through or rewatch over and over is a great way to increase the watching time.

Make videos that loop seamlessly to increase numbers.

3. Produce Engaging Content That Is Consistent

A TikTok feature you should check out is the For You Page, which curates videos that you should watch.

Engaging videos will, however, greatly increase the chances of people sharing your content with their friends via social media or even by text message.

 You have a better chance of getting verified if this happens more often.

Your videos will be more likely to be shared if you post regularly.

4. Verification Via Other Social Media

If you have verified accounts on other platforms like Instagram and Twitter, TikTok may have an easier time verifying your account.

You can opt to direct your followers on other platforms to follow you on TikTok as well, but those additional verifications do not guarantee that will be the case on TikTok.

5. Get Attention On And Off Of TikTok

Making a viral video isn’t always the best solution.

Then again, creating one video that becomes a viral hit won’t get you verified (isn’t that what we all aim for?).

The process must be repeated. Let’s not forget our lives away from TikTok.

You have a better chance of getting verified if you have local media coverage.

TikTom’s blue tick can be mistaken for additional social media influence.

This is not the case, however. If you set this as a goal, you’ll be able to focus on the content and strategy of your TikTok account.

As soon as your account becomes verified, it can benefit from added credibility and increased reach.

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Conclusion: Does TikTok Have A Crown?

In its place, a new system of account status verification has replaced the TikTok crown label.

Crowns are no longer available on your TikTok account and are being replaced by blue checkmarks along with a label indicating popular creators.

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