Domain Hunter Gatherer Review 2024 🥇 Is It Really Worth It ?

Domain Hunter Gatherer

Overall Verdict

Thanks to Domain Hunter Gatherer, I have been able to build websites with top-notch backlink profiles at a fraction of the cost. When reviewing the backlink profile of a domain, it's important to consider how much it would cost to build a similar link profile from scratch. Domain Hunter Gatherer has allowed me to achieve impressive SEO results by leveraging these expired domains.

Out of 10


  • Web2.0 Hunter
  • Domain Auction Hunter
  • Advanced searching functions allow you to find expired domains in any niche you want
  • Web2.0 accounts can be used as a base for any successful SEO campaign and with DHG you can find aged accounts
  • Multi-Threaded for speed
  • Find Web2.0s with Links and Social Shares


  • Bit expensive for beginners
  • On occasion, a domain may seem to have expired while, in fact, it is still registered.


Price: $ 17

In this Domain Hunter Gatherer Review, I look at one of the most popular expired domain tools available and provide a complete overview of its key pros and cons. Is it right for your business?

Looking for a domain name that is available, and has not been taken yet? UGH, just when you think you found the perfect domain name, that domain name is taken.

The frustratingly slow process of finding available domains for your next project can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be. But it’s not just the time-consuming process that’s agitating, it’s the lack of available domains that’s really frustrating.

You’ve been trying to find a reliable and cost-effective way to find domain names.

Domain Hunter Gatherer is the solution you’ve been looking for. With this simple-to-use software, all you need to do is enter a domain keyword and find what you’re looking for.

Domain Hunter Gatherer Review

🚀 Bottom Line Upfront : 

As an experienced domain investor, I have personal testimony Domain Hunter Gatherer’s reliability when it comes to discovering worthwhile old and expired Domain names.

This software has changed the game for me by streamlining a previously tedious procedure and saved me a ton of time.

I am familiar with the great potential for profit that can be gained by purchasing previously expired domain names. These domain names have likely been around for some time, and as a result, they may have accumulated an extensive number of high-quality backlinks that have boosted their search engine rankings in the past.

These domain name purchases have given me a huge head start in organic search traffic and search engine rankings.

The ability to quickly and accurately assess the possibilities of expired domains has been a game-changer for my approach to acquiring domain names. By providing me with reliable information, Domain Hunter Gatherer enables me to use older domains strategically.

I strongly advise giving Domain Hunter Gatherer a shot if you’re serious about boosting your website’s traffic, attracting qualified visitors, and moving up the search engine results pages. It has been a game changer for me, and I have no doubt it will do the same for you based on my experience.

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So in this tutorial, I am gonna do a detailed Domain Hunter Gatherer Review and why this tool is great for finding expired domains.

📢 Domain Hunter Gatherer Review 2024

As a user of Domain Hunter Gatherer since 2017 proof is attached. 


When creating authority sites, PBNs, or managing 301 redirects, expired domains come in handy. They may help you boost your site’s authority or in making it stand out from the crowd in search engine results.

Finding an expired domain name that is suitable for your purposes is difficult. In addition to looking at age, DA, trust flow, and other indicators, you should examine the domain name itself for potentially spammy connections.

A second step is to determine whether the site has been blacklisted by Google or any of the other major search engines.

Attempting to track out an expired domain name to purchase is a task that may take a lot of time and energy. You shouldn’t simply grab the first accessible domain that has expired.

Furthermore, most company owners just don’t have the time to look for good expired domains. They need a quick and simple way to locate a premium expired domain name.

Without Domain Hunter Gatherer, finding available domain names that have expired would be a complete guessing game. The system streamlines operations by making critical metrics and other controls easily available from a centralized interface.

Domain Hunter Gatherer is an ”Expired Domain Scraper/Crawler” software designed specifically to help Internet Marketers efficiently and quickly track down or rather “Hunt” for expired and drop domains, that have been left unused and un-renewed by their owners.

Registering an expired or drop domain and then building a website on that domain often attracts backlinks. The owners can also update and customize their website and generate a community or a brand.

Domain Hunter Gatherer Review

You can use Domain Hunter Gatherer to crawl multiple domain auction sites. The software will easily help you monitor many different domain exchanges so you can pick in the latest and greatest expired and dropped domains.

