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Experience Product Masterclass

Overall Verdict

If you're looking for a course that delivers results and empowers you to create a product that truly resonates with your audience, look no further. The Experience Product Masterclass is the ultimate choice. Marisa's expertise, combined with the well-crafted course structure, ensures an enriching and transformative learning journey. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about creating a successful and impactful product.

Out of 10


  • Access to your own certified coach for 10 weeks
  • Profit Guarantee - Make $2,000 or Marisa will pay YOU
  • Friendly Support
  • Case studies shows in course are worth every penny.
  • Less refund from students
  • Experience fun, step-by step, exciting content to win


  • Some beginners might find it expensive
  • You have to wait for one year to join if you miss the deadline


Price: $ 297

In this Experience Product Masterclass Review, I look at one of the most popular courses available and provide a complete overview of its key pros and cons. Is it right for your business?


You’ve got a million products to choose from.

You’ve been told that you need to offer more than just a product. But there are no options.

You know the feeling.

You’ve been working on a product for months, finally, get to launch it and what do you get? One sale, two, three?

When customers see your product, they see something that’s just like everyone else’s. You’ve got to do something to get them interested in your product.

The secret is to create an experience that is so incredibly different from anything they’ve seen before, they can’t take their eyes off of it. And don’t worry, with the Experience Product Masterclass course Marisa will show you how to do it and where you will be shown how to make your product a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience, that will stand out from the competition.

💥 Bottom Line Upfront : 

In Experience Product Masterclass, you’ll be traveling to a new world of “experience escalation”.

This masterclass is exceptional because it enables us to profit from a nearly billion-dollar industry in an entirely new manner. As someone who has experience creating online courses, I was astounded by the provided insights.

The program by Marisa Murgatroyd explains why the majority of courses fail and, more importantly, provides a proved solution. It enables you to create highly engaging products that captivate your consumers, motivate them to take action, and result in repeated purchases.

Even if you do not yet have a product, do not worry This masterclass is for anyone who desires to share their message, expertise, or experiences while earning a life-altering income. Marisa Murgatroyd possesses unparalleled conviction in her program. She guarantees that you will earn at least $2,000 in the next twelve weeks.

😍 If you fall short and only earn $500, she will pay you $1,500 personally. This offer is exceptional and proves the enormous value of the Experience Product Masterclass.

I highly recommend you go for EPM.


Introducing-the-Experience-Product-Masterclass Live your message reviews

EPM Marisa

WARNING: Because I am a major fan of EPM, this Experience Product review may be a little biased, but it is an honest evaluation:-)

Experience Product Masterclass Review

Marisa Murgatroyd Experience Product Masterclass Review 2024

This review of an Experience Product Masterclass is a good way to learn how to make your products do great and keep your customers and audience engaged. It starts with a challenge that is completely free for 5 days. Most people never finish courses they buy online because the courses don’t actually engage them – but this one does!

In EPM: 😍

– You will gain better insight into how to make your products more valuable.

– You will be able to focus on what you do best and what matters most.

– You will have a deeper understanding of customers, your audience, and your growth strategy.

– If you do things right, your products will become more valuable and customers will stay engaged all the way through from the first bounce until their last purchase.

– Brand experience in-house.

– Excellent service, dedicated and responsive support, and engineering expertise to help you get your product right.

– Create a product specifically for your business and put the right tools into it.

– Learn what really drives your customers to purchase and continue to use your products and services all over the world, using real data from real users across the globe.

– Build a strong relationship with customers and turn them into advocates for your brand!

experience product masterclass review online

About Marisa Murgatroyd & Live Your Message Review 😍

Live Your Message is an online education company specializing in helping entrepreneurs create a business that is authentic and aligned with who they are, to empower them to turn up the dial on their “inner superhero” so they can change the world from their living rooms.

Experience Product masterclass by Marisa

Who Is Marisa Murgatroyd?

Marisa Murgatroyd founded Live Your Message 7 years ago. About 4’11 and a quarter, she’s called “the shortest woman in marketing” but that doesn’t stop her from having huge ideas.

She’s the go-to brand builder for industry luminaries and heavyweights like Justin Livingston, Callan Rush, Danny Iny, Alexis Neely, and Susan Peirce Thompson.

