CSS Hero Review 2024 Best Plugin for WordPress Customization?

CSS Hero

Overall Verdict

CSS Hero gives you complete control over your site's appearance, with thousands of customization options in just one plugin! You can get more done in less time without having to spend hours fine tuning each individual style option.

Out of 10


  • Simply mouseover and click the element you want to edit
  • Natively Responsive
  • WP Multisite Supported
  • Avoid typical CSS mistakes
  • Add extra custom CSS live
  • Easy element selection


  • Doesn’t support all WordPress themes.
  • No live chat support


Price: $ 19

Do you already have a blog and want to make it better?

Are you looking for a quick way to customize your WordPress site’s look and feel?  Do you need to customize your website in order to improve search engine rankings and boost conversions? Look no further check out my CSS Hero Review.

Solution: CSS Hero is the easiest way to get the most out of your WordPress website. Why should you learn about CSS Hero? It’s simple, does one thing really well, and works on any theme or plugin. CSS Hero is a powerful and versatile plugin, giving you the ability to customize your site’s appearance in real time, using the CSS format.

CSS hero customize themes

I love WordPress themes because they are many times more flexible than site builders like Magento or Joomla! There are hundreds of plugins out there that take the work out of building a new website.

And when it comes to mobile sites, if you’re not using responsive design, then chances are you’re hurting your business. If you’re ready to take advantage of the superpowers that CSS Hero has over other plugins and themes then start with CSS Hero today.

CSS Hero Review

Bottom Line Upfront : 

CSS Hero is one of the best and  definitive WordPress plugin to easily customize the look of your website, with an easy and intuitive point and click interface. It is widely compatible with many environments and it is built to be light and tolerant. There is no performance degradation in CSS Hero and from a technical standpoint, CSS Hero only generates and enables a single, static extra CSS stylesheet that cleanly overrides your Theme’s original stylesheet. CSS Hero works on any WP themes & plugins. Each new purchase comes with a 30 days money back guarantee.

Csshero features and trust

Here is my review of the CSS Hero Plugin : What is CSS Hero ?

Css hero features

Before I begin my actual review, let me give you a glimpse in to what CSS really is. It is the language that allows websites to look different. In that context, CSS Hero is a WYSIWYG theme editor for WordPress that allows you to make visual changes to your website with a point and click interface. Yeah, no coding required!

Customizing a WordPress site can be a daunting task for most. With CSS Hero, you can save time and headaches by customizing your site with an easy point and click interface.

You’ve been working hard on your website for months and now you’re finally ready to launch. Excitement builds as you eagerly anticipate the outpouring of traffic and page views. And then you realize that your site design is a little outdated, so you spend hours tweaking every pixel to make it look fresh. But it takes too long to do it manually.

CSS Hero makes it easy to customize the look of your site, even if you don’t have any coding experience. You can now create your site with a style that suits your needs and tastes with just a few clicks of the mouse. Whatever changes you require will be automatically created into CSS codes and deployed on your website upon saving.

CSS Hero allows full control on every element of a number WordPress themes and works wonderfully on most of them with Rocket mode.

Now, what is the ultimate good about CSS Hero? CSS Hero Reviews

csshero testimonials

If you are CSS pro then you need only try it once. You will get what I mean. For newbies and coding non-experts like me, the tool is a great way to know the power of CSS in your websites and also an awesome method to learn CSS. It has a minimal and clean visual interface that allows you to leverage advanced CSS features.

Css hero detail review

You get a host of small helper tool combined into three packages to choose from. These tools will make web designing a lot more fun as you will no longer need to remember values, copy and paste colour codes etc.

The good thing about it is that CSS Hero only generates and enables an extra CSS style sheet. It cleanly overrides your theme’s original style sheet (with no changes in the original theme).

 CSS Hero Review

Here are some features of CSS Hero which will make your experience profitable and fun at the same time

Css Hero WordPress Plugin

Once you have made the purchase you get access to the CSS Hero Dashboard, CSS Hero asks for a username and password for you to begin. From the dashboard, you can start downloading the plugin and access all the documents. If you need the support of any kind then tickets can be created and they resolve your issues in no time. Access the beginner tutorials to get acquainted with the Plugin from the dashboard.

Before you start using the plugin the Licenses need to be registered, from the verification section you will have to click on the blue registration button and then get started. Once you are set with all the formalities, you will see the CSS Hero toolbar on your browser, CSS Hero helps you build and edit websites using great tools and now you have access to them.

