10 Best Cyber Security Affiliate Programs Of 2024

Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to make some money just by sharing stuff you like? Well, that’s what I discovered with cyber security affiliate programs.

It’s like telling your friends about this awesome security tool you found, and then, boom, you earn a bit when they sign up.

I dove into the world of these programs because, let’s face it, we all want to keep our online life safe and sound, and making some extra cash while doing so sounds like a win-win.

So, I decided to dig deep and find the Best cyber security affiliate programs out there. Whether you’re a tech geek or just starting to dip your toes into the online security pool, I’ve got some great picks for you.

Let’s explore these programs together and find out how you can start benefiting from them too!

Best Cyber Security Affiliate Programs

10 Best Cyber Security Affiliate Programs

1. BrickHouse Security

If you’ve got an online website or weblog, you’ll be able to be part of our BrickHouse Security Affiliate affiliation Program and earn cash, beginning currently.

After you refer folks to our website from yours and they purchase from our website, you earn a forty-five commission – it’s that straightforward.

With thousands of products to settle on, there’s one thing for everybody, as well as doubtless unlimited commissions for you.

We tend to handle all the small print – from ordering to shipping to client service – thus enhancing your financial gain, and your website does not get any easier.BrickHouse Security Affiliate

The catalog includes a wide range of products to suit everyone’s needs. All of our products have been meticulously tested and handpicked by our experts, and include industry leaders in GPS tracking, hidden cameras, and spy gear, among others.

BrickHouseSecurity.com has partnered with Commission Junction to make it quick and easy for you to launch your affiliate partnership. You will have access to daily news to track the success of your program.

BrickHouseSecurity.com provides you with all the necessary tools, such as images, buttons, banners, text links, and search boxes. You can choose the BrickHouse Security products that best fit your website’s content.

Here’s how it works: You publish advertising for BrickHouseSecurity.com on your website. A visitor clicks on the advertising and visits BrickHouseSecurity.com. If this visitor makes a purchase, BrickHouseSecurity.com will pay you 4% of the sales value!

2. Trend Micro

The Trend Micro affiliate program guides your page guests to TrendMicro.com, the net front for one of the worldwide leaders in IT security.

Trend Micro develops security solutions that the general public and personal sectors depend on to keep their information safe day after day.

This program is double-geared towards businesses, and still, as individual users, the World Health Organization would like to keep up the integrity of their network with a software package that forestalls and combats digital threats.

Trend Micro

Trend Micro Affiliate Program offers many benefits. You can earn commissions on sales made at TrendMicro.com.

They have daring artistic banners promoting huge discounts on their popular antivirus software package. Additionally, they sell software packages for safeguarding Macintosh devices.

Trend Micro is a channel-sales-driven company, and all sales go through partners. Their offerings address essential and growing business necessities.

Their solutions can be connected to sales you might already be making, such as cloud, virtualization, SIEM, Office 365, and more.

You can benefit from ongoing revenue streams coming from hourly and subscription charges, cross-sell, and up-sell opportunities. Online threats are a part and parcel of participation in the digital age.

That’s why the software package sold through the Trend Micro affiliate program will become an integral part of daily life.

Whether you’re surfing recreational websites at home to unwind or making million-dollar business transactions, these security measures provide the necessary protection and peace of mind.

Your readers’ systems may already be plagued with malware, and they’ll stay none the wiser until you start promoting the Trend Micro affiliate program.

3. Avangate

Avangate, a full-service supplier of electronic software system distribution, has announced the release of Avangate Affiliate Board v4.0.

This version aims to improve the communication and business collaboration between affiliates and software vendors.

The Affiliate Board has been updated with a new design and improved usability, making it easier for both affiliates and software publishers in the Avangate Network to find the most suitable partners and revenue opportunities.

Avangate Affiliate Network uses a pay-per-action business model for remuneration and includes dedicated subscription options.

Set a payout for your affiliate partners on a revenue share basis and reward them for subscription renewals.


