Buying Affiliate Websites 2024 Best Premade DFY Affiliate Websites

Looking for Buying Premade Affiliate Websites To Buy Online, you are at the right place.

Do you wanna buy an online business? Yes! You heard it right, anyone can start making money by just buying and selling websites. 

But what if you wanted to buy an online business and then scale it to generate more revenue. We all know that creating a profitable website from scratch is extremely hard and it takes a lot of time. 

There’s another way to do it and basically involves buying an existing website and using its authority and traffic to generate more revenue. Apart from that, we have the option to buy the existing domain and flip those websites for profit as well. 

So here in this post, we have listed the best affiliate website service to buy. These are the best platform where you can buy and sell existing websites as per your needs and requirements. 

So let’s get started here.  Best Pre-Made DFY Niche Affiliate Websites

Thinking of Buying an Online Business?  Buying a profitable Affiliate Website and the ROI on Your Time.

List of Done For You Affiliate Niche Sites Services: Amazon FBA stores & affiliate websites for sale

1) Brand Builders MY #1 Recommendation for Ready Made Affiliate Websites for Sale

In addition to selling completed affiliate and Amazon FBA websites, Brand Builders also offers a website design and development service. With a single upfront purchase, you gain ownership of a website that has already gone through the initial set-up process and has the potential to generate a substantial revenue. Take a look at some of the pre-made sites available from Brand Builders today!

Brandbuilders review

BrandBuilders has more than a decade of expertise and a top-notch staff of specialist website developers, writers, editors, and SEO experts. A new site to add to your portfolio, new material for an existing site, or outsourcing the day-to-day upkeep to the pros: we’ve got you covered. Is there anything more you want to do? Today is the best day to begin!


  • Provides high-quality done-for-you niche sites and eCommerce sites
  • Brand Builders customer service is top notch, and they can always schedule a call with CEO to get some pro tips on how to manage their website even if they don’t want the management package
  • Offers custom sites and premium content creation services to help you make your online vision a reality
  • Helps you skip the grind and missteps of setting up your own brand-new website
  • Gives you a new premade website in just 24 hours, or a custom website in just 3 weeks
  • Includes great training resources from experts who do this kind of work every day, guiding you step by step through the process


  • Even though Brand Builders sites are built on expired domains, they are still brand new sites. It will take time for Google to start ranking the content.

2) Human Proof Designs  #2 Best for Done for You Amazon Affiliate Sites

Human Proof Design is a platform where you can purchase pre-made websites. It’s also the number one source for affiliate marketing websites and services. They provide you over 100 website designs to help you build successful and profitable affiliate websites. These websites will save you time and with them, you can start making money online instantly.

This system was mainly created by Dominic Wells. Once he made a successful website for himself then he created Human Proof Designs to help other people to start an online business for themselves. 

Best Affiliate Website Services To Buy In- Human Proof Designs

There are a lot of places available in the market where you can buy pre-made websites but only Human Proof Design do this in the right way. They do a lot of research before giving you a website to make sure that it is the perfect one for you. Once you purchase a website from them you can just easily start using it. You won’t have to do anything like the initial work for creating a website.

The best part is that its affiliate website marketplace offers uniques niches that are actually found in low competition areas. Apart from that, HPD also offers exclusive training in order to maximize their websites’ earning potential easily and effortlessly and it also includes SEO, link building and more. 

All those websites are built to a high standard and provide all the information to their visitors. First, they ask all the requirements from you and after that, they create a website for you and hand it over to you.

Pros and Cons


  • They have quality websites and the number is websites is also large from which you can choose any.
  • They just don’t hand over a website. First they take the requirements from you and then make an ideal website for you.
  • Good customer support even after you buy the website.


  • Expensive for some people and depends on the need of the customer.

