Duda vs Squarespace 2024 Ultimate Comparison (Head-to-Head) (My Opinions)

Choosing the right website building platform is important if you want to build a good-looking, stable, and well-performing website. But finding the ideal website builder is the part where most users get stuck. While there are many reliable platforms in the market today which offer varying features and services, claiming to be the best, the actual way of finding out which is the best is by comparing them. Let’s take Duda Vs Squarespace as an example!

I agree that neither Duda, nor Squarespace is as popular as compared to other popularly used services like WordPress and Wix, but they definitely have much to offer. Both systems provide the basic functionalities involved in launching and managing quality websites, but they still do utilize very different approaches to the process of website creation. You might just want to shift from the conventional path of going ahead with a WordPress or Wix site and try out some new and promising options like these.

So, in today’s post, I will give you a nice and in-depth comparison between Duda Vs Squarespace, matching them against one another on various parameters to see which one comes out on top!

Duda Vs Squarespace 2024– The Ultimate Comparison

What operation, instead, is a better choice? Which of them provides more distinguishing and feature-rich plans and can these packages be nice alternatives? To answer the questions, evaluating and examining  Duda Vs Squarespace in-depth in order to compare their main services and features is initially sensible. Anyway, the final option will still rely on your expertise, priorities, and budget, but you should still be aware of the features these website constructors have to offer.

So, let’s get on with this!

Duda Vs Squarespace- An Overview


Duda is a website builder for drag-and-drop that comes with a collection of design customization tools and features required for a successful website project startup. The system ensures a smooth and convenient web-building process which is a good choice for experts in first-timers and web design. Designing websites for both business and personal use can be selected.

Duda Overview



Squarespace is a website builder for the cloud, which also comes with a drag-and-drop editor and a set of tools required to customize the proper design. Initially, the service is a good pick for portfolios, blogs, and small eCommerce websites but it can also be used to design other types of projects.

Squarespace Overview

Duda Vs Squarespace- Usability & intuitiveness

How easy is your website builder? This must be the first doubt in your mind that needs to be clarified. If your website builder is not intuitive and easy to use, then your entire website building experience can become unpleasant and you will find no joy in what you are doing!


Duda– the website builder isn’t very hard to use, but it takes time to explore and master its main tools. The process of signing up is simple and swift. Once you’re done with that, you’ll be redirected to the collection of templates to pick a suitable design. You’ll have an opportunity to preview the design before the pick, not to be confused with the option.

Creating Website With Dooda

The framework comes with a drag-and-drop editor that is intuitive and logically organized, ensuring smooth and simple navigation. The required elements (texts, pictures, or media files) don’t have to be copied and pasted – all is done in the automated mode. To shape the interface, simply select the feature you want to incorporate and drop it into the web page.

Choose Templates

The system will offer you to view the introductory part before proceeding with the website development process if you are a first-time user. This is yet another feature contributing to the service’s ease of use.


Due to multiple UX-based elements, the platform was initially rather complicated. Most of the complex features and elements have been eliminated following the recent update to make the website builder a user-friendly and simple service that matches the skills of newbies and professionals. However, this does not mean that Squarespace is incredibly easy to use. There is a small learning curve required to master the program, but after you grasp the system’s logic, you’ll be able to achieve great results.

Squarespace comes with a Website Editor from WYSIWYG that helps you to monitor and manage all the changes you make on the Website. At the same time, the website designer isn’t as intuitive as Duda’s. One of the most frustrating things is the lack of the opportunity to preview the final website. In other words, once you post a website you will not be able to see the outcome of your research. That’s not very convenient, especially for beginners, who have to make sure they’ve done everything right before showing users the ready-made project.

The Verdict: Which One Is Having Easy Interface — Duda or Squarespace

Duda is easier for first-time users and more intuitive. Its GUI is more logical, so that novice web designers can grasp it. In turn, Squarespace looks more advanced and stylish but it still needs more time to master the editor. Pay attention to this aspect, and be prepared to watch a video tutorial before working with the website creator.

Duda Vs Squarespace- Features & Flexibility

Both Duda and Squarespace are loaded with features, offering several different tools that can help you build and manage a beautiful and stable website. The list of features offered by both platforms varies, so it is really necessary for you to understand and figure out what your requirements are, and which platform will suit your needs.

Duda Features & Benefits

The website builder- Duda provides a generous collection of features, which helps you to launch and customize websites irrespective of the niche you’re focused on. The service does not set any limits on the number of websites, pages, or widgets that you wish to build.

  • Advance eCommerce engine

The system comes with a powerful eCommerce engine that enables full-featured online stores to be developed. It is up to you to choose a suitable eCommerce template for your website, pick the product page templates as well as upload and configure the number of items needed. You may also choose to diversify the design and output of your web store, there are growing eCommerce apps, tools ad integrations. The website also offers a blogging platform that allows webmasters to add versatile, feature-rich, sensitive, and completely customizable blogs.

