Freedom Ticket Review 2024 🥇 Is Kevin King’s Amazon Course Really Worth It?

Freedom Ticket

Overall Verdict

In my opinion, the "Freedom Ticket" program is a game-changer for those who want to strike out on their own and make a name for themselves. Those who are creative thinkers who want to find anything other than a 9 to 5 career may find this program particularly appealing. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn from flourishing business owners and make the leap from employee to owner.

Out of 10


  • And for any reason, if you aren’t a 100% satisfied with the freedom ticket course
  • Downloadable written notes for each module
  • 15 over the shoulder computer walk-throughs,
  • ​90+ video lessons, 21+ hours of content
  • Money-Saving Sourcing Tricks
  • ​15 REAL - not demo account - over-the-shoulder computer walkthroughs


  • Not a get-rich-quick scheme – requires time and hard work to achieve success
  • Results vary from person to person – success not guaranteed


Price: $ 997

Have you considered launching an FBA business but been lost as to where to start? Do you wonder if it’s worthwhile to invest in the Freedom Ticket course? If that’s the case, then this Freedom Ticket Review is for you.

In this article, I will review Kevin King’s popular Helium 10 Amazon FBA course in detail, exposing whether or not it is a “freedom ticket” to making money online.

You have seen all the success stories of successful e-commerce owners making a fortune with Amazon FBA. But you are struggling to find the right products to sell.

You have probably been told to just start and see what happens, but you are not ready to invest a lot of money without more information.

Freedom Ticket is a hands-on, technical run-through on how to sell on Amazon. This is not your typical training program on how to sell on Amazon. This is an in-depth, pragmatic look at how to actually run an Amazon FBA business.

Amazon FBA can be an exciting business to get into. There are many benefits to the platform and the ability to sell on Amazon can provide a lot of opportunities for a seller. However, it’s not as easy as it seems.

When Chris Grosser said “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them” probably Kevin King, Amazon industry expert, speaker, and the seller was not in his mind. But then Kevin has lived this statement by quitting his job to become the most sought-after speaker in the Amazon industry. He has been speaking all over the world at events in Hong Kong, Germany, London, New York, Seattle, etc.

Bottom Line Upfront : 🥇

Personally, I believe that Freedom Ticket is an exceptional Amazon FBA course led by the experienced and knowledgeable Kevin King.

This comprehensive training program provides users with the necessary tools and guidance to launch and grow their businesses on the Amazon platform.

It is designed for individuals who are willing to put in the hard work and dedication required to succeed in the competitive e-commerce market.

While it’s important to note that Freedom Ticket is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it offers valuable insights, step-by-step instructions, and a wealth of resources to support entrepreneurs in their journey. Kevin King’s expertise and industry know-how provide a solid foundation for learning the ropes of Amazon FBA.

If you’re ready to plunge into the world of Amazon FBA and are prepared to put in the effort, I recommend the Freedom Ticket course as an excellent course to help you reach your unlimited potential in Amazon FBA.

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Get Started With Freedom Ticket NOW.

Freedom Ticket Amazon FBA Course

In his course, Kevin King has elaborated on every aspect of the role of an Amazon seller that has extensively helped me in my journey as a successful businessman from a 9-5 jobber profile.

Let’s get started with Freedom Ticket Review with all the course features and pricing and why it is worth it!!

Freedom Ticket Review

Freedom Ticket Review 2024: What Is Freedom Ticket?

Freedom Ticket uses actionable strategies, tips, and tricks to help you succeed in selling on Amazon without breaking the bank.

– You’ll learn how to manage Amazon Seller Fulfillment using the best practices and technologies available.

– You’ll learn what it takes to make a profit with your Amazon Seller business.

– You’ll learn how to stay relevant by growing the customers you already have, as well as the new ones you will create.

– You’ll learn how to do all this without spending thousands of dollars on tools and programs.

Freedom Ticket Review

One of the users said, “I have learned the ‘Freedom Ticket‘ course by Kevin King which gave me the liberty to work whenever and whichever way I have to wish to do. I make money using the services of hired people who work on my behalf for the portion of my business in which I don’t feel like indulging.

Few Facts About Kevin King

Kevin King has built multiple e-commerce businesses, launching five private label brands in August 2015 alone. He is offering his expert advice for training the students who are willing to run a real Amazon FBA business in this competitive world.

About His Course: Freedom Ticket: What is Freedom Ticket Amazon?

If physical product sourcing and selling on Amazon attracts you enough, then you probably need to pursue Kevin’s freedom ticket course that includes tips, challenges, and ways to overcome the challenges to establish your flourishing Amazon business in the shortest time span.