3) Empire Flippers   ( #3 Done For You Affiliate Website – Highly Profitable Niches) 

With Empire Flippers you can buy and sell quality online business easily and effortlessly. Empire Flippers are relatively new to the scene but have an impressive track record. And you wouldn’t believe in a short period of time, it was named one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. It was started back in 2013 and since then it’s growing exponentially. 

We personally monitor all their sellers, review their reports and ensure the accuracy of the data provided by the website sellers. Profit margin confirmed just visit their empire market to find the right online business for you easily and effortlessly. 

Best Affiliate Website Services To Buy In- Empire flippers

They offer 12 months of current data.  Just pay a fully refundable 5% deposit to access 12 months of updated data easily with this platform. The best part is that Empire Flipper will track the process and schedule calls with the seller.

100% of verified data, their due diligence team examines all data so you can make a specific purchase decision by getting into real data and insights.  You can buy your first online business online effortlessly. Thousands of online businesses, all controlled buyers, guarantee a successful start.

The only drawback of the Empire Flippers is that it pays a higher monthly premium, usually 30 times, instead of 20 times or less when it looks closely at Flippa. Empire Flippers also handles the entire transaction for you, including site transfers. This eliminates the hassle of transferring established websites to inexperienced users.

4) Kingmakers  Buy a Custom Amazon Affiliate Website – Done For You Service

If you really wanted to buy a website and step into owning a scalable online large business then you should definitely get started with Kingmakers. Actually, it’s an elite investment and fund accelerator for small business buyers. This platform will help you in finding a great off-market website that is for sales and is performing well along with finance is up to 90% of the purchase price simply by using the SBA Loan.

The best part is that they also invest in you their own capital with you and they are willing to be your partner. And the best part is that their teams also create detailed growth plans for the business and easily provides training, resources and they also help you to get successful as well. 


They have a team of professionals who have elevated thousands of businesses and also acquired thousands of companies. Actually, their team comes from wired investors and a small-cap private firm that is focused on the online/digital space. 

Kingmakers have a background in investment banking, private equity, entrepreneurship along with business operations as well. 

5) Flippa [Done For You] Amazon Affiliate Niche Website Service

No doubt, Flippa is one of the finest platforms to buy and sell websites as there you can find a great business for sale. It’s a very popular marketplace for online business, They have more than 800 thousands total user and $200 million in revenue. So now you have the idea this one is one of the top website brokers in the market. 

Best Affiliate Website Services To Buy In- Flippa

This platform not only acts as a website broker but they also buy and sell applications, website domains along with Shopify Website as well.  Flippa has a very simple interface where everything is transparent and simple so that you can have all the transparency while buying and selling website. 

Flippa has sold 250,000 business sold worldwide and for now, they have more than 120,000 registered buyers. As of now, you should have the best overview of this platform and you know how reliable this platform is to sell and buy websites easily. 


6) Latonas

If you are looking for a more personal experience when buying or selling your website, Latona’s is the agent you should look for.

 When you buy or sell a website with Latona, you are assigned your own broker and that’s quite impressive. He will work with you until your website is bought/sold so it’s a plus point that you don’t have to make an extra effort in finding and selling to dealers. 

Best Affiliate Website Services To Buy In- Latona's

The brokers are among the best in their field and are known for their services and first-class advice. Although this website is widely known for selling small real estate, Latona brokers like to work with all price ranges and that is what makes this platform more flexible. 

Kinds Of Website Sold At Latinas:

  • Content sites: These are sites funded by ads whose AdSense revenue comes from Google or other networks. These often site with a high organic search range, but not always because there are many ways to generate traffic.
  • E-commerce: This includes traditional e-commerce purchases with digital shopping carts, but also Amazon FBA vendor accounts and Shopify stores.
  • Domain portfolio: we don’t want to confuse it here. These are not just undeveloped domain names. These are previously developed high-volume names or terms that are entered in the browser frequently enough for domains to receive traffic. The names are monetized by domain parking lots, which show the results of the pay-per-click search. These names have two very desirable characteristics. (1) they receive passive income and (2) their traffic is directed so that an experienced seller can increase their income.
  • Lead generation: an example is a website that sells leads for insurance, car transport, mortgages, etc.
  • Membership websites: these are all websites that charge access fees to recurring content. They should not be confused with websites that sell software monthly. These are SAAS companies.

