Cart2Cart Pricing 2024: Is Cart2Cart Free? How Do You Use Cart2Cart? 🚀

Discovering Cart2Cart’s pricing for your online business in 2024?

I did, too, especially when I wanted to switch my online store to a new platform. So, I dived into their pricing details to figure out what it’d cost me.

Cart2Cart offers a unique ‘pay-as-you-go’ model, which means you pay based on how big your store is. It’s pretty cool because you don’t end up paying for stuff you don’t need.

They calculate the cost based on how many products, customers, and orders you have. It’s simple: the more you have, the more you pay.

But don’t worry, it’s not crazy expensive. Plus, they have a free Demo to try out. Great for budgeting, right?

Let’s dive in and see if Cart2Cart is the right fit for your budget and your store!

What is Cart2Cart?

Cart2Cart is an automated shopping cart migration service with the primary goal of making the transition from one e-commerce platform to another simple, rapid, and risk-free for store owners.


When you use this tool, you will have the ability to move goods, orders, customers, categories, attributes, reviews, and other associated entities to any of the more than 75 supported shopping carts.

Key Features of Cart2Cart:

Key Features of Cart2Cart

Among the most advanced migration services on the market, Cart2Cart is considered one of the oldest.

1. Data Migration: It supports the migration of various e-commerce data, such as products, product categories, manufacturers, customers, orders, coupons, reviews, and more.

2. Migration Preview: Offers a preview of how the data will look in the new platform before completing the migration.

3. Shopping Cart Support: Cart2Cart supports over 85 e-commerce platforms, including popular ones like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart, and BigCommerce.

4. Data Import: In addition to migrating from another platform, it can import data from database dumps and CSV files.

5. Security: Utilizes HTTPS protocol and 128-bit encryption, ensuring the security and privacy of your data during and after migration.

6. Vendor Support: Provides 24/7 support for any issues during the migration process.

7. Flexible Pricing: Pricing varies based on the source and target platform and the type of data being transferred, starting at $29 for small and mid-size store owners.

8. Entities Selection: You can choose specific entities (like products, customers, and orders) to migrate.

9. Extra Options: Additional options are available to refine the migration results.

Cart2Cart Pricing: How Much Does Cart2Cart Cost?

Cart2Cart Pricing

The minimum Cart2Cart rate is $69.00, but it is quite variable. The number of entities that must be transferred between the Target and Source stores will determine the migration’s final cost.

Users interested in precisely determining the migration costs can enter the number of products, customers, and orders into the Migration Estimator to obtain the final cost.

1. Automated App Option:

  • Migrate easily using our automated app.
  • Cost: $69.00.
  • Start with a free demo to see how it works.

2. Service Package Option:

  • Leave everything to our migration experts.
  • Cost: $549.
  • They’ll handle the entire migration process for you.

Is Cart2Cart Free?

Cart2Cart is not entirely free. It offers a free demo migration, which allows you to preview how a limited number of your current store data would look on the new platform.

However, for a full migration, Cart2Cart has a pricing model that varies based on the source and target platforms and the type of data to be transferred.

Cart2Cart- Free Trail

The pricing for small and mid-size store owners starts at $29, and for large and enterprise store owners, it begins at $299.

There are also specific plans for e-commerce professionals, for which the pricing details need to be obtained directly from the vendor​.

So, while you can test the service for free through the demo migration, a complete migration of your store data will incur charges based on the specifics of your migration needs.

How Does Cart2Cart Work?

Step 1. Account Registration: Sign up for a Cart2Cart account using email or social media logins.

cart2cart email

Step 2. Setting Up Source and Target Carts: Specify your current and new stores by pasting their URLs and establishing a connection between them using the Connection Bridge.

cart2cart store URL

Step 3. Selecting Entities and Options: Choose the data entities you want to migrate (like products, customers, orders, etc.) and select additional options to enhance the migration result.

Step 4. Demo Migration: Run a free demo migration to move a limited amount of data to the new target cart to preview the outcome.