She uses her power to teach plain people how to become successful entrepreneurs who are aligned with themselves. Marisa wants people’s business to be authentic, meaning it is really their own.

In her early days, she contributed to a better experience in the world by creating movies and writing text. Her expertise in these led her to discover that she has a purpose for teaching entrepreneurs how they can express themselves through their businesses.

Today, she is making courses. She wants to help people translate their knowledge into an online platform so they can make money. Marisa doesn’t have a regular job because she’s an entrepreneur.

But not everyone has good ideas, so she has different ways of approaching the problems that entrepreneurs are facing.

What You Will Get Inside Experience Product Masterclass Review?

The Experience Product Masterclass is a 12-week course that will teach you how to make products that keep your customers engaged and excited. It is a hands-on class and you will learn the formula for yourself! Here’s what it’s like: I’ve been through Experience Product Masterclass myself and my experience product masterclass review lets you know that there are missions, experience points, confetti, encouraging sounds, and more.

They make going through courses fun giving little wins to get you motivated instead of getting discouraged.

The Experience Product Masterclass: ($1,997 Value) 😍

Module 1: Your Light Bulb Moment

First, you will learn how to choose an offer that will sell. You’ll find the one with the biggest potential and highest profits. You’ll create a blueprint so you know what to do when to do it, and what steps are needed.

Module 2: Nailing Your Offer

In this module, you’ll learn how to make your product really great. You will do it in ways that are proven to get people’s attention, time, and trust. Then they can’t help but say yes to your product.

Module 3: Crafting the Perfect Experience

It can take weeks to create content. But you can do this more quickly with the help of Experience Product Masterclass Review. With just two weeks, you will have an irresistible offer in your hands that includes 10 experiences for your customers to enjoy.

Module 4: Experience Marketing Essentials

Now it is time to tell people about our product. There are six types of experience campaigns that you create. Four of them cost nothing at all, and they are proven to work for a wide range of businesses. These six types will get the ball rolling and sales coming in. This is everything you need for your own unique experience marketing campaign that will bring you clients like crazy!

Module 5: Deliver the WOW

Finally, you will put the pieces together and create an experience that makes all of your students, clients, and customers happy. You can do this by keeping them happy until the end of your program. This is important because they are more likely to come back to you again if they had a good experience with you.

Also, you’ll be getting ten 90-minute Small Group Coaching Calls With Your Experience Product Success Coach ($5,000 Value)

Experience Product Masterclass Pricing

Experience Product Masterclass- Get Started


Benefits Of Experience Product Masterclass

It generally creates a powerful tidal wave of action and that really makes it possible for your customers to succeed easily.

Stack the odds in your favor so that you can easily get an exponential increase in customers (10-30X) in order to complete your products, programs, and courses and get results and buy from you again and again. 

Generate a “ripple effect” of growth, and you will see your customer will start selling your products for you and that will truly result in spending less time and money right on the marketing. And also you use your time for other things that matter the most. Overall you will sell more while spending less and that’s the beauty of Experience Product Masterclass. 

Now using Experience Products Masterclass just Become a Powerful Leader in your market. If your students will find value in your products, services, and courses, then you will be getting more customers easily and effortlessly. 

After going through this course you will know how to make more revenue with your repeat buyers. And no doubt, your previous buyers become hooked on you and your products as well and they’ll want to buy more and more from you. And as per the Experience Product Masterclass which is called the “Business Growth Trifecta” where more people will be investing more money with you.

Experience Product Masterclass Cons

Online courses are a big investment. If you want to make a difference in your business, they can be worth it. But if you are not sure about the time that it will take to do the work or are on the fence about paying for them, then this is not an investment for you at this time. Every online course has a price that might make you dizzy, but think of all the benefits of taking these courses and how much better they will make your business!

There are many materials in this course. They are easy to go through, but there are also a lot of them. This can take a long time, but I think it is worth it. If you do not plan on selling anything or if you have no idea how these things work, then the Experience PRODUCT Masterclass review might be for you instead.

The Experience Product Masterclass is only open for enrollment once a year. If you miss the dates, you will have to wait an entire year to enroll. If your business can benefit from this Masterclass, sign up early!


