ClickCease Review 2024: Is It Worth It? [Features & Pricing]


Overall Verdict

I found ClickCease to be user-friendly and easy to understand having a user interface that makes it simple to explore and get all the features you want. The technology is meant to make click-fraud detection and prevention easier, allowing you to focus on developing your business without worrying about fraudulent activity.

Out of 10


  • It comes with Auto-Block Click Fraud Management.
  • It Monitors Your Ads.
  • It Analyze your Traffic for Fraud.
  • It Block Clicks from Fraudulent Sources.
  • Automated Click Fraud Prevention.
  • VPN & Proxy Blocking.


  • Little Technical knowledge required.


Price: $ 55

In this ClickCease Review, I look at one of the most popular  Click Fraud Protection Software available and provide a complete overview of its key pros and cons. Is it right for your business?

Do you know at least 40% of internet traffic is non-human, aka (bot traffic)?

Click fraud can ruin your marketing results, which means you have to spend more money to find out what’s working and what’s not.

You know you’ve been hit by click fraud when your campaign is delivering fewer clicks than expected, or when your campaign’s click-through rate is lower than the industry average.

You want to start running a successful campaign, but you don’t want to get ripped off. With ClickCease, you can sleep easy knowing your clicks are working for you, not against you.

Nowadays, in this booming Online Advertising world, some of these click bots are specially designed to commit PPC click fraud.

ClickCease Review

Bottom Line:

In my opinion, ClickCease is the best software available for detecting and preventing click fraud. It has proven itself to be superior to its competitors by offering more extensive features and more consistent performance.

For campaigns, agencies, and accounts with substantial daily budgets, ClickCease is well worth every penny. Your traffic will be cleaner after you incorporate ClickCease into your account. Reduce drop-out rates.

All the clicks on your search networks, including retail campaigns, may be tracked and analyzed with ClickCease thanks to its robust click tracking features. With this kind of knowledge, you can assess whether or not the clicks on your advertising are genuine.

ClickCease’s capacity to detect and prevent click fraud is one of its main assets. ClickCease uses cutting-edge algorithms and methods to detect and block fraudulent clicks, allowing you to conserve your advertising money while still reaching your ideal customers.

Clickcease testimonials

Does ClickCease Actually Work?

Fraudulent clicks are identified and stopped based on the parameters you put up in the ClickCease dashboard. Click limits, bounce rates, and VPN bans are all filters that can be applied to users’ online activity.

In real time, the IP address of the fraudulent clicker will be added to your Google exclusion list. I’ve been using them for a while now, and the improvements are remarkable. I urge you to give them a shot 🙂

ClickCease Review 2024: What Is ClickCease?

In my experience, ClickCease is worth it for competitive campaigns, agencies, and customers with significant daily expenditures.

Adding ClickCease to your advertising account will boost campaign performance. Traffic is cleaner. ClickCease eliminates fraudulent clicks, ensuring your adverts reach genuine, interested visitors. This improves traffic and conversions.

ClickCease also reduces bounce rates by personalizing your advertisements. Eliminating unnecessary or fraudulent clicks might attract more interested visitors who will stay on your website and investigate your products.

ClickCease Review

Reducing spammy leads is another advantage. ClickCease’s powerful algorithms prohibit suspicious behaviour, preventing spam bots and other false sources from producing leads that waste your time and money. Focusing on real leads maximizes ROI.

ClickCease offers security. Its click fraud detection and prevention features ensure your advertising spend is well spent.

You may focus on strategy optimization and marketing goals, knowing your campaigns are safeguarded against fraud.

I recommend ClickCease if you want to boost your advertising accounts using click fraud software. Its efficacy, reliability, and capacity to protect campaigns make it a vital tool for marketers fighting click fraud and optimizing advertising outcomes.

Core Features Of ClickCease

ClickCease Review- Features

1. 24/7 Click-Fraud Monitoring:

ClickCease ensures that your ads are watched around the clock for suspicious behaviour, such as IP addresses that have been banned or malicious proxy sites.

This constant watchfulness helps protect the money you spend on ads.

2. Automated Click Fraud Prevention:

When ClickCease notices something strange, it hides your ads from the person who did it. This automatic reaction will help stop click fraud in the future, saving you money in the long run.

3. AdWords Refunds Agent:

ClickCease makes it easy to get refunds for hits made by bots. Their software works as a refunds agent that gathers reports and sends them to Google AdWords daily to make sure you get paid for any bogus activity.

4. Custom Detection Rules:

With ClickCease, you can change how its scam detection methods work to meet the needs of your business. You can change the system so that only real possible customers can see your ads.

This will increase the return on investment (ROI) of your advertising.

5. Detailed and complete reports:

With ClickCease, you can access detailed reports showing every click from every angle.

These reports include important details like the clicker’s IP address, location, Internet Service Provider, terms used, and device IDs, giving you a lot of information about the people who click on your ads that you wouldn’t get any other way.

6. Scam Recorder:

This tool further detects scams by showing you videos of how people or bots used your site after clicking on your AdWords ads. ClickCease looks at how each person acts on your website, helping you tell the difference between real users and fake ones.

With these powerful features, ClickCease is a complete way to manage and stop click theft, protecting your advertising investments.

ClickCease Review- Fraud Detection Algorithm

How ClickCease Works?

Clickcease working tutorials

 ClickCease Monitor Your Ads

ClickCease will keep track of every click on your search system, show, and shopping attempts. When you think about IP and IP extended, cool tools, VPN, and your interesting settings, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

ClickCease Review- Detected IPs

ClickCease Analyze your Traffic for Fraud

Each snap gets a score on many parameters, and our snap extortion calculation works. Toward the end, each snap is given a pure or fake mark.

ClickCease Analyze your Traffic for Fraud

ClickCease Block Clicks from Fraudulent Sources

The fake IPs are naturally inputted into your AdWords IP rejection list. Presently, your rival/bot won’t see your promotion.

ClickCease Quarantine Dangerous IP Addresses and Ranges

AdWords constrains the barred IP/IP extend rundown to 500. ClickCease will ensure that the false and unsafe IPs will be isolated.