CSS Hero Editor

  • Once you have activated the plugin the CSS Hero Plugin will be ready to use.
  • To change or modify a feature or element on your website you need to move your cursor to the element and select it.
  • The customization controls will be then displayed for you to start making the changes and updates accordingly.
  • The Customization toolbar slides down from the left for your reference.
  • Just by understanding the type of element you have picked from the website, CSS Hero automatically starts suggesting the best customization options be it font changes, backgrounds, borders, and other configuring tools.

Editing Elements on CSS Hero

CSS hero editor

CSS Hero gives you so many editing elements and tools. You can control the entire editing process by accessing the left bar to create stunning websites. The changes that you update on the website are done at that very moment. For texts, all the available editing and configuration options are below.

  • Color of the Font
  • Font Size
  • Google Font Faces
  • Weight of Font
  • Align Text
  • Word Spacing
  • Line Height


One of the most spoken-about features on CSS Hero is the Snippet tool. Snippets prevents you from going through the hassle of adjusting each element individually, like font color and font size. The preview options on snippet can be surfed till you find the right fit.

Snippets that you can edit: 

  • Hover effects
  • Icons
  • Backgrounds
  • Dividers
  • Shadows and Buttons

The Redo Button

When you are working on a website you get so carried away with the updates and changes that you want to incorporate into your website that sometimes there are features, effects, and changes you want to undo. This could have been a problem if CSS Hero wouldn’t have had the Undo/Redo option. All your changes are recorded so that if you need to track your steps back then you have the option for it. You can only finalize a change or update once you “Save & Publish” it for good. If you want to move back a couple of steps swiftly, then you can reset the theme completely.

All Elements are Editable with CSS Hero

The best feature of CSS Hero is that everything is customizable. Any part of the theme can be changed and edited by using the Plugin. Let’s say you are happy with the website developed by you, but would like to make some minor changes that you think would uplift the design even more. From changing the colors of the links to personalized fonts.

CSS Hero features Customize WordPress Themes Live Visual CSS Editor

Easy Point and Click Interface

You just have to move your mouse over the element you wish to edit and then carry on! No extra coding is required. You get full control over the properties you want to customize. I guess this extends the power we get with WordPress sites and adds a great deal of flexibility. What do you say?

Css hero tutorials

Edit according to the device (Mobiles/Laptops/Desktops: Different Modes to give you more control)

CSS Hero displays different live editing modes more mobiles/tablets/laptops and desktops. Suppose you wish to edit an element which exists in your smartphone and not your desktop view. You cannot do that in normal WordPress editing but CSS Hero will allow you to change and customize every aspect of your mobile responsive theme. It does this by allowing live editing modes for various devices.

CSS Hero Review

Intelligent Colour Picking

CSS Hero Background

With the help of CSS Hero you can add a very personal touch to your themes. Suppose you have the Michael Hyatt theme for your personal portfolio but you wish to throw in some Tony Stark’s Iron Man Red in there or Optimus Prime’s trademark blue. CSS Hero will allow you to do just that. Cool, isn’t it?

Over 600 fonts

This I believe is just one of the extra perks of CSS Hero. Not many editors can boast of over 600 fonts. It just adds to the extent of personal customization you can achieve.

Simplified CSS Editing

Until now CSS editing could only be trusted to experts who knew the language and its applications in detail. CSS Hero has successfully removed that bias. Now coding non-experts, newbie digital marketers and online enthusiasts can also make their websites as they have always dreamt of. Building gradients, box-shadows, text-shadows and all the modern CSS properties is now a point and click affair! You can add all the advanced CSS features you want without writing a single line of code!

Easy one click exports (No Lock-ins)

CSS Hero Show Generated CSS

You do not need to renew your CSS Hero account to use it on any of your other websites. With the same annual subscription you can export the plugin to any other website. The process involves a single click!

Easy Error Corrections

CSS Hero maintains a history of all your edits. You can easily go back to any of your edits, undo a mistake or redo a process. I guess this can come in very handy at times, don’t you?

The CSS Hero Inspector Plugin

I got this feature when I Ultimately bought the pro version of the plugin. I have to say that this is one of its best features. It allows for additional control on the generated CSS code. You can easily refine, edit and remove the generated code. You can also add codes if your adept in the CSS language. It is only available in the pro-version and if you’re not a coding aficionado then it is not for you.