Freedom Ticket Review- Freedom Ticket

The course forayed into fields like tips and techniques that are required to build a grand Amazon empire. The course content will be guiding you through the process of how to create selling for your product on Amazon such as:

  • Basically, the course includes an introduction to various aspects such as how to research the product and select a niche.
  • Product sourcing which includes inspecting the suppliers, testing the samples so that you procure the highest quality products,
  • How to control inventory and deal with customer feedback
  • Order bulk
  • Optimizing your listing
  • Waiting until the listing reaches page 121 hours of training plus bonuses

The Freedom Ticket course can help you become an expert in various aspects such as Amazon business basics, how to create your own brand and earn money which can turn into million the soonest, how to choose successful products, finding out high-quality products suppliers, orders and shipping, create high converting listings, how to compete with rivals and come out winner, how to advertise, promote or rank higher on Amazon search, etc.

Freedom ticket features and training

Key Features of the Freedom Ticket Course:

Features: The basic training includes everything needed to sell on Amazon and the rest of the online marketplace, including setting up your own inventory, shipping costs, inventory management, dealing with vendors that deal with you, and handling Amazon refunds.

Advantages: No other training program is as candid and straightforward in its presentation of the realities of running an Amazon FBA business as Amazon Sellers.

Benefits: You will be able to become a well-informed seller who has an accurate understanding of how to successfully sell on Amazon.

Week 1

The course available has different aspects such as:

  • 8- weeks of training with 60+ details videos that give each and every instruction from seven-figure Amazon sellers,
  • 15 over-the-shoulder computer walk-throughs,
  • 2 to 3 calls per month with Kevin himself, downloadable review slides for each module,
  • Detailed written notes for each module which can be read, reviewed, and downloaded,
  • 30+ useful handouts that cover various aspects such as common errors, accounting, sourcing, and how to overcome these issues to be successful soon.

Week 3

Few Tips From Kevin For Amateurs In The Field

Besides the course, Kevin has revealed his few functional tips so that beginners can get to learn from his valuable experience.

This includes a tip for beginners to invest in various product research tools such as JungleScout or ASINspector. Since product research plays a crucial role in the whole Amazon business, he has shown different systems of measurement that can be chosen while selecting the products.

Freedom Ticket Review- Freedom Ticket 2 Hour

the proof system, we as a learner can get to learn from these methods.

As for vetting your suppliers, Kevin suggests that after picking your product you should be ordering some samples from various suppliers, say 3-5, to make sure that you come across the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices.

This will fairly increase the chances of earning higher through the Amazon portal.

Jumpstart Your Business With Amazon

freedom ticket amazon training course reviews freedom ticket courses freedom ticket amazon training course reviews freedom ticket courses

Freedom ticket is one of the interactive course tools that can help sellers to jumpstart their new business on Amazon. Also, seasoned sellers can achieve next-level results by implementing tips and suggestions explained in the Freedom Ticket course.

Classroom style setting in the videos offers a very innovative style of learning within eight weeks times. The art and science of being massively successful on Amazon have been very effectively explained in Kevin’s video. Challenges and the solution as explained via Freedom Ticket review for the Amazon Business

Amazon is here to stay and is expanding continuously working on next-level delivery systems. Right from local pickup stations, gradual changes are visible where drone deliveries are entering this marketplace for the buyer’s convenience.

The site is continuously witnessing more and more Amazon prime accounts being added to the database.

So, in order to give your business a kickstart, Amazon is a strong threshold.

As the sales number of products is enormous at Amazon’s backend, challenges in front of Amazon FBA sellers are also bigger and tougher. The biggest challenge among them is enabling your product to reach page 1 of the search results. If you are Amazon FBA Seller then you must try Helium 10 Review.

Every new day keeps on adding new sellers on Amazon, so it becomes harder to create the correct place and more importantly maintain the same for your product by winning good reviews from certified buyers.

The conversion of your listings and high-quality products offered by you can alone earn great reviews on the Amazon site. Also, there is stiff competition from suppliers from other similar sites such as eBay, Flipkart, Alibaba, etc. It is very necessary to maintain a high-quality product that can withstand the competition.

Also, you would have to create better branding for your product than your other competitor suppliers. For this proper strategies are needed which are well explained by Kevin in his Freedom Ticket course.

As the same product can have different sellers with different branding even on Amazon, you have to be sure that you stay out of the competition by supplying the best quality at the lowest prices.