ClickCease Review- IPs Detail

ClickCease Save Your Extra

The lion’s share of your sparing will be via auto-blocking click misrepresentation. What’s more, we will send an answer to AdWords for your convenience in requesting a discount.

How To Get Started With ClickCease?

ClickCease Review- Getting Started

1. Join

Only a couple of points of interest to make your record.

2. Paste Codes

Endorse our AdWords get to demand and place some JavaScript code on your site, and you’re good to go!

3. Your Ads are Protected

ClickCease promptly begins following advertisement movement to your site, determining which activity is excellent or terrible.

New Feature of Clickcease AdSpy

It is a competitor tracking tool that does a bunch of cool things automatically for you:

  • Shows you who is dominating top positions on your chosen keywords
  • Creative – See what their ads look like.
  • Notify you of new competitors.
  • Detailed ad ranking.

Clickcease pricing clickcease discount

Clickcease pricing clickcease discount

ClickCease Review Pricing

Yearly Plans:

Clickcease Pricing latest

Monthly Plans:

Clickcease Pricing latest update

All plans include a free 7-day trial.

Here are some of the things that each plan comes with:

  • Blocking keywords: ClickCease stops your ads from showing up on websites that are known to have bad traffic.
  • Blocking IP addresses: ClickCease stops data from IP addresses that are known to be linked to click fraud.
  • Account masking: Your Google Ads account ID is hidden by ClickCease so that scammers can’t find it.
  • Real-time reporting: ClickCease lets you see how well the service works with real-time reports.
  • Help from a dedicated team: ClickCease offers help from a dedicated team for all plan levels.

ClickCease is a great choice to keep your Google Ads projects safe from click scams. The service is easy to use, cheap, and has a lot of safety tools to keep your projects safe.

ClickCease Customer Support

Here, you don’t have to bother about customer support; with ClickCease, you will receive world-class support. If you do have any difficulties you can simply contact them and get your problem resolved. 

That is the prime reason they created their superior and customized Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™, which assembles client surveys, remarks, and ClickCease audits across various internet-based life regions.

ClickCease Customer Support

The information is then presented in a simple-to-process shape, confirming the number of individuals who have had positive or negative involvement with ClickCease.

ClickChease customer support officials are available 24/7 to help you out in every way possible. 

What Are Invalid AdWords Clicks?

Clickcease ip detection

You may have noticed that your website receives many spam visitors, especially if you have a comment section. The comments and emails generated by the Bot are annoying and can disturb your inbox (and waste your time), but what about invalid clicks?

Invalid clicks refer to an action in which you accidentally click on your payment link through an automated system or intentionally, sometimes in a malicious way. An invalid click usually means:

  • Clicks automated by robots.
  • Manual clicks of people, accidentally or intentionally.
  • Double-click Accidents.
  • Impressions to reduce clickthrough rate

These spammers can trigger their annoying magic by repeatedly clicking on your payment link, which can cost you a small fortune.

Understanding that some of these PPC keywords cost more than a penny will help you understand why this can have a big impact on your business budget.

Competitors trying to exhaust their advertising budget can create malicious manual links. In some cases, “click farms” are used when people are required to click on paid links or social media posts. Yes, they really exist.

Sometimes, people who have something to gain, like a former trading partner, can only make a malicious click.

What Are The Major Differences Between Invalid Clicks And Fraudulent Clicks?

They look identical, but in reality, they are very different.

Although the results are similar and the use of manual or automated processes increases the number of clicks on the links, they are often performed for various reasons.

As explained earlier, invalid clicks are usually caused by accident or sometimes by malicious intent. If the site owner pays for each click in their campaign, the duplicate can disrupt the business owner.

Clickcease Review- bot behavior

However, click fraud means that clicks are intentionally malicious to cheat the website owner or the search engines. The click farms we mention would surely be cheating, just as your ex-wife is angry by constantly clicking on her sponsored message.

Google follows these two behaviours and has implemented automatic or repeated link click protection processes.

By monitoring IP addresses, calendars, and other suspicious activity, Google seeks to minimize the impact of click fraud and invalid clicks on your advertising budget. Usually a fraction of what is actually due.

Why Is It Important To Protect Your Ads?

One of the biggest threats to your advertising campaigns, and thus your company’s future, is robotics trading. Robots can be software that clicks on your ads and leaves chaos behind.

For example, if your AdWords account is depleted, Google will rate your ad poorly and stop publishing it. Competitors appear clear and influence conversion rates, making their analysis meaningless.

ClickCease Review- clickcease ip table

Bots are a big problem in the digital advertising industry. A proactive approach to protecting PPC links is the only way to ensure the security of your advertising campaigns.

All ad managers should ask third-party software how their traffic affects the activity of their robots. An outside expert can help you alleviate this problem by detecting and blocking criminals and making blank clicks.

ClickCease is a great way to detect fraudulent activity. It provides information about user location, tactics, and behaviour with each click.

This software is critical to tackling a problem that is overwhelming the online advertising industry and gruelling budgets.

Is ClickCease Legit?

Clickcease testimonials and review

ClickCease is a top-rated software for Google Ads. As we know, fraud clicks wasted 20% of PPC advertisers’ budgets in 2019. Competitors and bots can click on your ads and waste your promotional budget.

I recommend ClickCease for click fraud detection and prevention. Its comprehensive features, precise identification, and user-friendly interface safeguard your advertising spending and ensure campaign success.

ClickCease Review- Click fraud features

Pros & Cons of ClickCease Review


  • Support is also super helpful in ensuring you take advantage of the tool.
  • Dashboard view is very easy to set up and saves so much time regarding MCC account management. Seeing pacing, goals, and custom metrics across all accounts in one glance is awesome.
  • The tools to automatize and create campaigns are great; they can save you a lot of time and, if configured correctly, can run on autopilot.
  • Bid Management works smoothly. That is the most lovely part of the software I use. We have witnessed a big enhancement in our relations with our customers.


  • Complex at times, and that can be a bit confusing.
  • My only complaint with the software is the billing in USD – being in Canada, our dollar is awful.
  • There are no Facebook ads, so we need to do separate reports.

