Ecwid Review 2024: (Features & Pricing) Is It Legit?

Ecwid Review

Overall Verdict

Ecwid is a hosted solution for creating an online store in just few minutes. Other platforms like Shopify and BogCommerce allows you to only build a new website with e-commerce functionality. Ecwid, a popular e-commerce platform, involves analyzing its features, usability, customer support, pricing, and how it stacks up against its competitors. Lets get started here.

Out of 10


  • Easy to use.
  • Offers Free Plan.
  • Free Starter Website.
  • Cheap Monthly Cost.
  • Supports Social Commerce.
  • Supports more than 40 Payments Provider.


  • You can’t change product URLs, which isn’t ideal from an SEO point of view.
  • You can’t create AMP versions of product pages using Ecwid.


Price: $ 25

Looking for Ecwid Review I got you covered today.

Are you thinking about setting up an online store but not sure which platform to use? I recently tried Ecwid, and I’m here to share my experience.

Ecwid is super easy to use, making it a breeze to add products and start selling quickly. Whether you’re a beginner or have been selling online for a while, Ecwid could be a great choice for you.

Let’s Get into what makes Ecwid stand out and why it might be the right fit for your business.

Get up and run your online store in just minutes with Ecwid.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Ecwid is a great omnichannel, cloud e-commerce platform for SMBs and is trusted by thousands of ecommerce store owners, Ecwid is a PCI DSS validated Level 1 Service Provider, the gold standard for e-commerce solutions worldwide.

Also, my special Ecwid promo code is “BLOG70.” You can use this special Ecwid Promo code on any of Ecwid’s products.

Ecwid is a cloud-based platform, so there is no need to install it. After creating an account, you can connect Ecwid to literally any website.

Ecwid is automatically hosted, which means you will not need to install, uninstall, or manage any servers or software. If you want to add a standalone Instant site, you’ll have a single-page, ready-to-go web store with you.

If you wish to add Ecwid to an already existing website, all you have to do is copy-paste the HTML codes into your website. If you use a Content Management System (CMS) or common site builders like Wix, WordPress, Weebly, Joomla, Drupal, and RapidWeaver, you can look for a premade Ecwid integration module. Check the Ecwid website or the platform of your current site to see if a module is available.

Ecwid Review

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We all know that starting an online store requires a reliable, functional, and affordable platform. For creating an online e-commerce store, most people choose Shopify over other platforms.

However, many of us just wanted to find a more functional and cheaper alternative to Shopify.

When starting an online store, we need to devise a strategy for keeping our costs low and finding a functional and affordable platform.

Many platforms are available, but none of them offer flexibility and advanced tools at a reasonable price. Some platforms also charge transaction fees when you make a sale.

Now the question arises: Which platform should you choose that is more functional and affordable than others? Don’t worry. We are here to introduce you to a reliable and affordable platform that can help you create a fully functional online store.

When we get stuck with a platform, we think that’s the end, as many solutions purposefully create a closed system. With a platform called Ecwid, you don’t have to worry about such things, as you can simply create an online store on any of your existing websites.

Check out the featured Ecwid Review 2024, which includes detailed insights about its pricing, features, functionality, and more. Let’s get started here.

What is Ecwid? Ecwid Review & Product Details

Ecwid is a hosted solution that allows you to create an online store in just a few minutes. Other platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce allow you to build only a new website with e-commerce functionality.

However, Ecwid allows you to add an online store to your existing website without putting in that much effort.

Ecwid Review

Ecwid allows you to set up catalogues of products, add photos, set pricing, and do many more things in a row. You can also define your shipping rates, accept credit card payments and so on.

Ecwid is a totally different platform from Shopify, Volusion, and Squarespace. These platforms only allow you to create a new online store, but here, this platform allows you to add an online store right to your existing online presence.

You can simply join over 1.5 million sellers in more than 175 countries.

Recently, Ecwid has also added a new functionality called the “Starter Site” that allows you to create a one-page standalone offering. Generally, this product works simply by giving you a widget that gets placed on the other websites.

Ecwid is short for E-commerce widget. Here, you will get a few lines of HTML codes (the widget) that you can easily add to an existing website or to any social media profile. Bravo! Your store will be displayed where you insert this code.

Ecwid Review: Key Features

Ecwid offers a number of features. Let’s find out what features Ecwid is actually offering:

Ecwid Review- Free Online Store

1. Social Commerce:

You can add an online store directly to social media platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, or any other site. Ecwid is one of the best e-commerce apps on Facebook, with over 40,000 stores.

2. Responsive Storefronts:

The best part is that Ecwid storefronts are responsive, which indicates that your store will be displayed perfectly across all the websites. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a desktop, tablet or phone, your store will be 100% responsive on all platforms.

3. Language Detection:

The best part about Ecwid is that its storefront can be easily translated right over 50 different languages, here your customers can view your store right in their own language.

The best thing about this feature is that here your customers don’t have to choose their own language manually, Ecwid will automatically detect visitors language automatically on the basis of browser settings and IP address.

4. Smart Shipping Calculator:

This feature has smart shipping rates that will allow customers to see the costs based right on their locations (using the customer’s IP address).

5. Track Inventory:

Using this feature, you can easily find out the status of your products, and it doesn’t matter whether you sell offline or online.

6. Sell Digital Products:

You can simply add digital products to your store. This is a very simple feature for selling digital products.

7. Customizable Design Schemes:

It has the availability of present and customizable CSS design schemes in order to perfectly match your website.

8. Seamless Shopping:

Just make shopping easier simply by giving customers who generally drag and drop products right to their cart a clear and also a quick view of their products.

9. Point Of Sale Functionality:

Using this feature called Point-of-Sale functionality, you will be able to sell online as well as in physical locations, like in stores, market stalls, concerts, and many more.

Here with the POS functionality when your customer buys a product in the store, online or using their phone or via using Facebook everything stays in sync. The merchant catalog, inventory and customers and transaction information will be secured.

10. Customer Addressbook:

Using this feature, customer can easily save addresses right in their profiles for making it easier to purchase and also upper.

11. Import and Export Of Data:

Like many other competing products, Ecwid also allows you to import and export your data in CSV format.

The export option allows you to export product data, orders, and customers, which truly indicates that you can easily migrate from one store to another e-commerce platform.

12. Buy Now Button:

This is a super simple shopping experience that can help you increase sales and conversions. This Buy Button is a simple line of code that you can add directly to any web page that links directly to your product.

The Buy Button generally looks simple, but it packs the full e-commerce power of Ecwid to handle taxes, shipping, and payments.

The best part about this button is that it adapts to the website or blog’s colour and style to match your brand.

You can simply use this button on any website, forum, website sidebar, or blog. It will do the trick for you, and you will get more sales. Actually, there is no lack of options since you can sell your products anywhere online.

Key Benefits Of Using Ecwid

Ecwid Review- Features

Product Presentation Options: When it comes to displaying your goods, Ecwid gives you a lot of options. Here are a couple of the possibilities.

Product Catalogue: You can display your products on your website without requiring a checkout. Customers can download or share your product catalogue via social media.

Related Products: Customers will help you increase sales by promoting similar goods. It’s possible that these are complementary goods. Customers will see the “You might also like” section after you activate this function.

Variants: You can add variations to your product by using the “Product choices” feature in your shop, such as a different colour or size.

