Freepik Review 2024 Is It Really Worth It ? [Pros & Cons]🥇


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Freepik is like a special website (more like a search engine of photos) that helps people find perfect photos, drawings, and other creative stuff. It's based in Spain, and they put up lots of new, unique things for free every month.

Out of 10


  • Vast Graphic Collection
  • User-Friendly
  • Quality Graphics
  • Commercial Use


  • Registered free users are limited to 10 downloads


Price: $ 724

Check Out Freepik’s collection of millions of visual items to find the perfect addition to your website, branding, social media, or anything else you’re working on.

Are you looking for the right images or design assets for your project? You may also want to use the latest design ideas like AI-generated images or 3D visual content. If you need free icons, videos, vectors, and more, all in one convenient place, and I assure you it won’t break the bank, you might be wondering if I’m just making empty promises. But I can assure you, it’s absolutely true. Keep reading to get all the details.

Most people learn best through visuals, with around 65% of the group in the study remembering visual information the best. So, include more and more of visual and design assets in your blogs, website or social media posts. 

Freepik is that one-stop shop I was talking about. Check out Freepik’s collection of millions of design resources  to find the perfect addition to your website, branding, social media, or anything else you’re working on. Freepik has everything you need in one spot.   

What is Freepik?

Freepik is like a special website (more like a search engine of photos) that helps people find perfect photos, drawings, and other creative stuff. It’s based in Spain, and they put up lots of new, unique things for free every month.

Their team makes some, and some come from other designers. They started in 2010 and now help 32 million people monthly from more than 200 places worldwide.


They have a collection of more than 13 million icons, drawings, photos, and templates.   For example, if you’re looking for a logo, you can find thousands of premade templates that you can modify to fit your needs.

 Their website gets more visitors than big names like Nike or the NBA! 

What are the Features of Freepik?

Library of millions of assets

Freepik offers a massive collection of creative assets, making it a valuable resource for graphic designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and professionals from various fields. Their library includes:

  • Over 30 million images
  • 13 million vectors
  • 10 million icons
  • 1 million videos
  • 2 million PSD files

This extensive collection provides a world of creative possibilities. The quality of assets is impressive, with high-resolution photos, distortion-free vectors, and 4K videos.

What’s even better is that thousands of these assets are available for free, especially on the free plan. This is an excellent benefit for startups, students, and professionals who need affordable graphics.

Freepik Icons images

With assets spanning numerous categories like travel, business, fashion, and technology, you can let your imagination run wild.

Enhance your social media posts, create eye-catching reports, or elevate your brand with engaging visual content. Freepik offers endless possibilities for your creative projects.

1. Customizable assets:

When you find the right image on Freepik, you’re not stuck with just one format or size. They give you options to tailor it to your needs.

The built-in editor lets you make changes like adjusting proportions, adding text, overlaying images, and tweaking contrast and saturation.

Even if you’re not a pro, this cloud-based editor is user-friendly and helps you modify graphics in minutes. It’s a real time-saver!

2. User collections:

Freepik lets you organize the gems you find. You can add images to lists like Favorites, Pinterest, or My Collections. My Collections is super useful for managing things at scale.

You can create custom collections for specific projects or topics and access them when needed. It’s much better than just dumping files into a random favorites folder.

3. AI-generated images:

Freepik AI Images

Sometimes, you need an image that’s so specific it’s outside Freepik’s huge library. That’s where their AI generator comes in. You describe what you want, and their AI creates it within minutes.

It’s like having a digital artist at your disposal. You can choose a style, like generic, photo, digital art, painting, or 3D rendering. While it’s not perfect, it’s pretty impressive.

You usually get accurate results, and it provides five unique generated images. I will explain the AI features more below. 

4. Freepik contributor community:

Freepik’s contributor community is at the heart of their growing catalog. Over 50,000 new assets are added daily by designers who share their work.

This keeps the library fresh and diverse. Users can follow their favorite contributors to stay updated. Freepik ensures that all resources meet licensing requirements so you can confidently use them legally.

5. Active on social media:

Freepik is active on social media, providing valuable content, tips, and inspiration. Their YouTube channel has helpful videos for design tasks, trends, best practices, and more.

You can also find them on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for the latest news and asset spotlights.

6. Download Shortcut for Speed:

Freepik has been attentive to user feedback, and they’ve responded by introducing a download shortcut that optimizes your download experience. 89% of users desired quicker downloads, and Freepik has delivered.

With this feature, you can expedite your downloads and eliminate unnecessary steps. It’s all about making your workflow more efficient.