  • Multi-language support

Duda allows you to create a multi-lingual website by choosing between more than 55 languages. Another highlight of the service is its inSite Tool, which allows website owners to create customized content based on a variety of criteria (location, time of day, devices used for web browsing, etc.) for specific target audiences. The content is delivered in the form of pop-ups that appear when accessed by a user on the website.

  • Extensive integration options

The framework helps you to select and incorporate elements and widgets from social media to improve customer interaction rate and efficiency overall on the website. What’s more, the website design stands out from the crowd because of its marketing resources that help to increase conversion rates for customers. These include click-to-call and click-to-email widgets, conversion widgets for clients, charts, generator of coupon codes, PayPal widget, and more. Google Analytics integration is also available here, which helps monitor the performance parameters of your website and identify issues that could keep you from achieving web design goals.

  • Developer Mode feature

This feature grants access to code editing and allows you to modify the templates you have selected through code injection. Apart from this, when working on project creation, the website designer urges web developers to cooperate. The framework allows team members to build different sections and access a shared dashboard to enable developers to make the most of their team collaboration.

  • White Label tool

Duda also provides a powerful White Label tool that allows building truly unique and innovative projects using the entire product feature set under a client’s brand name.

Duda Features

Squarespace Key Features & Verdict

The Website Builder is robust and feature-rich. It comes with multiple built-in elements that contribute to its success and include a pleasant range of resources and options for starting and maintaining a worthy website for users.

  • Widgets

Although Squarespace does not enable third-party integrations, it has its own highly successful widgets and add-ons when it comes to portfolio creation, web stores, and business websites. Squarespace has special photo gallery widgets, social media buttons and even café and restaurant eCommerce tools. For example, Statistics monitoring tools such as Google Analytics can be incorporated. The Contact Form Creator also exists here that allows users to construct and implement logically-structured and appealing contact types.

  • Extensive eCommerce and blogging features

The website builder lets you launch and maintain web stores and blogs approved by SSL. This ensures attractive product shows, the development of galleries of lightbox pictures, the introduction of about 100 product combinations, many payments and delivery options, email marketing tools, and loyalty programs.

  • Image manager

Squarespace’s native image manager allows you to change the photo parameters you want to upload to the website. The website builder allows the blogging features to start and manage full-featured blogs, set up geolocation tags, activate comments and reblogging, RSS feed and other benefits.

  • Developer Mode feature

Squarespace has a function that allows you to connect several contributors to the underlying project. You will then appoint members of the team, who will share access rights to the website to make edits there. Commenting on device function is also allowed here, if necessary, to let users comment on blog posts and other content.


Squarespace Design Features

Verdict: Which One Offer Easy to Use & powerful features — Squarespace or Duda?

Both website builders rate high overall. The systems work well for some projects in progress. Squarespace is, therefore, more portfolio-oriented and eCommerce websites, while Duda is a strong choice for business and personal ventures. However, in terms of versatility, Squarespace often prevails over its rival. The website builder has more to offer its users, with its comprehensive integration options, eCommerce and blogging engines, advanced image editing parameters and other high-end features.

Duda Vs Squarespace- Design tools

Design and templates are important aspects that need to be considered while checking how user-friendly and customizable your ultimate website structure will be.

Duda Design Tools

  • The website builder has a rich collection of templates, covering more than 100 designs. The gallery is regularly updated to feature advanced and modern templates that are by default fully-customizable and responsive.
  • The developers have sorted the template by thematic categories to simplify the choice of users and enabled the search filter option to help reduce the search time. Besides niche templates, there is also a chance to choose a blank theme and customize it from scratch using the extensive set of design customization parameters that Duda comes with.
  • You can preview Duda templates to see how it will look on mobile and desktop devices before continuing with the configuration process. If there is something a user is not satisfied with, a template switch option is provided by the system which allows the template to be changed midway through the web design process.
  • The design customization process itself is swift and rather simple. Thanks to the drag-and-drop interface, users can clearly see the whole process in motion, being able to change the locations of the elements they select individually. Users, who have coding skills, can use code injection advantages in the Developer Mode.

Squarespace Design Tools 

  • Squarespace has a more restricted choice of templates as compared to Duda. The program currently allows choosing between more than 40 themes. The website designer, however, focuses on the nature of its designs rather than the quantity of these. Squarespace models are also more trendy, more modern, more customizable and more competent. By default, they are mobile-optimized and refer to various niches, such as blogs, professional portfolios, web stores, bridal and wedding websites, cafe and restaurant projects, and more.
  • The system’s highlight is its Cover Page Creator, which enables a web designer to create innovative, visually appealing cover pages for their projects. Around 30 cover page designs are available to choose from and several settings to start (colors, fonts, backgrounds, media files, etc.). The HTML / CSS editing functionality can be used by business plan subscribers to edit website templates and give them a customized look.
  • You can turn templates at any point in the process while working on Website creation. You can also customize multiple designs at a time if needed. The website builder also offers comprehensive, free-range of Typekit collection quality fonts, access to the Google fonts library, video context integration feature, and other advanced design customization tools.