ClickCease: Customer Reviews

Clickcease case studies

Clickcease features and reviews Clickcease features


👀 Can I claim my Adwords credit from Google with the help of ClickCease?

Yes. ClickCease provides comprehensive reports regarding your site visitors, ad clicks, and searches. In addition, they are working on providing detailed reports of paid clicks made on your ads. If you need to claim your credit from Google, share your report with them and specify the fraud IPs. You can also get assistance from ClickCease to claim your refunds.

🤔 Is ClickCease supported on mobile devices?

Yes, ClickCease is supported on mobile devices. Still, at the time only on android devices.

👉 Is ClickCease good?

According to several users, ClickCease is a fantastic platform which basically saves their money by blocking fraudsters from clicking on your ads. With ClickCease, you can easily save money on your ads. You won’t have to worry about getting fraud clicks on your ads.

🧐 Does ClickCease offer any money back guarantee?

Once you purchase a plan on ClickCease, you can’t get any refund even if you are unhappy with the service. They clearly mentioned it in their terms of service.

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Conclusion: ClickCease Review 2024

ClickCease is an online platform that helps detect and prevent click fraud. It provides comprehensive statistics and analytics that give you insights into the quality of your clicks and the effectiveness of your campaigns.

With this information, you can make informed decisions and improve your advertising efforts.

The user interface of ClickCease is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple to explore and use the features you need. The platform is designed to identify and prevent click fraud so you can focus on growing your business without worrying about fraudulent behaviour.

If you’re looking for a reliable click fraud detection and prevention solution, I highly recommend ClickCease.

Its advanced features, accurate detection capabilities, and user-friendly interface make it an essential tool for protecting your advertising investments and ensuring campaign success.

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104 User Reviews on ClickCease

  1. This is a great product! I never want to stop using it. Seeing all of my goals and achievements really motivates me. The reporting is easy, the dashboards are straightforward, and the interface makes sense to use from day one.

  2. ClickCease is much more than protecting yourself from false clicks when advertising on Google Adwords–you are also removing any annoyances along with it! To make sure that only qualified users see your advertisements, ClickCease has engineered an in-depth solution that provides advertisers with full insight into exactly what happens behind the scene when someone clicks on their ad. This allows you to track every last click–and gain access to detailed data identifying everything from IP address location, ISP, browser type, etc.–all

  3. ClickCease is an easy way to help curious marketers understand what’s happening with their traffic.

    I have been using Clickcease for over a year now and it’s so great! All of my questions were answered in real time, no waiting or searching on blogs for answers. And the customer service was excellent! I will be continuing to use this amazing tool for all of my campaigns – it has saved me so much time and energy!

  4. After using ClickCease, it saved me so many dollars from my search network and provided a deeper insight into the click-fraud process. It was an invaluable purchase for saving time and money!

  5. So let’s say you need expert advice on how to deal with movement. The snaps or the fake records are not a natural activity that occurs in business deals. It can make your deals dwindle, but that’s why ClickCease is perfect for 24-hour anticipation of extortion clicks on any site for keeping up the first rank against evaluations and ratings. Sounds appealing? Do you know what sounds even more exciting? Getting access to this service at half off! Visit their website now before it sells out!

    It can be really frustrating when businesses have dropped because of fake activities so if clients want to combat those problems they should go to ClickCease as it has some great features, such as providing an anti-spam protection from potential blackmailers.

  6. ClickCease is the only protection tool you’ll ever need for your site.

    Real-time notification of any suspicious activity on your website
    Block all the fraudulent IPs automatically without manual labour Hassle free and simple to use.

  7. ClickCease is what all marketing departments need. The detection algorithms are incredibly advanced, and knowing that no one (or any bot) found the link/advertisement helps to get more traffic on your site. ClickCease gave us this information and further allowed us to control/report on a variety of factors including keyword advertising placements by audience. We needed accurate analytics regarding ad response, but with bots so prevalent it was almost impossible to get an accurate picture until we started using ClickCease. I don’t think there’s anything about ClickCease that I dislike; they filled our need for marketing analytics brilliantly.

  8. ClickCease is a must-have for anyone looking to implement analytics in their organization. Made by the leader in browser tracking, ClickCease helps teams understand how customers interact with their sites and optimize content to increase customer engagements, conversions, and revenue. With features that provide real-time viewing of each user’s behavior on your website or mobile app, customers can quickly identify changes happening live so they know what works and what doesn’t.

  9. ClickCease was designed to eliminate false clicks, which are really the worst. The software works in the background without me having to think about it at all—it’s easy not to notice. That’s definitely a plus! I mean you get lots of other things on your plate when working these days. ClickCease is effective in every sense of the word and helps with marketing where it matters most:.

  10. It’s great! It has more features than I need, but it does what is says. Very simple to use, so don’t worry about messing up. The system smoothes the process for you – just push of button and Don’t click on stuff you’re not interested in anymore!

  11. The clickCease fraud detection and prevention software takes a lot of the headache out of being on Google AdWords or Bing. The software is pretty much unrivaled when it comes to detecting what’s actually fraudulent traffic and what isn’t, so if you want to continue doing work that matters like marketing your product with ads, you should more than anything stay protected from risky clicks. 10/10 very cool.

  12. The Liberty of using ClickCease is that using it works seamlessly with any platform. Here you can simply prevent all click fraud on your own custom sites. The best part about ClickCease is that it blocks all of the fraudulent IPs automatically without putting much effort into blocking these sudden and malicious offenders. We believe ClickCease is a real-time notification for users to watch out for anything suspicious happening in the website’s code or other devices connected to their computers. Basically, users can mechanize blocking fake IP’s or they can do it by themselves by analyzing the received notifications and following through with immediate action (like disabling cookies, changing password(s), etc.).

  13. ClickCease is a lifesaver for those with affiliate marketing campaigns. I never have to worry about being penalized for click fraud anymore, especially since the customer service team behind the software is so responsive and always takes care of my questions promptly. Whether you frequent Google’s AdWords or Bing’s search networks, ClickCease cuts out all of the hassles with anti-click fraud from preventing your ad from showing up in searches at all – which benefits both parties! You don’t need to be complicated or smart to benefit from their leading detection algorithms, as they generally work best on everyday people who solicit them as opposed to professionals who already know how it works without even having any experience with this type of protection.