Domain Hunter Gatherer also helps you to crawl Web 2.0 sites. Many Web 2.0 platforms allow customers to re-register or claim unused and abandoned Web 2.0 accounts.

It is because a number of people who build up nice-looking and highly reputable Web 2.0 pages end up abandoning them.

Domain Hunter Gatherer will easily help you find these accounts and filter them by niche and then redirect their links to your target sites.

Domain Gatherer Hunter reviews

⚰️ What Is Expired Domain & Drop Domains?

The domain is important for business. There are two types of domains: expired and drop. Every day, millions of domains are sold by lots of companies.

Some stay active but others do not get used because they cannot be bought from the person who has them.

It might be a good domain for you, but you will not be able to buy it from someone who does not want to sell it or if it is already owned by someone else because there is no availability left for you.

When the owner does not renew the domain before the expiry date, it will get dropped. Anyone can buy this domain as it is not used by anyone anymore.

Importance of Expired & Drop Domains

Whenever you start a business, instead of starting from scratch, buy an expired domain. An expired domain might already be clean and reputable in the search engine for a long time. That means that it will give you backlinks and a good history on the search engine, which can help your website rank higher. Why does all of this work when you can get these benefits by buying an expired domain?

🔨 Domain Hunter Gatherer: Tools

Here is a quick list of the 10 best tools of Domain Hunter Gatherer, so that you can know what makes this software one of the best in its field.

Domain Hunter Gatherer Tools

  • Expired Domain Auction Scraper
  • Expired Domain Website Crawler
  • Expired Web 2.0 Finder
  • Expired Domain Keyword Crawler
  • Reverse Crawling Scraper
  • Automated SEO matric results (FREE Moz, Majestic, and Social signals)
  • Easy TLD Filtration
  • Reliable Expired Domain Spam Checker
  • Unlimited Threads
  • Dom Recovery

🎈 Domain Hunter Gatherer: Top Features

  • Its key strength is quickly detecting expired names, saving you time. Even better, this tool lets you find as many domains as you need.
  • Domain Hunter Gatherer lets you filter domains by your criteria to arrange search results. This functionality streamlines domain selection.
  • The software also gives domain analysis and metrics to help you make decisions. This data-driven method lets you choose the best domains for your aims.
  • Domain Hunter Gatherer’s price levels allow it to meet varied customer needs. There’s a strategy for everyone, from beginners to pros.
  • Domain Hunter Gatherer’s low technical requirements allow everyone to utilize it without hardware restrictions, despite its powerful powers.
  • With its straightforward UI, the product prioritizes user experience. All users can easily navigate the features.
  • Domain Hunter Gatherer’s 30-day money-back guarantee gives hesitators the chance to try it risk-free.
  • Finally, professionals will enjoy the sophisticated settings and features that enable for domain search customisation and fine-tuning.

🎀 How You Can Find Expired Domains With Domain Hunter Gatherer?

Domain Hunter Gatherer gives you 5 different ways to find expired domains. First, let’s take a look at the Expired Domain Hunter tool.

1. Hunt For Keywords:

Click on the 1st option to hunt for keywords. Put some of your keywords related to your niche. You’ll get a list of sites with links that are currently ranking for the keywords.

Hunt For Keywords

To find expired domains, click on ‘Expired Domain Hunter’ and select ‘Hunt from Keywords’.

In the search keyword bar, enter your keywords separated by commas. Domain Hunter Gatherer goes to Google and finds out the best niche-related keywords.

It extracts the websites that are currently ranked for that keyword and then searches them for links to expired domains.

Domain Hunter Put Niche Keywords

Once you enter your keywords, click on ‘Search’.

A popup will appear to confirm if your list of keywords is correctly formed. Click on ‘Yes’.

Domain Hunter Keyword Selection

You’re done. Now, this tool starts searching for the best-matched domains.

Search keywords

As you can see in the image above. There’s a huge list of expired domains ranking for the keywords we have searched for.

Domain Auction

2. Hunt From Websites:

The 2nd option to find expired domains is through the hunt for websites. Enter a website to get all expired domains that are linking back to the website you submitted.

For example, you can collect all expired domains with links from key authority sites like Forbes, inc, entrepreneur, and more.

Hunt From Websites

3. Reverse Hunt Domains:

The 3rd option is reverse hunting domains. Put a domain and you’ll get all backlinks related to that particular domain.