There is no need to worry about bonuses when it comes to extending the reach of your affiliate program through performance tires. Simply use the automated bonus feature to credit affiliates for outstanding results.

Whether you are marketing online through Avangate or using our services for affiliate-driven sales, we take care of the most important aspects of the affiliate program, such as tracking, payments, and reporting.

With automatic reconciliation, we handle payment distribution to affiliates, as well as reporting of sales in the web interface and by email.

Running a successful affiliate program requires a dedicated resource with experience. Avangate provides a range of managed affiliate services that can help. Let our professional Affiliate Managers take over the day-to-day operation of your program.

Their professionals can help with everything from program setup and affiliate recruitment to partner support and revenue growth strategy.

Detailed reports, updated in real-time, provide all the key indicators needed to monitor the health of your program. Standard reports include everything from exposure and revenue to conversion and refunds.

4. Heimdal

One of the quickest growing firms within the cyber threat area. This is extremely centered on user education through our weblog, free courses, and different resources. Also, they are the Winners of the foremost academic Security web log award in 2016.

A platform developed by the globe champions in hacking, winners, and multiple-time finalists of Defcon CTF.

Experienced market specialists – Heimdal is driven by specialists in cyber security with intensive expertise in info security.


Sign up for our affiliate program via ShareASale. Once you’re approved, you can start using our banners, links, or product feed from your affiliate account to include on your website or any other promotional efforts, such as newsletters or social media.

If a customer clicks on one of your affiliate links and makes a purchase within 180 days, you will receive a commission from the sale price. The commission is 75% during the first 60 days since you joined our program, and then 50%.

You will receive monthly commission payments through your ShareASale affiliate account. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email welcoming you to our affiliate program.

It will include all the instructions you need to get started. We also recommend that you read the Affiliate Interface Guide created by ShareASale.

To be eligible for the program, you must own your domain (no placeholder domains), and your website’s content should be related to web security, software, or computers. Your website must also be free of any malware or spam.

As a member of our program, you will receive a 75% commission for every sale during the first 60 days and then 50% commission. We also offer permanent discounts and special offers, as well as bonuses based on performance.

You will have access to a wide range of banners, text links, landing pages, and an updated product feed. In addition, you will receive a free Heimdal Pro license and support from our in-house affiliate program manager (with a 24-hour response time).

5. Perimeter 81 Affiliate Program

Perimeter81 is a Business VPN and Zero Trust Network as a Service in the CyberSecurity field. It’s designed to simplify secure network, cloud, and application access for the modern and distributed workforce.

Perimeter 81 is a cutting-edge solution that offers a fully customized and automated secure network infrastructure deployment in a single, comprehensive platform.

If you promote Perimeter 81, you can benefit from our excellent commission rates. Our industry-leading rates allow you to maximize your earning potential while keeping it effortless to earn reliable income every month.

When your customer purchases our product, you can earn anywhere from $400 to $1000 CPA. The more customers you send our way, the more revenue you’ll generate. There’s no limit to how much you can earn!

perimeter 81

After your approval, you can utilize our marketing materials, such as landing pages, banners, etc., available in your affiliate account. You can implement them on your website, blog, social media, or any other online platform to attract customers to our website.

When a visitor clicks on your affiliate link, their IP will be logged, and a cookie will be placed in their browser for tracking purposes. Our 45-day cookie policy ensures that even if the visitor does not make a purchase immediately, you will still receive credit for the sale if they decide to buy within 45 days of clicking your link.

If the visitor decides to place an order after browsing our website, the sale will be registered under your name, and you will receive commission payouts by the 5th of every month.

Their program offers the best commission rates and a high conversion rate, making it a trusted and high-demand product. We also regularly add new marketing materials to help you promote our product effectively and provide the support you need to succeed.

You can also refer other affiliates to our program and increase your profits. We value our relationship and partnership with our affiliates and ensure that we pay on time, every time. When you succeed, we succeed too!