  14. ClickCease is a tool that can help anyone improve the profitability of their PPC campaigns by preventing click fraud. It also provides competitor information, which is a bonus. There are many tools and services you have to pay for that offer competitor information. With ClickCease, you get that along with all the tools for click fraud prevention.
    Amazing tool!

  15. Makes your advertising campaigns healthy and sustainable in the future is this software. It can provide you with an effective way of lessening any malicious or fraudulent manipulation in your campaign, whether post-clicking or pre-clicking with it. Statistical data of URLs is available for each click; meanwhile, the form of bot identification (collaboration with Google) that ensures clicks to be put into marketing campaign channels will not get harm by bots that deliver bounce rates and impressions like artificial individuals. The system is highly advanced and made specifically for marketers who need a higher security level than their set budget with no worry about the existence of high-velocity traffic which we expect would do more harm than good at most times.

  16. ClickCease easily stops all of the AdWords frauds, here with ClickCease you can simply your money by blocking all of the invalid clicks from the bots and competitors.
    It has been very beneficial to me!

  17. ClickCease is one of the main snap extortion identification and counteraction programming. ClickCease by and large tracks the entirety of the snaps on your inquiry organizations, shows them alongside the shopping efforts. ClickCease gives an enemy of snap misrepresentation administration that secures individuals’ advertisement crusades who by and large use Google AdWords and Bing by utilizing their exceptional and driving recognition calculations.

  18. I struggled with false clicks for a long time, but not anymore! ClickCease has been so effective. It’s simple to use and it works in background without me having to think about it at all! Ten out of ten would recommend.

  19. ClickCease makes it easy to monitor all of your social media campaigns. The Dashboard is neatly set out and the reporting has helped us gain more insight into our campaign. We will be experimenting with implementing this on a more consistent basis over the coming days, weeks etc.

  20. ClickCease is a great product that provides me with an effortless solution to all my false click needs. I never have to worry about it intruding on my day-to-day life… and you can’t go wrong with the way it just does its job in the background without any effort from me at all!

  21. This software is perfect for advertisers. With this innovative software, you can now distinguish the fake IPs that work to crash your promotion battle! It’s time-saving and budget-saving with the automation of blocking all potential fraudsters upon detection of new clicks on ads. Try out this new product today – it will be great for your future business success!

  22. You know that feeling you get when your phone screen lights up from a notification from a post from one of those shady Adsense sellers who try to boost their rankings by posting links to secret websites about bread-makers? Worse yet, clicking on these spammy safaris leaves open the chance for someone to take over your computer with malware. ClickCease is the dream app for protecting yourself and getting rid of this annoyance!

  23. You can download this software and it automates the blocking of click fraud automatically. It establishes a barrier between unverified traffic and your site by blocking fraudulent IPs. Basically, your website is safe from everything with ClickCease.

  24. I’ve been using this service for about 2 weeks, and I have nothing but good things to say. I am the kind of user who is always used to combing through all my traffic details so it’s not a hassle. But with ClickCease, goes above and beyond what a normal person would do in finding out click fraud, which has helped me stop going crazy going through thousands of ads. My second favourite feature after being able to see the clicks on an individual URL level is that you can export your data as Excel if needed – which makes it easy to use double-checking formulas against other reports from Google Analytics. Check it out – you will love how everything just seamlessly blends together into one clean dashboard!

  25. I was sceptical at first because my ads were being shown to bots rather than people, but after I implemented ClickCease with help from customer service it was all easy as pie. After I started using this software it became clear how out-matched and naive those other brands advertising on Google really are.”

  26. The battle of your ads comes with a price, and the enemy will usually wish to crash it. This is why you need ClickCease Review. A courageous staff of avant-garde machine learning algorithms that separate all of your real potential customers from fraudsters and bots who would love for you to waste money on their fraudulent clicks.

    Get out there and start making more money while effortlessly accomplishing less work than ever before!

  27. ClickCease is literally saving my clients and I buckets of cash that we would otherwise be wasting on automated clicks. It’s got features like advanced reporting, which keeps me in the loop about how much money our company saves every month. The dashboard reporting feature has been a lifesaver for us because it notices anomalies or unusual behavior patterns to help us identify when there starts to be too many rapid clicks at once (or other suspicious activity) going on. And while this system won’t detect human-powered clicking tricks or blackhat tactics, I have found that this system definitely reduces the chances! What makes these guys so good is their transparency – they’re literally giving Google ads a whole new slew of tools literally all for fraction of cost just to help.

  28. Clickcease keeps PPC honest and really gives us insight into when we’re wasting dollars on Adwords and which competitors are clicking on our ads and their own. Pretty interesting stuff if you use it the right way.

  29. ClickCease is a real-time notification of any activity that is suspicious in Nature. Basically, the users can mechanize the blocking of fake IP’s or they can do it by themselves through analyzing notifications. You don’t have to be worried about click fraud not affecting your site and impacting how your content and ads are displayed anymore.

    The Liberty of using ClickCease is that using it works seamlessly with any platform. Here you can simply prevent all click fraud on your own custom sites. ClickCease blocks all fraudulent clicks from all sources before anything even becomes an issue for you to deal with yourself manually which will leave you more time to focus on other things rather than having to look at graphs day after day.

  30. ClickCease is what advertisers need to be able to quickly separate all fraudulent IPs by utilizing ClickCease. ClickCease gives the advertiser the power of deciding which clickers are real potential customers and which clickers are fraudsters trying to deplete their budget with false clicks! This automatic and instant blocking has enabled advertisers everywhere to take over the world’s internet without worry about anything that will stop them now!

  31. ClickCease is the perfect, affordable solution for companies looking to reduce traffic from bots. ClickCease offers a set of tools that allow you to detect bot traffic and ban certain IP addresses. They also offer analytics to help optimize your campaigns for better results. ClickCease can stop bots in their tracks all with just one click, so your campaign won’t have any more upsets due to these pesky pests!

