Fetcher vs Sellerboard 2024: In-Depth Comparison ( Pros & Cons) Who Wins?

In this post we have compared Fetcher vs Sellerboard which includes detailed insights into these amazon sellers tools. Rollover Check It.

In this article, I will be comparing two of the best analytical tools available, Fetcher and Sellerboard.

Unless you are a bookkeeper, dealing with the bookkeeping part of the business on Amazon can be a bit tedious. Analytical tools are your helping hand in keeping track of all the information and boosting your business.

Bottom Line Upfront: Fetcher is a software that can manage accounting and financial data for Amazon sellers. In a sentence, straight forward reporting and easy to analyze financial analytics. Sellerboard is also a similar tool to Fetcher but Sellerboard has the edge over Fetcher. But the ultimate choice is yours, get started with Fetcher or start using Sellerboard.

 A good analytical tool can transform all your data into reports that can make sense. Through the analysis of soft wares, you can save time and simultaneously understand ways to gain more profit by understanding the major KPIs in your sale. 

There are a plethora of Amazon analytical tools available on the market. Let me tell you all about these platforms, that helped me out a lot! 

Fetcher vs Sellerboard: Overview

Fetcher Overview

Fetcher is software that will help and support Amazon businessmen with data management in the market. It manages accounting and financial data for online entrepreneurs.

It is an easy way to study financial analytics. Fetcher was a portion of the Jungle scout team. They decided that sellers required a visual dashboard to gain in-depth knowledge of the data that is vital for business growth. 

Fetcher Overview

Without a good knowledge of the financial details, it is hard to thrive in today’s market. This was the inspiration behind the creation of Fetcher. And it has done a great job in aiding the businessmen in moving their businesses forward.

Sellerboard Overview

Sellerboard is an extensive analytical tool for Amazon sellers. With this amazing tool, online sellers can easily analyze their profit and make the business cost-effective to boost their business. 

This seller tool measures the profitability data and business performance in real-time providing insights into the operations. It also has many great features to give your business the freedom to grow abundantly. 

_sellerboard Overview

The live dashboard with FBA ratings and integrated data from Amazon will make sure your business stays competitive and way ahead of market competitors. Easy access from mobile phones only increases its feasibility. There are so many other great features. Buckle up for the details.

Fetcher vs Sellerboard Unique Features


  1.   Hidden cost finder

Well, this is not a single feature. But almost all the features included in the Fetcher will help you improve your business and increase your profits. But the really awesome feature that I could find is how fast and efficiently Fetcher identifies all the hidden costs and losses. 

Well, in a business the core is to understand the money-related essentials. In a web-based business, you are including a bunch of people who are not very familiar with complex computing systems or monetary information. 

Thus it may be hard to keep track of everything. In such a care a powerful system to help you manage all the financial side of the business is great. That is Fetcher.  You could end up spending a lot of money on hidden costs. Fetcher with its groundbreaking instruments will help you reduce this.


A couple of months ago, Amazon added a “Request a review” button in the seller central. If you click it, Amazon will send an email to the customer asking them to leave a product review and seller feedback.

The problem is: it’s pretty time consuming to click the button manually for every order in the Seller Central.  But we’ve found a solution!

sellerboard’s autoresponder can now completely automate this process for you. sellerboard uses the new official Selling Partner API to request reviews, so there are no browser plugins required. You can set up a “Request a review” campaign for all or only selected products and decide when the request should be sent.

The sender in the review request email is Amazon, not the seller. The message includes links to the product review form, seller feedback form as well as the name and a picture of your product.

This is an awesome and ethical way for generating organic reviews and feedback!

All you have to do is click “Autoresponder” in your sellerboard account and set up a new campaign according to your preference.

  1.   PPC Optimizer

This is a great feature provided by the Sellerboard. The PPC optimizer will help the sellers to optimize their PPC campaigns. With their easy to follow dashboard and easy to understand reviews your campaigns are easier than ever. 

With their PPC dashboard actions like tracking the profitability of the campaigns, ad groups, and keywords are very easy. Single view analysis of profit will enable you to understand which direction the wind is blowing. 

Sellers-sellerboard - PPC Optimization

The Sellerboard has a very unique algorithm that estimates the profit of the campaigns. Based on this we can calculate the Break-even-ACOS and Break-even-bid for the keywords. This will optimize the bids.

  1.   Autoresponder

This is the feature that will help you focus on the feedback. All the reviews that the customer leaves about your product will be updated into your dashboard and you can keep track of them.