Some Case Studies/Testimonials:

Join the Experience Product Masterclass Marisa Courses

✅ Pros


  • Great for people who are just starting out and creating their first digital product AND established entrepreneurs who already have products but want to kick things up to the next level
  • There’s actually A LOT of content included in each module, so it may take you time to get through each one
  • This is the 4th time they’ve launched the program (they only do one launch a year) so it’s a tried, tested & true product
  • They only open enrollment once a year, so if you miss the window you have to wait for another whole year to get in
  • They have over 650+ pages of success stories from previous students (check it out:
  • Really awesome membership site where you earn points for each part of the program you complete that you can use as credits toward future Live Your Message programs
  • Incredible video production – extremely high-quality video training that contains next-level strategies you won’t find anywhere else
  • They literally GUARANTEE that if you follow the program you’ll make $2,000 or more in 10 weeks or less or you get your money back
  • The payment plan makes the program super affordable
  • The program comes with $30,000+ worth of business-building bonuses

Pricing: $1,997 (Or 6 payments of $379)

There’s been a TON of buzz online about Marisa Murgatroyd’s Experience Product Masterclass. It’s a 10-week online coaching program where she promises you’ll make $2,000 or a whole lot more on what she calls an “experience product” in just 10 weeks or less… or she’ll write you a check for the difference. 

Experience Product Masterclass- Get Started

Why you Should Join EMP By Marisa Murgatroyd

If you are an author, educator, consultant, broker, coach, or someone who is in the people industry and you want to create something online for people to buy.

This can be a new course that has not been created yet or it could be one that already exists. You will use Experience Product Masterclass to help make your idea perfect before you launch it and show what buyers want.

Experience Product Masterclass is a way of making money. It can work if you have just started a business or have been in business for a long time. If you want to do it, it will work no matter what.

You just need to be committed and work hard. If you are not sure about the program, the Experience Product Masterclass is not for you because it takes hard work and effort to make money with this program.

If you want to make money and share your message with the world, we have a great way for you to do that. Experience Products is a good way for you to start making money and sharing your message.

It will work no matter what stage of business you are at, from people who already have their own business to people who don’t even have one yet.

Live Your Message Review on BBB.org

Experience-Product-Masterclass-Review by Marisa

live your message review Marisa

Image Credits: BBB.org

Marisa Murgatroyd EPM Online Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Marisa isn’t just a product design expert, she’s someone whose information and guidance I’ve been following closely for years (and even referring my students to for years as well!)

In her Experience Product Masterclass program, she’s about to show you…

⇒ How to create, deliver and sell digital products, online programs, and information-based courses in a revolutionary new way.

⇒ How to ethically hook your clients, customers & students on taking action, achieving goals, getting results, and having great lives — through YOU!

⇒ As a result, you’ll naturally make a great income, with repeat business, lifelong customers, and droves of referrals! (Which means less money spent in the future on marketing.)

It’s a new, different, and amazing approach that borrows heavily from the fields of gamification and experience design, and more importantly:

I honestly believe that the opportunity here is HUGE for those who take advantage of it.

So your mission, should you choose to accept it … is to design, market, and make $2,000 or a whole lot more from an Experience Product® in the next 12 weeks, so you can get off the marketing treadmill, make more sales, and have more impact.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that your success is Guaranteed!

Marisa’s so confident in the results you’ll achieve (and so am I) that she’s legally guaranteeing you’ll make at least $2,000 in 10 weeks no matter your industry, niche, or stage of business!

Just follow her simple instructions, and if in 12 weeks you don’t have at least 2K (or a WHOLE lot more) back in your pocket, then: She’s going to PAY you the difference.

Experience Products are changing the game and I want nothing more than for you to experience the magic firsthand.

This new kind of product is breaking all the rules when it comes to how we create, deliver, and profit from online information-based products, training programs, home-study courses, group coaching… even 1-on-1 coaching and services…

It’s also the formula that SO many business owners, coaches, service providers, and course craters are using to break through the noise, revolutionize their businesses and become authorities in their own fields.

So again, this is your final chance to take the leap. To learn how to massively upgrade your current unexciting products, stale programs, and uncompleted courses into true audience hooking “Experience Products”.