  32. Being a small business manager, I became increasingly frustrated by the negative click fraud that made our profit margins tight. ClickCease has been able to detect this problem and protect us from breaking even! Although it can be expensive at first, it pays off in the long run and saves my company millions of dollars!

  33. ClickCease solved our key marketing problem of reaching a specific audience. We got the data we needed from different variables to see what’s been working well as far as ad placement and keyword relevance. The accuracy is unparalleled as bots have been essentially eliminated from the market! I wholeheartedly recommend this software for controlling traffic, ad response, and optimal site content marketing.

  34. ClickCease is an understandable and necessary tool to help fight against click-fraud. You can monitor the clicks on your search campaigns with their leading detection and prevention algorithms, making it easier to maintain high conversion rates. I really like this tool.

  35. There’s nothing like the panic of watching your ad budget gets eaten up by click fraudsters. The activity is insidious and vigorous and can cost you real revenue that could be converted into profits while we keep them at bay. Thankfully there’s ClickCease: one of the leading anti-click fraud services on the market right now. Highly talented and proven to do what it says on the tin, this tool takes all the stress out of verifying clicks for our customers so they can feel confident in their ad campaigns.”

  36. In today’s fast-paced world of social media, it is never a good thing when your followers count dips. If you’re going to invest in a content marketing campaign, then the most important investment you need to make is a quality followers generator app, like ClickCease!

    The app is packed with features that know what needs to be done for maximum results. The customer service team can also answer any questions from customers about marketing management so there’s always help when needed. As for payment plans? You’ll love how affordable they are and how easy it is to set up recurring payments so there’s no worry about saving money or forgetting an invoice date!

  37. ClickCease has been the most important key to our success. The dashboard allows us to clearly see how much money we’ve saved and there’s no need to worry about getting any more spammy clicks, since it’s eliminated them all. I couldn’t ask for anything better in my campaigns!

  38. This product is very easy to use and is quite affordable. I really like the Dashboard that makes it easy to follow what’s going on with my account. The reporting features are also pretty neat, especially the brief overview which provides a snapshot of how your marketing campaign performs over time so you can recognize trends. All-in-all, ClickCease is worth checking out if you’re currently using another service or don’t have anything in place yet!

  39. ClickCease is the easiest way to defeat false clicks. I love how simple it is to use, and that it works in the background without me having to even think about it! If you’re looking for a great time-saving tool, Click Ceease should make your search easier. And best of all, if you would like an effortless way to defend against those pesky false clicks–without compromising accuracy or precision as a result–ClickCease might be the perfect answer for you. In my experience using this software, I found myself really happy where it matters most: pointing out how effective this little tool has been at actually defeating those pesky false clicks.

  40. I was hesitant at first but, with ClickCease’s great customer service and low price for such a valuable product, I quickly became convinced. They have been my anti-click-fraud savior this year!

  41. ClickCease is very simple, easy to use and saves businesses money. I recommend ClickCease highly for your business.

  42. “I Highly recommend ClickCease. I have been able to snatch up some stolen ad spots that would’ve been taken if it wasn’t for this awesome software.”

  43. If you’ve ever been suspicious of clicks on your ads and don’t know how to tell if it’s fraud click or not, ClickCease is for you. They’ll help protect ad campaigns and turn fake traffic into real revenue.

    ClickCease is one of the leading anti-click-fraud software at stopping fraudulent traffic that could be damaging your business. Allowing this preventative measure will safeguard against investment losses and make sure everyone in any industry can feel confident that they’re going to see revenue returns worth their hard work!
    I really recommend ClickCease for businesses.

  44. Durable, Fragile, Easy to Use

    I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this product. With so many ads out there – it’s only a matter of time before someone assaults your business with false clicks. That could potentially damage Google rankings in search engines and affect the success of your marketing efforts. The scariest part is that you might not know when or where it even happened! No need to fret though because ClickCease helps put an end to fraudulent activity by providing real-time alerts when someone clicks on an ad for more than 30 seconds without selecting any other option on the page besides clicking more work from home jobs. They also offer discounts on AdWords credit and deliver reports no less than once a day.

  45. ClickCease is a true lifesaver in, what seems to be, never-ending battle with online scams. Given the number of false advertising contests that are constantly present on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and much more importantly Google’s Adwords platform – ClickCease ensure your campaign is safeguarded against crooks by automatically deleting the ads you currently have running.

  46. If you want more personalized service for your click-fraud, I would totally recommend ClickCease. This kind of software is the best prevention to having large amounts going to undeserving entities and fraudulent clicks on your search networks. It has endless features that make it easier for you to manage these details about the website you want to be advertised by helping it block malicious activity from sites including clicking on your ads with fake emails or giving counterfeit information when they get contacted from them about their ads being blocked, providing powerful download speeds that allow people fast working programs without waiting long periods of time just because there are not enough servers or have frozen PCs preventing this. Their staff is also very responsive and friendly so customer service is always a priority for them.

  47. I recently purchased ClickCease from their respected website. Having no clear idea of how it worked, I was hopeful that the money spent would earn me those clicks back! Amazingly enough, the program ALONE halted my activity and gave me a sense of security for prolonging my business. The developers were also there at all times to answer any question or concern I had about the product – making this a convenient buy that didn’t even require buying time on consistency upgrades! Thanks, ClickCease!!!

  48. Instantly recover your PPC budget and rise up with the assistance of ClickCease. It separates all of your genuine potential customers from bots and fraudsters who not only crash your promotion battle but also deplete your advertising money. With the help of automatic identifying and blocking techniques, it’s easier than never before to rise up and guarantee success! Try now to get instant access toJim A. Tate
    how you can use this awesome software that’ll save you time as well as money.

  49. I have found that this software saves me a lot of stress. I was having immense pressure from competitors who were using fake clicks to beat our advertising numbers, and it really threw off my entire company’s morale. But now with ClickCease, I know what the competition is doing before they even do it. Customer-service has been very helpful with answering any questions now that I am aware of everything following through the one dashboard they created for us to view everything in once place along side an easy access customer interface where all my queries are handled professionally with fast replies within 24 hours – unheard of!

