Claude AI Review 2024: Just Like ChatGPT Or Even Better?

Are you interested in the latest and coolest technology in artificial intelligence?

Then, you’ll want to hear about Claude AI. In this review, I’m going to check out what Claude AI is all about, what it can do, and why it’s getting attention in the world of AI.

It is named after a famous AI expert, Claude Shannon. Claude AI is designed to be super smart and easy to use, changing the way we use AI in our daily lives.

Whether you love technology, need help with your busy schedule, or just want to know about the newest tech out there, this review will give you all the details on Claude AI.

Let’s find out if it’s as awesome as it sounds!


Claude AI Review 2024: What is Claude AI?

Claude AI, created by a company called Anthropic AI, is a really smart chatbot. It’s also the name of the big, powerful language models that make it work.

Think of Claude as a computer program that’s really good at talking with people through text. It can do things like summarize information, help edit text, answer questions, make decisions, and even write code.

Claude AI Review

Two versions of Claude are available: Claude and Claude Pro. Each one is a bit different in what it can do, but they all focus on understanding and using language.

Claude is always learning and stays up-to-date with new information. It’s so good at reading that it can go through up to 75,000 words at once – that’s like reading a short book and then being able to answer questions about it!

What is Anthropic AI?

Anthropic AI is a company that was started in 2021 by some people who used to work at OpenAI, another big AI company.

The Amodei siblings, Dario and Daniela, are the ones who started Anthropic. They were part of the team that worked on GPT-3 at OpenAI. GPT-3 was a really advanced AI, kind of like a super smart auto-complete tool.

It’s what came before ChatGPT and Claude. OpenAI is famous for creating ChatGPT. When the Amodei siblings left OpenAI, they took some researchers with them to start Anthropic.

Now, Anthropic is worth a lot of money, around $20 billion, and big companies like Google and Amazon have invested in it.

What makes Anthropic special is that they focus a lot on AI safety. They’re doing something different with their AI model called Claude.

They’ve trained Claude to follow a set of rules they call “constitutional AI.” These rules are about things like freedom, being against unfair treatment, and keeping privacy. They think this way of training AI is safer and more responsible than others.

Claude AI Use Cases 

Claude AI can be used for various tasks, making it a versatile tool for both personal and business purposes. Here are some specific ways you can use Claude AI:

their Work

1. Help with Writing:

If you have rough notes or ideas, Claude AI can help you turn them into well-organized, clear text. This is great for writing articles, emails, or even just organizing your thoughts.

For example, if you’re struggling to write an important email, Claude AI can help you structure it clearly and professionally.

2. Coming Up with Ideas:

Claude AI is also useful when you need to brainstorm. It can give you different suggestions and viewpoints.

This can be really helpful when you’re trying to come up with creative ideas or solutions to problems. Say you’re planning a marketing campaign but are stuck for ideas; Claude AI can offer new perspectives and concepts.

3. Translating Languages:

Claude AI can translate text between different languages, which is incredibly useful if you’re working with people who speak different languages or if you’re trying to understand content in a foreign language.

For instance, if you’re doing business with a company in another country, Claude AI can help translate your communications, making sure nothing gets lost in translation.

What does Claude Pro Offer?

Claude Pro is an offering from Anthropic and has specific usage guidelines and limitations as outlined on their support page. Here are the key details:

Claude AI

1. Usage Limits:

Claude Pro offers significantly more usage capacity compared to the free service, at least 5 times more. However, there are limits on the number of messages you can send.

These limits vary based on the length of each message, including the size of any attached files and the overall length of the ongoing conversation.

2. Limit Warnings and Resets:

Users will receive a warning when they are down to their last 10 messages. The message limit resets every 8 hours.

3. Practical Implications of Limits:

If your conversations are short (around 200 English sentences, with each sentence being 15-20 words), you can expect to send at least 100 messages every 8 hours.

Longer conversations, especially those with large attachments, consume the limit faster.

For instance, uploading a large file like ‘The Great Gatsby’ might restrict you to only 20 messages in 8 hours because Claude “re-reads” the entire conversation, including any large attachments, each time you send a message.

4. Reason for Limits:

Running a powerful model like Claude’s requires substantial computing resources, particularly for responding to long conversations and large attachments.

These limits are set to allow a broad range of users to access Claude for free while also catering to power users who incorporate Claude into their daily workflows.

5. Maximizing Claude Pro Usage:

To get the most out of Claude Pro, it’s recommended to start new conversations for different topics via the “AI” icon.

This is because Claude needs to re-read the entire conversation with each message, so shorter conversations require less effort from Claude, resulting in faster responses.

Additionally, users should ask multiple questions in one message, especially when discussing long documents, to conserve their message limit. It’s also advised not to re-upload the same file in a conversation unless it’s a new conversation.

How Does Claude AI Compare with ChatGPT?

Claude AI and ChatGPT are two advanced language models, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

They’re a bit like different brands of smartphones – each has similar basic functions but with unique features that might make one better for certain tasks than the other.

Different Versions for Different Needs:

Claude-Instant is the budget-friendly, faster version, similar to GPT-3.5 from OpenAI. It’s good for quick and efficient responses.

Claude-2 is more advanced and a bit slower, designed to compete with OpenAI’s latest GPT-4. It’s like choosing a more powerful but pricier smartphone model.

What Claude Can’t Do:

Claude AI can’t pull in new information from the internet; it only works with what you give it in your prompt.

It also can’t understand or create images, so it’s text-only.

Is Claude Better than ChatGPT?:

It depends on what you need. In some tests, Claude does better than ChatGPT, and in others, it doesn’t do as well.

The free version of Claude is considered better than the free version of ChatGPT.