Experience Product Masterclass Bonuses

Here’s what you get when you join:

  • The entire 5-Module Experience Product Masterclass program
  • Ten 90-minute LIVE group coaching calls with Marisa
  • Ten 90-minute implementation calls with Marisa’s team of elite coaches
  • Three 3-Hour Laser Coachathons with Marisa
  • Access to the Experience Product Masterclass private Facebook group
  • BONUS 1: Your very own, personal success coach (Includes ten 90-minute “open office” group calls & unlimited revisions on your personal “milestone” doc that’ll track your progress)
  • BONUS 2: Sales for Superheroes
  • BONUS 3: Speak! How to Use Talks & Webinars to Grow Your Business
  • BONUS 4: The Profitable Product Idea Challenge & Student Success Challenge Bundle
  • BONUS 5: Two Tuition Waivers to Live Your Message LIVE (Virtual Edition)
  • BONUS 6: 3 Month Growth Account on the Xperiencify Platform
  • SUPER BONUS 7: Done-for-You Membership Site on Xperiencify

Experience Product Masterclass Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Join the Experience Product Masterclass

“Within the 8-week period of EPM we made $64,000 and at the end of that launch — so outside the 10 weeks — we made a little over $100,000. To date we’ve run two more classes on top of the first class we created with EPM, totalling our entire income from the start of EPM to today, to $270,000.”

Davina & Galen Detrik
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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Conclusion: Experience Product Masterclass Review 2024 Why Will EPM Transform Your Life?✨

Everyone wants to know whether the Experience Product Masterclass is worth it or not?

The truth is that it depends on what you want in life.

If your objective is to cultivate a devoted following, encourage community engagement, reduce product returns, and multiply your return on investment by 10 to 30 times, then you should seriously consider investing in the EPM.

Creating an online course is definitely the quickest and most profitable method to launch and expand an online business. It provides the extraordinary opportunity to earn money while you are asleep an experience that is truly unparalleled. It is a tremendously satisfying experience to be able to communicate your message, have a significant impact on others, and also earn a substantial income.

Marisa Murgatroyd has you covered even if you do not presently have any products. She offers in-depth instructions on how to rapidly create your own product. She can guide you to the ideal product concept in less than an hour, preparing you to embark on this thrilling journey.

The year 2024 has been, to say the least, chaotic.

And despite the fact that the online presence of everything and everyone has drastically altered the way our world operates, one thing has remained constant.

Online Courses and Digital Products are in high demand, but Experience Products are absolutely dominating the market.

In fact, the current moment represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for individuals seeking to launch or scale their online offerings.

The market is primed for the picking, and the entrances are wide open.

And the 2024 Experience Product Masterclass is here! ✨

Marisa is not only an expert in product design, but she is also someone whose information and advice I’ve attentively followed for years (and referred my students to for years as well!)

In her EPM curriculum, she will demonstrate…

A revolutionary method for creating, delivering, and selling digital products, online programs, and information-based courses.

How to ethically engage your clients, customers, and students on taking action, achieving goals, achieving results, and living amazing lives — via YOU!

As a result, you’ll earn a substantial income through repeat business, loyal consumers, and a flood of referrals! (This means less money will be spent on marketing in the future.)

It is an innovative, unique, and remarkable approach that significantly borrows from the disciplines of gamification and experience design, and more importantly:

I sincerely believe that this opportunity is enormous for those who seize it.

Therefore, your mission, should you choose to embrace it, is to design, market, and earn $2,000 or more from an Experience Product® within the next 12 weeks so that you can get off the marketing treadmill, generate more sales, and have a greater impact.

Plus, the fact that your success is guaranteed is an added bonus!

Marisa is so confident in your results (and so am I) that she legally guarantees you’ll earn at least $2,000 in 10 weeks, regardless of your industry, niche, or business stage!

Follow her straightforward instructions, and if in 12 weeks you don’t have at least $2,000 (or MUCH MORE) in your pocket, she’ll pay you the difference.

Discover what the Masterclass is all about on this page, and if you sign up before midnight tonight, you’ll also receive a fast-action incentive!

Marisa only opens this program ONCE per year, so if you want to participate, now is the time.

Whether you are just starting out in business and want to create your first information product, online program, or course…

Whether you already have one or two programs but not enough people are enrolling or completing them…

The Masterclass on Experience Products has the potential to profoundly alter your existence!