Automatically Optimize Your Prices to Boost Sales: Competitive pricing is a critical component of your service. Ecwid’s Price Optimizer program will assist you in determining the best pricing approach. The program performs A/B research on your goods to determine the best price point for conversion. The best price is then automatically assigned.

Smart Recommendations Provide a Personalized Experience: You can personalize your customers’ shopping experiences with the Smart Recommendations app. The app can show suggested items on various store pages, such as the homepage or the shopping cart, based on their actions.

App for New Products and Bestsellers: The New Products and Bestsellers app shows the consumers new products and bestsellers.

Ecwid Raised Funding: Ecwid, the startup that sells e-commerce tools directly and via third parties like Square and Wix, letting businesses build e-commerce experiences on their own websites and apps, as well as via Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Google, and more, has raised $42 million from Morgan Stanley and PeakSpan Capital.

Ecwid Pricing 

The best thing about Ecwid is that it offers very flexible and affordable pricing options. It also offers a complete 15% discount on annual billing.

With this plan, you can sell up to 10 products in mostly two categories. So, if you are a complete beginner, then you should definitely give it a try.

If we look at The Free Plan from an SEO point of view, then it’s great as your products will not be on the SERPs here. You need to make sure that you choose the paid plan so that your products can talk to the search engine correctly.

Ecwid Pricing 

Right in terms of the paid plans, the pricing is structured as follows:

1) Venture ($25/Month)

100 Products

  • Discount Coupons’
  • Live Chat Support
  • Enhanced SEO Capabilities’
  • Android and iOS Management App

2) Business ($45/Month)

2500 Products + Venture Features Included

  • Phone Support
  • Edit Existing Orders
  • Advertisements in all major marketplace
  • White glove setup, along with onboarding

3) Unlimited($105/Month)

Unlimited Products

  • Discount Coupons
  • Enhanced SEO Capabilities’
  • Priority Support
  • Edit Existing Orders
  • Android and iOS Management App
  • Advertisements in all major marketplace
  • White glove setup, along with onboarding

Also, I would like to suggest that you go with the yearly pricing options, as here, you will be getting up to 15% off on annual billing.

The more you pay, the more additional features you will get, such as discount coupons, POS, and priority support.

Ecwid generally supports over more than 40 payment providers globally including PayU and COD (Cash On Delivery). Another plus point of using Ecwid is that there is no setup or transaction fees with their plans.

Is Ecwid Platform Secured?

This platform is completely reliable and trusted, as all of your customers’ payment information is mainly secured with Ecwid.

The catch is that all the sensitive information is always transmitted via secured HTTP channels that truly indicate that it’s completely secured.

Also, Ecwid is a PCI DSS-validated Level 1 Service Provider that is considered one of the gold standards for e-commerce solutions worldwide.

Ecwid Join LightSpeed HD

“The distinction between online and brick-and-mortar retail has disappeared. Lightspeed and Ecwid, two best-in-class platforms, will unite to truly empower businesses. By eliminating the barriers merchants face when selling online, we will only more rapidly achieve our common vision of democratizing retail for independent businesses worldwide and enrich the communities they serve.”

Direct from Ecwid’s CEO, Ruslan Fazlyev,

Ecwid Payment Gateways

Right with Ecwid you can process credit cards using PayPal, and here you will not be gettting any extra charge other than the PayPal transaction charges or commissions.

Payment Methods

Also, it generally supports more than 50 payment gateways. You can simply use third-party tools to process credit card payments, including services like Sagem Stripe,, and many others.

If we compare the supported payment gateways of Ecwid from Shopify, then Shopify will be the winner as it generally supports many other payment gateways as well.

Ecwid Apps & Plugins

This platform, Ecwid, generally integrates with well-known apps. Here, the integration exists with key services like MailChimp, FreshBooks, and many others.

Frankly speaking, Ecwid should integrate with other platforms as well. We can see that other platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce integrate with almost every app and platform available.

Ecwid is better when it comes to CMS plugins. The plugins are available on WordPress, Drupal, Wix, and Joomla, which allows you to easily install Ecwid on any listed platform.

Which is Better: Shopify Or Ecwid? 

Shopify is a very bare-bones solution, which means that when you sign up for Shopify, you have a very basic e-commerce solution. If you want to have more advanced features, you most often have to use a lot of third-party apps and plug-ins to upgrade your online store.

It does not have access to a 14-day free trial and not a forever free plan. But what happens is that after you start that trial, you will have to pay for Shopify to continue to use it.

Their plans are also more expensive than Ecwid in general and they take transaction fees on your sales, it’s very easy to get locked into Shopify since you can’t take an entire Shopify store and embedded it in another solution.

Shopify’s target market is more oriented towards medium and large-sized businesses. It’s not as strong internationally as Ecwid Commerce, and it doesn’t have all the multilingual features that Ecwid has.

I’d say Ecwid is better because It is an amazing solution that is not well known.

Ecwid’s target audience is small and medium-sized businesses, but it’s very accessible to anyone who wants to get started selling online because there’s no big learning curve to understand how their platform works.

It is a software-as-a-service solution, so when you sign up, you automatically get a free plan, and if you want, you can upgrade to a paid plan. Now, whenever there’s a new development or new things available in Ecwid, you automatically have access to them.

Of course, some things are only available in certain plans, it depends on what plan you have, but if there are updates every Ecwid E-commerce user has access to them.

That’s the reality of software-as-a-service solutions. It does not take transaction fees on your sales and it’s a completely E-commerce solution.

With integration, you can sell in multiple places and market your online store easily, whether through Google Shopping or Facebook. Ecwid e-commerce can also be embedded in an existing website, a unique feature of Ecwid. You can also manage your store on the go with your phone.

Is Ecwid Legit?

E-commerce currently has 1.5 million users worldwide, and it has offices in several countries, including the United States, Russia, and Europe. It just received a huge round of funding, and yes, it is a legitimate company.

They also have a great pricing structure upfront, which is easy to understand. I would start with the free plan, which you can review, and then choose a pricing plan according to your needs and business.

Each plan comes with different features, so you can upgrade to sell on Facebook and Instagram.

For example, how it works in conjunction with AGMs is you would set up a credit card processing account through AGMs you can set up with the gateway, and then the gateway just connects right to the back end of the Ecwid Software so no heavy development work or anything for the business.

It will just set you up with a processing account that will get the right gateway in your hands, and then you can connect to the gateway to the back of your Ecwid account, and that is that.

Is Ecwid Safe To Buy From?

Ecwid is pretty affordable, and they also have a free plan that offers you nothing but a storefront and the most basic features.

I’d suggest going with the Business Plan as it’s just $35 per month, and it has tons of really cool features. All of the plans have an online store where you get to the Business Plan, you’re able to buy and sell on Amazon, and you get able to buy or sell on eBay.

Amazon Marketplace is a multi-billion dollar industry for vendors. With a Business Plan, you can enter that marketplace and expand the reach of your E-commerce store. It also has automated email marketing, and from that business plan, you’ll start getting access to abandoned cart emails, which is important.

Anywhere from 15-28% of abandoned carts can be recovered with the right abandoned cart email sequence, which is powerful and which you should use if you’re into e-commerce, whether you’re selling or buying physical or digital products.

You also get access to wholesale pricing groups, product filters, and product variations on this plan.

Is Ecwid Good for Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a third-party company that is a manufacturer, fulfilment company, or wholesaler which takes care of producing, storing, packing, and shipping products to buyers.

