How To Do ePacket Tracking & ePacket Delivery In Dropshipping 2024

Nowadays we all know that e-commerce business is trending all over the world. People are preferring to buy online rather than going for offline shopping. Many people are buying products from other countries as well and the best part is that products are delivered at their doorstep easily.

One of the most important aspects that makes any e-commerce business successful is its shipping methods. As a business owner of e-commerce business, we need to be aware of this changing landscape. Over the time method of shipping is constantly changing and evolving.

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ePacket delivery is one of the most popular shipping methods that is offered by merchants from China and Hong Kong. ePacket is one of the fastest delivery methods that generally allows you to ship internationally.

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In this post, we have featured A Simple & Definitive Guide To ePacket In 2024. Let’s get started here.

How To Do ePacket Tracking & ePacket Delivery In Dropshipping 2024

What Is ePacket Shipping?

Basically, it’s a shipping option that is being offered by merchants in China and Hong Kong. This ePacket delivery allows merchants to provide fast and affordable shipping options for light packages.

Generally its an agreement right between the US Postal Service (USPS) and Hing Kong Post. The reason behind this pact is to increase the international e-commerce sales for China. This results in faster ePacket delivery of products that are coming from China and Hong Kong right to a number of different countries. Here merchants can easily send small packages weighing up to 2 Kg.

Before this method of shipping, China EMS was only the affordable option available out there to ship consumer product overseas.  But this method of shipping was not that much reliable as it generally takes a month or longer to ship a product to consumers. At that time other shipping methods were very expensive especially when it comes to inexpensive products.

And now ePacket delivery began as a quick and affordable shipping solution available out there in China and Hong Kong. Over a few years, we have seen exponential growth in ePacket delivery as it has expanded in more than 35 countries like Australia and Canada.

Benefits of Using ePacket

As the name suggests here (“e” Packet) indicates that the shipping service is designed for e-commerce, in order to make shipping process more affordable and faster so that consumer can receive their purchases from online stores and marketplaces in China and Hong Kong.

ePacket is now becoming so successful as it more affordable and it’s now expanding worldwide in more than 35 countries. And the best part is that the list of countries that have access to ePacket delivery is constantly growing.

Let’s check out what are the actual benefits of using ePacket Delivery:

  • Payment Of Postal Custom: Here any custom, duties, and taxes will be paid by the recipient of the shipment. And the ePacket will go through regular custom clearance, Here customer might be required to pay the applicable taxes along with duties.
  • Door to Door China ePacket Tracking: This ePacket delivery gives a customer the option to end-to-end tracking right without paying any additional cost. This one is really one of the biggest advantages of using ePacket delivery. Here the ePacket can be easily tracked on the official websites like EMS and USPS.
  • Free  Return on Undelivered Items: Another benefit of using this ePacket delivery is that they will get a free return on any undelivered items without any additional expenses. That really improves the customer-merchant relationship as it provides complete refunds to any products that are undelivered to the customer.

Just keep one thing in mind that, it’s not possible to simply offer free shipping on all products. Id somehow the package is less than 2 Kg, then only it qualifies for ePacket shipping, this method is generally used in the ePacket delivery system in Hong Kong and China.

What Is Average ePacket Shipping Times?

It all depends on the destination of the package, customs, holidays and other delays, shipping time can vary. But overall, ePacket is much more consistent than other shipping alternatives in terms of the average shipping times compared to other economical shipping options out of China and Hong Kong.

Definitive Guide To ePacket Shipping- Shipping Time

The average time is not fixed and specified for all the countries but here we have few data about the shipping times for few countries. Let’s find out what they are:

Vietnam: 5-6 Business Days

Russia, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia: 7-14 Business Days

All other supported countries: In 7-10 Business Days

Weight Limits (Restrictions)

For any products to be qualified for ePacket it must weigh less or equal to 2Kg, only then any product is eligible for ePacket shipping. Let’s checkout for which country this stats change:

Israel: 3 Kg

All Other Supported Countries: 2 Kg

Which Countries Have ePacket Shipping?

