The Best eBay Dropshipping Courses of 2024: Learn From Scratch

If you wonder if Best eBay Dropshipping Courses of 2024 are worthwhile, you have come to the right place

Dropshipping is a leading business model for those who wish to make extra money through eBay selling (or anywhere online). It eliminates the need for a high startup cost, which is the biggest hurdle for aspiring entrepreneurs to start their online businesses.

Many platforms are available for dropshipping online, but eBay is one of the most promising platforms, especially if you choose a profitable niche.

The downside to this is that eBay dropshipping is highly popular. The popularity of eBay as a platform means that you will have more competition.

How do you make yourself stand out selling products, and how do you get maximum exposure for your dropshipping business? The short answer is with the help of an eBay dropshipping course.

Selling goods online is all the rage now, but it requires hard work. The same applies when building an eBay business online. Signing up for a course is like having a blueprint for success in this business model. This advanced course is how you can gain a competitive advantage.

You will learn, in particular, about the best eBay dropshipping course you will get your hands on.

Find out what the course entails and if it is a worthwhile investment to launch your dropshipping business this year.


1. The ZIK Analytics Dropshipping Course

The ZIK Analytics dropshipping course is one of the best eBay dropshipping courses. This course was created by Nahar Geva, the CEO, and founder of ZIK Analytics. He founded the company that brought the advanced product research tool to market.

If you haven’t heard about the tool as yet, it is one of the hidden secrets that successful eBay sellers aren’t telling you about that allows them to consistently find profitable products to sell on eBay.

Nahar Geva is not just the creator of ZIK Analytics but is actually a successful seller who got his first success online with the eBay dropshipping business model. In 2016, he started selling on eBay for extra income. Within eight months, he hit the $5,000-monthly profit mark.

His initial success with this online business inspired him to develop Zik Analytics, product research, and marketing tool. Using this tool takes the guesswork of finding the best items to sell, especially for eBay beginners.

Known as the ultimate eBay dropshipping course, the ZIK Analytics dropshipping course contains 64 lessons (and is constantly being updated). It features tips for selling on eBay for new sellers and those who want to grow their eBay store.

This advanced course delivers up to 5 hours of learning that you can access on-demand, giving you more flexibility with how fast or slow you want to go through the course.

ZIK Analytics Dropshipping Course

The course starts by guiding aspiring eBay sellers in setting up the infrastructure. You will learn about the technical aspects of setting up your eBay business, such as store policies, payment, and return policies, and tips to get your business off the ground.

The next part of the course provides information on how to land your first sale on eBay, as well as finding products to sell and listing products to your own eBay store.

There is a section on the course dedicated to eBay SEO. This section is a more advanced part of the course that will dive into the strategies to beat the eBay algorithm to boost your eBay store ranking.

The course will show you how to create titles for your products, write product descriptions, and other SEO techniques for your products to be found.

The second phase of the course walks you through scaling your business. In this part of the eBay course, you will learn in-depth strategies to find suppliers and create your niche in a highly saturated market.

Staying true to its commitment to providing the most comprehensive course for an eBay business online, the ZIK Analytics Dropshipping Course also includes tips on managing cash flow and profits. This section is the final yet most critical aspect of the course, especially for those new to running a business online.

Being wise with your financial transactions and ensuring that you have enough cash flow to keep your business going will make or break your home business.

If you are serious about starting or growing your eBay business, this eBay dropshipping course is a powerful tool in your arsenal.

Unlock the secret to making extra income at home without a significant investment with the ZIK Analytics Dropshipping Course.

It is currently available at a launch price of $49 (from the original price of $199). If you want to build a reliable income stream from your eBay store, check out this course while it is on a limited-price offer.


  • Suited for beginners and experienced eBay sellers alike
  • It contains valuable information on all aspects of running an eBay dropshipping business
  • Easy and actionable format
  • Available for on-demand learning
  • Exclusive access to learning materials
  • Customer support during and after the course
  • Eliminate the trial-and-error phase of setting up an eBay business
  • One of the more affordable courses on eBay is dropshipping
  • Lifetime access


  • Affordable price for a limited time only

Price: $49 (launch offer); original price $199

Join the ZIK Analytics Ultimate Dropshipping Course for eBay here

2. Dropshipping Titans by Paul J Lipsky

Dropshipping Titans is another eBay course recommended for those who want to own an eBay store and run their dropshipping business from home.

Like the ZIK Analytics course, this one promises to take aspiring eBay sellers through a step-by-step guide to setting up and growing your eBay business online.

This dropshipping course is one of the best because it has been overly simplified. The landing page for the course features a ‘standard’ copy about how to succeed with a dropshipping business and how you can quit your 9-to-5 job.