If you are planning to launch your online store but don’t have an inventory, then drop shipping will take care of it.

It’s a way out for you to sell a variety of products without stocking inventory even in your store. Dropshipping will do that for you. All you need to do is market and sell their products as your own.

  • Dropshipping acts as a reseller of products.
  • It can be used as a drop shipping print-on-demand service.
  • You can connect your store to print.
  • With drop shipping, you can also connect your store to wholesale 2B.
  • You can sell products of another dropship supplier.
  • You can also use your product description.
  • You can see the supplier’s address as the origin address

Transform Your Sales and Marketing with Ecwid

Ecwid Review- Get Started Now

Without marketing tools, no e-commerce business (or any online business, for that matter) will be complete. Here’s a rundown of what’s available:

  • An abandoned cart saver is a tool that encourages consumers to return to complete purchases that have been abandoned.
  • Customers punch discount coupons into their shopping carts.
  • Customers on your site will like your page or share it with their friends and family using social media tools.
  • A Google Shopping ads software that is completely automated
  • Through a single dashboard, you can sell through all channels.

Let’s start with the sales channels provided:

  • There’s also the Facebook store and integration to consider.
  • You can also sell on eBay and other platforms.If you want to merge brick-and-mortar shopping with your online purchases, some of the plans include a point-of-sale (POS) scheme.
  • If you want to process transactions for your company in different places, such as at events, a mobile POS is another choice.
  • Android and iOS store management software is available to monitor sales and customer service at all times.
  • Some of the plans allow customers to build their own branded iOS and Android apps for their stores, giving them another distribution channel.
  • Any strategy begins with a fully functional online store.

Then there are the tools that help to improve the sales process:

  • Automated tax estimates ensure that the store receives the correct amount of tax by the end. The inventory management tool keeps you informed at all times about how much of each product you have on hand, how quickly you distribute goods to customers, and so on.
  • If you intend to sell large quantities of goods wholesale, you can also build wholesale pricing classes.

Sign up for a free trial of Ecwid here if you’re interested. Ecwid has everything you’ll need to start and market your online business.

Ecwid App Market

There’s also a Big App Market where you can find a lot of different extensions for your store. These plugins will give you the ability to do some truly amazing things in terms of sales and marketing.

Here are a few examples of popular apps that will enhance your store’s functionality:

Currency converter: This tool converts the price of your products into the buyers’ currency

Printful: With this app, you can sell items like printed t-shirts and phone cases without having to keep any inventory. When a product is ordered, Printful is notified to produce the specific product and ship it with your company’s name on it.

Taxjar: This tool generates “return-ready sales tax reports in each state, as well as AutoFile your sales tax returns for you, taking sales tax off your plate entirely.” When your customers check out, this tool will automatically ask them this question.

Exit offer: When someone is about to leave your site, this tool senses it and automatically shows a special offer you specify, such as a percentage off.

Bestsellers and New products: This tool displays the Bestsellers and New Items in a visual format.

Imajize: This tool allows you to display 360-degree interactive images.

Reload SEO: This tool makes suggestions for content changes that will increase (and improve) traffic to your store.

Promo bar: This tool makes suggestions for content changes that will increase (and improve) traffic to your store.

Social Proof and Order Notifications by Assistant: This tool can be found at the very top of your shop. Seasonal sales, free gifts, and coupon codes will be announced.

HelpfulCrowd: This tool shows real-time customer buying behaviour. It also leads to a feeling of trustworthiness.

Klicken Marketing: Within 5 minutes, you can start running search engine ads and retargeting ads with this app.
Advanced Search Engine Optimization with Ecwid

If you’re running an e-commerce store or trying to build an online presence, you’ll need to understand SEO (search engine optimization).

The method of increasing your site’s ranking in organic search results is known as SEO. Every day, potential buyers browse for goods on the internet. Customers are more likely to find your company if you use SEO.

Ecwid Themes

Do you already have a website or are you working on one with Ecwid? You don’t have to think about a new theme or having a complete website via Ecwid if you’re trying to combine Ecwid with a previously designed and owned website.

This is due to the fact that you have already completed the task. It’s likely that your website is powered by WordPress and that you already have a stunning premium theme.

Some users, on the other hand, want to launch their websites without using a different operating system. It’s logical. What’s the point of having two dashboards running at the same time?

Pre-built designs help you get up and running quickly. If this is the case, you can purchase a theme from the Ecwid app store. Ecwid’s simple store designer has a user-friendly interface for building your store and website from the ground up.

It also includes links to custom theme projects, where you can collaborate with a designer to customize your store and shopping cart to match your brand.

Finally, since Ecwid works well with WordPress, you might look on ThemeForest for a theme designed specifically for the two.

Why Do I Recommend Ecwid?

1. Multi-Channel Selling:

Ecwid allows you to sell through several websites while managing everything from a single dashboard. For example, in just a few steps, you can create an online website on Facebook or even add a button prompting visitors to buy the product from your blog or website.

Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay, Shopzilla, PriceGrabber, Nextag, and Yandex all have Ecwid integrations. There is a market. Ecwid offers a ShopApp, which converts your online website into a smartphone app.

It sounds difficult, but Ecwid takes care of it. Ecwid may also be used to accept in-person payments by combining it with PayPal Here, Square POS, Clover, and Vend.

2. International Selling:

Ecwid has a lot of features that help with foreign sales. Based on your customers’ browser settings, your store will automatically convert to 50+ languages, and your control panel will support over 20+ internatioal languages.

Depending on the user’s position and current exchange rates, Ecwid’s currency conversion software converts the store’s price lists into currencies of over 130 countries.

3. Checkout:

Allow customers to check out as a visitor or sign up for an account. A cool feature here is that Ecwid also includes a built-in automatic tax calculator and a real-time shipping calculator.

Ecwid calculates shipping costs for major postal carriers, such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, Canada Post, and Australia Post, using the customers’ IP addresses. You can also make custom shipping tables, ship your products at flat rates, and arrange for local pickup.

4. Inventory Management:

In your admin, keep track of stock levels. Ecwid automatically decreases inventory whenever a product is sold and displays a “out of stock” mark when your store’s inventory is zero if you specify in-stock amounts for items in your online store.

You may choose to receive alerts via email when inventory levels drop below a certain threshold, giving you enough time for restocking.

5. Marketing:

Use deals and discounts to entice consumers to buy. Create coupon codes, promotional pricing, and bulk discounts. Extensions are needed for certain discounts (e.g., Buy 2, Get 1 free).

To increase sales, Ecwid’s tools for abandoned cart recovery allow you to identify and contact the customers who leave the cart without completing the purchase.

Ecwid Customer Support 

Ecwid’s customer service is outstanding, and it all begins with the personalized onboarding that comes standard with every plan.

Ecwid Customer Support 

They work with you to get your site up and running, integrate it with any other websites you might have, and get transactions flowing smoothly through your site.

Ecwid has a variety of ways for you to contact them for help, in addition to their social media accounts.

There are alternatives for:

  • Live chat;
  • Phone support;
  • Email.

Priority service is only available to users who pay for it, and it places you at the front of the queue if you call.

For those of you who need a little more help, one of the most expensive plans includes a custom creation option. This add-on might be useful if you want to brand your site or address a problem that’s causing it to slow down.