CSS Hero Review

Light on the Load

CSS Hero has been designed keeping in mind the light footprint plugin. It means that the resources are used only when the editor is live. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your WordPress admin getting slower as it uses very less memory and get the job done in an excellent manner!

CSS hero tool review

Is there any flaw associated with using CSS Hero?

Yes there is! The number of compatible themes and plugins which can be used with CSS Hero is not infinite. You can see the list of compatible plugins here and know for yourself. You can see the list of compatible themes here. Although the most popular plugins and themes are included in the list there are still a few missing. I hope they are working relentlessly on this issue.

CSS Hero Testimonials From Customers :

Css hero testimonials

Css hero wordpress reviews

Css hero review and testimonials

If you like working in WordPress, but don’t like getting bogged down with CSS changes, you should try this. I’ve been loving it! I want to buy a pizza for the guys that are behind this tool!

After months of struggling along developing my own website for my business I found the easiest to use and least expensive solution to Customize #WordPress #themes.

If you use #WordPress at all, check out @CSS_Hero! You can literally customize every part of your WordPress theme using their interactive CSS editor, including the cheap themes that offer no customization options

CSS Hero Pricing :

Css hero review and pricing

The plugin is available in the form of priced annual subscriptions in the form of three packages. For $29 you can use it on one website. For $59, you can use it on five sites and for $199 you can use it on 999 sites along with Hero Inspector plugin.

If you have the PRO plan:

You can activate as much as you want – up to 1K sites/year theoretical in an active membership – so as long as you make fair use – you can activate all times new sites without issues. You should totally ignore the fact of having lots of licenses, possibly both staging and production sites, listed in the YOUR ACTIVE LICENSES section of the dashboard. As long as your sites – stuff you do personally webmaster – it‘s OK. Don‘t even bother removing the cruft.

If you have the STARTER or PERSONAL plan:

You can install and use the product on a limited number of WordPress installs – depending on the number of licenses included in your package. Please consider that you can move your licenses only once per license. This is done via a process called “detachment “, which you can do from your dashboard. Don‘t abuse that. Again: please mind that detachment can be only done ONCE for each license. You are not encouraged to use a single license to fix loads of sites, thinking you can move it here and there. NO.

If you‘re a webmaster working on a number of sites, upgrade to the PRO plan – there should be a really convenient offer on your dashboard.

Why CSS Hero For Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ? Does it Hurt SEO Rankings ? Does CSS Hero Slow down website speed ?

Do you need to customize your website in order to improve search engine rankings and boost conversions?

Are you looking for a way to make your site look better, attract more customers, and rank higher on the search engines?

With CSS Hero, you can get your website looking exactly how you want it with minimal effort. Create beautiful logos, add custom widgets and even full-featured themes (such as Smashing Magazine’s theme) that work perfectly with WordPress.org or any other web hosting services. And if you need help customizing your WordPress site, visit CSS Hero support forum.

It gives you faster performance, easier CSS customization and visual tweaks in a single tool. It dont hurts your SEO at all and CSS Hero, you can easily make your site stand out from the crowd.

The benefits of using CSS Hero are endless when it comes to adding extra elements to your site or customizing its appearance. You can create unique designs for products you’re selling, improve the look of your website using backgrounds or images and much more!

CSS Hero Reviews FAQ’s

🔥What happens if my plan expires?

Your plugin will continue to work, but you will not be able to install CSS Hero on NEW (other) sites. You will no longer have access to CSS Hero support. If you are not going to extend your plan then you will run into compatibility issues with your themes and plugins.

What are the browser and server requirements to run CSS Hero Plugin?

Latest Google Chrome Browser Recommended, generally performing best and enabling system-wide color picking on Mac Os environments Latest Firefox is OK The latest Safari is workable

🔥How does CSS Hero License work?

The use of CSS Hero depends on the number of licenses purchased by you. The activation steps are very simple, once you activate the plugin you will be asked to activate your license on your WordPress install.

🔥What is the purpose of the CSS Hero Plugin?

The Plugin assists in creating aesthetic websites using the precise painting brush. There are theme structures available to make the website stand out.

Which plugins are incompatible with CSS Hero?

WP Minify Enhanced Media Library SW Core

Which themes are incompatible with CSS Hero?

TheGem Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

🔥If I make a mistake while building my website, do I risk messing up my site? Is CSS Hero solid?

