10+ Best Ways To Get Paid For Typing Online ⌨️ 2024

Are you looking for ways to make money online? Well, look no further than typing online. It may sound strange, but there are actually websites out there that pay you to type.

Whether it’s creating content for websites or typing captchas, these sites will give you the opportunity to earn some extra cash from the comfort of your own home.

Read on to discover our top picks of websites that offer paid typing opportunities and how they work.

Best Ways To Get Paid For Typing Online

12 Best Ways To Get Paid For Typing Online 2024

1. Southwestern Fundraising

A business that raises money for schools and other non-profit groups that support children is Southwestern Fundraising, formerly known as Great American Opportunities.

It does this, among other things, by encouraging individuals to purchase magazine subscriptions, which they may do by completing forms and sending them in. 

Southwestern Fundraising: Get Paid For Typing Online

This implies that the business must employ someone to enter the information on these forms into their database during times of high fundraising.

However, if you want to make a little additional money via a referral incentive, you may do so by encouraging others to make money by inputting words.

2. SigTrack

SigTrack is primarily searching for independent contractors that like typing and want to make money by entering data related to voter registration.

For instance, you’ll be in charge of precisely entering data from completed handwritten registration forms into the relevant database and verifying the veracity of signatures.


The job is seasonal, and as one would anticipate, given the nature of the work, more opportunities become available in the months before the US elections.

This indicates that it would be a good idea to visit the website a few months before an election to see if any short-term typing jobs were available. Since precision is crucial in this situation, you must maintain a 98% accuracy rate.

3. TranscribeMe

One of the most popular transcription websites where you can be paid to type audio is called TranscribeMe. In fact, according to evaluations of Transcribeme, they provide the best prices in the market, paying between $15 and $22 for each audio hour.

Although many individuals make up to $2,200 a month, the average monthly income for those who want to work fewer hours each month is $250.

TranscribeMe: Best Online Jobs

You may work as much or as little as you choose since jobs are usually merely one- to two-minute audio recordings that need to be converted.

Additionally, as long as you’ve earned at least $20 and are at least 18 years old, you may work from home as a document typist in any nation that permits access to a PayPal account. Payment is issued every week.

4. SpeakWrite

Since many of SpeakWrite’s customers are police departments, detectives, law firms, and protective service organizations, they place a high priority on anybody with legal knowledge and/or fluency in Spanish.

SpeakWrite offers a variety of generic transcriptionist opportunities available.

Although they don’t provide precise rates for how much you can type and make, they offer amazing average and total profits. For example, they assert that the average monthly income is $450, with the maximum monthly income being $3,400.


They do have some rather rigorous standards for your typing speed and accuracy, with a minimum of 60 words per minute. To check whether you meet their requirements, you may, however, take their free typing test.

One unique feature is that it offers a “free automatic transcript,” which means that rather than having to type out the transcript from the start, your duty will be to fix this one.

According to the website, this reduces your typing effort by 60%. Finally, opportunities at Scribie are available to anybody, regardless of where they reside, with the exception of Californians since the firm has not yet achieved AB5 compliance.

5. OneSpace

Another business where you may be paid to type audio is OneSpace. They place a high priority on bilingual individuals, especially those who are proficient in Mandarin, Malay, Urdu, Portuguese, Dutch, Thai, or Korean.

You may work here with writing, editing, and data entry in addition to easy transcribing assignments.


Even while they often promote particular roles for which they are hiring, they also encourage you to apply even if the openings don’t quite match you, in case a better opportunity should arise in the future.

6. Microworkers

As the name implies, Microworkers is for those seeking “micro employment.” These share a trait with many of the other short activities in this post in that they can be completed in just a few minutes or less, and you can be paid for them.

And many of them pay you to type, such as data entry, handwriting on postcards and letters, transcription work from audio or video recordings, and so on.


They claim that throughout the years, their freelancers have done about 49 million projects, although some web evaluations warn you to be cautious that the assignment you’re taking is legitimate.

7. GoTranscript

GoTranscript has offices in the UK and the rest of the globe, but it also provides transcription and translation assignments.

Additionally, it is extremely open about your prospective revenue, noting that you might make up to $0.60 for each audio or video minute. The best monthly profits may reach $1,215, with average monthly earnings of $150.


You will be required to take a test that, according to the company, will contain a non-native English speaker and low-quality video to ensure that it closely resembles what an actual job may entail for you.

Additionally, you may earn a 10% lifetime affiliate commission if you promote them and someone registers using your link.

8. Freelancer

Numerous typing jobs are available on Freelancer.com, which also has hundreds of positions available in almost every other profession imaginable.