As we have mentioned earlier that there is a growing list of countries that can avail the benefits of China’s affordable Post ePacket service. Let’s check out which country supports ePacket Delivery.

Great Britain
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Korea

What Is ePacket Tracking?

The greatest of all, ePacket Tracking- Generally its a tracking system that allows you track your packages without any additional charges. It may be tricky to keep the track of all your parcels, rigth when shipping a large amount at once.

Many problem arises like customs, foreign postal service and other barriers can hinder the tracking of any single item.  

On the other side the tracking information can be very beneficial and valuable to teh custoemr so that they can know the exact location of their product as well as the time of delivery too.

In order to give you better insights of your products, ePacket  shipping also features the ePacket tracking along with delivery confirmation in the US Postal Service Network.

Using the tracking code given by your supplier you can easily trackdown your shipment without putting that much efforts.

How To Track An ePacket Shipment?

There are few steps that you can use to trackdown your ePacket shipment. But first of all you need get the tracking code that is provided by your supplier. Let’s move on to the actual part of tracking..

The first one is to simply use of the official website according to where your shipment is in transist. When the package is still in China then you need use EMS and when your package is in the USA then you need to use USPS.

Apart from these options you can also rely on the third party tracking service if you’re having difficult time using the website like:

If you somehow purchase a product on platforms like AliExpress, then just viewing the order details will usually show you the status of your package.

ePacket and Dropshipping

Right when it comes to dropshipping, generally most of the products are manufactured in China or Hong Kong. The reason why the China products are less expensive is the ePacket, that is why dripshipping products are less expensive.

When you buy a cheap product and the shipping fees are high than the product then most probably you will not be going to make a purchase. Most of the time online shoppers choose a product because of their affordable price but right when they are about to make a transaction in the checkout page they simply go back and doesn’t make any purchase because of that high shipping charges and also you have to wait for months to get your products delivered.

Dropshipping Model- guide for dropshpping

In this case, the ePacket delivery drastically cuts down the shipping time right for the dropshipping order and make dropshipping more conventional and affordable. This system allows the customer to get faster delivery option that generally maintains your business positive relationship right with them.

With the help of this ePacket delivery more customers are now willing to do business in China and Hing Kong based suppliers.  There are many benefits of using ePacket shipping for your dropshipping business, as it will help you deleviring your products faster. That will help you in lowering the cost as well as you will be able to keep your customers happy rigth with the faster delivery options.

Really ePacket offers free as well as an inexpensive shipping option to dropshippers. That indicates that the online merchants will be able to offer free shipping right ti its customers. Without having any second thought I would like to say,  ePacket is one of the reliable options for both the merchants as well as the customers too, as here other shipping methods may not be reliable and affordable

This ePacket delivery option is offered by merchnats as shipping option from China and Hong Kong on the website like eBay, AliExpress and Oberlo. But in order to get the ePacket delivery option, your shipment must meet the specified criteria of ePacket delivery.  

Generally, a product that is delivered with the ePacket shipping gets delivered within 7-30 days. And the delivery method in the US is faster than other countries around the world.

Overall the lower your shipping time and cost, the more likely customer will buy from you. And the best part is that you have higher margins from low business costs.


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Conclusion:  Definite Guide To ePacket Delivery In Dropshipping 2024

If you are in e-commerce business then your competitive advantage will always be your speed of delivery. There are customers all over the world who are expecting faster delivery option from the e-commerce store. Make sure you use ePacket Delivery for your dropshipping business as it offers a faster delivery option at such affordable rates.

Just keep one thing in mind competition is always changing, make sure you catch the opportunity as well as a customer before its too late. Once you offer a faster delivery option, there are more chances that you get more sales and conversions.

We hope this post- Definitive Guide To ePacket Delivery suits your purpose well. Do share this post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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