In his tutorial videos, Kevin suggested that errors and failures are unavoidable in business scenarios. So, he has given an optimistic approach toward the entire process of failing and yet being strong enough to not give up and continue with the task still further.

This is what I liked the most about his course videos behind every scientific approach he has a rationale.

Freedom Ticket pricing: Bonuses Worth $9166

Freedom Ticket Package

And for any reason, if you aren’t 100%  satisfied with the freedom ticket course and the results that will be following after implementing these time-tested money-making strategies into your business, simply raise a request for a refund within 30 days after you purchase the course.

And 100% money will be returned back to you which makes the course even more lucrative and trustworthy.

So now you have learned about Freedom Ticket Course what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to open your own Amazon FBA business?

If so, you should enroll in Freedom Ticket. You’ll learn the fundamentals of building a profitable Amazon FBA business while getting access to their live courses on Amazon SEO and how to sell on Amazon FBA.

Become a certified expert in selling on Amazon by watching this training video at Freedom Ticket. Then, use the tools they provide in their online course to grow your sales exponentially.

One of the most important things for starting an Amazon business is understanding the basics of how it all works, but there’s nothing more important than having proven success in your first few days, right? No matter what stage of sales you’re a—beginner, semi-professional, or pro—it’s critical that you have a successful start before taking this program any further.

This is why they offer a full-year commitment so that every seller can achieve their goal and take their next step toward becoming a successful Amazon FBA seller.

Freedom Ticket Testimonials By Students :

Freedom ticket course testimonials

Freedom Ticket Free With Helium 10

Get Free Access to Freedom Ticket with Helium 10 Membership

Ideal for Amazon Sellers who are doing their business for a long time and have become experts by now, Freedom Ticket in combination with Helium 10 is indeed a boon. The course brings the most recent and high-tech information for Amazon FBA business and Helium 10 is one of its kind software solution for Amazon sellers.

Since the software helps the sellers on every step of selling and growing their revenue with online Amazon sales, Freedom Ticket is a cherry on top and adds to the power with a training program merged with the software.

Helium 10 amazon fba software reviews

So, in other words, it’s great when Data meets the Strategy and a complete and impactful solution for the selling strategy is created.

This doesn’t end here with so attractive benefits of the two pairs together. As discussed above in this Freedom Ticket review, the pricing section clearly shows that the training program is absolutely free with Helium 10. So, what else could you have asked for as a naive or already working Amazon seller?

Best Freedom Ticket Alternatives 

1) Amazon FBA Course on Udemy 

Amazon FBA Course - How to Sell on Amazon MASTERY Course

Throughout this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about selling on Amazon! We’ll show you how to profit from Amazon as a private label seller (via merchant and pro-Amazon FBA accounts)

Increased sales and lower advertising expenses can be achieved by optimizing your Amazon listings. You’ll be able to locate hot sellers and resell them on Amazon by locating the manufacturers and distributors who make them. It is up to you to make more than the $236k I made in my first year by learning from my mistakes. Amazon’s massive traffic will allow you to expand your present brand or create a new private-label brand!

Start earning a second income right away by enrolling in this course and learning how to sell on Amazon!

What you’ll learn

  • Make a passive income with their Amazon FBA business!
  • Work from home as an entrepreneur!
  • Analyze a product and product category on Amazon in minutes and decide what to sell on Amazon!
  • Source products from around the world!
  • Negotiate the best price for various manufactured goods!
  • Minimally be able to find a product that will sell 10 units or a net profit of $100/day!

2) Amazon FBA By Damir Šerbečić on Udemy

Amazon FBA as a Private Label Business Launching Platform

Entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to create a stable online eCommerce business selling real physical products under their own brand name. Beginner or advanced Amazon sellers who want to expand their current business to private label products.

Bloggers, vloggers, and other influencers who want to monetize their current audience and followers with a private label brand. International entrepreneurs who want to sell in the United States and Canada from anywhere in the world.  Manufacturers who want to cut out the middleman and sell their products directly on Amazon.
Anyone who wants to start an online business from home.