And over the years, their team has grown and gained more experience and connection. Overall you can also rely on this platform to buy and sell websites. 

7) Website Broker is one of the finest and oldest website brokers and was created at the beginning of the Internet. Founded back in 1997 by two lawyers, it has become one of the most reliable and established websites to buy, sell or trade websites easily and effortlessly… 

Known for having some of the most detailed lists of sites in the game, they offer premium services that increase the visibility of vendor lists, among other things.

Best Affiliate Website Services To Buy In- Website Broker

If you are interested in selling a website you own or buying an existing website, you will soon discover that there are not many places on the web that can help you. Website Broker is one of the few places on the Internet that offers a wide range of tools to simplify the process for buyers and sellers of existing websites. 

8) FE International

FE International is another growing broker for websites that helps you in selling your online business with a broker. FE International has more than a decade of experience and is known for the speed of its sales. If you want to sell a website quickly, this is the best option you have got in the market, since FE International has a sales quota of 95% and that’s quite impressive. 

Best Affiliate Website Services To Buy In- FE International

Sell ​​your business online with an accredited website broker. Their market-leading mergers and acquisitions advisory team have generated revenues of several hundred million dollars in content acquisitions, e-commerce and SaaS since 2010.

 And it also provides direct access to a global network of qualified investors. FE International is perfectly positioned to Stimulate buyer demand and maximize value for your business. Check the features of  this platform:

  • 94.1% sales success rate
  • More than 700 commercial sales.
  • Highly efficient and data-based process.
  • Personalized service of experienced professionals.

In addition, more than 85% of the sites listed are sold in the first two months. FE International is changing the industry with its success. It also keeps the selling and website process very safe and secure so that you can’t get any trouble. 

FE International consists of a group of motivated professionals to generate demand for your business. Overall it’s a reliable platform where you can sell your online business easily and effortlessly. 

9) Transferslot

Transferslot is a reliable website broker dedicated to buying and selling smaller websites or related projects like for the small online business. Actually, Transferslot is relatively new but has already completed transactions worth $ 78,000 and that’s indicated it’s being trusted by people. 

Right when it comes to buying/selling, its process is different from that of most others. And in order to sell a website, you must first make a return. If you are selected, the team takes over and they will take care of each and everything. 

Best Affiliate Website Services To Buy In- Transferslot

The best part is that the team will do all the promotion and the show for you. In the first week, the website is exposed to a small number of selected buyers. If it is not sold, the project will appear on your market and anyone can buy it in public and that’s what makes this platform different from others… This website is ideal for those who wish to sell small websites or are looking for DIY project websites to work. So what are you waiting for just give it a try? 

10) BuySellEmpire

BuySellEmpire is one of the most experienced and prominent website brokers in the market. They have a 95% closing rate and more than $ 25 million in sales since it had been founded.  

BuySellEmpire has become one of the main markets for buying and selling websites. They were founded in 2016 and have sold all kinds of professional websites such as Amazon FBA, SaaA, e-commerce websites,  and many others as well. 

Best Affiliate Website Services To Buy In- By shell Empire

BuySellEmpire is a leading seller and buyer of the website that you can trust.  Actually, they have assembled a team of investment professionals focused on high-growth repayments and Internet actions as well. 

They have a long-established brokerage strategy for industry-specific websites in all their markets, so you don’t need to worry about anything. 

They generally seek to negotiate with well-positioned Internet companies that have the potential for strategic improvement and growth. Overall this platform creates value-generating income and profits for its customers. 

11) Website Closer

Website Closer is one of the most reliable and finest websites selling and buying platform that you can rely on. 