The best thing about jobs posted on this site is that you can quickly examine the market rate and even filter out positions that don’t pay enough for you.


However, a lot of the money you may make is legitimate.

Data entry tasks pay $17 per hour at the time of writing, transcription work can be had for up to $23 per hour, written translation work can be had for up to $41 per hour, and subtitle correction in a movie trailer can be had for $44.

9. Daily Transcription

You may earn money typing online in a variety of ways with Daily Transcription, including by creating subtitles and translating English audio files into over 30 other languages, including Spanish, French, German, and others.

The majority of jobs are exclusively open to residents of the US or Canada, however, you may apply from outside these nations for those that need you to be fluent in a second language.

Daily Transcription

The higher rates, which come in at around $0.75 each audio minute and are significantly above average, reflect the fact that the majority of workers will need to either have knowledge of a second language or expertise in legal or medical transcription.

10. CyberDictate

CyberDictate, which solely offers employment for legal transcription, is for those who want to specialize in the area of typing for money.

The qualifications are fairly stringent, requiring you to have at least three years of experience working in a law firm during the previous five to seven years.


You must also have a solid working understanding of legal jargon and document structure. This is so that you may prepare official communications, contracts, and judicial papers like pleadings.

Given the criteria for experience in this industry, your pay will be above average. Therefore, it’s worth checking to see if you fulfill their standards.

11. CastingWords

The major advantage of joining up with CastingWords to work as a document typist for them is that you may do so as long as you reside in a nation that accepts PayPal payments.

Several of the other websites on this list, in contrast, often restrict access to citizens of the US and, in some circumstances, Canada.


CastingWords pays up to a little over $1 every audio minute for all tasks that need you to write what you hear, according to their FAQ page. However, in certain circumstances, you will first need to pass a transcribing exam.

12. Amazon Mechanical Turk

There are hundreds of jobs on Amazon Mechanical Turk, usually referred to as “mTurk,” that are referred to as “human intelligence tasks” or HITs.

Many of them, including data entry and transcription from audio files, entail typing for pay.

Even while many of the available tasks don’t pay much, they may add up over time, particularly considering that the majority of them can be completed in under an hour.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Additionally, it’s important to bear in mind that many other websites that pay people to type online demand that you have an account with mTurk, so it may be a good idea to join up for them anyhow.

You won’t necessarily be working from home for Amazon in this case, but you will have your profile set up on their platform in case other businesses require it.

Reddit is a goldmine if you’re looking for further advice on how to optimize the amount of money you can make by typing papers for mTurk.

FAQs On Best Ways To Get Paid For Typing Online 2024

👉 How do websites pay you to type online work?

Generally speaking, these websites will require you to complete various tasks, such as entering data into forms or creating content for websites. Depending on the task and the website, you may be able to earn anywhere from a few cents up to several dollars per task.

✅ Is getting paid to type online safe?

Yes, most reputable websites that offer paid typing opportunities are completely safe and secure. However, it is always important to research any websites you are considering before signing up.

💰 How much can I make from typing online?

Depending on the type of task you are completing and the website, your earnings could vary greatly. Some tasks may only pay a few cents per task while others may offer larger payments for more complex tasks. Generally speaking, you should be able to earn anywhere from a few dollars to several hundred dollars per month, depending on how much time you devote to it.

✔️ Are there any other ways I can make money online?

Yes! There are plenty of other ways you can make money online such as blogging, taking surveys, freelancing, or even starting your own business. It all comes down to finding the right opportunity that works best for you.

👉 Is getting paid to type online worth it?

It depends on your individual goals and needs. For some people, getting paid to type online can be a great way to supplement their income or even make a full-time living from it. However, if you’re looking for fast cash, then this may not be the ideal option for you. Consider your own needs and goals before choosing to pursue typing opportunities as an income stream.

🤔 What should I look out for when signing up for websites that pay you to type online?

Always make sure you do your research before signing up with any website that offers paid typing opportunities. Look for reviews, ask questions, and consider the payment terms before committing to any website or task. You also want to ensure that the website is secure and offers a reliable payment system. Additionally, make sure you read through the guidelines carefully to ensure you are eligible for the tasks offered by the website.

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Conclusion: Best Ways To Get Paid For Typing Online 2024

For anyone looking for an easy way to make money from home without having to invest too much time or effort, getting paid to type can be a great option.

With so many different types of paid typing opportunities available, finding one that works for you should not be a problem.

By following the guidelines above, you can easily find the right website to do money typing online and start earning extra money today.

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