  50. ClickCease eliminated the problem of false clicks without the need to be actively engaged. If you’re looking for an effective way to avoid click fraud, ClickCease is your solution! Really intuitive and better than any other option on the market.

  51. They might actually make it significantly simpler to get the cash back when grumbling to Google about extortion clicks.

    I stil keep click stop since I do accept the information and I trust Google is unadulterated extortion. Sometime in the future, I intend to get a lawful group and sue Google for millions.

  52. Creating websites is not an easy task, and once you invest your time into making the site functional, you want to be able to profit. ClickCease Review cost-effectively prevents all click fraud on your website by blocking it automatically without much effort.

  53. I am a first timer with ClickCease, and I will say: this product is completely worth the cost.
    I won’t touch that sensitive topic of click fraud. Let’s just say that I was having problems with it before starting to use my new friend, ClickCease.
    It tracks your clicks in all the right places-Google and Bing for example-provides you with data on what percentage of your people are being stolen from you; how many people clicked on ads twice or at least three time (you know those crazies); provides you with countermeasures and scams used against advertisers.

  54. It’s not often that you find an internet buzzword that doesn’t have any meaning. ClickCease is the word for these phrases. Without tracking clicks advertising is virtually worthless, but it’s difficult to prove when your ads are being clicked on by bots rather than actual people. You can spend hours watching in vain in hope of confirming a conversion or leaving in suspense forever if the visit was authentic before being taken care of with this ingenious service!

  55. Actually, there is a way to eliminate “click fraud” on your PPC campaign! In the age of smartphones and screens that can’t be turned off, this problem has really escalated. I’ve been using ClickCease for two weeks now and it completely sorted my problems out – not only does it check if someone has clicked from outside the country but it also checks IP addresses to make sure that they’re legit too. This is a fantastic software package with an uncanny knack for separating bad actors from your companies—in the end making me feel reassured about future clicks from new clients worldwide who may have formerly succumbed to click-fraud because they were unaware of how shady some internet users are.”

  56. ClickCease is amazing and we highly recommend it. It was very easy to set up and navigate through.

  57. ClickCease is a wonderful company with an interface that makes it easy to look over your analytics in a quick fashion. It breaks down the numbers in a way that make sense and shows you what may be going on in your account. With click fraud being such an issue within the industry, ClickCease takes time educating their customers about this problem and supplying solutions. I personally used them to fix my adwords account when I suspected there was fautly behavior happening. Overall, I found that they were very knowledgeable and fast acting team who wanted to help me find the best solution for my needs

  58. ClickCease is the perfect solution for those of us who spend hours on YouTube and their computer. With ClickCease, we can find out our bounce rate instead of just speculating at it – there’s no need to wait weeks or months to see improvement! This product also has excellent refund management options so you never have to worry about tech support again. It’s such an easy tool that I personally endorse it.

  59. ClickCease gives you the ability to control traffic at the click of a mouse-and that’s just one of its features. Whether I am looking for key word and placement analytics, or reporting on ad response; ClickCease is incredibly handy. Instead of wading through miles of data trying to find trends and opportunities, ClickCease does it all with ease. It’s like having an agency on hand without actually hiring one! I’m getting more results from my ads thanks to ClickCease and feel confident in what we’re doing as a company.

  60. ClickCease is the world’s most effective and effortless click prevention tool, with an industry-leading 90% accuracy rate. I used to worry about false clicks; it consumed my web browsing experience with annoying pop-up screens telling me they caught another one of my clumsy fingers in action – but not anymore! ClickCease is a product that works in the background without having to think about it. This is great because you can just focus on what you’re doing and Skip That Awkward Moment™ when the screen prompts you: “False click detected.”

  61. Clickcease is a software-based solution for companies to combat online advertising fraud.
    Clickcease is an all-in-one solution that blocks fraudulent clicks and installs, reduces costs and increases ad revenue, and helps to maintain a positive user experience.

  62. ClickCease is a brilliant solution for any online company. The team it takes to program ClickCease is highly skilled in their field of work. That’s why you won’t be left alone and without assistance when using this service. The set-up and adjustment process might take some time, but it will save your business from the troubles of click fraud altogether. I would recommend ClickCease to anyone who’s running an e-commerce site or owns a blog that gets any traffic at all! Since not every website needs the same protection, this multifaceted system can customize itself however necessary (and affordable).

  63. Clickcease is extraordinary for certain excellent highlights like

    It accompanies Auto-Block Click Fraud Management
    It Monitors Your Ads
    It Analyze your Traffic for Fraud
    It Block Clicks from Fraudulent Sources
    Computerized Click Fraud Prevention

  64. ClickCease touts itself as an artificial intelligence program that is intended to thwart the unauthorized activities of spammers or other online marketers. It aims to do this by creating “24-hour anticipation on extortion clicks.” But, wait up—what are those? Well, first off, they’re not natural; rather, they signify “snap fakes or invalid records” that can cause your business to go into a downward spiral due to the damage caused by the illegal activity. If you’ve found yourself in this situation because of these criminals who refuse to stop—I’d recommend clicking *right now* on your screen and picking up one for $39/month so you can avoid all their shenanigans!

  65. I recently installed this onto my Google AdWords account from the word go, I found that it was like a revelation. ClickCease has been keeping an eye on all of my clicks and stopping me when they think something isn’t right. As I’ve said previously, click fraud can seriously damage your business’ revenue and you need protection- not only does it shield you too but its proactive definitions also make sure you’re adapting to changes in the online world almost before they know there’s anything wrong… It feels foolproof and safe so far with no security issues at all!

  66. Ive been using Clickcease since months and its best features I found were that it gives with real-time monitoring and fraud prevention. It also blocks all the bot devices. It enables you with
    faster and easy integration with Google Ads

  67. This is the only product on the internet that you need for your business. It gives up-to-date and accurate knowledge on how to put a stop to extortion clicks and invalid records, which make deals drop like flies. The thing about this victimizing activity with regards to gathering unlawful profits from hard-working people is that it hurts those who work hard for their money. Just as with all great things, there’s no such thing as something free in life; someone always has to take a hit. If you’re hurting through giving extortioners the opportunity at your trade, click over here!