You can choose to send automated emails to the customers expressing your gratitude and asking for more feedback. This will help you provide them with improved customer services thus gaining more loyal customers. 

-Sellers-sellerboard - CashFlow

In this market, a negative comment may do more damage than anything. When you are automatically notified when the review is posted you can check the comment and correct it in case something is wrong. This will definitely increase customer trust and move your business forward. And building your brand’s reputation and glorifying the product image is important. 

With flexible settings, you can choose an area or marketplace and improve your services there.

Common Features Comparison

  1.   Dashboard


Fetcher dashboard is pretty and has tons of easy to use features. Sales growth graphs are a great tool to possess. It will let you know the growth of net revenue over a particular time period. 

You can choose your own time from a variety of preset date ranges. The only problem is that you cannot choose a time period that is longer than a year. Today’s profit is another very helpful feature that will enable you to analyze your business statistics regularly. 

Fetcher - Sell More Product

Under the Recurring Charges, you can see all the hidden costs like storage fees, labelling fees, and disposal fees as such. Understanding and controlling these hidden charges are very important to move forward with your business.


Sellerboard helps you to view the costa at a product level rather than an account level. This will corporate the hidden costs into your finances thus making it much easier to handle everything. 

Amazon-Sellers-sellerboard - Live Dashboard

The dashboard displays detailed information on commissions, FBA fees, and other Amazon fees. Also, you will understand about the return cost, promotion cost, and other fixed costs. The time period can be viewed as days, like today yesterday, or any other date. It can also be viewed as a by-product.

  1.     Profit and sales view


The profit and sales feature in the Fetcher will show you the listing of all the sales you have made and the data can be arranged into tables or graphs for a breakdown. You can choose the time scale selector for a deeper understanding of your sales. 

The expenditures can be viewed on the dashboard which is split into different costs. Refund and return costs are always online on the dashboard. With consumer detail, you can break down product sales. 

Fetcher - Metrics

The profit and sales statement can be broken down per expenses and revenue. The revenue data are classified into sales, refunds, reimbursements, and promos. The expenses data are simplified into the cost of the products, shipping charges, reshipping, order charges, and sales taxes.


Configurable charts are a feature through which Sellerboard enables a quick and easy understanding of business statistics. It is very convenient for analyzing key performance indicators. Everything can be customized. 

Amazon-Sellers-sellerboard - Configural Dashboard

Time frame, the granularity of output, frame, etc. can be adjusted to meet your requirements. The view can be saved as a marketplace or product view with added multi-selection options. You can drill down into the details if you need or keep it simple. You will get a detailed summary after every session.

In the Sellerboard profit, loss viewer is a simple and elegant one click away feature. With just a single click you can see the statement and focus on every side of it like different fees and check for each time period. You can view products that are sold at specific marketplaces by adding filters. This will help you predict market trends. Told you, Sellerboard is very smart.

  1.       Trends


Unlike Sellerboard, Fetcher doesn’t have a separate feature for identifying the trends. But its powerful market flow analyzers will represent the data in detailed charts and graphs so you can identify the trends easily.


In Sellerboard this feature will help you keep track of the important KPIs like BSR, sales, and returns. By this, you can make sure you don’t have a negative trend. If you get early notification about the trends going the wrong way you can immediately do damage control and reverse it. With this, you can pinpoint where the problem is and take action.

-Sellers-sellerboard - CashFlow

Fetcher vs Sellerboard Pricing


Fetcher offers you three basic plans

Fetcher - Pricing

  1. Startup

This plan will cost you just $19 per month.

Offers up to 2550 orders and 24*7 supports. Customer support includes one-on-one onboarding. With world-class security and top-notch privacy, this one is a good plan.

  1. Business

This plan will cost you $39 per month.

Up to 5500 orders and 24*7 customer services. You can sync unlimited seller accounts with this plan.

  1. Enterprise

This plan will cost you $99 per month.

Unlimited orders per month.

Along with basic features like 24*7 security and privacy, there are many other great features included.

  1. Free trial

You will get a 31-day free trial. The best thing is you won’t be required to give any details like credit card information.


One of the attractions Sellerboard has is its price ranges.

Amazon-Sellers-sellerboard - Pricing

  1. Standard
  • Costs you $19 per month
  • Orders per month: 3.000
  • 150 Autoresponder, emails
  • 4 Additional seller accounts
  • 1 Additional user

Other features like the live dashboard, PPC dashboard, refunds and restock alerts are also included.