Ecwid: Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use.
  • Cheap Monthly Cost.
  • Supports Social Commerce.
  • Offers Free Plan.
  • Free Starter Website.
  • Fully Responsive on Smartphones and Tablets.
  • Supports more than 40 Payments Providers.
  • Add Online Store to Any Website.
  • Ecwid supports multiple languages that are out of the box.
  • Ecwid has a wide array of payment gateways from which to choose.
  • Ecwid is good for point-of-sale transactions, meaning that it can be used in brick-and-mortar stores as well as online ones.
  • You can sell your products internationally via Ecwid. There are no restrictions on the number of currencies or countries you use.
  • Ecwid’s tax engine calculates tax rates automatically; you don’t have to do anything yourself.


  • Basic Design tool.
  • Not for Large Business.
  • Customer support needs improvement.

Ecwid User Reviews 

I’ve connected Ecwid to my MailChimp account to make it easy to automatically add event customers to my mailing list for activation in the future. Re-selling to previous customers is always more cost-effective than attracting completely new customers.


I wish Ecwid store owners much success! Online ordering is so convenient for people these days and you can reach customers globally like never before. Once you get a rhythm set up for order processing and shipping in Ecwid, you’ll have all the tools you need. Ecwid makes it so you can run a successful small business and keep organized without a large staff to start.


Ecwid on YouTube


🔗 Can Ecwid integrate with my existing website?

Yes, Ecwid is designed to be highly integrable with any existing site, including those built on WordPress, Wix, and other popular content management systems. You can add it as a new section to your site without having to redesign or redevelop from scratch.

💳 What payment options are supported by Ecwid?

Ecwid supports a variety of payment options including major credit cards, PayPal, Stripe, and many other local payment gateways across the world. This flexibility makes it easy for merchants to accept payments globally.

📱 Is Ecwid mobile-friendly?

Absolutely! Ecwid stores are fully responsive, meaning they adapt to the screen size of the device they are viewed on, whether it's a desktop, a tablet, or a smartphone. This ensures a seamless shopping experience for all customers.

🔄 Can I manage my Ecwid store on the go?

Yes, Ecwid offers a mobile app that allows you to manage your store from anywhere. You can add products, process orders, and check inventory directly from your smartphone.

🛠️ What kind of customer support does Ecwid provide?

Ecwid provides extensive customer support through various channels including email, live chat, and phone. Additionally, there is a comprehensive help center that includes guides, tutorials, and FAQs to help users troubleshoot or learn more about using the platform.

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Conclusion: Ecwid Review 2024

Without any thought, I would like to say that Ecwid is one of the best ways to sell online. It is one of the best options available out there, but it takes a slightly different approach: It helps you add an online store right to your existing website.

The best part that I like most about Ecwid is that it offers a Free Plan that lets you try its services for free.

Feel free to share your views about Ecwid reviews right in the comment section below. Don’t forget to use Ecwid coupon codes.

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102 User Reviews on Ecwid Review

  1. Ecwid is a hidden gem of an e-commerce platform. It was so easy to set up and integrate my new online store with my existing blog, I could not believe it! Most of the other platforms require me to build a new website from scratch. But Ecwid integrates into your current website seamlessly and quickly! It was super easy for me to use live chat support too – they were friendly and helpful at every turn.

    It’s fast, it’s efficient and best of all? It syncs right into your WordPress powered blog which you’re using already for design/content purposes as well as giving you a separate channel for customers who don’t want to scroll through pages of content on your site but desire something more customer-centric.

  2. Ecwid is so much more than just an eCommerce platform, and that’s what makes it such a special find. I decided to begin selling my book through Ecwid after reading about its features elsewhere. I was looking for something easy-to-use, without all the extra bells and whistles I didn’t need or want. What I found in Ecwid was that and so much more: It’s a sophisticated yet stylish design, many templates to choose from, peace of mind with their security measures – this is one globally available platform! Ecwid allows you to create custom URLs — even if your site already exists — take advantage of unlimited products (my category pages went as high as 55) and take credit card payments online or offline.
    There is also an advantage of saving your money by getting a coupon code of 30% off on the purchase.

  3. Ecwid is a great way to start your own online store. It’s quick and easy, which anyone can do! Plus it only takes a few minutes to create an awesome shop that sells just about anything you want. You have complete control over everything from the description of items to quantity and price. They also offer lots of templates for your homepage as well as payment options for your customers– make getting paid easier with Ecwid!

  4. Ecwid is a nice and easy-to-understand site and the creators made it really simple to go through without too many hassles. It’s like your own little store with all the options you could ever want! I love that Ecwid helps make selling much easier for me – sales can happen much faster if people know where to find my products (and now they do, thanks to Ecwid!). From creating listings, uploading future stock online as well as handling payment information securely, it makes posting anything on the internet downright painless – now this was true leisure browsing.

  5. I used to have such a hard time with e-commerce stores because it seemed like no one wanted to help me when I was in need. But not Ecwid! They’ve been there for me through even the toughest of times and made every change I needed quickly and professionally. It is incredibly easy to create beautiful sites with this platform and use their incredible selection of templates, all while saving myself plenty of time dealing directly with vendors and finding products outside my website. Ecwid has helped our site grow by leaps and bounds across multiple platforms, including social media pages that we weren’t really using before.

  6. Ecwid is a simple, yet powerful platform with all the features you need for your store, including product management, shipping integration with carriers like UPS and USPS, multi-currency support. You can also synchronise customer information between Ecwid and your eCommerce site to offer more personalized service with less work. And my special Ecwid promo code is “BLOG70” which you can use on any of the hundreds of plugins that are now compatible with Ecwid! There are integrations for Woocommerce Websites & Plugins, VirtueMart Platforms & Plugins, OpenCart Platforms & Plugins or even Magento Platforms & Plugin!

  7. Ecwid has been an amazing tool for helping me run my online store. I don’t have to worry about hosting, maintenance, or updates because it is all done automatically! The best thing was just following the platform few simple instructions and everything worked well right away. You can’t go wrong with Ecwid – this omnichannel platform is great for making sales across phone, web, social media channels! It seamlessly imports your product inventory so you can focus on getting new leads.

    Thanks, Ecwid for giving me a 70% off coupon code on my first purchase.

  8. Ecwid allows you to sell on multiple channels while managing everything from a single dashboard. For example, in just a few easy steps, you can create an online website on Facebook or even add a button prompting visitors to buy the product directly from your blog or website; Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay, Shopzilla PriceGrabber Nextag and Yandex all have Ecwid integrations. The best part? With the Ecwid ShopApp turning your online storefront into an app for mobile devices! Isn’t that handy?!

  9. Ecwid is the best. For so long it had seemed like PayPal wasn’t listening to me. Is that even possible? I had this idea for an international network of legal cannabis dispensaries, and all they did was tell me I’m not old enough to cash out my signature requirement! Ecwid listens. That money is in your account-interest free!-is theirs too! They’ll help you set up a social media store on Facebook (Facebook’s got some solid staying power) or API integration with your website (Tumblr), or maybe you want it right there on your blog (can’t do much wrong linking to another solid business partner). It can connect to thousands of other stores if that’s what you’re into.

  10. Ecwid really is a great omnichannel, cloud eCommerce platform for SMB and trusted by thousands of online entrepreneurs. Ecwid is the gold standard in e-commerce solutions and is PCI DSS validated Level I Service Provider. With both an unlimited domain name and an available free trial, ECWID is beyond comparable! You can even use my special Ecwid promo code “BLOG70” on any purchase to receive 70% off.