  68. ClickCease is the product I always wanted! It gives me peace of mind when it comes to maintaining my Google Ads account. My client’s spend less time worrying about clicks, increases spend tracking, and creates an amazing dashboard that helps lower costs in no time with ease. They are super helpful too with anything you need when it comes to customer service or software issues making sure that every client has access to their features whether they don’t have the skillset or not.

  69. It has to be frustrating and upsetting when you put a lot of effort into writing your marketing, only to see it disapproved. With ClickCease Tool, there’s no need to fret- we can help!

    Ever since Adwords first came out as a testing site for commercials back in the early 2000s, advertisers have been abiding by their rules and regulations just fine up until now. About two months ago or so, Google started cracking down on false advertisement claims at an alarming rate- any click that gets flagged as misleading is automatically blocked from Adwords forever. But no problem: with ClickCease, Google will never know you’ve suffered such erroneous clicks again because we take care of everything behind the scenes!

  70. This product has been a lifesaver for my company! My Google Ads account was getting spammed with clicks from bots and competitors, but now thanks to ClickCease I can sleep at night knowing that I am not wasting money on those. And the dashboard showing our saved money is so cool!!

  71. Clickcease is one the best software out there! It has a very easy to use dashboard. It provides with great assistance and also it comes at a very affordable price.
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  72. I’ve tried a lot of different software solutions before finding ClickCease and it really is fantastic. I couldn’t believe how helpful the functionality was in just a short time after installing, and I’ve never had a single false click since clicking to install! It works in the background without being too invasive, which is perfect for my workflow. With other options out there that have been frustrating, I would turn back to trying them again if this doesn’t work. But so far it’s been stellar!

  73. I would give this anti-click fraud software a 5 out of 5. I’ve been trying it for the past few days and just in that time, I have already noticed a significant number of new clicks on my drug store campaign. ClickCease works much better than any other antifraud service I ever tried before because it doesn’t require hours of manual work to stop clickfraud from running rampant in your paid search networks. With ClickCease, you can let the software do all of the hard work for you – set up is also super fast and easy!

  74. ClickCease enabled me to block those pesky bots from completely draining my advertising budget. I saw a spike in the number of unique visitors and cannot wait for their new product releases!

    ClickCease has a user friendly interface, very responsive support and simple code on top of some really powerful features that all startups and performance digital marketing agencies should use. We switched over from another tool on the market because it took up more space on our desktop going against our company’s goal of being lean. The only downside is that many features require payment unless you are willing to fly solo.

  75. I was tired of seeing my customers not enjoying the site they spent all their money on. When you go to it is an easy process and has some good features like more options for updating ads across platforms, showing unattributed conversions versus attributed ones in campaigns that have conversion tracking set up, or just being able to log into the dashboard from any device. It is fairly priced too – at least with ClickCease I can finally sleep better at night knowing that my clients are safer than before!
    If you’re looking for a way to increase your ROI while finding ways to create awesome digital marketing campaigns, then click on over to ClickCease internet services so we can help your business grow!

  76. The ClickCease is a revolutionary, intelligent software that can be used to review the performance of your PPC campaign while blocking all types of fraud. This product will increase conversion rates and lessen expenditure because it can save time by identifying which clicks are fraudulent and release just the serious ones.

  77. Don’t risk your ROI! I wouldn’t want to go back to the days before an innovative tool like this existed. The support has been fantastic, and my staff loves that they don’t have to do anything after installing it! We’ve seen real benefits from using it – things like managing our marketing budget more effectively is just one example.

  78. It’s never been easier to get a job or make money, but one thing you can’t do is grow people if they’re always looking down at their phone. That doesn’t mean I want to work in front of a computer all day either – what’s the point when we have such advanced technology? With ClickCease, staring at your monitor 24/7 just won’t be necessary anymore. It offers page blocking and notification settings that will keep you notified without distracting too much from your productivity. Plus it works seamlessly with your internet browser so there are no add-ons! And we’ve seen our ROI increase by 40% since we installed it 10 months ago…so I guess it does what it says on the tin!?

  79. ClickCease is the only way to stop click fraud! You know those sites that you go into and as soon as you register, they start bombarding you with ads? And it seems like every time you go onto a site your email starts getting flooded with spam? Well, this is because of an unfortunate truth: Your data on the web has value! Every time someone clicks on something on one of these websites or registers for a new service, there’s someone waiting in the background eager and willing to buy their information. This clickers-on are called bots!

  80. I was skeptical at first when I saw the software, but it wasn’t long before I realized this is a product worth buying.

  81. There are so many things wrong with ClickCease, but I still use it because they have potential.

    -It has the most incredible dashboard ever created for any website, ever! It would be better if it had more colors or pixelated graphics to keep you looking at it. How else am I going to know that ClickCease is keeping all of my clients ‘clicks happy?’ -The chat service is pretty good, but there’s something about how they word what they say that is just really off putting maybe? Seriously though Emily’s always on and she’s great! -I love the fact that this deterred all those annoying competitor clicks from happening however its not as effective against spam bots which can be frustrating.

  82. It was amazing after the installation of ClickCease, seeing my company’s ROI increase by 30%. I feel confident in knowing that there are features for us to use on top of the responsive support. With this user-friendly interface it made using them so simple and straightforward. It has helped our processes run more smoothly with getting everyone involved in new updates. Thank you, ClickCease!

  83. I found it to be a more organic and fulfilling experience if I use my own commentary. There is no other product on the market with as many features as ClickCease, according to what I read in the reviews. Long story short, this product has been proven effective by those who have used it before due to its ability to mimic human behaviour without any hassle.

    Sometimes you just need that extra push from an expert opinion. This leads me back to my first thought: there was no easier way of dealing with click fraud for a company than having a software program like ClickCease auto-block all suspicious activity going on your website or blog page.