  1. Professional
  • Costs you $29 per month
  • Orders per month: 6.000
  • Autoresponder, emails per month: 6.000
  • Additional seller accounts: 6
  • Additional users: 2

Live dashboard, PPC dashboard, refunds, and restock alerts are also included.

  1. Business plan 1
  • Costs you $39 per month
  • Orders per month: 15.000
  • Autoresponder, emails per month: 15.000
  • Additional seller accounts: 8
  • Additional users: 4
  1. Business plan 2
  • Costs you $79 per month
  • Orders per month: 50.000
  • Autoresponder, emails per month: 50.000
  • Additional seller accounts: 16
  • Additional users: 4

If you decide to pay for 6 months together, you will get a 10% discount. And if you pay for 12 months you will get a 20% discount.

Fetcher vs Sellerboard Pros And Cons



  •       Very easy to use and follow.
  •       No in-depth training sessions are essential.
  •       The LinkedIn plug-in allows adding people to projects directly.
  •       You can directly link the hires to the platform.
  •       Almost instant answers to your queries by customer services.
  •       Simple and attractive dashboard


  •       Hard to locate email exchanges.
  •       Inaccurate search results.
  •        The LinkedIn plug-in can only be used from the l LinkedIn page, not from LinkedIn  Recruiter
  •       Have to spend a lot of time briefing the team on your search.
  •       It is not completely automatic.
  •       No effective outbound recruiting.
  •       Not integrated with ATS.



  •       Great communication and very easy to use.
  •       All in one tool. You won’t need any other tool to manage your account.
  •       seller board is also available as a mobile app.
  •       You can start using the app straight away.
  •       No intense training required
  •       Self-explanatory dashboard.
  •       The mobile application is available for both iOS and Android.
  •       Multiple and widespread market places.
  •       Video tutorials and step-by-step to help you understand.


  •       Their PCC optimizer for the PCC campaign is still a beta.
  •       eBay and Shopify Connectors are both in beta.
  •       A lot of optimization tools are missing.
  •       No review tracking or keyword tracking tools

Fetcher vs Sellerboard Testimonials

SellerBoard Customer Review

Amazon-Sellers-sellerboard - Testimonials

Fetcher Customer Review

Fetcher - Testimonials

FAQs On Fetcher vs Sellerboard

👉Does Sellerboard function with Amazon accounts? Is the account data secure?

Sellerboard takes help from Amazon’s MWS API to ingress sales data. This is the usual way of information exchange. In your account, you will be required to give access to your data. Your data is completely secure. Only the information required for the reports will be stored. It was never sold or distributed.

👉How can I delete my Fetcher account?

Deleting your Fetcher account is easy. You just have to fill out the form giving the reason for deleting it. And within 2 business days, they will respond with the confirmation. After confirmation, your account will be deleted and all your data will be erased.

👉What Amazon fee does the Sellerboard take into account?

All Amazon fees are taken into account by Sellerboard. Amazon provides information about all these fees per product. All these are taken into account at the account level and used in the calculation of your profit.

Conclusion: Fetcher vs Sellerboard 2024

Fetcher will provide you with a cost-effective solution for gaining sales. This will definitely help you sell more products and grow your business on Amazon. Using Fetcher to communicate with leads is extremely helpful. 

This has proven to drive more revenue for the business. Fetcher can help you save up to 14 hours per month with its easy to use dashboard and automation tools. It even has automated email campaigns. 

And the automated hiring tools can help you to interview and select the most talented candidates without much effort.  It offers you the profit-loss statement which is very easy to read and analyze. 

Unlike many other software, Fetcher uses a precise metric system that ensures precise business metrics. You can avoid large commissions by circumventing the need for a recruiter. It only has few problems like hard-to-tack email or time spent on briefing your team. With little care, these problems can be easily solved. I think with Fetcher your money is well spent.

Sellerboard is one of the clearest platforms that will help you break down the financial analysis of your business into a more understandable form. It can also aid in inventory planning.  

You can check it daily and understand how your business is going. Understanding the financial situation is very important for your business to thrive. It has a very easy to use interface. 

The money-back tool is a cool feature that will help you get reimbursements. Every amazon seller will come to know that the main cost in this business is hidden costs like storage, returns; commissions’, etc. 

Sellerboard will help you reduce these by enabling you to see the cost at the product level not just at the account level. Even though some of their tools are beta it is worth a try.

I have provided an honest opinion on both these tools. Even though they have some problems, both of these tools are better on the top rankings. Just make sure to consider all the features before you choose the one for you. Glad I could help!

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