Step 5. Full Migration: Once satisfied with the demo results, initiate the full database migration. The process completes in a few hours, making your new online store ready for use.

Cart2Cart Benefits:

1. Efficiency: A high success migration rate (90% with no human involvement needed) and a relatively short average migration duration (around 5 hours).

2. Ease of Use: Designed for users with varying levels of technical skills, including beginners.

3. Continuity: Allows you to keep your store online and continue selling during the migration process.

4. Cost-Effectiveness: Free technical consultations and a range of extra features to ensure a smooth migration.

Cart2Cart Customer Support:

Several e-merchants express anxiety when migrating data from old, substantial stores. The stakes are high. Items in your store, customer information, and your SEO ranking – losing any of those is a nightmare.

In light of this, it is reassuring to know that someone is always behind the scenes during such major procedures as re-platforming. Customers can get free support via chat, phone, or email from the Cart2Cart team.

Cart2Cart Applications and Users:

Cart2Cart is suitable for a wide range of users, from small and mid-size store owners to large enterprises and e-commerce professionals.

It’s an ideal tool for anyone looking to migrate their e-commerce store data seamlessly between various platforms without requiring extensive technical expertise.

Cart2Cart offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for e-commerce data migration, emphasizing security, efficiency, and continuous support.

Its broad platform support and flexible options make it a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes looking to transition their e-commerce operations to a new platform.

Cart2Cart Pros and Cons:


  • There is no skill requirement.
  • Migration in three easy steps.
  • Supported shopping carts: 85.
  • Transferable entities with the widest range.
  • More than 250.000 migrations have been performed.
  • Currently, the store is 100% up.
  • Migration speed is amazing.
  • The interface is simple to use.
  • Managing your own accounts.
  • It offers 24×7 support and assistance.


  • Add-ons are not part of the plan, so you’ll need to pay extra
  • Full migration service is not free, and it has variable pricing.
  • It can be challenging for very large or complex stores.


🤔 What is the basic pricing structure of Cart2Cart?

Cart2Cart's pricing varies based on the source and target e-commerce platforms and the specific types of data you need to migrate. The service offers a flexible pricing model, starting at $29 for small and mid-size store owners.

👉 Is there a free version or trial available for Cart2Cart?

Cart2Cart offers a free Demo Migration that allows you to see a limited preview of how your data will be transferred to the new platform. However, for a full migration, you need to choose a paid plan.

🤷‍♀️ Does Cart2Cart offer any discounts or special pricing for large migrations?

Cart2Cart may offer customized pricing for very large or complex migrations. It's recommended to contact their sales team for a quote if you have a large-scale migration project.

👀 Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied with the migration?

Cart2Cart's refund policy depends on the terms of service at the time of your migration. It’s best to review their refund policy or contact customer support for specific information regarding refunds.

💁‍♀️ Does Cart2Cart offer pricing plans for small businesses or startups?

Cart2Cart's pricing is structured to accommodate businesses of various sizes, including small businesses and startups. The starting price point is designed to be accessible for smaller scale migrations.

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Conclusion: Should You Go For Cart2Cart?

The Cart2Cart Migration Service allows you to move e-commerce entities from one shopping cart to another easily and manage their relationships with just a few clicks.

On the back end, there are over 45,000 successful switches. The largest list of transferable units and its support for more than 75 platforms make it the most flexible platform.

With Cart2Cart, data migration is done without the developer’s help or technical knowledge. There is no risk to your current business because the process takes no more than two hours.

The service can be seen by running a free demo and moving a limited number of entities securely within 30 minutes from your current business to a new active business. 

For any migration-related questions, you can reach out to technical support via live chat, phone, or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Take advantage of Cart2Cart coupons and save money. Don’t forget to share Cart2Cart coupons and offers with your friends and on social media.

You can now get all the information about this wonderful “Cart2Cart”. Please share your thoughts below. Does Cart2Cart work for your business?

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