  84. If you’re running affiliate ads or your Google AdWords account has been hijacked, ClickCease is the product for you. Its detection system will report to you any internet addresses that are fake (often generated by hackers), and its system will make sure only real people see your advertisements instead. It also monitors clicks to ensure they are legitimate- including not just location but what kind of ISP the person is using! You can be confident that this company will always have your interest in mind with their helpful installation tips and decent pricing options.

  85. “A lifesaver. Really easy to install, the setup is insanely fast. I’m not an IT guy but it only took about 5 minutes to set up on my end.”

    “It’s really great that there are steps that you can take today to help prevent these bad actors from hurting your ad campaign.”

  86. I’ve been running Google Ads campaigns for years with limited success and when my latest campaign was losing money left right and center, it became an emergency. A good friend of mine recommended ClickCease to me and I’m glad I listened because they helped me turn around my fortune in a matter of weeks. It’s like they’re magic or something!

  87. I love ClickCease! It’s a really great product that saves me money and donates a portion of it back to charity. I was having some untrustworthy clicks on my account due to click fraud, but now with the help of ClickCease, my account is making more money than ever before. Not only does this software protect against fraudulent clicks, but they also provide an anti-click-fraud service that protects people who use Google Adwords and Bing by using their unique detection algorithms.

  88. My company have been using clickcease for 3 years now. Without hesitate, this is the best software I have used. I use it to track neccessary keywords for my business and also it helps me to block clickfrauds. Clickcease helps me in such a way that it blocks them to save my ad spend.
    I’m still having a very good time and will continue using ClickCease!!

  89. ClickCease is a site where it can prevent click fraud for any of your own custom sites. ClickCease blocks all of the clicks from fraudulent sources by blocking them automatically, put some work into this and block fake IP’s on your own if you choose to do so!

  90. I love Clickcease because I’m a small time marketer and don’t have the resources for expensive third party tools. The interface is easy to use, and there’s always someone I can reach out to if I need help! It has such great features like refund management as well as click fraud detection that take all of the guesswork out of my day-to-day life as an advertiser – everything besides analytics and the ad interface!

  91. ClickCease is an advertising tool for advertisers who are fighting the battle of fake clicks. ClickCease not only blocks fraudulent IPs but also identifies if there’s any suspicious activity that can be blocked with just one click. This makes sure that your ads go to real potential customers and doesn’t reach bots or fraudsters.

  92. ClickCease is a complete program. There has been an increase in extortion clicks, as sellers can purchase someone’s business for peanuts on shady websites or oldies-but-goldies like eBay. ClickCease offers 24 hours of anticipation on extortion clicks, and white paper spamming to keep your website off blacklists and followed by spammers alike. The simplicity and number of account management tools make it easy to respond quickly and easily to countless updates with one click! Click charges are not something you should worry about; ClickCease will email you daily reports with screenshots – enough said!

  93. Used by businesses of all sizes, ClickCease has revolutionized the way companies advertise to potential customers. Instantly, you can know which ads are being used repeatedly to re-route your advertisement for spam attackers. Furthermore, with automated tracking, you can also see if any instances of false clicks have occurred during your ad campaigns. This is revolutionary because now you are armed with the information needed to be able to adjust or abandon an advertising campaign that has been compromised due to poor data entry strategies or faulty analytics software.

  94. ClickCease is a new, upgraded way of understanding your campaign results. Click Cease can show you where your traffic comes from and what keywords are converting the most clicks. Not only that, but ClickCease also has some great refund management tools to help combat any type of click fraud. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I’m really impressed with integrating my Google Ads account with ClickCease so that I have all the important information in one place!

  95. “Look, I understand: for a while there it seemed like advertising blockers were totally dominating digital marketing and we had to think of new strategies just to stay afloat. But then ClickCease came into the picture and everything turned around. The interface is easy on the eyes and hands, they got all my favorite features on board (who needs more than what ClickCease has), and their dashboard set us up with some new money-making streams in no time flat! It was SO worth every penny!”

  96. I was always losing money when my campaigns would be barred from advertising because it was detected as click fraud. ClickCease has not only saved my campaign, but they’ve also increased my conversions by 500%. I’m glad I used them and highly recommend them to all of you! This is a product that’s vital in today’s competitive e-commerce environment for anyone with an online business.”

  97. There was a time when it seemed like there were bots on every second site. The ability to analyze where visitors clicked from our ads with the level of accuracy that ClickCease provides is incredible! I don’t think we could have done without them, in fact all of our advertising campaigns are better for using a service like theirs. And not only does it work amazingly well, but their customer service is top notch too – they’re always quick to respond and fix any issue you might have with your account. If you need analytics or control over your ad placements then I highly recommend taking a look at what they can do for you!

  98. ClickCease was fun to work with. The interface is user-friendly and the features are pretty cool too. I’m not a design guru, but ClickCease has been really easy for me to use. They have been prompt in answering my emails and it’s been great that they also offer customer service hours on weekdays from 9am – 5pm EST.

  99. I think it’s useful to know that this software offers an expert on the movement. It’s a crucial factor because of activity. Users need to be knowledgeable about how it works so they can keep their business afloat with the high success rates offered by ClickCease.

  100. Using ClickCease brings a lot of benefits you you like it lowers your cost for PPC ads. The most obvious advantage is that, by reducing fraud, you’ll be paying less for clicks.
    You also get refunds. Google AdWords will refund money for fraudulent clicks, but only if you can show them proof. Without a service such as ClickCease, this isn’t easy. Now, you can have reports sent to get refunds automatically.
    You’ll also learn immediately who is bidding on the same keywords that you’re targeting. This gives you an edge as you can then adjust your bidding accordingly.
    You should really try using ClickCease!

  101. The day I found out my account was being soiled by click fraud, I freaked out. I instantly sent a warning to the team at ClickCease that noticed has detrimental effects on ad campaign performance. It lowers quality scores and can destroy your SEO rankings with just one or two bad clicks! With ClickCease installed it would detect these bounced ads, find them visually within seconds, all saving me from waiting days for Google AdWords to approve purchase requests.

  102. “I visited your website. I really like it. Lots of good information.

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