But don’t just take my word for it — check out the 836+ honest & unedited reviews Marisa has collected from her students over the past few years!

You possess everything. The training. The instruction. The software (which is extremely excellent!) and the guarantee that exceeds money back.

However, the program is about to go live, so you have only minutes left to register before the offer to join EPM expires.

So go now. And get in.

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34 User Reviews on Experience Product Masterclass

  1. Experience Product Masterclass is an in-depth course for anyone who’s looking to understand and create products and services with a higher degree of mastery than ever before. You’ll learn how to use your skills and expertise to bring clarity into the world around you, making every customer feel seen and understood. A 12 month program means it practically pays for itself through certificates alone! With live streaming courses taking place five days per week, interactive student forums, instructional videos so clear even I learned something – this Experience Product Masterclass course can’t be beat.

  2. With the help of Marisa, I was able to clearly see my program from a new perspective. No longer were there questions; all aspects could be seen with complete clarity. Her guidance gave me an invaluable insight into what is really needed for success in internet marketing and how well-suited I am to teach others how do this as well.

  3. Experience Product Masterclass is an online course that will teach you how to build a successful company. You’ll get access to exclusive tutorials, workbooks, templates, coaching sessions and more—so that business planning life doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. Join today and you will not regret for sure.

  4. EPM is a creative, valuable and robust solution for your product marketing needs. With EPM you will be able to research key analytics about what customers want from the products they interact with, how they engage with those products, and which of these interactions have the greatest impact on certain metrics like conversion rates. You’ll also learn why people aren’t buying or using the first time around after early engagement so that you can take action before it’s too late – this means fewer customer churns. Finally, we give marketers real-time updates through data science workflows in addition to strategic approaches that are customized just for them so that all of a marketer’s efforts go towards promoting their company.

  5. Spend six months working one on one with a marketing expert to get amazing results. The course will show you the words, message, and more that combine for great success in sales. Work through live presentations, listen to video clips by top marketers, read articles from major publications…all trying to figure out how they use their skills in the industry so you can do it yourself.
    I love your Marisa Experience Product Masterclass Review.

  6. The course shows you the right way to create super-sticky products that get your customers hooked on taking action, getting results and buying from you over and over again. It can massively grow sales & student engagement and send profits through the roof!
    It’s designed for anybody who wants to share their message, experience or expertise while earning life-changing income. EPM helps you find the perfect product idea!!

  7. Experience Product Masterclass is a comprehensive program designed to help you create your very own info product. But not just any info product, one that people actually take & complete!
    The owner teaches you how to apply these concepts to your courses so that most people who buy them, finish them and come back for more.
    After all, this program is designed around creating an experience rather than just a simple course.

  8. Experience Product Masterclass is a course designed to give you an in-depth understanding on how to run a business online. This course will not take a lot of your time because it is only done online, so they say that this gives you ample time for jobs and loved ones. With the help of this program, my overall review was 4 out of 5 stars without exception with no customer complaints. I highly recommend checking them out!

  9. Marisa Murgatroyd is the best coach I’ve ever had. If you’re wondering if it’s worth to invest in coaching a newbie like me, don’t hesitate. Marisa is giving more value than anyone should be able to give and I’m forever grateful for her guidance

    This mastermind helped my business skyrocket into 7-figure status before even launching!
    I was an absolute rookie when I first joined EPM’s sixth monthly strategic mastermind group. Not only did they help me thoroughly plan out the necessary steps for success with amazing accountability and support throughout my process, but also changed the way I think about money!

  10. It was never easy to launch a product, let alone if I am not confident of my skills. Fortunately, the Experience Product Masterclass by Marisa is here! This course teaches you on how to create an online business without too much commitment. Whether it’s about boosting your blog or getting Podcasts out there, this tutorial will teach me what I need to know on how to succeed in marketing my products on the internet.

  11. The course was a great help for my writing career. I am still going to have a job, but it is just a part-time thing now and my 8 hours a day are spent working on my passion which is writing. The best part was that the people who created the product were very generous with their time answering all of our questions in detail, from beginning to end. It is designed for beginners so even though they do not know much about how social media works or coding, they still get through it because of how talented and helpful they are.