  11. For years I battled with open source eCommerce shopping carts. There were constant notifications that upgrades were needed to be compliant. These were expensive and frequent. I couldn’t keep up with the requests and couldn’t make a profit with those expenses.

    I switched to Ecwid a few years ago and have been very pleased. At one point I had 4 stores but have retired and scaled back to one. They take care of all of the upgrades and that expense. I have had only one question. I contacted technical support and they very quickly and efficiently answered and took care of my issue. I have used all plans at one time or another and found them to be useful and economical.
    They also provide a promo code of 33% off on the purchase.

  12. Ecwid is a great tool to get your business off the ground and up and running. It has many features that allow you do everything from setting prices, to dealing with customers, and heaps more! As well, Ecwid provides useful hints along the way so you can start making changes right away.

  13. Ecwid is a powerful eCommerce platform with many features for retailers. You can customize your storefront to meet your needs, create pages and manage orders all from one place. Ecwid has been crafted by people who know what it takes to satisfy their customers plus is responsive so you can be found on the go!

  14. Ease to manage, friendly and stable. The platform allows us to do everything from beginner style things to pro status. The add ons that different developers offers are ok, many in different languages. The Marketing App Kliken, is ok, but it could be deepened since it’s a very powerful tool, but as it’s configured on Ecwid, it’s very basic.

  15. Ecwid is an easy to use, a cloud-based E-commerce platform for small businesses. As a mother myself, I cannot imagine starting up a small business anytime soon. But if I ever did, Ecwid would be the first place I went to because it’s so user friendly and comes with instant hosting! Thank goodness because my time is too precious to spend all day managing servers.

  16. Ecwid is a creative, reliable solution that nails the basics of design and simplicity for a drag-and-drop experience. If you’re looking to create an online store just for one product or have a small business already set up with your own website, this drag n’ drop program will give you an online store in minutes. The free version includes all basic features such as checkout pages and inventory management tools, but if you need advanced features like real-time reports about sales numbers or shipping address validation then there are Ecwid Plus packages available to fit any budget. Store owners find Ecwid easy to operate without any special training; it’s simple and intuitive enough that anyone can use it right away!

  17. Ecwid is the best, free shopping cart for anyone who wants to sell everywhere! With Ecwid you can get your store up and running in minutes. The great thing about it, too, is that there are plenty of integration options (you can set it up on Facebook or mobile) to make sure you never miss an opportunity to make sales. I love how user-friendly this app is – after getting through the setup steps, which barely take any time at all, they give tips over time on how to improve your store. It really feels like they care about my business rather than just wanting me as a customer for their software — it’s such a nice difference from other services out there.

  18. We can mention, that this software calls my attention in large quantities, mainly because it is one of the most used systems worldwide, by an exorbitant amount of countries, because it is a large scale e-commerce platform, based on the cloud, which makes it a popular operator in sales, where an organization can execute and carry out the purchase and sale of its products with guaranteed security, both for corporations and potential customers that are in these interfaces on the web, highlighting that their pages are updated frequently and properly, especially with a facility that makes this server a flexible program.

  19. I have encountered no serious issues I dislike so far. The more advanced features like a multilingual store are behind a subscription upgrade, but they are fair. For myself, I am just in a tri-lingual region, but a regular store would be doing really well if they transitioned into a multi-language store, so it makes sense that these more advanced features are part of a higher subscription fee.

  20. Ecwid is one of the most reliable platforms when it comes to having your sensitive data secured. Ecwid also has some very ingenious solutions that are not typical for other payment systems, like options on how you would like to receive your invoice (including digital invoices only). So if you’re looking for a new platform this year with great security, look no farther than ecwid!
    Ecwid also has an offer on their Coupon Code of 70% off which is a great deal.

  21. Ecwid is the perfect platform for marketers, because it has everything. The best part? It’s all free!

  22. Ecwid made it expositely clear what was needed for setting up my store. I found myself pleasantly surprised at how easy they made it to create an online storefront with just a few clicks, and thought the tips provided on creating my store would be really helpful in learning more about promotion. Ecwid is uncomplicated and straightforward!

  23. Ecwid is an otherworldly platform built to suit even the deepest of capitalist market needs. With PCI DSS-validated features, Ecwid offers unparalleled security (even for exceptionally sensitive tasks like credit card numbers) without vigorous maintenance. Plus, my offer code entitles you to 71% off all plans! Now that’s a deal made in heaven!

  24. Ecwid is very easy to use, even if you have no coding experience. Ecwid can be set up on any website without installing it and it does not require a download or setup fee. With the single page ready-to-go web store, all of your products are just a few clicks away from being seen by customers, with no need for downloading additional shopping cart software – this means that your customers will have instant access to purchasing your products without having to go through complicated installation procedures. When integrating Ecwid onto an existing site using HTML codes, things take less than five minutes! You get basic templated designs for free when opting for this service and editing them yourself is easy too. I love this tool for my business and it is life saver for me.

  25. Extremely user-friendly and has excellent customer support. I also like that new features are constantly being added and that the Ecwid team sends useful tips via email articles. Ecwid also has a lot of helpful in-built features like automated email triggers and discount coupons that do not require installing additional widgets or coding.

  26. From my point of view there are certain problems with the capacity of Ecwid, to allow the customization of our specific shipping requirements, which has been presented frequently, being a nefarious error that delays part of the production, not to mention that the design templates that are available are very limited, arising the same problem in the profitability of the labour processes that are performed frequently, being an imminent delay in these areas of production, requiring systematic improvements, including that sometimes all these activities can be confusing in large masses.

  27. Ecwid is an amazing platform. For years I’ve forced myself to find the time to build my own website with e-commerce functionality lined up, but then along came Ecwid and saved me from doing that much work that would be required for something like that. All I had to do was sign up, create a store in minutes, and start pushing products onto it. And now here’s what brings me joy: I’ve already seen sales increasing! Life has never been better because of this amazing service!

  28. Ecwid is the perfect platform for any person trying to open up their own store. It’s easy, customizes well, and has super helpful articles that are available anytime for any help needed. And another great thing about Ecwid is the support team! The technical assistance I received was amazing; no one else can beat these professionals in my opinion.

  29. Ecwid is a great, easy to use shopping cart that offers quick, simple setup with loads of integrations for Facebook, mobile sites or shopify. The interface has bite-sized tips to make it clear what you are navigating through. But the best thing about Ecwid is its integration with WordPress – I’ve found it really hard to find any problems in design with these plug ins and uploaded an enticing product catalogue within minutes! A+

  30. Ecwid is a great solution for any business that needs to coordinate product and event sales. It connects your Ecwid account with MailChimp, making it easy to automatically add customers, build lists and segment them as relevant.

    In addition to monitoring data from all of your Ecwid products at the same time, you can view customized reports from Salesforce which can be used as an additional planning tool for monitoring customer behavior as well as application insights. Ingenious!

  31. Ecwid is like having a cart on your WordPress site – but better. It’s got cool features like multiple payment processors, Facebook integration, product customization with themes and more! You can get set up in minutes and start selling right away. What are you waiting for? Make Ecwid work for you.
    I highly recommend this tool

  32. For the new generation of entrepreneurs, Ecwid is a perfect solution to make your own life easier. If you are looking for more bang for your buck with an affordable monthly payment plan, Ecwid has got it rocking on all cylinders! You can finally expand your business without breaking the bank.