7. Direct Downloads:

What’s particularly handy is that you can now download your favorite assets directly from the list of results, collections, and authors’ pages—no need to navigate through multiple screens.

Once you’ve performed a direct download, you’ll receive a ZIP file containing your chosen asset in all available formats and sizes. This not only saves time but also ensures you have the assets you need right at your fingertips.

8. Streamlined Premium Experience:

For Premium users, this new download shortcut is an additional perk to enjoy.

Being a Premium member already comes with numerous advantages, including an ad-free browsing experience, access to thousands of free assets and collections, the flexibility to pause your subscription when necessary, and now, the convenience of the download shortcut.

Freepik’s Video Offering

Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or designer, these enhancements provide valuable tools to elevate your projects.

Freepik continues to be a dynamic platform that empowers creativity and meets the evolving needs of its users. Explore these new features and unlock your video content’s full potential: 

Freepik Video Images

  • New Aspect Ratios:

Introducing two different aspect ratios, 9:16 for captivating vertical videos and 16:9 for immersive horizontal videos, is a game-changer.

These formats open up a world of possibilities, allowing users to present their content in the most engaging and impactful way. Whether you’re crafting content for social media stories or creating cinematic horizontal videos, Freepik has you covered.

  • Video Category Filter:

Navigating through Freepik’s extensive video library is even more efficient. With the new video category filter, users can easily explore content tailored to their needs.

From travel and food to a wide range of other categories, you have a fantastic collection right at your fingertips. This categorization ensures that you can quickly find videos that align with your specific projects.

  • Frame Rate Per Second (FPS) Filter:

The FPS filter is a thoughtful addition that empowers users to fine-tune their videos further. You can now achieve the perfect speed and mood with options for slow motion (60 FPS and above) or time-lapse (30 FPS and below).

This level of control over your content’s tempo can make a significant impact on the storytelling and aesthetics of your videos.

  • Creative Inspiration:

For those seeking creative inspiration, Freepik provides “you may also like” recommendations in the detail view. It’s like having a virtual muse that suggests additional content to enhance your projects.

This feature adds an extra layer of creativity to the overall experience.

How is the Interface of Freepik?

The great thing about Freepik is how easy it is to use. When I first saw the vast number of images, I was a bit overwhelmed, but as I started exploring, I realized that their user interface is quite intuitive.

You can quickly find what you need using filters like resource type, colors, etc. With just a few clicks, you’ll discover the perfect graphic from their vast collection.

Unlock your inner creator

If you prefer, you can browse by category. They neatly organize their assets into topics like sports, nature, and business. But it gets even better – each main type has subcategories for more specific searches.

For instance, within the nature category, you can find subcategories for animals, landscapes, and plants.

Now, the most excellent feature is their drag-and-drop image search. I tried it by uploading an image from my computer, and Freepik not only found an exact match but also thousands of similar images.

My team and I use it every day to make our projects visually appealing. It’s a real time-saver!

Latest: Freepik’s AI-driven features

Freepik’s AI-driven features that are revolutionizing the creative process:

Freepik Qualities

Text-to-Image Generation:

Freepik’s text-to-image AI technology is a game-changer. It allows users to transform textual prompts into vivid images, breaking through traditional design boundaries.

For instance, you can describe a dreamlike scene, and the AI will craft it into a tangible visual. This innovation opens up new horizons for creativity and design.

Customization Beyond Limits:

Freepik’s AI extends beyond the surface. It powers a range of tools, such as background removal, image upscaling, and even a text generator.

These AI-driven features empower users to personalize and enhance their projects in ways that were once unimaginable. It’s like having a digital assistant for your creative endeavors.

Boosted Search Engine:

Freepik’s AI-driven search engine is a true asset. It goes the extra mile to optimize search results, ensuring users find precisely what they need.

Moreover, it uncovers hidden gems that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. This streamlined search experience is a boon for designers and content creators, saving valuable time and effort.

AI Presentation Maker:

Say goodbye to the tedious task of crafting presentations. Freepik’s AI Presentation Maker redefines the process.

Users input a prompt, and the AI generates a complete presentation with specific slides and unique content. This tool not only saves time but also ensures dynamic, engaging presentations tailored to individual needs.

Millions of AI Images:

Freepik’s library includes a vast selection of AI-generated images created by their talented team and contributors. This extensive collection ensures creatives can find the perfect visuals for any project.

Whether you’re looking for futuristic designs, classic elements, or something unique, Freepik’s AI images offer a diverse array of options to bring your creative vision to life.

