Top 20 Best Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins 2024 (Updated)


If you are willing to build a website for the coin market, then you will be going to need a selection of Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins. While some of the Cryptocurrency WordPress Themes have almost many useful features and extensions, but some of them really needs to go under improvements. Here we have compiled a collection of the best Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins for WordPress.

As we all know that, everyone is talking about Bitcoins and Altcoins, and here many of them are expanding their business in order to accept cryptocurrency payments while others becoming traders and offer consulting.

Creating a website for the virtual currency industry is much easier than you think.  You can set up your crypto business game with the help of proper tools, plugins, scripts along with themes and templates. So here in this post you have the list of best Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins for your virtual currency industry. With the help of these outstanding Cryptocurrency WorQC1DdPress Plugins you can make stunning WordPress website with hardly any work. Let’s get started with the list.


Top 20 Best Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins 2024 (Updated)

1) Coin Table

Coin Table - Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

Here, Coin Table is a content management system that is primarily built for the cryptocurrency real-time information. It mainly supports over the thousands of currencies along with all the information with the 24/7 automatic updates. The best thing is that it will not need anything manually and it will let the coin table do the work for you. Right with the cryptocurrencies, Coin Table fully supports 156 other currencies like dollar and euro.

Here it comes with its own admin panel as there you can simply manage all the settings along with creating multiple admin/users. You will also get customizable pages.

2) Premium Cryptocurrency Widgets for WordPress

Premium Cryptocurrency Widgets for WordPress

In order to enhance the WordPress site, here this set of Premium Cryptocurrency widgets that will help you tremendously. It will also give the opportunity to effortlessly and a broad range of widgets for your sites right with the cryptocurrency quotes. Here 1500, coins are supported by the most popular ones to the less known. All the currencies are updated in real-time, just without the page refresh. All the cryptocurrencies prices can be transformed into the flat currencies for your users for better understanding their value.

3) CoinCompare

CoinCompare - Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

You can simply use cryptocurrency web app. Here for each of the coin, you can simply set of data like the last trade price, high/low price in BTC along with the capitalization. More information is available for you to add you’re comprising spreadsheet.

This plugin is mobile friendly and fully search engine optimized and it also Google AdSense for monetization. Here for each of the coin, you can simply create an individual page with the helpful information and data. The news ticker right on the homepage will allow you to fetch and rotate news form any of the RSS feed.

4) Virtual Coin Widgets

Cryptocurrency Charts - Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

With Virtual Coin Widgets you are treated as a particular builder and you can simply create shortcodes in a snap along with seeing them in the action just by using the page preview page. Here you can also show the information about the crypto market right on your website.  All the data will be automatically updated within every ten minutes. Here, Virtual Coin Widgets are the change label, price card along with table converter and full card to name a few. You can simply boost your website with the extra widgets and custom built-in shortcode is now super easy with Virtual Coin Widgets.

5) Cryptocurrency Charts

Cryptocurrency Charts - Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

If you are willing to have an interactive and customizable cryptocurrency chart for your WordPress site then you should choose this plugin. You can create and embed a custom version with the Cryptocurrency charts plugin.  Here you can simply draft the exact chart you are willing to have right from the WordPress admin dashboard. And then you can also add it to any page or a blog post simply by copying and pasting the code right into the section your choice. Here it will support all the major coins like Bitcoin, Dash along with Waves and  Monero.

6) Cryptocurrency Prices for WordPress

Cryptocurrency Prices -Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

With this powerful plugin, you will be able to display powerful more than 1,3000 coins on your WordPress site. Right after the installation and the activation process, you can set things up like you do, and from then this tool will run automatically. In this plugin, no API key is needed along with any registration and hidden fees. It will display the volume, market cap, hourly and the daily rise and falls along with many useful data. This plugin updates stats after every ten minutes or even more than mainly depends on the preferred settings.

7) Bitcoin Affiliate System

Bitcoin Affiliate System - Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

This tool will help you in monetizing your crypto website. Basically, Bitcoin Affiliate System is PHP script that blends mainly three affiliate’s methods that guarantees the high conversion rates. No doubt affiliate programs are the main part of many industries now and it will increase with time.  And here if your traffic is perfectly targeted correctly then you can see the results instantly. But in order to do so, you will have to make the Bitcoin Affiliate System works perfectly just insert your affiliate links and see the light of the online space. You will earn good commission simply without doing much more commission.

8) Virtual Coin Widgets For Visual Composer

Virtual Coin Widgets WPBakery - Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

Here, for the visual Composer builder are the set of Virtual Coin Widgets. As it has drag and drop option page builder that is very simple to use and you can simply lift up the widget that covers the cryptocurrency markets.  You can now share more than 1000 coins and all of them will be updated automatically within every ten minutes. You simply make your website rich with the crypto information and just keep visitors up to date with the crypto industry. Simply pick your preferred color schemes and add the widgets that will rock in the coin market.

9) CoinAlerts

CoinAlerts - Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

This one is not a plugin but it’s a script that you can use for free with WordPress. Here this PHP script will exactly do as the name suggest. It will automatically send the price alerts simply via email for more than thousands of cryptocurrencies.   Here when any user enters their mail, you will also grow your mailing list. And you can also alert your subscribers right about the alerts later on and you can also promote your affiliate links too. And you can also manage their alerts along with linking the mailing list with the MailChimp along with final products adapts to mobile screens.


10) Coin Charts

Coin Charts - Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

Here, Coin Charts is the WordPress Plugin that mainly displays data of 69 currencies. It also comes with easy to use a shortcode that you can simply implement right into your website efficiently. You can also pick between the light and the dark layouts that totally depends on the web design of your website. The interactive chart will simply display data on the daily, monthly and yearly basis. Coin Charts mainly supports all the well-known coins and form the top you can display the charts for the Bitcoin, Ripple, and Litecoin along with Civic.