  33. Ecwid is an eCommerce platform for both WooCommerce and Shopify. Ecwid offers free packages to new users, making it a good place to start if you are selling on your website or blog. The app suite of apps help tailor your site to make it look the way you want, not only creating a seamless experience for customers but also reducing the workload of managing multiple different platforms. Ecwi has tutorials on their website covering how best use the software as well as helpful blog posts with insight into growing businesses.

  34. “A really impressive experience With Ecwid. I’m not at all tech savvy but the set up was surprisingly easy without feeling like I was getting lost in a confusing interface.”

  35. Ecwid is the perfect solution for vendors who are looking for a low-cost way to set up an online store or want to try before they buy. Ecwid started modestly but is now quickly becoming one of the leading providers of eCommerce services worldwide. They offer free hosting with plenty of features and even allow you to import your eBay listings into your Ecwid site. A standout feature about this provider is that it’s incredibly easy on any device you use, creating a true mobile experience that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

    The customizable app at Ecwid really sets them apart from other website builders, as it lets you make changes within minutes by uploading anything. I highly recommend it.

  36. Between a website and an app, Ecwid has all the pieces for a flawless e-commerce experience. The admin dashboard is easy to navigate and lets you set up your store with ease. I love how it walks you through all the steps so nothing gets missed. From there, adding products from other websites is as simple as copy paste!

  37. Ecwid is the best, easiest way for your business to sell goods online. It takes less than five minutes to get started with Ecwid’s easy drag-and-drop interface, and since all you do is create an account and configure the Ecwid web store once it automatically creates a single page store. You can even stay in touch by using our SMS alerts feature which notifies you of new visitors—sensitive information is only available through paid services.

    No other shopping cart comes close when it comes to staffing needs! Save time on that pesky inventory problem because Ecwid handles it all for you.

  38. Ecwid makes it super easy to create a store for any size or type of business. I’m not going to lie, there were a couple things about set up that seemed complicated at the time, but after spending less than an hour exploring all the features – so so worth it. In fact I went from being intimidated by how much work setting up my online store would entail-to actually incorporating Ecwid into my day to day small business operations in half an hour. Everything is laid out really well and best of all, real people are always available if you don’t know what website do next. That was a big relief! You can sell on Facebook or your blog or anywhere else that’s popular right now because Ecwid connects with so much ease.

  39. Ecwid is a super easy, no hassle way to create your own professional web store without any kind of technical know-how.

  40. Ecwid is an easy-to-use, all-inclusive donation platform. I was pleasantly surprised when it created my checkout in MailChimp – it’s fantastic how they allow for this seamless integration! With Ecwid, you get the simplicity of a “donate now” button on your site or blog. Combining that with automated integrations takes care of everything else, which frees up more time to focus on what really matters: getting people involved and donating to important causes.

  41. Ecwid was just what I needed to finally set up an e-commerce solution for my business. It’s great that it comes with PCI compliant, secure pages so customers are able to safely purchase from my site. The only thing is that you have no control over the extras like store design and ads – but hey, you don’t need all of those features if simplicity is what you’re after!

  42. I was originally using Magento for my store and it’s a huge pain to update if you’re not tech-savvy. Ecwid is absolutely amazing at helping you manage the setup process, down to telling you how to set up different aspects of your store before going into that section. They have a variety of themes that are fully customizable, but even more seamlessly designed than any other shopping cart I’ve seen so far because the steps are self-explanatory! My favorite thing about Ecwid is how easily it integrates with stores like Blogger and Tumblr. No coding needed!!!

  43. Ecwid is an innovative, cloud-based platform that eliminates software installation, management and hosting concerns. With Ecwid’s easy click-to-add features, you can monitor your store from any internet connection enabling a limitless number of stores for your customers to engage with. The revolutionary technology complements the power of every web technology available today seamlessly providing customers an accurate experience no matter how they access it. I love Ecwid very much and highly recommend them.

  44. Ecwid blew me away! I’ve used various e-commerce platforms before, but Ecwid is by far the easiest to use. Drag and drop features make creating menus, product pages, articles and more super quick while an easy point-and-click interface means it’s simple even for newcomers to get started with their businesses. Then what really sold me on Ecwid was the prices. Seriously–Ecwid helps its users start their online stores for FREE (yes you read that correctly!), comes with limitless storage space (@no added pay), no need for any long set up process or installation (@one click download), deals with payment processing & credit card checkout ($completely free)…. not to mention all the perks of an established business like 24/7.

  45. Ecwid is an all-in-one solution for ecommerce. I love how it’s so easy to use and you can literally connect Ecwid to any website!

  46. Ecwid is an amazingly reliable platform for your e-commerce needs.

    Ecwid is a completely trustworthy and secure place for all of your customer information. They are PCI DSS Level 1 Service Certified, which is currently the most trusted form of security in the industry! Also, they offer Http pages–making it fast and easy to make sales without any worries! I highly recommend Ecwid to you!

  47. Some apps require subscriptions that can increase costs considerably over a few months or a year. Some basic features that could easily be integrated for free are provided by paid-for apps, which can add to the cost. More powerful features or integrations in the shop itself will require your own developer, or you’ll need to pay the Ecwid dev team, which can also increase costs. The code snippet to insert a whole store section in your own website could have a greater degree of customisation to allow better integration and a more feature-rich user experience.

  48. Ecwid is my favorite way of selling and facilitating transactions. The store setup was so easy for me! There were no complicated instructions. I love the personalized appearance, and that it’s customizable with any colors or design theme to match your website or physical location too.

    The most standout quality about Ecwid, in my opinion, is the meaty availability of basic tutorials if you need help navigating through certain features- their support team really gives you a hand when you need one!

  49. Great and outstanding customer service and helpful tutorials to get you on your way. The free package is a great starting point for any businesses, with regular blogs and videos teaching you how use everything Ecwid has to offer. You can customise it using the free apps and tools provided on the site.

  50. I love Ecwid! It is so easy to set up your own website without any code editing. Hosting is very affordable for the simplest store, and it has tons of features- all which you can customize with drag & drop or just clicking buttons within the Site Editor section of Ecwid.

    It’s really easy to create checkout moments- customers only need an email address, username, password and their billing address on file at their bank during checkout (if applicable) to complete a purchase. You’ll also be able to automatically capture customer contact information like phone numbers and shipping addresses at this time as well. Being an online business owner can be tough enough; why not keep things simple with some tried and true tools you know will fit your needs.

  51. Ecwid is a great product that solves all of your online retail problems. It’s web-based, so there are no downloads needed. The design is customizable, with both drag and drop builders, or custom code depending on the specific requirements you may need for your store. Ecwid allows users to customize their storefronts by adding customized widgets and themes; analyze traffic; utilize shopping carts and thank you pages; Best part: support from the best team around!

  52. I love Ecwid so much it’s almost ridiculous. I have no coding experience, but the interface is easy to use enough that my mom set up our company website in 30 minutes using it! It provides you with analytics which tell you how many visits your site has received and how many pages are being viewed on average by each visitor. The installation process was super-simple, since all I had to do was copy-paste HTML codes into my existing website or CMS–even without any web design knowledge.