  12. You’ll be on the journey of a lifetime as Marisa teaches you how to build your authentic brand and live your message. By engaging authentically with your community, experiencing more joy and love in all areas of your life, and becoming a powerful leader at work or home, you will have more success than ever before. Go for it and I am sure you will not regret it.

  13. Experience Product Masterclass is designed to expand your knowledge, sharpen your skills and deepen your understanding of digital marketing for small business entrepreneurs. You’ll learn the ins-and-outs of different elements in the design process, strategies that will help you sell more products or grow a thriving online community. I love Marisa way of teaching and I highly recommend Experience Product Masterclass.

  14. I’m just getting into internet marketing, had my first launch and was able to get 7 more students through working with them. Working with EPM has been the best decision I could have made for starting out so that I don’t have to go from scratch. Marisa is great – she pays attention, she communicates what you need – and her strategy really does work.

    The reason why online training programs are far and away better than going to a school like the University of Phoenix or DeVry: They provide everything right there at your fingertips – it’s like an encyclopedia for learning, but with all the information on one page instead of having to flip from topic to topic in different books!

  15. Live your message is the best course I have ever taken. You are given so much more support than I would have ever imagined, and I am still getting support after the course. The modules go at a slow but manageable pace that allows you to get ahead of schedule if need be or stay on track, all while giving time for what’s important in life such as work and family. This very affordable online-based experience will answer any questions about where you’re going wrong with your direct mailing list and will write new copy for you, saving you countless hours of sitting down and writing your own messages from scratch.

  16. The Experience Product Masterclass is like a modern-day college course that you take from your desk. You will be able to create an online business in two months or less and the best part is you could do it while still having time for family and work.

    It can’t get any easier than this! Better yet, there’s no travelling involved: everything takes place in the comfort of one’s home and management principles are taught by successful leaders who also want their students succeed. This course has been carefully curated to teach people how they can monetize their skillsets, whether they’re writing articles for profit, creating YouTube videos to sell products, or podcasting to build an audience – all with just a few clicks of a mouse.

  17. Experience Product Masterclass is the best course I have ever taken. You are given so much more support than I would have ever imagined, and I am still getting support after the course. The curriculum offers pre-course material to take you through it before kicking off your actual course day 1 – no need to worry about finding a spot for handouts or flipping back through notes to catch up on what was said in a previous session! Live your message not only helps generate an experience that gets our brains to go into a flow state by tapping into creativity during guided meditation exercises, but it also teaches us how reverse engineer those feelings from within yourself as well as how to work with cognitive distortions like depression and anxiety.

    I recommend this course highly.

  18. Live your message is the best course I have ever taken. You are given so much more support than I would have ever imagined, and I am still getting support after the course. This course teaches you how to communicate your message clearly, congruently, authentically every time. They give you all of the tools to help you grow as a person through effective interpersonal relationships with loved ones while motivating them on their path toward success in life. This program will be worth every hour and penny for anyone that wants to live their authentic destiny with clarity!

  19. A completely customised course, designed to your specific needs with interactive learning style and live coaching from an experienced mentor.

    The most effective course for anyone looking to learn how you can craft a compelling story which is powerful enough to change lives!

  20. “Live your message is the best course I have ever taken. You are given so much more support than I would have ever imagined, and I am still getting support after the course.”

  21. Marisa Murgatroyd’s EPM course will set you up for life.
    This course delivers MANY TIMES more than what you pay for it, and will continue to do so for years. With her well-researched and tested strategies, she has helped thousands of people learn how they can actively build wealth in their lives. Taking this step is a necessity if you want to call yourself financially free – without handling your money headaches on the side-lines or running scared from change as though it were poisonous gas. Here’s everything Marisa teaches:
    Know What Money Does For You
    What The Big 12 Players Are Up To
    How A Million Dollars Crosses Time In 10 Easy Steps
    & much more.

  22. Marisa Murgatroyd was by far the most helpful and insightful coach I’ve had. What is great about it, is that you’re only required to work with her for a small amount of time each week because she’ll give you all the resources needed for implementation! Marisa told me exactly what ticket to buy, which levels in my program to focus on, how I should teach them – everything! The audio sessions also cover mental mindset as well so that not only does the person gain knowledge but they are equipped with tools to help them thrive.
    Marisa’s attitude has made a world of difference in my thinking- how I think about myself, other people and especially business.