Paul is an expert dropshipper who made $10,000 in his first month with eBay dropshipping. In his course, one of his students claims that he made up to $100,000 in eBay sales in one month using Paul’s methods.

Dropshipping Titans Course

Even those who have not used eBay before will understand how the setup process works through his tutorial. He also has a section on the course dedicated to setting up your Paypal account – again, information that would be useful for eBay beginners and sellers.

The Dropshipping Titans course is divided into modules. The only downside to this course is that the detailed tutorial on dropshipping does not come until the module’s end. Also, most of the information provided in the course is limited to US sellers.

Each module is dedicated to a specific topic relevant to the dropshipping business. A few examples of the modules include product research formula, creating the perfect eBay listing, repricing and restocking items, getting paid, fulfilling orders, and tips for customer service.


  • Easy to follow the course
  • Comprehensive information that includes setting up the account to dropshipping
  • Lots of success stories from previous students


  • The actual tutorial on the dropshipping business only makes up a small portion of the entire course.
  • The information is relevant only to the US sellers, such as dropshipping from Walmart to eBay.
  • The course is one of the most expensive ones in the market (and costs $84 if you opt for the installment plan).

Price: $297 (one-time fee); $127 for 3-month installment plan

Join Dropshipping Titans Here

3. eBay Drop Shipping Guide with No Inventory by David Vu

This udemy course is another one of the top resources available for aspiring eBay dropshippers to get started on this business model. It is an excellent tool for beginner sellers, especially those with no capital or no inventory.

This dropshipping course by David Vu is recommended for basic to advanced students. If you are serious about this side hustle or want to make it your primary source of living, proper training is essential and that is what this course is for.

As an overview, the eBay Dropshipping Guide by David Vu is a 5-hour course with on-demand video and online class resources you can access in your free time.

There is no prior experience or knowledge required to succeed in this course. It also does not need any special software; you can use the course as long as you have access to the internet.

David Vu has created this eBay course to provide training for those who want to make money dropshipping on eBay. Like most other courses on this list, it starts by walking you through the setup process for your eBay seller account. The course will delve into the core concepts of dropshipping.

eBay Drop Shipping Guide with No Inventory Course

David Vu will show you how he set up his own dropshipping business on eBay, such as choosing your products, listing them on eBay, and knowing where to source your products.

The next part of the course will teach you how to scale your business. The creator of this course recommends spending 15 minutes or more each day growing and managing your eBay online business. This course is an all-in-one guide that will take you from start to finish –information you need to handle every aspect of your business.

In addition to the extensive course, you will also get support from David Vu through the Udemy platform. Course enrollees will access support through chat discussions and private messages. The founder of the course will be the one to respond to any questions posted through the udemy platform personally.

You will have access to David Vu’s formulas for success with the eBay dropshipping business model. Once you complete the course, you will receive a certificate of completion from uDemy.

In terms of the cost of this course, this is one of the cheapest courses around. The 30-day money-back guarantee also backs it through the Udemy platform. This rock-solid refund policy will give you more confidence when you sign up for this course and makes it a risk-free investment.


  • David Vu is a successful online business owner, not just a dropshipper.
  • His course targets international buyers and overseas products
  • Unlimited access to support
  • On-demand learning
  • Certificate of course completion
  • It is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Udemy


  • There is nothing unique to the formula that David Vu offers
  • The course was last updated in 2019
  • More expensive than your typical udemy course

Price: $150

Join eBay Drop Shipping Guide with No Inventory by David Vu here

4. How to Set Up a Walmart to eBay Dropshipping Business by AutoDS

If you are looking to set up a dropshipping business from Walmart to eBay, then this course by AutoDS is for you. It takes a unique approach for those interested in making this dropshipping business a side hustle or a primary source of extra income.

The authors of this course are Aviv Malka and David Levine of AutoDS – Automatic Dropshipping Tools. Aviv Malka is an eBay Platinum Level Seller, while David Levine is a Trainer & eBay Entrepreneur.

The majority of the courses you can find on eBay dropshipping are focused on finding products from Amazon. However, this one is unique as it explores sourcing your products from Walmart. If you plan to pursue this business model, this course will be helpful.

The main reason why many eBay sellers consider dropshipping items from Walmart is that it is a less saturated market. Therefore, there is less competition in Walmart than for Amazon products. It will take you to step by step through the process of searching for products and finding products to add to your eBay store for dropshipping.

You will learn from the most basic steps of setting up your eBay business online to the more advanced techniques to increase your eBay purchases and generate more sales.

How to Set Up a Walmart to eBay Dropshipping Business Course

In this course, not only will you learn about how to source the most profitable products, but you can also learn how to use dropshipping software automation.