6. Astra Web Security

Astra Security Suite is the go-to security solution for websites. Astra offers all-round protection to websites with offerings such as WAF (Web Application Firewall), One-click Malware scanner, Security Audit, & Pentesting.

It has become a trusted name in the cybersecurity niche with big brand customers like Gillette, African Union, Ford, Carrier, Oman Airways, Hotstar, Kotak Bank, Akeneo (Founded by former CTO of Magento), etc.

Astra Web Security

Astra has recently launched its highly anticipated affiliate program, which seems to have been worth the wait.

The program offers a 25% recurring and undiminished commission for life, a 5% lifetime discount automatically applied to your customers, and a 60-day cookie policy that ensures customers are not lost even if they do not make a purchase right away.

Furthermore, the program provides a marketing kit with ready-made Astra banners, logos, product reviews, videos, and other resources to strengthen your marketing game.

The user-friendly dashboard also ensures easy tracking and reporting of your conversions, and you can expect monthly payouts in your PayPal account.

To become an Astra affiliate, you can go to the Astra affiliate program page and join the program. Once you set up your account and add your PayPal ID, you can use the assets provided to market Astra and earn commissions for life.

7. Panda

With Panda Security, a WatchGuard brand, you have the most advanced protection for your family and your business.

Panda Dome offers maximum security against viruses, ransomware, and cyber espionage for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

With over 25 years of experience, we have protected more than 30 million users. Their antivirus has been ranked #1 by av Comparatives, and we offer the highest commission rates in the industry.

Blogs, worth comparison engines, product reviews, transfer portals, selling emails, social networks, SEM campaigns, etc., are welcome.

The more connected your content is to the software package, technology, and security, the more they are going to reward your sales.


Join the Panda Security program by signing up at Commission Junction. You will receive a welcome message and gain access to links and creatives.

Earn up to 500% commission on each sale and renewal you generate, with campaign planning and execution support, custom creatives, special affiliate discounts, and an average order size of €50.

8. IT Governance

Their practice and training offerings, combined with our toolkits, software, and essential books and manuals, make us a key provider for organizations everywhere on the planet, which creates an excellent chance for affiliates to come up with substantial commissions.

IT Governance doesn’t simply sell to the business sector and also the public sector. A major marketplace for America is people and IT contractors in UN agency area units wanting to develop their skills and their careers through our books and manuals.

They additionally obtain high-value coaching courses from America, each classroom-based and Live online.

IT Governance

Increase your revenues with our Affiliate Program, which offers a generous 100% commission on sales and a typical conversion rate of over 6%. By simply directing your traffic to us, you can effortlessly turn it into additional profits for your business.

Choose from thousands of products and services covering GDPR, cyber security, ISO 27001, business continuity, IT GRC, and more, to find the items that best suit your needs and audience.

As an official distributor for TSO, BSI, and ISO, we offer a wide range of AXELOS titles and official standards to enhance your offering to your website visitors, increasing your authority in the marketplace.

You can rest assured that we keep stock of all of our products, so you won’t lose out on sales due to a lack of inventory.

With downloadable versions available for many of our products, customers can receive their orders instantly. For those who prefer physical copies, our express delivery ensures that hard copies are in their hands quickly as well.

They pay our affiliates a 100% commission on every sale that their guests generate. With an average conversion rate of 6% and typical order values of over £200, you can earn over £20 per transaction in no time.

9. ESET Affiliate Program

You’ll market ESET merchandise and special offers on your website, victimization any of our approved ways, and advertising resources as an Associate in Nursing ESET affiliate.

If a visitor clicks through from your website or promotes vehicles to the ESET online store and makes a purchase, you will receive a commission of 20% or more on the sale.

You can earn a 20% commission on a wide variety of products and make money on every transaction. The package includes advertising materials and support, and you can earn recurring revenue on new purchases and renewals.

This is a premium security package with a high existing demand.