Latest: SVG Format For Vectors

As a design enthusiast, I’m excited to share the latest development from Freepik regarding their new SVG format for vectors. Here’s why this is a game-changer for design enthusiasts and professionals:

SVG format for vectors

SVG Format for Vectors: Freepik has introduced the SVG format, recognizing its paramount importance in the design world. Whether you’re a graphic designer, content creator, or simply passionate about art, SVG files offer incredible advantages that can elevate your work.

Compatibility and Customization: SVG files seamlessly integrate with design software. This means you can work on your designs across various platforms and software, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

The customization capabilities are unparalleled, allowing you to fine-tune every artwork detail.

Limitless Scalability: One of the standout features of SVG is its scalability. You can resize SVG images without losing quality. Whether creating a tiny icon or a massive billboard, your design remains crisp and sharp.

This scalability is a huge boon for both web and print projects.

Stay Ahead in Design: SVG is the format that keeps you one step ahead of the competition. Whether you’re a marketer, a graphic designer, or a user of design platforms like Figma, SVG empowers you to craft eye-catching and intricate designs that stand out.

Expanding SVG Library: Freepik already offers over 500,000 vectors in SVG format, and they’re committed to developing this collection.

This means more and more assets will be available to you in the versatile SVG format, opening up new possibilities for your creative projects.

Why choose Freepik?

Freepik is the intelligent choice for creatives like you, and here’s why:

  1. High-Quality Stock Content: You can download top-notch images to make your projects look professional. For instance, if you’re creating a website for a travel agency, you can find stunning images of exotic destinations to use on your site.
  2. Ready-to-Use Assets: Freepik offers thousands of images and designs ready to be used immediately. If you’re designing a flyer for a local event, you can quickly find and use pre-made templates to save time.
  3. Guaranteed Search Results: No matter what your project requires, Freepik has a vast collection of images and styles to match your needs. If you need illustrations for a children’s book, you’ll find a wide range of options.
  4. Fresh Content Every Day: The library is updated daily, ensuring you have access to the latest and trendiest photos and designs. For example, if you’re managing social media for a fashion brand, you can regularly find new and stylish images to keep your content fresh and engaging.

Freepik: Pros and Cons

✅ Pros:

  • Refined search results for high-quality images.
  • Affordable Premium plan options.
  • Free and commercial use of resources.
  • A wide variety of design assets are available.
  • Opportunities for contributors.
  • User interaction features like liking and commenting.
  • Fair approval process for contributors.
  • Resources are well-tagged for easy search.
  • Millions of photos, vectors, and PSDs.
  • Time-saving for designers.
  • Effortless resource finding and downloading.
  • A global platform for designers and creatives.
  • Constantly adding over 80,000 free resources monthly.

❌ Cons:

  • Registered free users are limited to 10 downloads, while non-registered users have 3 daily downloads.

Freepik: Pricing

Here, I list the basic differences between Freepik’s free and premium plans. So that it is easier for you to select: 

Freepik pricing

Free Plan:

  • Thousands of Free Assets: The free plan offers access to thousands of free assets, including images, vectors, icons, stickers, and more.
  • Built-in Icon Editor: Users can access the built-in icon editor for basic customization.
  • Attribution Required: For the free assets, attribution to the author may be required.
  • Unlimited Collections: Users can create and manage collections to organize their favorite assets.
  • Priority Support: Priority support is not included in the free plan.

Premium Plan:

  • Premium Content: Premium plan subscribers get exclusive access to millions of high-quality videos, images, vectors, icons, stickers, 3D assets, PSD files, fonts, and logos. This extensive content library is available for unlimited downloads.
  • New Assets Daily: Premium users can discover over 50,000 new editable assets daily, adding up to more than 1.25 million assets per month.
  • Ad-Free Interface: Premium users enjoy an ad-free interface, allowing for a smoother browsing experience.
  • No Attribution Required: With the premium plan, users can use any asset for commercial or personal use without the need to attribute the author.
  • Unlimited Collections: Premium plan subscribers can create and manage an unlimited number of collections.
  • Priority Support: Premium users receive priority support to address any queries or issues promptly.

Why Do I Recommend the Premium Plan? Who Should Consider Premium?

premium plan

1. Design Professionals: Premium is an excellent choice for design professionals, including graphic designers, web designers, marketers, and content creators. It provides them with an extensive and exclusive collection of high-quality resources to enhance their projects.

2. Creatives and Content Creators: Individuals or teams who rely on creative content for their work, such as social media managers, bloggers, and YouTubers, can benefit from the Premium plan. It offers access to a wide range of assets to make their content visually engaging.

