Top 12 Garden Affiliate Programs 2024 (Huge Payouts)

Garden Affiliate Programs are opportunities for people to earn money by promoting products related to gardening.

These programs are offered by companies that sell items like plants, gardening tools, and outdoor decor. When someone signs up as an affiliate, they get special links to share with others.

If someone uses that link to buy something, the affiliate gets a commission. It’s a way for people who love gardening to make money by recommending products they believe in.

Plus, it helps companies reach more customers through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Top Garden Affiliate Programs

Top 12 Garden Affiliate Programs 2024

Here is the list of top Garden Affiliate Programs:

1. Garden Tower Affiliate Program

Every day, we see gardeners using composters in their gardens (talking about only the ones who visit places).

Garden Tower Affiliate Program

In the gardening sector, Garden Tower is a company that has been around for a long time, selling composters to help gardeners maximize their area.

There are numerous additional gardening products available at Garden Tower, such as bee houses and harvest seed gathering kits. The list continues on and on. However, we’re not here to discuss the company’s merchandise.

Surely, they’ve convened here to discuss gardening affiliate programs? As a result, you are welcome to sign up for their affiliate program at no cost.

In order to participate in the ShareASale affiliate network’s partner program, affiliates must use their own unique affiliate links to create sales.

2. Seeds Now Affiliate Program

When it comes to gardening, I’m not an expert, but I do know that seeds are required before you can plant anything.

Seeds Now Affiliate Program

Yes, it was rather amusing. Seeds Now, on the other hand, carries a large range of seed packs for gardeners to choose from. This is it.

You can join their affiliate program on their official website and get a 25% commission on all sales, 90-day cookie length, promotional materials, and a dedicated affiliate support team.

To discover more about the company and its affiliate program, click the two links in the table of contents below…

3. Click & Grow

Smart technology has revolutionized various aspects of our lives, from smartphones to smart lighting and smart alarms. And now, it has made its way into our gardens with the Click and Grow hydroponics system.

Click & Grow

This system allows you to select from a range of 45 vegetables and herbs, buy the pods, and insert them into your Smart Garden. The system takes care of the rest, providing your indoor garden with the necessary light, water, and food.

You can place it on your kitchen countertop and enjoy gardening without needing a balcony. The automated system makes indoor gardening easy and accessible to everyone.

Affiliates can earn a 10% commission on all referred sales, and the 7-day EPC is quite impressive. This product appeals to gardeners, GIY (Grow It Yourself) enthusiasts, and hobbyists who want to cultivate an indoor garden and show off their green thumb to their friends.

4. Harrod Horticultural Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs that are based in the United States are typically listed by the vast majority of bloggers.

Harrod Horticultural Affiliate Program

In addition to the American companies, I chose to include a few European ones. In the United Kingdom, Harrod Horticultural is one of the most popular and reputable merchants of garden supplies.

Joining the Webgains affiliate network will allow you to become an affiliate for them. Affiliates receive a 5% commission on all qualified sales, and if you have a large audience or traffic source, you may always contact the affiliate support staff to boost or bump your commissions.

5. Botanical Interests Affiliate Program

To assist gardeners in enjoying their labor more than ever before, Botanical Interests is a well-known American company that distributes high-quality seeds, gardening supplies, and other accessories (sounds like a marketing tagline).

Botanical Interests Affiliate Program

To join their gardening affiliate program, you’ll need to join the ShareASale affiliate network, and you’ll get 15 percent profit on every qualified sale.

All affiliate resources are made available to partners for improved promotional activities, including cookies with a lifespan of 45 days.

6. Suttons Affiliate Program

Seeds, flowers, and bedding plants of the highest quality are available at reasonable costs from Suttons in the United Kingdom. That is, in fact, correct.

Suttons Affiliate Program

Not in the USA, but in the UK. Consequently, the Suttons affiliate program should be of particular interest to those who run gardening-related blogs or websites with a disproportionately British audience.

To inquire about affiliate commissions, promotional materials, and other branding tools, you can reach out to their affiliate support team by visiting their official website (if needed). To discover more about Suttons, please follow the link provided below.

7. Ferry-Morse Affiliate Program

Ferry-Morse is also a retailer of gardening supplies, such as seeds, flowers, and other items. You can promote a wide variety of products and earn a substantial income by doing so.

Ferry-Morse Affiliate Program

If you are just starting out and have no existing audience, you can expect to earn 6% of all confirmed sales as a commission. They will pay up to 10% commission on all qualified sales if you have a good traffic source, on the other hand (which is pretty cool).

If someone clicks on your affiliate link today and purchases on the 45th day, you will still get credited for that purchase. Visit their official website, which we’ve provided a direct link to below, to discover more.

8. Gardener’s Supply Affiliate Program

High-quality gardening tools and supplies are sold by Gardener’s Supply, which is one of the largest gardening supply companies in the world.

Gardener’s Supply Affiliate Program

All approved sales are eligible for an 8% commission through their Linkshare affiliate network, which they operate. This isn’t the only thing that helps affiliates run profitable and scalable affiliate marketing initiatives.

To learn more, visit Gardener’s Supply’s official website by clicking the link provided below.