11) Bitcoin Transactions Accelerator

Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator - Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

Basically, this one is a tool that will rebroadcast all the unconfirmed transaction to the Bitcoin market and it will proceed and unconfirmed them quickly. It will also submit the transactions to the third party services like an API, Add-on and here no mining is involved. Here this design is minimal and clean and is basically powered by AJAX. Right in the live preview, you will also see the donate Bitcoin button that you can use in order to earn yourself donations for all of your hard work. Here when you will set up the script, Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator will not require any of the further maintenance. If the transactions are right with the low fees, it may happen that they might stick in the unconfirmed state. It will simply speed up the process of all the unconfirmed Bitcoin transactions.

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12) CoinIndex

CoinIndex - Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

Here this one is an interactive platform that will display what is currently going in the crypto market. It will analyze trends along with investigating the live prices of nearly two thousands cryptocurrencies. You can also create a platform that will make trading the coin is simple and profitable. Here you can also create own version of the websites without even coming up with the script on your own. For each coin, you can also display the price changes hourly along with trading price and trade market.

13) Cryptocurrency Converter

Cryptocurrency Converter WP Widget

If you are willing to have a blog which mainly covers a topic related to crypto then you should go for the Cryptocurrency Converter.

You can also add it to the sidebar along with increasing your site user experience. Here you can simply convert any amount to or from the USD. It supports over one thousand cryptocurrencies and the best part is that the installation process is super easy. No API key is required and you can simply plug it and let it do the job for you. Simply use the widget across all of your WordPress website or any of the specific pages.

14) Bitcoin Donate

Bitcoin Donate - Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

Basically, Bitcoin is cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin that will let you add a charity or nonprofit websites. Simply let the users decide how users like to donate and show the transaction to the show proof. You can also leave the transactions out if you are willing to do so.

You can also display the total number of donations. Right with the shortcodes and the widgets adding the Bitcoin Donate is challenge free. Here this plugin is 100% customizable and you can quickly and efficiently post in your page layouts. All the modification of the Bitcoin Plugin will be in the Admin Area. It also supports third currencies and it will allow unlimited donations.

15) Cryptocurrency Price Prediction Game

Cryptocurrency Price Prediction Game for WordPress

Are you willing to host price prediction games that really involves Cryptocurrency prices? Here this one is a cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin that will allow you to simply bet on all of the major cryptos and predict whether it will rise or fall. Basically, this game supports the Bitcoin, Ether along with LiteCoin and Monero and many others.

You can also set the time of predictions to form the 15 seconds to 5 minutes it all up to you. Just before investing simply test your skills first, that will help you in reducing the chances of losses. It mainly collects price form various major price exchanges in order to make it accurate. You can simply add the shortcodes to any of the post or pages of your site.


16) Altcoin Prices

Altcoin Prices - Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

For displaying the list of the cryptocurrencies on your WordPress website and here you don’t have to do it manually. Simply avoid hard work and just take the benefit of a simple to use the cryptocurrencies plugins like Altcoin Prices. It also provides the price information id USD along with the volume and market cap for more than the thousands of coins. Here the setup is straightforward for everyone and anyone can simply add it right to their sites. It will automatically create a new WordPress page with all of the in-depth lists of the coins. You can also expand your current crypto website right with a simple to browse list.

17) CryptoLive

CryptoLive - Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

You can simply use CryptoLive in order to create fully automated sites like It will update the prices along with the information live in the browser. Here user doesn’t have to even need to refresh the page. The rise and the falls are mainly marked as the green and res so that anyone can easily know what exactly happened with the coin they are looking for. Just after the setting of the CryptoLive script, here it will populate your website right with thousands of coins. Here each coin will come up with a separate page that has the feature of the historical price chart.

18) Cryptocurrency Faucet List

Cryptocurrency Faucet List- Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

Here, Cryptocurrency Faucet List will let you create the faucet list right on your WordPress site for the Bitcoin, Dash along with Peercoin and Blackcoin and more. All you need to do is simply add simple shortcode right to your post and pages. Only you have to specify which coin you are willing to create a faucet list for and here all the work will be done by this amazing Cryptocurrency Faucet List. Here it will also offer set of referral programs so that you can also easily earn cryptocurrencies passively as well. Just construct with the Cryptocurrency Faucet List and simply start receiving additional income that you might be leaving right on the table.

19) Monero

Monero - Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

Here no you can simply expand your woocommerce payment giveaways with Monero by using a simple plugin. The payments are private and secured here with no extra fees and it is only possible with Monero Plugin that you can add to your existing WordPress websites. And the best part is that in order to this task you don’t have to be a developer or any coding expert. Simply you need to activate this plugin along with the wallet RPC and you will be ready to go. Here you don’t have to rely on the third-party software, this toll is more than sufficient for this particular task. This plugin will also generate QR codes right at the checkout and in the email notification for any of the QR code reader to simply display the address along with the amount.

20) Cryptocurrency Ticker Widget

Cryptocurrency Price Ticker Widget — Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

Basically, this one is an uncomplicated plugin that will simply allow you to create a new widget right on your WordPress admin panel. It will also allow you to select almost any of the coin along with displaying it on your page too. It will collect the live prices from You can also add many of the cryptocurrencies right to your website as you are willing to show their values in USD and EUR along with many other flat currencies too. The coin widget will also show the logo along with the name of the cryptocurrency and the lowest and highest value on the daily basis.

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EndNote: Best Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

Now you have got the list of best Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins that you can simply use in order to enhance and modify your crypto website. Do let me know if you are having any other quality Cryptocurrency WordPress Themes right in the comment section.I hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to share this post on all trending social media platforms.



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