CaptainBI Review 2024: Is It A Reliable Amazon Seller Tool?

In this post, I am going to share my review on CaptainBI. I am sure it will assuredly help you in increasing the business of your products selling on Amazon.

CaptainBI is a marvelous Amazon operation tool that knows you better. The sole purpose behind launching this Seller Tool for Amazon is to encourage the development of e-commerce export enterprises that are small and medium-sized.

Bottom Line: CaptainBI Focus on the development of cross-border e-commerce SAAS systems. Founded at the end of 2016, the team currently has 50+ members. Get Started With CaptainBi Now

In addition to this, they also aim at protecting the global export of cross-border e-commerce. Pros: The advantages of CaptainBI are its amazingly designed intelligent features that include the Review Analyzing tool, Product Research Tool, and ASIN reverse searching tool to move with the product on a rightly carved path.

CONS: UI can be improved

Pricing: There are 4 categories in pricing:-

Starter – $59/month
Advanced – $89/month
Professional – $179/month
Enterprise – $379/month

A Quick review of CaptainBI

CaptainBI Review

CaptainBI Review: In A Nutshell

CaptainBI is an All-in-one Business Intelligence software tool for Sellers on Amazon. This is a tool intended for Amazon Sellers to do market research, sales analytics, intelligent management of inventory, and sponsored Ads. In other words, whatever you need on the Amazon platform for selling your product, you are getting all on this single platform. It is a convenient, efficient, easy to use, accurate, and secure tool. And that’s the reason so many people and enterprises are using it.

To date, there are 200,000+ Amazon sellers that have benefited from it. On average, 3,000,000+ orders are processed daily because of it, and the size of data processed by it daily is more than the size of 1Billion.


CaptainBI supports marketplaces globally consisting of all the countries that are potentially the biggest markets, including the U.S.A., Canada, Singapore, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, Germany, Spain, France, India, Italy, Netherlands, and Turkey.

A piece of good news is that there is a free trial available for 30 days, and during that period, there is no restriction on the use of any tool. So, try it now, you won’t regret it!

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For a free trial of CaptainBI, click here.

My journey to CaptainBI

E-commerce has become a huge success since its introduction to the common people. And is incredibly increasing ever since more and more people are adding every day to the online marketplace either in the form of buyers or sellers. Whatever you are, but it indeed has attracted you in some way, either to buy something from it or to sell your product.

Amazon is one of the biggest platforms online for buying and selling products. And becoming the Amazon seller is one of the best decisions that I have taken along with thousands of other people. But it is not that easy. To make people buy something from you requires detailed research of the customer behavior, market research for that product, analyzing the pros and cons of every aspect that can potentially affect your product. Doing all this single-handedly was a difficult task for me.

CaptainBI-Review- Sales Overview

And luckily, one day, one of my friends, who is also an Amazon seller, introduced me to this excellent seller tool, and since then, I have been using it. I am also one of those who don’t believe what someone says, so I took a free trial, and it was at the last days of my trial period, I realized that I need this tool everyday.

Since then, I have embarked on my journey with it. And my business has been in a really good position now.

So, that is my story! If you cannot run your business at the pace you wanted as an Amazon seller, then all I can say is that try it. You will surely get benefitted.

CaptainBI – Features, Advantages, and Pricing

Before exploring the features in detail, let’s take a quick look at the features you get with CaptainBI.

Key Features:-

Sales Analytics Tool.
Profit Report Tool.
FBA Inventory Tool.
Sponsored Ads Tool.
Keyword Research Tool.
Product Research Tool.
ASIN Reverse Lookup Tool.
Product Monitoring Tool.
Store Monitoring Tool.
Review Analyze Tool.

Who is the tool intended for?

The CaptainBI tool is solely intended for Amazon Sellers to boost the business’s growth by working on every aspect of a product selling for increased sales and profit.


Clear and intuitive graphical data that is easy to understand.
Significant improvement in operational efficiency.
Purely cloud-based application, no installation required.
Officially authorized API for Amazon.
Updates official data in Real-time.
It protects user rights, and user data is protected using encryption techniques. Thus, a secure platform!
Sound User Interface.


This is only for Amazon sellers, and I think that’s the only disadvantage.

CaptainBI Pricing | How Much Does CaptainBI Cost?

As already told, it comes with a 30 day trial for every plan. You can choose to pay either monthly or annually. Let’s discuss each level of the pack in detail:

CaptainBI-Review- Pricing

Starter -. This pack is for Amazon’s startup team. This is best if you are a newbie in this and has just launched yourself.
Price: Monthly – $59/month

Annually – $590/year, savings of $118/year


Multiple marketplaces
Team Account
Unlimited access to all five-tool suites
The order limit is 10000 per month.
The credit you get is 20.00
Unlimited use of Buy Box Monitor
Review monitor usage – 100 per month

 Advanced – If you are looking for the expansion of your business, this will be the right choice. It provides quality solutions for your expanding business on Amazon.

Price: Monthly – $89/month

Annually – $890/year, saving of $178 per year


Multiple Marketplaces
Team Accounts
Unlimited Access to the five-tool suites
Here you get an increased order limit – 30000/month
Credits also increase to 50.00
Buy Box monitor is unlimited
Review monitor limit also increases by 200/month

 Professional – Now that you become a professional in this, you can choose this pack to manage your business more professionally and skillfully with a higher level of services.

Price: Monthly – $179/month

Annually – $1790/ year, saving $358 per year.