Online affiliates- ESET

Getting started is easy. Complete our short form Associate in Nursing; once accepted, you may receive an email with details on the way to generate your affiliate links to start earning commissions.

The ESET Affiliate Program is obtainable through Commission Junction, an internet advertising and net promoting company that makes a specialty of affiliate, media, and trailing services.

ESET provides moneymaking commissions to ensure the success of our affiliates, advertising help Associate in Nursing mission from an in-house program manager, plus:

They offer a 45-day cookie window to ensure that your conversion occurs over a longer period. Additionally, we provide special vacation discount codes and long offers to help improve your program performance.

Their international package company offers a premium product with an existing market demand.

10. Avast

Avast has been providing security software for over 28 years and has over 400 million users.

Their goal is to provide top-notch security solutions for both professionals and casual users alike so that everyone can stay protected. Becoming an affiliate with Avast is not just an opportunity to earn money but also to contribute to making the Internet a safer place.

Avast protects 400 million customers in 186 countries with support for 43 languages, blocking 74 million threats every month.


To begin participating in the affiliate program, sign up through Commission Junction. Once your application is approved, you can start using Avast links and banners for promotional purposes, such as on your website or in emails.

When a customer clicks on one of your links and makes a purchase within 90 days, you will receive a commission of 25% of the sale. You can expect to receive monthly commission payments through your affiliate account.

There is a wide range of banners and text links for you to choose from. As an affiliate, you can enjoy exclusive offers, promotions, newsletters, and campaigns.

By becoming a top-tier affiliate, you can earn special rewards. Joining the program is easy – simply fill out a form and start right away once approved.

You will earn a 25% commission on all sales made within a 45-day period. Additionally, there is a 90-day referral period for every banner and text link.

11. ExpressVPN

Founded in 2009, ExpressVPN is one of the largest VPN providers in the world, offering over 3,000 servers in 94 countries.

Its customer support is available 24/7 through live chat, and the company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. ExpressVPN apps work across all platforms and devices, including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Linux. The company is owned by Kape Technologies, which also owns CyberGhost and PIA VPN services.


ExpressVPN’s affiliate program is available through four networks, namely CJ Affiliate, FlexOffers, Rakuten, and Skimlinks. However, the best way to sign up is through its in-house program.

The company pays higher commissions for longer-term deals, starting at $13 for one-month contracts and going up to $50 per sale on 12-month packages. According to CJ Affiliate, the program currently has a three-month EPC of $163.88.

Commissions are paid via PayPal before the 15th of each month, with a minimum threshold of $100. Alternatively, payments can be sent via wire transfer for commissions of $1,000 or more.

12. LifeLock

LifeLock is a prominent name in the cybersecurity industry and is recognized as the leading brand in identity theft protection, based on research conducted by MSI International.

Their product offers multiple layers of protection against malware, ransomware, spyware, and viruses. All plans include $1 million in legal coverage to address identity theft-related issues.


Previously known as NortonLifeLock, the brand is currently owned by Gen Digital, a massive internet security company that also owns Norton, Avast, Avira, AVG, ReputationDefender, and CCleaner.

LifeLock’s cybersecurity affiliate program provides affiliates with an opportunity to earn varying commissions across its product range. For the LifeLock Junior package, affiliates can earn $8 for monthly plans and $20 for annual plans.

The LifeLock Standard package increases the potential earnings to $40 for monthly subscriptions and $60 for annual ones. For those promoting the LifeLock Advantage package, the commission is even higher at $50 for monthly plans and $80 for annual plans.

The most lucrative option is the LifeLock Ultimate Plus package, offering $60 on monthly plans and a significant $110 on annual plans.

This tiered commission structure allows affiliates to maximize their earnings by promoting different levels of cybersecurity protection to their audience.

The program has a 30-day cookie window and a three-month EPC of $424.11, which indicates that other affiliates are making good money from it.