They have actually two decades of experience in technology, Internet and e-commerce and the realization of hundreds of transactions in this area. The best part is that you can take advantage of their extensive experienced platform to generate revenue. 

They actually represent small and medium enterprises in the digital space and are ahead of the competition in terms of proven and industry-driven results.

Best Affiliate Website Services To Buy In- Website Closer

Website Closer is actually Inc, 500 companies that have really generated more than $ 750 million in revenue since its creation more than 20 years ago. This platform is well known that they have and retain some of the best brokerage professionals in the industry. And also the buying & selling process is unparalleled there… 

They mainly offer in-depth consultations to customized sales strategies, Website Closers provides more than just a link between a seller and an interested buyer. Website Closer Broker goes beyond that to ensure you get the best possible experience when buying or selling a website at their platforms. 

Overall, its the best option you have got in the market that you can make use of in order to buy or selling a website. 

12) Digital Exits

Digital Exits is another option to buy or well website easily and effortlessly. 

The team of Digital Exits experts specializes in maximizing the value of your online business and selling it at the best possible price, above market value. And it’s not a hoax they have done it earlier with their clients. 

As a website broker, they work tirelessly to find the best buyers that offer the best price for your business. In fact, they are working with a list of premium buyers who need to invest millions of dollars and are hungry to find the next digital company they can buy and scale it easily. 

Best Affiliate Website Services To Buy In- Digital Exits

If you want to sell your website at higher rates then, you are in the right place with Digital Exits.  Thye is the no #1 Boker to sell an online business with $250K that makes 5M in yearly profit. Digital Exits also prepare the executive summary in order to present your business with the best possible deal. 

13) Digital Acquisitions

This platform, Digital Acquisitions was formerly known as the Trusted Site Seller. Actually, this online broker has been helping hundreds of customers buy and sell websites since 2010. So you have an idea now, they are reliable. 

 Although Digital Acquisitions have strong ratings (they reject more than 80% of their potential customers), this guarantees that the highest quality of buyers and sellers of websites is available. From this example, you can have an idea of how serious they are about customers. 

Best Affiliate Website Services To Buy In- Digital Acquisitions

This platform team has more than 50 years of experience in digital marketing, they say it’s combined. This makes them an excellent supplier that not only represents your business but also advises you on how to optimize your operations or increase your business revenue easily and effortlessly. 

The best part is that they work directly with their buyers to help source the off-market deals… In addition, they only publish a small number of ads simultaneously to ensure that all of their customers, buyers, and sellers receive the highest quality service in the industry and that’s the best part of this platform. 

Digital Acquisitions is known not only for its quality lists but also for its world-class customer service. You can give this platform a try to purchase or sell an online business. 

14)  WeSellYourSite is a website broker that is simple and quite profitable as well. The company actively promotes the easy purchase and sale of websites. This is mainly due to their free website reviews and their structured list of simple purchases and sales at their websites. 

They mainly specialize in high-end web companies with annual earnings ranging from $ 100,000 to $ 5 million. You can see all these data right on their official website. 

Best Affiliate Website Services To Buy In- We Shell Your Plant

And since 2004, they have been selling websites worth more than $ 100,000,000 on websites and that’s a big number. 

Also, they have a network of premium buyers who are eager and ready to buy your business. Here this platform also offers a free evaluation of your website that you can register and try for free. 

15) Quiet Light Brokerage

Quiet Light Brokerage is a leader in the purchase and sale of expensive websites and online businesses as well. In one line I can say they sell High-Value Online Business. 

Websites bought and sold with at this platform are generally sold in six, seven or even eight figures. Since 2006, they have sold more than 600 online businesses and generated more than $ 150 million and it keeps growing day by day. 

Best Affiliate Website Services To Buy In- QuietLight Brokerage

Actually, they have a team of experienced website buyers and sellers that can help you buy or sell your website easily. Quiet Light Brokerage has been featured in some of the leading financial magazines such as Entrepreneur and Forbes as well. We can say that it’s a reliable high-end platform for High-Value Online business, it’s not for small businesses and they have a closing rate of 87%. 