Design Comparison: Duda vs Squarespace



Number of Themes



Custom Themes

Themes Cost



Visual Editor

Responsive Design

CSS Code Editing


Duda offers more templates compared to Squarespace, but due to the range of design customization options available, it still lags behind the system. Squarespace templates are more professional and the system leaves much more room for customization of creativity and design. In this part of the comparison, this is the key attribute that makes Squarespace the champion.

Duda Vs Squarespace- Customer Support

There will be times when you may run into some kind of roadblock while working with your website builder. The problems can be trivial or complicated ones. So, it is important that that website builder you are using has a responsive and knowledgeable support team that is ready to help you with any kind of issues anytime.


The creator of the website is very intuitive and easy but still provides good customer service. The program offers a comprehensive knowledge base, which contains numerous tutorials and how-to-guides written in the language of understandability. There is also an option to use the ticket service to access the efficient Support Center, where you will be able to find answers to the majority of system-related questions sorted by the topics they refer to.

What’s more, the website designer provides video guides on how to get the most out of Duda’s work, a forum, numerous marketing materials covering the most common issues. If you still can’t solve the problem you are having, then go ahead and get in touch with the customer service team through live chat.


The platform is rich in tools for customer service, too. It provides plenty of tutorials, a Community Hub for users eager to address the burning problems with other users of the program who can share their valuable personal experience. The website creator also offers support for live chat, which is available 24/7 to help users solve their problems any time of day. This leads to the process of creating websites faster and more effectively.

Additionally, Squarespace provides email support, with lots of videos and articles on the Tutorial Resources section. The service’s distinctive attribute is its one-on-one seminars held at official New York-based Customer Support offices.

Verdict: Which One Offer Better Customer Support? 

In terms of customer service, both website builders rank high. To help users get the most out of the web design process, they provide several guides, video tips and step-by-step guidance. Both provide support for live chat and blogs. Additionally, Squarespace initiates one-one sessions, which increases its prestige.

Duda Vs Squarespace- Pricing Review

A comparison of prices is an important parameter to see the balance between the features and the price tags that have been put up against them. It is obviously important that the platform you choose suits both your budgets and needs.

Duda Pricing 

The website builder is not cheap but the cost of the plans is up to the set of features. The system has a free trial of 30 days, and three subscriptions paid. There are plans of Simple ($14/mo), of Team ($22) and of Organization ($74/mo). The major factors influencing the cost of the plans are the number of projects that users may create, product selection, team coordination possibility, site promotion and marketing tools, customer service choices, etc.

In addition, Duda provides paid eCommerce add-ons to those users who wish to design online stores. Finally, a powerful White Label solution comes with the platform which works well for web design pros and agencies. There are also special offers for users working on multi-project production. The program offers a Dedicated Account Manager, Unrestricted API Access & Advanced Support and Tiered Discount Pricing for this group of users. The costs of such offers should be discussed with Duda managers individually.

Duda Pricing review

Squarespace Pricing 

The program has no free plans, but it provides a free 14-day trial to test its basic collection of features. Paid subscriptions include standard website plans and eCommerce projects. You can choose between four paid subscriptions, depending on your preferences and web design objectives.

These include plans for the Personal ($12/mo), Enterprise ($18/mo), Simple Store ($26/mo) and Advanced Store ($40/mo). All subscriptions come with SSL Certificates, bandwidth and unlimited storage, 24/7 customer support, and free domain name connection option. Additional features affect the cost of the plans directly, so be careful when making the choice.

Squarespace Pricing Review


Pricing Overview: Duda vs Squarespace




Basic – ($14 per month)
Team – ($22 per month)
Agency – ($74 per month)

Personal ($12 per month)
Business ($18 per month)
Basic Store ($26 per month)
Advanced Store ($40)


Multilanguage support
Multiple websites
White label

eCommerce and blogging engines
Code editor
WordPress blog import

Verdict: Which One Is More Affordable & Value for Money — Squarespace or Duda

Both website builders’ pricing strategy is relatively similar. The cost of the plans is above average, but based on their real requirements, the systems have plenty to give consumers. However, Squarespace has separate plans for standard and eCommerce websites that expand the option of users.

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Conclusion- Duda Vs Squarespace 2024: Which One Is The Best?

When it comes to website construction, the first question that springs to your mind concerns the choice of the right web building tool. Duda Vs Squarespace are equally competent web development systems that vary in feature sets, accessibility, niche specialization, and other significant parameters that prevail in the contemporary web design industry.

When it comes to choosing the better platform, the final choice should depend on your actual needs, web design efforts, budget, skills, platform readiness and long-term results. If you’re looking for a site builder that’s easy but practical, then Duda is a pleasant option.

However, if you’re not scared of experimenting and investing your effort and time in a complex, fully-featured project, then Squarespace is certainly the top-notch platform to work with.

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