What You’ll Learn

  • Proven and tested ways to launch, sell and expand private-label products
  • Spot a profitable product opportunity in a growing market with strong demand
  • Sell in the United States and Canada no matter where you live in the world
  • Open a US checking account without traveling to the US or having a US company
  • Get paid by Amazon no matter where you live in the world
  • Find reliable suppliers overseas
  • Import products cost-effectively to the United States
  • Best way to import products if you are not from the United States
  • CHECKLIST: What to ask suppliers
  • CHECKLIST: Due diligence – how to spot fraud suppliers
  • How to properly label your products and send them to Amazon FBA warehouses
  • How to optimize Amazon product listings like big brands
  • Strategy for launching and continually marketing your brand, on and off Amazon
  • Increase social proof of your product listing and get 100% legitimate verified reviews
  • How to drive external sales and ultimately increase keyword rankings on Amazon
  • How to deal with negative reviews and unhappy customers
  • How to avoid getting your seller account suspended

PERSONAL SUPPORT: He will answer every question that you might have along the way and review your product listing with improvement suggestions.

FAQS On Freedom Ticket Review

🔥 What is Freedom Ticket?

‘Freedom Ticket’ is actually a program for those who want to make their life of their own creating a niche for themselves. Those who have the ability to think out of the box, away from 9 to 5 job, can utilize his experience to become an entrepreneur rather than an employee who works every day to increase their income.

✅ Who is Kevin Amazon?

Kevin Amazon is a well-known Amazon seller and a know Amazon trainer. Also, Kevin Amazon is the creator of the course Freedom Ticket which gives training for selling on Amazon.

🌈 How much does Freedom Ticket course cost?

The Freedom Ticket courses cost around $997. You can also get it for free if you signup for the Helium 10 Platinum account. You can use the code “POWER50” to get 50% off on Helium 10 right away.

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Conclusion: Freedom Ticket Review 2024

There are a number of strong reasons why I believe Kevin King’s Freedom Ticket course deserves a position on my list of the greatest Amazon FBA courses.

First and foremost, this course stands out due to its high quality, giving important and comprehensive material covering all areas of establishing a prosperous ‘Private Label’ Amazon FBA business from scratch. As a result of Kevin King’s extensive knowledge and unwavering commitment to providing high-quality material, this course is an excellent resource for budding business owners.

The fact that it doesn’t break the bank to enroll in the Freedom Ticket program is another one of its many attractive qualities. It is a valuable resource for anybody interested in Amazon FBA without breaking the bank by offering both high-quality material and an affordable pricing.

And Yes, Freedom Ticket is a legitimate program that may help you achieve your Amazon FBA goals. Since Kevin King has sold millions of dollars worth of products on Amazon, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and proven tactics.

The money-back guarantees offered by the Freedom Ticket course are a major selling point for those who are serious about getting their product or service out there on Amazon. Taking advantage of this chance will provide you access to Kevin King’s knowledge and the chance to pick up strategies that have already been shown to be effective.

Have you gone through the Freedom Ticket FBA course, what are your thoughts about Kevin’s course share in the comments below?

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  1. Freedom Ticket offers a comprehensive course to help you run your business successfully on Amazon FBA. You can brainstorm ideas that will sell well and learn the kind of strategies need to turn your great idea into an even greater success in this course. With Freedom Ticket, starting a successful eCommerce store has never been easier!

  2. Freedom Ticket is an 8- weeks training course with 60+ over-the-shoulder videos designed for those who want to build a successful seller in the biggest e-commerce platform that is Amazon.
    To be precise the program will show you how to: find a product, source it, build your Amazon FBA business and then make passive income from it.

  3. If you’re an Amazon seller looking to make money, chances are you’ve already heard about some of the different courses available for Amazon FBA. One of the most popular of these courses is Kevin King’s Freedom Ticket course, a comprehensive training course on how to build a successful business on Amazon.
    King offers a comprehensive e-commerce education, offering one-on-one training and sharing his proven A-Z private label strategy

  4. I’ve always been a thinker. But it was frustrating when I realized that my thoughts could never compete with the status quo. It felt suffocating to have a boss, and be told what I had to do in order to succeed as an employee at their company in exchange for wages–the only feasible way of earning money. The problem is not just in the wage aspect; now we are divided between those who want successful careers and those who want job freedom. This program includes 6 modules and over 100 videos to help you start your Amazon business quickly and easily. Not only will you learn how to become a successful seller, but also find ways around the common pitfalls so many others face when starting their first online business.

  5. Freedom Ticket has helped me take control of my life and pursue the career I always wanted to have. When you are hired by a company, sometimes you don’t feel like your work matters because it is just one small cog in the wheel. You might not even understand how what you are doing helps shape the company as a whole. But when you own your entrepreneurial business, every decision counts because it will either help or hurt the future of your business. Freedom Ticket provides all of these turnkey solutions to build successful businesses on Amazon FBA without having to guess about any part of their procedures such as which products should be sold, how much one needs to invest in inventory to sell successfully, etc.,

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