Tips to promote CyberSecurity Affiliate Programs:

1. Understand Your Audience

  • Identify their needs: Understand the specific cyber security challenges your audience faces.
  • Tailor your message: Customize your content to address those needs, emphasizing how the products you’re promoting offer solutions.

2. Leverage Content Marketing

  • Create informative blog posts: Write articles that address common cyber security issues, incorporating affiliate links where relevant.
  • Produce video content: Videos can be highly engaging. Consider tutorials, product reviews, or explainers on cybersecurity topics.
  • Develop infographics: These can help simplify complex cyber security concepts and spread awareness.

3. Utilize Social Media

  • Share valuable tips: Regularly post cyber security tips and how-to guides that include your affiliate links.
  • Join relevant groups: Participate in cyber security forums and social media groups to offer advice and share your affiliate links when appropriate.

4. Email Marketing

  • Newsletter content: Provide subscribers with valuable content, such as the latest cyber threats and how to protect against them, including recommendations for affiliate products.
  • Exclusive offers: Share special promotions or discounts offered by your affiliate partners.

5. SEO Strategies

  • Keyword research: Optimize your content with relevant keywords to attract organic traffic.
  • Backlink building: Increase your site’s authority by acquiring backlinks from reputable sites in the cyber security field.

6. Offer Bonuses or Incentives

  • Exclusive content: Offer free e-books, webinars, or courses on cyber security to those who purchase through your affiliate links.
  • Discount codes: Work with your affiliate program to provide special discount codes for your audience.

7. Reviews and Case Studies

  • Product reviews: Share your personal experience with the product, highlighting its benefits and features.
  • Case studies: Demonstrate how the product helped solve a specific cyber security problem, using real-life examples if possible.

8. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

  • Use targeted ads: Run PPC campaigns targeting specific cyber security keywords to drive traffic to your affiliate content or landing pages.

9. Stay Updated

  • Keep learning: Cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving field. Stay informed about the latest threats and trends to keep your content relevant.
  • Update content regularly: Refresh your older content with new information and resources to maintain its effectiveness and SEO ranking.

10. Build Trust

  • Transparency: Be honest about your affiliate relationships, and only promote products you genuinely believe in.
  • Educate: Focus on educating your audience rather than hard selling, which builds credibility and trust over time.


👉What types of products are typically offered in these programs?

Cybersecurity affiliate programs may include a variety of products such as antivirus software, VPN services, firewall applications, identity theft protection, secure email services, and cybersecurity training and certification programs.

👀Who can join a cyber security affiliate program?

Anyone with a medium to reach potential customers can join, including bloggers, content creators, influencers, and website owners focused on technology, cybersecurity, and related niches.

❓How much can I earn from a cyber security affiliate program?

Earnings can vary widely depending on the program's commission structure, the price of the product or service, and your ability to drive traffic and conversions. Some programs offer a flat rate per sale, while others may offer a percentage of the sale amount.

🤷‍♀️Are there any costs associated with joining these programs?

Most cyber security affiliate programs are free to join. However, it's important to invest in creating high-quality content and marketing strategies to effectively promote the products or services.

💁‍♀️Can I join multiple affiliate programs at once?

Yes, you can join multiple programs to diversify your income sources. However, ensure that you can effectively manage and promote each program without compromising the quality of your content.

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Conclusion: Best Cyber Security Affiliate Programs 2024

Partnering with top-notch cyber security affiliate programs can be a lucrative opportunity for individuals who own websites, create content, or are influencers.

These programs allow them to monetize their platforms while promoting crucial security solutions.

By choosing companies that offer competitive commissions, excellent affiliate support, and a strong market presence, affiliates can not only earn a significant income but also contribute to a safer digital environment.

The best cyber security affiliate programs create a win-win situation where affiliates can generate revenue while promoting awareness and adoption of essential security measures.

With the right approach, affiliates can play a pivotal role in safeguarding digital landscapes and building a profitable business.

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