This part of the course is dedicated to serious online business owners who want to make a profit and make this their primary income source. Once you automate your business, you will be able to scale it and even learn how to set up multiple eBay accounts.

This udemy course provides 8 hours of on-demand video content for a comprehensive learning experience. It includes eight articles, 66 downloadable resources, and lifetime access to materials and support.

The course is accessible on your mobile device or computer, and those who complete this course will earn a certificate. As of this writing, there are over 7,630 people who have enrolled in this course, making it one of the most popular eBay dropshipping courses on Udemy.

The How to Set Up a Walmart to eBay Dropshipping Business by AutoDS course will contain the following materials and resources:

  • Tips for setting up your eBay store
  • Optimizing your eBay store
  • Setting up your Paypal account and linking it to your eBay store
  • Understanding the ins and outs of the dropshipping business
  • Tips for finding the hottest products on Walmart
  • Sourcing products on Walmart
  • Processing customer orders
  • Listing Walmart products on your eBay store
  • Using automated tools to scale your eBay business
  • Customer service tips

The How to Set Up a Walmart to eBay Dropshipping Business by AutoDS course is suited for eBay users of all levels – from beginners to long-time sellers. It is also suited for those who haven’t had success with Amazon products and would like to switch to selling Walmart products instead.

Towards the end of this course, they offer more advanced information, such as how to find product research tools to make it easier to identify products to list in your eBay store. They also have recommendations on dropshipping software to automate your business.

The great thing about this course is that it is still being updated and students can access new information once they become available. The course was last updated in February 2020. In addition to the primary learning materials, students of this course can access bonus materials, video presentations, and summaries to facilitate more learning.


  • Suited for all levels of users
  • Suited for those looking for products with less competition
  • Easy to follow with a variety of resource materials
  • Offers basic and advanced dropshipping techniques
  • Tips for automating your dropshipping business
  • Reasonably low price


  • Most of the information on the course is similar to what you would find in other courses.
  • Some of the information on the course is outdated
  • The video quality needs improvement

Price: $19.99

Join How to Set Up a Walmart to eBay Dropshipping Business by AutoDS

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FAQs on Best eBay Dropshipping Courses

Are eBay dropshipping courses worth it?

The short answer is yes. Signing up for a dropshipping course is worth it if you are serious about earning income from eBay dropshipping. However, your success and how much you can take from the course will depend on which course you invest in. Choose wisely to make it worth your time, effort, and investment.

How do I start dropshipping on eBay with no money?

Dropshipping on eBay allows you to make income with little to no capital. Yes, it is possible to start your dropshipping business with no money. You must first find profitable products to sell in your dropshipping store and look for a reliable wholesale supplier.

How do I not get suspended from dropshipping on eBay?

If your eBay account got suspended for dropshipping, do not worry. It is a common occurrence and there is a way to restore your account, as long as you did not get an indefinite suspension. If your account is suspended, you cannot sell, bid, or contact your customers.

There are several reasons why eBay suspends seller accounts, such as when you need to verify your account, if your account is not in good standing, when you list prohibited items, or if you violate any of the store policies.

Contact the eBay team and ask them what you must do to restore your account when this happens. If they respond, they will provide you with a list of questions you need to answer. If the eBay team finds your answers reasonable, they can reinstate your account. It varies on a case-to-case basis, though.

Do you need a course to learn dropshipping?

Taking a course to learn dropshipping is not mandatory. You can use a dropshipping course to know about this business model and get tips from those who’ve had success with this business. You can use the lessons you learned to grow your business and make it a reliable source of income.

Where can I find a good eBay dropshipping course?

There are several places to find a good dropshipping course for eBay online. You can find free and paid courses; feel free to choose what suits your budget. A simple Google search will provide you with options but choose only those courses offered by the reputable dropshippers who’ve had success in the business.

You can get free courses and tips on Youtube from successful dropshippers but signing up for a course is best because you will find more in-depth information.

Is The Ultimate eBay Dropshipping Course Worth It? eBay Dropshipping Courses

The secret to success with an eBay dropshipping business is learning and training. You do not become an eBay expert in one day. Therefore, these four courses listed here would be a great starting point for anyone looking to build an eBay empire through the dropshipping business model.

These four courses each have their merit as to why they would make an excellent resource for you when building your online business on eBay. Whether you want to turn this home business into a side hustle or scale your business, these eBay selling courses will serve as your roadmap to achieve your goals. There are key differences with each course so take time to compare them and choose the one that fits into your vision for your eBay dropshipping store.

No matter which course you choose, it will come down to how you use and implement the learning you got. Use the information wisely and build the winning strategy to build a giant eBay business.

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