  53. Ecwid is a CMS plugin that integrates eCommerce to your WordPress site in seconds. Ecwid’s shoppable products allow you to create various product categories and settings, all with unlimited items per category. You can completely customize the look of your website without any coding knowledge at all!

  54. Ecwid is the customizable e-commerce platform that I use for my store. After trying other competitors, Ecwid was by far the one with the easiest setup and customization options. With help articles that are easy to understand, powerful customer service, and unlimited potential, Ecwid really is an amazing tool.

  55. Ecwid is a user-friendly and very easy platform for your eCommerce business to sell products through payment methods that are of course protected. Ecwid is more than just a platform, it’s an online store with features such as customization on mobile devices, social media integration, the ability to manage orders from anywhere in the world, and shared checkout between multiple users or different shops on one website. Like any other service out there there are updates but overall Ecwid has been simple and trustworthy which makes it worth using if you’re looking for a new dependable eCommerce supplier!

  56. Ecwid is a fantastic platform for anyone with an e-commerce business. The ease of customizing your store, the quality graphics, the ability to create products with effortless ease – it’s all there!

  57. I never thought the online store I set up one day while bored could be so awesome. Ecwid has made it easy for me to have a full-fledged ecommerce store in minutes, with its clear instructions and how to improve over time. The site is very user friendly, which means there are no huge complications that might deter people from buying things they want or need – it’s quick and simple!

  58. I find the platform very easy to navigate, and the customer service has been fantastic whenever I have required assistance with anything. I find the subscription tariffs very fair. I think the options for having product categories, custom postage options for each product and individual item variations are very easy to use and clear for the customers visiting your website also.

  59. The Ecwid team has thought of everything! From user experience to service, their plugin is top notch. I used it last night and found it really easy to set up. Plus, they’ve connected their software with MailChimp to make email signups easier than ever before – an incredible time-saver that’s essential for any business moving forward.”

  60. Ecwid is a website builder that does everything you could want. They give you all the tools, resources and features for success without locking you into any monthly fees. Ecwid even comes with access to an ever-growing library of premium design templates, graphics and widgets also included free! It has never been easier or cheaper to create a website – well it’s always been kind of easy but now there are no excuses! This tool is life saver for my business, I highly recommend it.

  61. Ecwid is an easy-to-use tool, with drag and drop features. I like how it has preselected templates for any type of business. The interface is super user-friendly.

  62. Ecwid is a free ecommerce platform that doesn’t disappoint. Supports are incredibly helpful, informative and quick when you have the odd query – 10/10 for customer service. The suggested use of free apps to tailor make your website are super helpful and well worth using. Another enormous plus are the tutorials on so many areas of how to get the best out of Ecwid, with numerous helpful videos. Great regular blogs too which provide insightful ways to enhance and build your business. In summary, I’m really pleased I chose this amazing ecommerce platform!

  63. Ecwid is the best e-commerce platform you can get.

    I like that Ecwid was easy to start and to use. Even for a person like me, without any technical background. Very well written help articles. And the support team is the best for my opinion. The customizable features of the storefront are superb along with the ease of creating products and specializing each of them. I have found no other e-commerce platform that has the ease of the store setup. How easy it is to add products and plug it into my WordPress site! It’s really nice to be able to get to all the settings right within my WordPress admin area (no need for external access). I love how flexible Ecwid feels.

  64. Great customer service and helpful tutorials to get you on your way. The free package is a great starting point for any businesses, with regular blogs and videos teaching you how use everything Ecwid has to offer. You can customise it using the free apps and tools provided on the site.

  65. I loved how Ecwid was very easy to start, even with no technical background. All the help articles worked perfectly and I loved that there were great customer service reps who were always available. The dashboard is set up nicely with many features that are perfect for customizing our store design. Highly recommend this software!

  66. Ecwid is my new go-to for web design. I can say with confidence that this product was designed by someone who really understands the power of starting small and growing together. The user interface is easy to use, even for novices like me, making it an excellent solution for ecommerce sites big or small. A rare find in the vast land of online stores!

  67. When I was setting up my Ecwid store to make one of those “online stores” like you know, Etsy or whatever, it began with quick and easy steps that explained what parts were being set up. It even showed me animations for how the process should go so I was able to set everything up confidently within ten minutes. Next time I visit, all there is are these cute little pop-ups teaching me things that will help enhance my store’s performance. Plus if you don’t feel confident enough yet but need some guidance on how an online store should be run…you can always hit their support team.

  68. Ecwid is a drag and drops solution that allows you to set up your own shopping website in minutes. But what sets it apart from the other solutions is its trusted security features, which includes PCI DSS validation as well as housing sensitive customer information on secured HTTPS networks. It doesn’t end there either, Ecwid also offers responsive mobile layouts that look great on any device large or small, giving customers more of a personal experience with your business no matter where they are!

  69. “Ecwid’s easy to use, affordable and beautifully designed ecommerce platform will give you the edge over your competitors.”

    What one thing do you want readers to know about this site? I have found Ecwid so easy to use.

  70. I love how Ecwid is so much convenient for me to start making money now. I don’t have to deal with the typical things like manual data entry or shipping, which allow Ecwid to sell products instantly and effortlessly even without setting up inventory.

    The interface looks simple-to-use, it works on any browser anywhere, and its security measures are second to none. Plus Ecwid lets you customize every little detail of your store because they want everyone’s customer experience to be amazing!

  71. Ecwid is user friendly. I love how much time it saves when managing products and orders, syncing with other stores – it’s awesome!
    Ecwid is easy to use and makes running my small business so much easier! It’s also great for entrepreneurs who are new to creating their own websites.
    They saved my money by giving me a promo code of 70% off.

  72. Ecwid is an amazing service that caters to all of your e-commerce needs. Ecwid is always secure, and their technology never gets outdated like some other online platforms can tend to do with time! I really enjoy how easy it is for me to launch my business with the ease of Ecwid’s straightforward tools.

  73. Ecwid is a great platform to start an online store. It’s very easy to set up and provides a lot of great features with simplicity. They also have excellent support from their team

  74. Ecwid is a great platform for small business owners to get their store up and running with the added bonus of not having to hire tons of employees. All you need are internet access, some time, and Ecwid. You can even sell online globally without setting foot outside your house if the demand is there!

  75. Ecwid is absolutely the best shopping cart for that reason – and then some. You can customize it to your needs, use that optional PayPal integration you know you want (and need), get website monitoring with real-time bandwidth statistics, and even get an app for mobile visitors.

  76. Ecwid was made easy for people with no technical background to use. It has clear, full-length how-to articles on just about any question you have – and even more help on their amazing support service. The dashboard is well-organized and allows modifications to the store’s design without compromising the function or responsiveness of your website for desktop or mobile users.

  77. Ecwid is an easy shopping cart system for any business. Push button installation and SEO friendly themes make it a great choice for anyone looking to start their own site or digitize their brick and mortar store. The dashboard will show you which pages people visit the most, the top trending products and how you stack up in your niche against competitors shops in seconds.

  78. Ecwid – How amazing is this? Ecwid has reduced my overwhelming anxiety to manageable levels, and I’m using it to help relieve chronic pain. It’s the perfect solution for people like me who want an easy way to run their small business with a minimum of fuss.

