How to Find out Which WordPress Theme Is Being Used by a Blog

When you are starting a new website, choosing right theme for your blog is a hectic task, as with so many options available online, you will find it difficult to select the best one. Often you have ideas and inspirations that you have seen on other websites. In some cases, you might also want that your site should have almost the same layout and features as another website that you saw on the internet. But when you start searching for that WordPress theme on Google search, you will be shocked by the number of recommendations, and you might up wasting a lot of your time in searching that particular theme.

So here we are going to talk about various options which will help you to find the WordPress theme being used by any blog, and you can quickly download it, and install it on your blog.

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So without wasting any time let’s get started with procedures for finding names of the themes.

Using third-party tools:

It is one of the easiest ways to find the name of the theme for a non-technical blogger. There are some online WordPress theme detector services available on the Internet where you have to paste the URL of any WordPress blog, one example of a third party site that can be used to find the theme used on a WordPress site is WordPress Theme Search.

You will only need the URL for the site, and WordPress Themes search will find the information about the theme. It will also attempt to identify the theme’s author, and it will tell you whether the theme is free or you have to pay for it.

One of the advantages of using this WordPress theme detector is that it also shows WordPress plugins.

How to Find out Which WordPress Theme Is Being Used by a Blog

Another third-party site that helps you determine what theme various WordPress sites are using is WP Theme Detector.  This site gives you the same information as WordPress Theme Search, but apart from that, it will also tell you how many times the theme in question has been changed if it has been checked on the site before.

You may visit this link:

Using Browser Extensions:

It is another method for determining what theme is being used by WordPress sites. One of the benefits of using browser extensions is that you don’t have to go to another website to do it.

How to Find out Which WordPress Theme Is Being Used by a Blog

WordPress Theme Detective is one of the extensions which will provide you information about almost any theme you want as well as will give you a link to the author who created it. But it is not capable of detecting customizable themes, that is, if a site has a customized theme, it may not be detectable with this extension.

Another one of browser extension to discover the theme used on WordPress sites is Theme & Plugin Detector. The advantage of using this one is that it can provide information on customized themes.


View Page Source:

This is the quickest way to determine which theme is being used on a WordPress website. All you need to do is, check the source code, open the theme .css file and you will be able to find the name of WordPress theme. This trick works with almost any of the WordPress themes, but sometimes blog owner removes the credit information and changes the theme name which makes it hard for you to identify the theme.

Here are some easy steps for finding the theme .css file:


  • In your browser, right-click, and select view page source.
  • Find a file called .css. This will be in the wp-content in the subdirectory themes.
  • To make things faster, open the search bar by pressing CTRL + F, now type STYLE.CCS.
  • The style.ccc file will be presented as a link. Now open the link.
  • The information you need to the theme will then be presented.

Contacting Blog Owner:

If still for some reason above given method doesn’t work for you, you can always drop an email to the blog owner and professionally ask him about the theme he is using.

You might end up getting your answer directly from the owner.

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Final Words:  How to Find out Which WordPress Theme Is Being Used by a Blog

There are many methods available, but if you are still not able to find the name of WordPress theme used by that blog, you can even try one more thing, you can search for a theme similar to that used in that blog.

Like, if you looking for a WordPress theme say, XYZ blog have, use Google search with term “WordPress theme similar to XYZ” or “XYZ WordPress theme”. Replace XYZ with the name of that famous blog. By this method be able to find the look-alike and well-coded WordPress theme. Don’t forget to share this article on all the trending social media platforms.

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