  23. Live your message is the best course I have ever taken. You are given so much more support than I would have ever imagined, and I am still getting support after the course. It’s not easy but worth every hour and every penny!

  24. This course is so cool because it teaches you how to create a strong online presence without any hassle. It includes the Product Launch Formula, the Mastermind System, and Traffic Hacks. All of these things are necessary for launching a successful business that can support your everyday life. You will learn how to use Instagram bots to get traffic from other users on this app which will help with marketing especially if you’re trying to sell stuff. The last lesson in this class is about Sales Letters for Membership Sites even though there’s no real personal selling going on in a membership site it’s important not to forget sales skills!

  25. Eighteen months ago, I felt like my company was in the middle of a whirlwind. We were struggling to keep up with our marketing, seemed distracted by all the information we had on customer paths and trajectory, becoming frustrated with customer service that wasn’t working for us, and couldn’t perfect our product no matter how many times we tested it or changed things—it just always came out feeling stiff and generic. One day I met Amanda*, an EPM customer who told me about their tool as it related to solving every problem we were having. Now, after using this for 18 months—we’ve got better insight into how to make our products more valuable; are able to focus on what really matters most; have a deeper understanding of customers.

  26. Have you wanted to start your own business but were not sure how? Just when you want to give up, they are there when you need them the most. Want my recommendation… check out this course by Experience Product Masterclass. You have access to live streamed interviews with successful entrepreneurs in the field who will teach and mentor you every step of the way!

  27. The live your message course is a masterclass that will help you learn the steps to building a profitable business. This course includes mentoring, access to learning materials, and certification. They also offer customer support until you have finished progressing through their system. I highly recommend this course.

  28. Live your message is the best course on getting out of debt. You are given so much support, and even after you’ve completed it there are still lessons on how to make money through branding, tutorials for product photography, ways to get your DSLR camera off pause mode, tutorials for WordPress themes or post layouts, how to find happiness in minimalism–it’s not just about finances anymore! Just be sure that you learn more than just one thing at a time. It may be difficult but worth every minute of focus that you can spare. Thank you Marisia and the Team behind Live Your Message experience product masterclass!

  29. All in all, the module was AMAZING. It gave me a really solid foundation to build my coaching and training products on top of. Even though I hit moments of overwhelm as I moved through lessons that involved steps or concepts that felt new to me, the moment revealed an area where I lacked experience or familiarity with either. That’s why it was so great how this course helped to point out what needs more attention and which ones were just moving too fast for me because of those factors! This program helped reduce my time learning about these topics by 3 years – yes, three whole years! What else can you ask for?

  30. This product is awful! Imagine starting an assignment and not finishing it, and then you suffer the consequences because YOU didn’t finish your jobs. I was assigned to create a product before it was created in order to find out what really drives social media marketing. That’s not fair–I don’t know how a person can design something without the knowledge of how products are made or run that happen BEFORE they were ever implemented. For me personally, I just couldn’t do it because if I were a paying customer, I would expect some level of expertise and experience, thought, and care to have gone into a product or service no matter how new it was.

  31. The training was well-structured and I found the courses to be comprehensive. Even though I experienced overwhelm at times, the moment revealed an area of inexperience or fear that I felt increased my skills in overcoming them. The experience helped me transform and successfully taught me an incredible new skill set that will help grow my small group coaching program!

  32. “This is the first time in a long while that I’ve been able to go back and forth freely on my home screen without having to worry about whether my phone was going to take too many pictures or play cat videos.”

    “EPM helped us get past our shortcomings and develop a product that delighted customers from start to finish.”

  33. After six months on the Experience Product Masterclass course with Marisa, I have learned how to love my customers more than ever before. She is great!

  34. I can’t stop thinking about this course! I took EPM in 2017 with no prior online course building experience, or an idea about what I could do that other people would want! Zero. Becoming ill during the 10 weeks of the course, I couldn’t complete it so I did something Marisa recommends – I modelled the thinking. Like how? How does one recreate themselves when there is nothing to imitate? Not only did she advise me to listen intently like a best friend who knows my deepest self and calluses then copy everything they said as closely as possible—which at first made me feel ridiculous. It also caused so much emotional breakthrough and finally back onto my wellness journey.

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