16) BIZ Broker24 is another platform where you can sell high-priced websites and online businesses. They actually have more than 1,200 sales and more than 100 million sales to date. BizBroker24 has been recognized as a leader in the purchase and sale of Internet sites and online business. 

They have direct access to an established network of 15,000 pre-qualified international buyers and investors, placing your business in a high demand location and maximizing value.

Best Affiliate Website Services To Buy In- BizBroker24

The best part is that they offer a free evaluation and comprehensive service to help you prepare your business for sale. And once you are done with evaluation they will help you in finding the best possible and profitable buyer for your website. 

Although they do not claim to sell their business quickly like other website brokers, they publish a 95% closing rate. So expect the sale of your website with this amazing platform. 

What To Do When Buying Existing Websites?



So here the list of things you must do to Make a Profit Buying & Selling Website. 

1) Make a Budget:

In simple words, I would like to say just know your time and limit. So it’s the first rule of buying or selling a website is to know your budget and what you can afford. 

Keep one thing in mind there is no guaranteed investments, no traffic coming to a website, or how attractive a website. You never know whether you’re going to make a profit or not. But we can take some precautions in order to avoid money and time loss. 

And once you have got your number in your mind or paper just think about how much time you need to make the modifications in that existing website. 


Right when you’re looking for a website to buy, trust me the niche you choose is important. Do not choose a site based on a current theme or fashion. Just be more specific and find a niche-oriented website that can help you in generating more revenue easily buy targeting focused audience. 

You may have heard of the term persistent content/evergreen content, but it is essentially a type of niche that is still popular and will remain so in the long term. 

These include niches in the following areas:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Money and finance
  • Sports and recreation
  • Relations and personal growth.

The niches mentioned above can also be extended to several niches so don’t get yourself confused. You can just break down to micro niches of these niches listed above. There are too many micro-niches that are more profitable to go for, it all needs your time and effort. Just go and do some research and find a profitable niches website to buy. 

3) Finding Website to Buy

When you buy a website, you should look for specific counters. Here are some criteria you can use for qualification:

  • The site generates constant income.
  • The income  is usually passive (it shouldn’t be based on ads)
  • It has upward potential. You can optimize existing traffic, performance types, content, and design, and more as well. It means you need to look for a flexible website. 

There are many platforms and ways where you can find these websites easily and effortlessly. You can check the list of best affiliate website services to buy that are listed above. 

4) Research & Collect all Details About That Website

Now you have found a website, it’s time to do your due intelligence.  First of all, you need to the reason of selling their website. There are possible reasons behind selling a website, you think if a website is generating revenue then why would someone sell it to you. Find out if the website is being flagged by Google, or hit by some penalty or any possible reason to sell it. 

  • Look For Proof Of Revenue:

You can’t put all your money in a black hole. You need to find the proof of traffic as well as the revenue of the site you’re going to buy. 

  • Examine the link profile:

Also, you need to check the backlinks and find out whether it’s purchased or it’s earned ethically. Check is the site relies on SEO or uses paid ads. Doing this you have an idea of the quality and quantity of links.

Just speak to the seller or just mail them with the question and evaluate things like traffic and income reports. 

Above I have mentioned Websites Brokers Platforms that you can make use of in order to buy and sell websites easily and effortlessly.

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Conclusion:  Best Pre-Made DFY Niche Affiliate Websites 2024

So here I have ended with the best affiliate services that you can use in order to sell and buy websites easily and effortlessly. Buying an existing website and hoping to generate revenue isn’t going to do the trick.

 After purchasing a website, you need to put a lot of effort and solid strategies to make your website more profitable. 

Try, fail and learn along with applying what you have learned so far to make your website gives high ROI.

I hope this post suits your purpose well and if you liked the post then kindly share it on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

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