  79. Ecwid is positively perfect for small businesses looking to expand their markets or become an online store. The platform allows you to create a brand’s website without any pesky task of managing the technical aspects. I used Ecwid because it was so easy, hassle-free to set up, and have even put in time with customer support! It only takes minutes to get all my products listed on the site and display them across social media sites since everything can be done automatically.
    I love Ecwid as it has given me a Coupon Code of 70% off.

  80. Ecwid is the best way to create your own online store. It’ll take just minutes and you can customize it to your needs. You don’t need any technical skills, Ecwid was designed for a user-friendly interface with access to helpful articles if needed. And the support team is great too, they always get back to me fast and I feel at home working with them on my site!

  81. Ecwid is an excellent e-commerce platform that I would recommend for beginners and I’ve found it very easy to use – their customer service team are fab too!

  82. I’ve always wanted my own website that I could design myself, but it just felt too complicated. A few weeks ago I stumbled on Ecwid and realized how easy it is to create a website without writing any code! The dashboard is so well designed – you don’t have to think about anything, the functions are perfect for what I need them for, and you can personalize your site with loads of free or premium themes. It looked daunting at first because there were no templates available when I signed up, but they got me covered with help articles that were surprisingly easy to understand even for an amateur like me. Within 5 minutes of signing up I had already created a website with all my contact information on it.
    I highly Recommend this tool.

  83. Ecwid is the best platform for creating professional online stores. Whatever type of goods or services you are looking to sell, Ecwid provides the tools and resources for setting up your own business with ease. Marketing campaigns can be automatically set up through automation which allows you to grow while only focusing on what matters most – running your business.

  84. Ecwid is customizable to your business needs. You can easily make changes on the fly, like adding products or updating prices, all while you’re out in town. Ecwid would be perfect for any type of business owner who needs a magic wand to make their store exactly how they want it; no coding needed!

  85. Ecwid is a great way to get your business going! You can design and set up a template for yourself so you have all the creative control of how you want it, but once that’s done, Sell on sites with different price points all at once. Set some shipping rates too so you can enjoy global order processing and keep organized without any headaches.

  86. Ecwid is a great tool for individuals who want to sell products online. This software integrates with several of the most used sites, making it quick and easy to set up your own storefront without having to create or design anything new from scratch. With easy-to-navigate features, ECWID lets you be as hands-on or hands-off as you would like – offering something best for both professional marketers and those just getting started in the electronic business world. For those who don’t have time to deal with complicated code formatting or programming fronts, ECWID has a ShopApp that will transform your website into an application accessible through mobile devices! If you’re ready to explore a unique type of marketing strategy looks no further than Ecwid!

  87. Ecwid is the best e-commerce platform thanks to its security features. I love Ecwid because all my customers’ payment information is mainly secured with Ecwid; only the sensitive information is always transmitted via secured HTTP channels, basically making it truly secure. It’s also known as one of the gold standards for e-commerce solutions worldwide.
    It also has an offer going on for a 70% off in their promo code.

  88. Ecwid is a great out for business owners who can’t invest in their store. It allows you to create your own interface that lets customers purchase products online and then gives them the chance to customize it themselves! The site also has feedback tools and customer ratings, so if something went wrong with an order, users know right away. A lot of times we’re busy running orders when we forget about providing good customer service, but Ecwid sorts out that issue with its feedback system and reviews.”

  89. Ecwid is a convenient and easy to use platform for your business. It surpasses the limitations of many small shops or chains, while also being user-friendly and affordable enough to have room in your budget for other things. Ecwid has helped me maintain my business financially while I focus on what takes priority – running a smooth operation.

  90. Ecwid is the perfect platform to start a store, it’s accessible and easier to use with all its features for any niche. You can customize your store in detail from adding products, setting prices(if you have inventory) managing orders and accounts. It offers excellent customer service that’s always available which makes my day so much simpler when I call or email them. Ecwid offers an easy installation into WordPress which ensures great compatibility if you want to create multiple stores on different platforms!

  91. Ecwid is like the jack of all trades when it comes to online shopping. Ecwid has really come out with some fascinating innovations in the way you can use their products to create both websites and an app for your phone, while also managing everything from a single dashboard that’s super easy to navigate (so you never lose sight of what needs to be done). Not only that, but it looks like they’re constantly coming out with new features, which means I stay on my toes!

  92. You get a lot of features for your money – more per price-tier than many other systems – and it’s very reasonably priced. Integration and basic customisation are simple if you know CSS and HTML. There’s also plenty of apps to plugin to increase a store’s features, many of them free. The shining stars of Ecwid, though, are its support staff, who are knowledgeable, very helpful, and able to fix 90% of issues. If they can’t help immediately, they’ll go away and work on it, emailing a solution when they have one.
    I love Ecwid because it also gives a promo code of 70% off which saves my money.

  93. We all know that running a business on your own can be difficult. So, when you find something to actually help you with the day-to-day tasks, there’s nothing better! Ecwid is just what I needed for my small online clothing store. The best thing about this app? You don’t have to deal with pesky customers who are never satisfied no matter what you do – the only feedback you get is from yourself! Shopping at Ecwid makes it so much easier since everything comes right to me and stores are easily located based on their geo-location. It is like having my very own shopping assistant at the touch of a button ;).

  94. Ecwid is the perfect platform for building your online shop. They have excellent customer service, plenty of support resources, and their website builder has many incredible features that are easy to use.

  95. Ecwid is a user friendly, affordable e-commerce platform that I have been happily using to power my website these last four years. The installation was very quick and easy to use – Ecwid made it easy for me! With just a few clicks, I had my storefront up and running online. Once the store was open, it gave me a lot of options as far as where to put products in relation to one another, how they would be displayed on the site…I could even save different kinds of layouts for future use!

  96. “Easily manage all your products, discounts and marketing with Ecwid. This is the most robust feature for selling online my business partner and I have ever seen! It’s impressive to rely on an external platform like this one to make it easier for us independent businesses owners to keep our customers happy. We can check what inventory we have at any time, update bulk product options in minutes, or create discount codes up front so that people know exactly what they are buying without having extra details pop-up during checkout.”

  97. Ecwid is the right choice for any eCommerce store owner. It’s a very trusted and PCI DSS validated Level 1 Service Provider that promises ease of use and flexibility. Ecwid automatically sets up and hosts your website, so there is no need to install or uninstall servers and it can be connected to literally any website you already own — including the ones on Blogger, WordPress, TalentRoutes, Tumblr, eBay Store, Big Cartel.
    They have an offer going on of 70% off on the first purchase so do not miss it!

  98. I had a great experience with Ecwid and was really pleased with the result. The app is easy to use and their customer service was excellent – staff were quick to respond, informative, and helpful! I love that they offer free resources as well as helpful tutorials. All in all I’m very happy with my decision

  99. I think Ecwid is a great and easy to use WordPress eCommerce plugin for small business owners.

  100. Ecwid is the easiest way to create an online store. I was completely new to creating an e-commerce platform which meant that if I hated it, there would be hours of lost time trying to figure out what went wrong when in reality it couldn’t have been easier with Ecwid.

  101. Ecwid is a web-based e-commerce platform that provides everything necessary to create, manage and grow small online stores without any hassle. With its outstanding customization capabilities, your store can be as unique as you are. I love this tool for my business.

  102. Ecwid is one of my favorite platforms. It’s all-encompassing and it simplifies everything, from design to customer management to the shopping experience. With Ecwid, you don’t need a programmer or developer because there are simple solutions available for just about anything that may arise in the future!

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