While working on your website all the actions are backed up by CSS Hero hence you can always trace your steps backward. You can always check and go back with CSS Hero if you have made a mistake while working on your website. If you have made an error on even a single element, CSS Hero gives you the option to rectify it without hampering the rest of your work.

🔥Will CSS Hero make my site slower?

Using CSS Hero, you add to your site on the frontend a single, static extra CSS stylesheet that only overrides your original theme’s sheet. There will be no lags or performance issues with your website and also no workload on your servers.

🔥Can I remove CSS Hero after I'm done with the design?

If considered you really need not remove the CSS Hero plugin from your website as it is very light. But there is no reason as to why you should not be able to remove it. You will always have the option to export the generated CSS code and save it wherever you desire.

🔥Can I use CSS Hero on my WordPress builder or Theme?

CSS Hero has been tested on DIVI, Elementor, Beaver, and loads of WordPress Themes. It is compatible with the entire WordPress environment. CSS Hero also has a 30-day money-back guarantee so even if you have doubts about starting with CSS Hero then this should secure your decision.

CSS Hero Best Alternatives


GPLDL is a famous GPL licensed WordPress theme and plugin product. GPLDL offers a platform for creators to study, modify, share and create great content. GPLDL has a free basic plan for young and early users and then upgradable plans (paid) for professionals. GPLDL as a club is offering all legally licensed GPL WordPress items to its members.

Benefits of GPLDL 

Access 1206 GPL Licensed WordPress items.
There are no modifications to any of the WordPress original items.
Automated update notifications on any changes or new products available.
GPLDL is a safe and secure website to be accessed by its members.

2) Site Origin CSS

Siteorigin CSS

Site Origin was founded by Greg Preday in 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa. Site Origin has had up to 2 million-plus installations with page builders and widget bundles. Users can build their own WordPress pages with the help of their interactive, easy, and drag-and-drop style interface. You can change the way your site looks by using the Site Origin CSS themes and have your own style added to your website.

Site Origin offers: 

  • Custom post type builder
  • Additional settings and styled themes for widgets.
  • Block Animations.
  • Image Overlays
  • Lightboxes
  • Hero
  • Call-to-action
  • Parallax sliders
  • Social widgets
  • Tabs, testimonials and tooltips
  • Ajax Comments
  • WooCommerce Templates
  • Web Font Selecter

By going for the premium plan the users get access to fast email support, all add-ons, and all the latest ongoing updates. The plans start at $29.

3) Brix Builder


Brix is plug-in-based and light. It includes more than 2000 Font Icons with the option to customize your own designs. You get access to an ever-growing bundle of tutorials and documents to help you create a great website. By offering a 30 days money-back guarantee you can play it safe by trying out its features. There are 2 license options available by Brix Builder and both offer 12-month support to its users. It allows you to create pages in a grid-based interface without getting into coding.


  • Website builder
  • Drag-and-drop feature for easy page building
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Page Builder

You might have questions like this for CSS Hero : 

– How to use CSS Hero to make your website look better?

– What is a CSS Hero ?

– What are the benefits for using CSS Hero ?

– Why I love CSS hero?

– My experience of using CSS Hero?

– What are the Cons for using CSS Hero ?

My answer is : 

CSS Hero is the perfect example of a plugin that will make your site look and feel more professional.

CSS Hero is great for giving you an easy way to customize your website using jQuery and CSS3 without having to install any third-party plugins.  This plugin will make your website look like it came from the big boys in the web world!

My Final Verdict : CSS Hero Review 2024 How Good is CSS Hero?

I guess, CSS Hero is a must have tool for digital marketers and online enthusiasts (coders and non-coders alike) who want extended control over their websites. If you are looking for a CSS editor where you have minimal but awesome features then this is it.

In short : 

Features:  CSS Hero is the ultimate WordPress plugin by designers who understand the power of customizing your site so that it matches your brand in style. If you are serious about creating great looking websites and blogs, then take the time to learn CSS Hero today.

Advantages: CSS Hero is an intuitive and easy to use plugin that you will never have to worry about again. It makes designing and building custom sites quick, simple, and enjoyable.

Benefits:  CSS Hero allows you to make minor modifications that are only visible on your website and apply them easily. You don’t need to spend hours editing multiple files at once—CSS Hero helps do all the work for you.

Do share this CSS Hero review with your friends and let us know if you have used CSS Hero share your experience in the comments below.

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