The software will scan all those backlinks and spy on the expired ones. It’s a super speedy way to find backlinks from your competitors as well.

Reverse hunting domains

4. Domain Auction Hunter:

The fourth option is to find expired domains through domain auction hunter. Auction hunters often have to spend a lot of time looking for the perfect auction site that will offer exactly what they are looking for. 

Domain Auction Hunter allows you to view statistics for any domain from all auction sites in one place.

This will save you a lot of time and effort and will help you find the site you want. This also helps reduce the chances of buying the wrong website for your business.

Domain Auction Hunter

🛍 Web 2.0 Hunter

Domain Hunter Gatherer also comes with a great option to find expired Web 2.0 sites. Just enter your keyword and this tool will find relevant expired domains from 20 different Web 2.0 platforms.

Web 2.0 Hunter

You can use this tool to find out potential websites that may interest you. You can also find out if the site gets indexed by search engines or not. You can also view a range of tweets, Facebook posts, likes, comments, and other social media activities. An additional feature to find domains is through searching by domain quality.

🚿 Extra Features For Professional Plan Users

There are additional features that you can access to make your research easier when you sign up for the Domain Hunter Gatherer Professional Plan.

These functions are DomDetailer, DomRecovery, and Easy Expired Domains.


DomRecovery allows you to restore the appearance of the domain before you log out of Wayback Machine. Save all captured content including themes and styles.

This can be a huge time saver when you’re working on setting up your own private blogging network. You don’t have to spend hours recreating what you think your website might have looked like.

This is the main interface of the DomRecovery tool.

domrecover main interface

Here are the settings for DomRecovery. You need to put the URL of the website you want to recover.

When you choose to recover a snapshot, you will have the option to scrape Wayback Machine from a specific snapshot or for the entire website.

wayback-machine-downloaderThe next step will ask you where you want all files to be saved.

wayback machine scraper

This is an optional step after which you can start recovering the chosen website. This tool comes separately at $97, but in Domain Hunter Gatherer Professional plan you get it for free.

💰 Domain Hunter Gatherer Review Pricing 2024

Domain Hunter Gatherer offers you 3 different plans to choose from. Each of these plans is priced differently and has a different set of features.

Domain Hunter Gatherer Review - Pricing




Price: N/A Price: $27 per month Price: $97 per month
Specially designed for Ad-Supported Domain Auction Hunting Specially designed for Expired Web 2.0 hunting Includes all features of “Free” and “Premium” versions as well as Expired Domain Mining
Compare Domains from all auction sites Includes all features of the “Free” version Quality “Aged” domains for $10 or less
Get Age, DA, CF/TF, Backlinks, and more Registered unlimited accounts for free Crawl authority websites
Over 35+ quality metrics Enter keywords and hit “Search” Search for niche-related expired domains
Great video guides Multi-threaded for better speed Reverse crawl websites
Totally free 30-day money-back guarantee Unique Domain spam check server
Crawl millions of pages daily
30-day money-back guarantee
Moz and Majestic stat checking (50k per month)
Access to Dom Recovery (Worth $97)
Exclusive access to easy expired domains worth $47 per month (New)

The DHG Professional plan also offers a free trial version as well, so that you can try it out to decide if the plan is worth your money or not.

Visit the DHG official website to learn more about their services, plans, prices, features, etc.

You can also check out Domain Hunter Gatherer Black Friday Sale

Domain Hunter Gatherer Requirements

Domain Hunter Gatherer’s portability as a desktop tool that can be installed and used on any machine is a major plus. In order to use the Domain Hunter Gatherer website, you will need a username and password, both of which are provided free of charge upon registration.


A Pentium 4 computer with at least 512 MB of RAM and access to a reliable network are necessary. A dual-core processor, 4 GB of RAM, and a fast broadband connection (ideally dedicated) are all highly recommended pieces of gear.


The application is compatible with Windows XP and Vista, while Windows 7 or later is preferred. Private or semi-private proxies are also required.

Domain Hunter Gatherer can be used without proxies, however they are not required to receive the full benefit of the program. When proxies are present, the software has a better probability of accurately locating high-quality domains.