It also gives you the option of multiple marketplaces.
Team Accounts
Unlimited Access to the five-tool suites
An increment in order limit to 70000 per month
Credits increased to 100.00
Buy box monitor: Unlimited
Increment in Review Monitor to 400/month

Enterprise: If you are an established enterprise, a mature seller who is suitable for large-scale expansion, then it is a one-stop solution for your Amazon business.

Price: Monthly – $379/month

Annually – $3790/year, saving of $758 per year


Multiple Marketplaces
Team Accounts
Of course, unlimited access to the five-tool suites
There is no limit on order, and it is unlimited.
Credits you earn is 250.00
Buy box monitor is unlimited
Review monitor jumps to an increment of 1000/month

If you are still not able to find a reason to use this, then now we are heading to a detailed exploration of its features.

1 Sales Analytics Tool

It gives you the facility to know your sales in real-time. You can check the performance of your product quickly by analyzing the data related to each product. The function of an order list helps you in maintaining the details of orders, price, order date, items, shipping status, buyer information, etc., and thus managing your order easily.

CaptainBI-Review- Sales Analytics

In the Refund Details section, your refund details will be displayed, consisting of refund reason, refund processing progress, and more. This makes it easy to analyze and understand the refunds. Another function that comes under sales analytics is Product Management that guides you in managing your product cost more efficiently.

2. Profit Report

This is one of the best features of CaptainBI. You get a Profit and Loss Report in which data related to all connected Amazon accounts is visible, and the tools gather the data by default currency. It doesn’t matter which Amazon marketplace account you want to check, and you can achieve that all very easily. You also get a Customized Profit Report for monthly profits, multiple marketplaces, and a customized period, which you can see by different currency with ease of exporting those reports.

CaptainBI-Review- Profit And Loss

You are also provided with a Profit Dashboard that instantly visualizes the profitability of each ASIN. The tool breaks down each cost metric, allowing you to see which area is unevenly eating your profit margins, thus, guiding you towards taking a critical decision immediately.

3.  FBA Inventory

The Inventory manager helps you better manage your FBA inventory by knowing in detail the data of your inventory cost, redundancy, replenishment, and LTSF. Its FBA Claim simplifies your claims process, and you can get the amazon reimbursements quickly.

CaptainBI-Review- FBA Overview


4. Sponsored Ads

This is also my favorite feature. Through this, you can visualize your campaign performance with a clarity of the data. This helps you in increasing the Return On Investment(ROI) of your advertising.

CaptainBI-Review- Sponserd Add

5. Seller Tools

Under this feature category, there are 11 tools which are divided into two sections, according to their functioning:

CaptainBI-Review- Seller Tool Box

Tools that help in Market Research
Keyword Research – Digs out valuable data and helps you in finding out potential keywords.
Product Research – You can find and sell products using the information from the real-time database from amazon.
Review Analyzer – An extremely good tool for knowing more closely about your customers.
Product Monitoring – This lets you investigate products for more market data.
Store Monitoring – This tool lets you track all dynamics of your competitors and learn from them for your own betterment.
ASIN Reverse Lookup – It discovers your competitor’s keyword strategy for you, putting you ahead of them.

Tools that make sure your account is healthy
Buy Box Monitoring – It continuously monitors an unlimited amount of ASINs and listings for you. This tool will help you in tracking and responding to the threat when your product gets hijacked.
Keyword Rank: It knows the traffic situation brought by a particular keyword.
Smart Pricing – This tool guides you in your product pricing from time to time so that your product will get more exposure.
Review Monitoring – This tool monitors the negative reviews for your amazon stores in real-time so that you can respond to them as early as you can.
Feedback Monitoring: Through this feature, you get a notification whenever you get negative feedback.

CaptainBI Reviews : Testimonials

CaptainBI-Review- Customer Review

Quick Links:

CaptainBI FAQs

👉 Is a free trial available?

The 30 days free trial is available with exposure to every feature.

👉Is there any special resource required to use CaptainBI?

No, there is no requirement for any special resource. Even you don’t even have to install the software at all. It is entirely web-based. You just have to open your web browser and log in to your CaptainBI account.

👉Can I update my Credit Card Details?

Yes, you can update your credit card details anytime.

👉What if I want to cancel my Subscription?

You can cancel your Subscription absolutely at any time. You just have to go to the Settings Page, click on the Plan & Payment, and click the Cancel Subscription button.

Conclusion: CaptainBI Review 2024

CaptainBI is a fantastic tool for Amazon Sellers. I am using it, and it has been of great help to me and my business on Amazon. It provides real-time data from amazon about customers, helps in improving my functionality with the product, in improvisation my product with the passing of time, thus keeps me up with the latest trends in the market. Its keyword reviewer has been of great help so far. Along with these splendid features, it is easy to use with no requirement of any type of external resource, just one PC to log into my account. It is a competitively priced, reliable, and extremely helpful market tool.

I must say that if you are an Amazon seller, then you must try this web-based software. I can assure you that your business will improve by a huge factor. Market changes daily, and without any market knowledge, you cannot grow to your full potential without knowing about your competitor’s next move. And that’s why you will need something to help you, and that something is CaptainBI.

So, think about it and take action. If you still have more doubts, then you can visit its site to clear them.

If you like the CaptainBI review, then please like and share it with everyone. Also, share your experience with CaptainBI and let me know what you think of it in the comment section below.

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