3. Businesses and Startups: Businesses, particularly startups on a budget, can find value in the Premium plan. It allows them to access top-tier visuals for branding, marketing, and presentations without requiring extensive graphic design budgets.

Why Choose Premium?

  1. High-Quality Assets: Premium provides curated high-quality photos, videos, vectors, PSD files, AI images, icons, and more. These assets are essential for creating professional and visually appealing content.
  2. Exclusive Resources: Subscribers get exclusive access to millions of high-quality and exclusive resources, ensuring that their projects stand out from the competition.
  3. Content Variety: Premium offers various assets, enabling users to find the perfect visuals for different projects, whether web design, social media, or print materials.
  4. Easy Editing: The built-in editor allows for easy customization of assets, saving time and effort in the design process.
  5. Full License: With the Premium plan, users can utilize any asset for commercial or personal purposes without attributing the author. This simplifies the usage of visuals for commercial projects.
  6. New Assets Daily: Subscribers receive a constant influx of new and carefully curated assets daily, ensuring access to the latest and trendiest visuals.
  7. Ad-Free Experience: The ad-free interface streamlines the browsing experience, allowing users to focus on finding the right assets without interruptions.

Do You Need a Freepik plan for your team? 

The Teams plan from Freepik is designed for organizations and businesses that require multiple user accounts to access Freepik’s resources. Here’s an explanation of the team plan and how it works:

Team Access:

With the Teams plan, each seat or user account you purchase receives full access to the Premium plan, which includes a wide range of high-quality design assets such as photos, videos, vectors, icons, and more.

Every team member can utilize these resources for their creative projects.


The Teams plan is customizable to meet the specific needs of your organization. You can tailor the plan to accommodate the precise number of user accounts required for your team.

The pricing scales up as you add more seats to your plan. Interestingly, the monthly cost per seat decreases as you increase the number of users.

For example, a Teams subscription for two seats may cost $11.40 per month annually, but for five seats, it could be as low as $10.75 per month. This scalable pricing lets you choose the most cost-effective option for your team’s size.

Administrator Control:

The Teams plan also allows appointing an administrator who can oversee user account creation and access. This administrative control is valuable for managing team members and ensuring smooth access to Freepik’s assets.

Additional Benefits:

Subscribing to the Teams plan comes with extra perks. You gain access to priority support, ensuring your team’s queries or issues are promptly addressed.

Moreover, you can receive legal assistance from Freepik, further supporting your team’s creative endeavors.

Tailored Solutions:

If you have specific or unique requirements for your team’s plan, you can work directly with Freepik to tailor the plan to your specifications.

This allows you to create a plan that perfectly aligns with your team’s needs and budget.

Ease of Setup:

Setting up a team plan is straightforward. You can determine the number of seats you need, adjust the program to match your preferences, and complete the checkout process to get your team up and running.


🤔 What is Freepik?

Freepik is a platform that offers a vast collection of free and premium graphics and design resources.

💡 Is Freepik really free?

Yes, many resources on Freepik are available for free, but they also offer a premium subscription for additional content and features.

🌐 Is Freepik safe to use for commercial projects?

Yes, but you need to check the licensing terms for each resource, as not all are suitable for commercial use.

🔄 Can I cancel my Freepik subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time without any long-term commitment.

📅 How often is new content added to Freepik?

Freepik regularly updates its library with new content, so there's always fresh material available.

📜 Where can I find the terms and conditions for using Freepik's resources?

You can find the terms and conditions on Freepik's website, typically in the footer or under a Terms of Use or License section.

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Conclusion: Do I recommend Freepik? 

Yes, wholeheartedly. I find Freepik to be an invaluable resource for anyone needing high-quality design assets. Whether you’re a graphic designer, a marketer, or just someone who enjoys being creative, Freepik has a lot to offer.

The vast library of assets, including photos, vectors, icons, videos, and more, is not only extensive but also of exceptional quality. This means you’ll find the perfect elements to make your projects look professional and visually appealing.

I particularly appreciate the convenience and user-friendliness of the platform. The search and filtering options make it easy to locate what you need, and the intuitive editor allows for quick customization of assets to suit your requirements.

Both Free and Premium plans offer abundant assets, but Premium comes with added benefits like an ad-free experience, full licensing, and unlimited premium content downloads.

It’s a fantastic choice for designers and creative professionals who rely on high-quality resources regularly.

For organizations or teams, the Teams plan is a customizable and scalable solution that offers even more benefits, such as priority support and legal assistance.

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