‼️ Pros & Cons: Domain Hunter Gatherer Review 2024



It was simple and quick to begin operation. The software was easily installed with a few mouse clicks. It’s to be expected that the software will use some of your computer’s resources. On occasion, but not consistently, I encountered high resource use.
Regular usage requires a dedicated Windows VPS for optimal performance since the search process might take several days.
In addition, the Professional Plan gives you access to additional features like Dom Recovery, DomDetailer, and Easy Expired Domains. To get around website blocks, you’ll need access to many trustworthy proxies. They’re not part of a set, and you’ll have to buy them individually.
I have purchased 50 proxies, which should be sufficient for one month of DHG use. I can’t say for certain what the optimal count is.
The crawling of a website may be prevented if certain terms are blacklisted. On occasion, a domain may seem to have expired while, in fact, it is still registered.
There is still a significant amount of human labor required, such as manually inspecting domain backlink profiles and Wayback Machine snapshots.
You can find expired domains by searching through millions of popular sites in a short amount of time. As opposed to going out of your way to track them down, this method is far more efficient. These video walkthroughs are for previous versions of DHG. Not much has changed, however.
Service to customers is superb. Quick and effective responses to inquiries are guaranteed.
Domain metrics from Majestic and Moz are also fetched by the program at no extra cost (with the professional plan).
Metrics such as nations and languages may be quickly sorted and filtered.
It gets new content often.
It’s true that the Domain Hunter Gatherer excels in many respects, yet it still has certain weaknesses.

FAQs On Domain Hunter Gatherer Review


⏲ What is Domain Hunter Gatherer?

Domain Hunter Gatherer is a software for finding expired domains. It can find quality domains in a single click. Sometimes the tool will attract backlinks, but this is not always true.

🔌 Is Domain Hunter Gatherer legit ?

Yes it is 100% legit. If you are not sure if you should buy the free or paid version of this software, it is suggested that you go for the paid one. It will be better for your business in the long run.

DomCop vs. Domain Hunter Gatherer

DomCop is an excellent resource for quickly finding expired domain names. The capacity to rank outcomes in accordance with a number of criteria is one of its strongest points. This ensures you’ll only get high-quality results.

All of the API documentation may be found in several places online. Easy discovery of lapsed domains is enabled by the software. There are numerous choices available, but none compare to DomCop’s efficiency.

Another prominent tool for finding expired domains is Domain Hunter Gatherer. DHG’s several features remove the need for trial and error while searching for such domains. It helps individuals locate high-quality expired domains using an easy-to-use interface and by providing information on quality metrics.

Domain Hunter Gatherer (DHG) differs primarily in that it requires local installation before it can be used. After signing into DomCop, you’ll have instant access to the service.

DomCop also differs in that it delivers immediate findings and stats. Users of the DHG frequently face delays of several hours to several days in obtaining similar results, depending on the specifics of their queries.

DomCop offers a wealth of data in the form of metrics. Domain Hunter Gatherer, on the other hand, has no metrics except than those provided by Majestic and Moz. To ensure that DHG runs well, proxies are highly recommended.

DomCop requires no configuration changes, but DHG’s many choices might be overwhelming to new users. The software itself doesn’t require any tweaks to run well.

The free tier of DHG has severe restrictions and advertisements. There is no free version of DomCop available. DHG is less expensive, especially when discounts ranging from 20% to 50% are applied.

DomCop’s capabilities and features make it worth the cost. DomCop is the superior choice to Domain Hunter Gatherer in this situation.

🏁 Conclusion: Domain Hunter Gatherer Review 2024

As a user of Domain Hunter Gatherer since 2017, I can tell without a doubt that it is the best tool available for discovering and filtering premium expired domains. This desktop application has real-time searching capabilities, giving you access to a wide range of potentially lucrative expired domains.

The addition of essential data from leading backlink and SEO checkers like Majestic and Moz is what makes Domain Hunter Gatherer stand out. These parameters are essential for determining the relative value of different websites.

Domain Hunter Gatherer’s capacity to streamline the acquisition of expired domains is one of its chief benefits. It removes the difficulty and helps you avoid the typical pitfalls of this kind of work. For me personally, using this approach to buy several potent expiring domains has yielded excellent results.

Domain Hunter Gatherer doesn’t offer a free trial version, but both its Premium and Professional subscription plans come with a 7-day money-back guarantee (though Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro has a pricing plan that includes a trial for $20 for the first seven days, then $97.00 for each month).

I think you should give Domain Hunter Gatherer a go if you want to improve your SEO and make use of expired names. There’s no way you’ll be let down.

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