However, the paid version of ChatGPT, called ChatGPT Plus, offers more advanced features than Claude.

How We Compare AI Models:

  • Elo Rating: This ranks the AI models based on side-by-side comparisons, similar to how chess players are ranked. It’s about which AI gives the better response in different situations.
  • MT-Bench: This test uses GPT-4 and checks how well the AI can handle a conversation over several turns.
  • MMLU: This evaluates how much the AI knows and understands across a wide range of topics.

Claude’s Performance:

Claude’s models generally perform better than the free version of ChatGPT.

In terms of deep knowledge, GPT-4, especially the paid versions, still leads.

Claude is really good at reading and summarizing long documents, even entire books.

Features of Claude Pro vs. ChatGPT Plus:

Claude Pro doesn’t have some of the newer features that ChatGPT Plus offers, like voice chat, creating images, understanding images, analyzing data, and browsing the web.

Can Claude Use the Internet?

No, Claude AI can’t look up information on the internet.

OpenAI’s GPT-4, on the other hand, can access the internet because it has a partnership with Bing, the search engine. This lets GPT-4 search the web to find information.

But Claude AI hasn’t made a similar deal with any search engine. This means that, unlike ChatGPT, Claude AI can’t browse the web or pull in current information from online sources.

As of now, it’s not clear if Claude AI will get this kind of internet browsing feature in the future.

Claude AI API

Claude AI offers a way for developers to connect it to their own apps through something called API integration. Here’s how it works:

Claude AI offers

1. First, check out Claude Yourself: Before you start using Claude’s API, you need to try out Claude for yourself. This can be done through Slack or their web interface. It’s like a test drive to see what Claude can do.

2. Sign an Agreement for API Use: Next, you’ll need to agree to certain terms for using Claude’s API. This involves signing an API evaluation agreement, sort of like a promise to use Claude’s API in the right way.

3. API Access for Development: Once you sign the agreement, you can start using Claude’s API, but only for building and testing your app. It’s not for use with your customers just yet.

4. Getting Ready for Customer Use: If you want to use Claude in your app for customers, there’s more to do. You’ll need to talk with Anthropic about how you plan to use Claude, work out the costs, and sign another contract.

5. Technical Help: Anthropic provides detailed instructions and information about how to use Claude’s API. This helps you understand all the technical bits and pieces you need to know.

How to get Started with Claude AI?

Step 1- Visit website. Register your email ID, or you can register with Gmail also.

Visit claude website

Step 2- Then, you need to enter your full name and other details asked. 

Sign up Claude AI Review

Step 3- Then, they ask for your mobile number, which will be verified by sending the SMS. That’s it; once you enter the code sent on your mobile number, you get verified, and the Claude.AI dashboard gets opened. 

Verfiy Phone no

Claude AI Review

Step 4- You get a series of notifications regarding Claude.Ai. Just click on NEXT, and you will be redirected to the dashboard where you can chat and get the results. 

you will be redirected to the dashboard


Step 4- That’s all! This is what your dashboard looks like. The interface is pretty simple and intuitive. 

Meet Claude AI

Code Breakdown

Claude Pro Pricing

There are 2 pricing plans offered. One is the free plan, and the other is the subscription for the Claude PRo.  It’s priced at $20 per month plus any applicable taxes.

Claude Pro Pricing

Benefits of Upgrading:

  • Priority Access: You get priority access to Claude during busy times, which means less waiting and quicker responses.
  • Switch Between Claude Versions: You have the flexibility to switch between different versions of Claude AI, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs at any given time.
  • Early Access to New Features: Subscribers to Claude Pro get to try out new features before they’re released to everyone else.

Claude AI: Pros and Cons


  • Claude excels in tasks like content creation, decision-making, and question-answering.
  • It offers API integration for custom application development.
  • Claude promotes a safety-first approach, focusing on ethical AI practices.


  • Limited to only English, despite claims of multi-language support.
  • Lacks internet browsing capability, unlike some other AI models.


👩‍💻 How does Claude AI work?

It's pretty awesome! Claude AI uses advanced technology to understand what you're asking. It's like it reads your mind (but not in a creepy way). You type in a question or a task, and it uses its AI brain to give you answers or help you out.

🌟 What makes Claude AI different from other AI tools?

From my experience, Claude AI is super user-friendly and seems to understand things better. It's like talking to a friend who's really smart and knows a lot about everything.

💸 Is Claude AI free to use?

Some parts of Claude AI are free, but for the full experience, there might be a cost. It's like getting a taste before you buy the whole cake.

🔒 How safe is it to use Claude AI?

Safety's a big deal with Claude AI. They use all these high-tech security measures to keep your info safe. It's like having a digital lock on your data.

🆕 Are there any new features in Claude AI?

Yep! They're always adding cool new stuff. It's like your phone's apps that get updates with new features. Keeps things fresh and exciting!

🤷‍♂️ Can Claude AI help with any type of question?

Pretty much! It's like a Swiss Army knife for information and tasks. Whether it's simple stuff or more complex questions, Claude AI is up for the challenge.

📱 Can I use Claude AI on my phone?

Absolutely! You can use Claude AI on your phone just like you would on a computer. It's super convenient for when you're on the go and need quick answers or help.

🌍 Is Claude AI available in different languages?

You bet! Claude AI supports multiple languages, making it handy for people all around the world. It's like a multilingual friend who can chat in various languages.

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Conclusion: Claude AI Review 2024 

Overall, Claude is a solid choice for businesses of all sizes that need help with content creation while also wanting to avoid the risks associated with more unrestricted AI models.

Its API features are promising, positioning it as a strong contender against others like ChatGPT and an excellent choice for those who value safe, reliable, and ethical AI tools.

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