9. AeroGarden Affiliate Program

After 15 years of providing indoor gardens and other gardening supplies, AeroGarden has become a household name in the industry. It’s hard to find a better deal on high-quality goods.

AeroGarden Affiliate Program

Besides offering large commissions, their program is one of the best gardening affiliate programs since it gives a superb support team as well as affiliate materials and training sessions where affiliates can discover fantastic advertising methods.

The CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction) network oversees its affiliate program. Visit the company’s official website to learn more about its affiliate program.

10. Nature Hills Nursery Affiliate Program

In order to avoid sounding like a robot, I’ll have to go over the company again. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Nature Hills Nursery is an online store that sells a wide range of attractive plants and garden items like trees and flowers.

Nature Hills Nursery Affiliate Program

A ShareASale publisher account is required to join their gardening partner program, which is advertised in large letters on the company’s website as being part of the network’s affiliate network.

With a 30-day cookie and a 10% commission rate on approved sales, you’ve got a good deal. However, affiliates are always available to help in any manner they can.

11. Forestry Suppliers Affiliate Program

There’s a good chance that not all of your readers are interested in gardening in small spaces.

Forestry Suppliers Affiliate Program

Some of them are going to have a lot of space to work with (just like my lovely father). And it goes without saying that larger gardens necessitate additional tools, accessories, and items for gardeners. When it comes to gardening, Forestry Suppliers has many products to choose from.

This company’s EPC (Earnings Per Click) is exceptionally high. They say they have an EPC of around $40. (which is pretty high). 

You can make money by becoming an affiliate with Forestry Suppliers’ gardening program.

Promotional materials and support are offered to affiliates to ensure effective and profitable campaigns for them.

12. Succulents Box

If there’s one thing Succulents Box proves, it’s that there really is a subscription box for everyone. Succulents, which are more commonly known as cacti, are tiny prickly plants that grow in arid regions.

Succulents Box

Visitors can purchase everything they need to grow succulents in their homes directly from the store or have a box of goodies delivered to their homes each month.

One of the neat things about gardening with succulents is that they require very little maintenance, making them the exact opposite of a bonsai tree but not nearly as popular.

However, you can change that by promoting this program. As a gardening affiliate marketer promoting this program, you’ll receive a 10% commission on every referred sale.

While the EPC for this program isn’t huge, most of their products only cost a few dollars each. They are, however, making a significant number of payments to affiliates, which is a positive sign.

This program is also one of the most unique affiliate programs in this roundup of gardening affiliate programs.

Ideas For Affiliate Websites

There are many wonderful home and garden affiliate programs to choose from now that you’ve heard about them!

It would be difficult to compete in the 265+ billion dollars home and garden sector if you utilized very wide phrases. That’s why it’s best to focus on a certain market, such as the growth of indoor herbs. AeroGarden is a fantastic partner to work with in this case.

Herbivore seeds, non-GMO seeds, and organic farming could all be viable specialties. Natural and organic food producers and those who want to live “off the grid” could benefit from this type of content. SeedsNow stands out as a leader in this industry, with a generous 25% commission rate.

You might also promote elevated garden beds as an alternative. This method of gardening is becoming increasingly popular since it is less susceptible to weed invasion, and it serves as an effective barrier against pests like slugs and snails.

There are two excellent affiliate programs to promote: Earth Easy and Gardener’s Supply Company. You can earn 10% commissions for up to 60 days on each cookie by promoting “green” gardening items through Earth Easy. With a 30-day cookie, Gardener’s Supply Company offers a commission rate of 8%. Earth Easy’s website could be used to market things that they don’t carry.

We might choose between “contemporary” and “retro” designs when discussing the dwelling. However, it’s always a good idea to have an audience in mind when creating content.

College students, couples, people who live in rural areas, and small-scale homeowners could all be potential customers.


🌱 What are Garden Affiliate Programs?

Garden Affiliate Programs allow individuals to earn commissions by promoting gardening-related products for companies. Affiliates receive special links to share, and when someone makes a purchase through their link, they earn a commission.

🌿 How do I join a Garden Affiliate Program?

To join a Garden Affiliate Program, visit the company's website offering the program, find their affiliate section, and follow the instructions to sign up. This typically involves filling out a form and agreeing to the program's terms.

🌼 What kind of products can I promote as a Garden Affiliate?

As a Garden Affiliate, you can promote various gardening-related products such as plants, gardening tools, seeds, outdoor furniture, and decor items.

💰 Do Garden Affiliate Programs provide marketing materials?

Yes, many Garden Affiliate Programs provide affiliates with marketing materials like banners, product images, and text links to help promote products effectively.

🌷Can I promote multiple Garden Affiliate Programs simultaneously?

Yes, you can promote multiple Garden Affiliate Programs at the same time, which allows you to diversify your income streams and potentially earn more commissions.

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Conclusion: Are Garden Affiliate Programs Worth Considering?

Garden Affiliate Programs offer a fantastic opportunity for individuals passionate about gardening to monetize their interests.

By partnering with companies offering gardening products, affiliates can earn commissions by promoting these items to their audience.

With no upfront costs and the potential for passive income, these programs provide a straightforward way to generate revenue while sharing valuable products with fellow gardening enthusiasts.

Embrace Garden Affiliate Programs as a means to turn your love for gardening into a rewarding income stream.

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