How to Build a Travel Business Website Using WordPress – In depth Guide

Nowadays everyone loves having the chance to get away from their city and travel around the world. In fact, more than ever many people are choosing to spend money on experiences rather than things. That means it’s a great time to be in the travel business. Business is booming for adventure getaways, specialty guidebooks, hostels, hotels, tour companies, travel agencies, and vacation rentals. Here we’re going to talk about, how to create a great travel company website with WordPress.

So if you don’t have a WordPress website for your existing travel business, then it’s the time. And if you’re thinking about starting a new business, then WordPress site should be one of your top priorities.

So let’s get started building one

You should keep following points in mind while creating it:

To start, you have to decide what essential elements you need cover on your travel company site. So before you start building your travel company website, you’ll definitely need to consider the crucial elements of your business to help your story. You should be prepared with all the marketing elements that can help you build your brand presence online. You should include links to your social network profiles, and offer customer testimonials.

You’ll also want to identify which features to include making your website helpful and convenient for your users such as maps and imagery on your site to help your customers make reservations, find details about your travel getaways and get your contact information. If you want to accept online payments, you’ll also need to research payment gateways. All travel sites need these basic building blocks. Also check out this hosting to build your travel website

Build a Travel Business Website Using WordPress

1. Connecting with your Customers:

A vital part of any internet marketing campaign these days is storytelling. You can do this by combining customers to your success journey. Narrating your story is a critical element of any online marketing campaign. Tell them about your business a way that both entertains and informs your site visitors.

Starting from “how your business came into existence” to “the success and popularity you gained,” gives your customers a way to build an emotional connection with your business. Long-standing businesses have the benefit of going back generations while highlighting company history and milestones. Young business startups can instead describe the story of how the industry was born.

Think about visual storytelling options as well. Visual storytelling options can leave a more memorable impact on your customers. If it fits your story, you might consider a timeline plugin. The timeline can be used to create a vertical schedule that you could use to tell the history of your business.

Timeline Express is one of the best plugins available for you to develop a tremendous vertical timeline. You can use this platform to help lay out the history of your travel business to your clients and target audience

2. Detail the Gateway:

Your story is remarkable when it comes to making your business stand out from the crowd, it is essential to tell positive, quality travel experiences to your customers. Your travel company website needs to showcase details of holiday packages and destination details, it will worth it.

Gallery Bank:

Gallery plugin - Build a Travel Business Website

One way to do this is to go visual. You can use plugins to build stellar looking albums and photo galleries for your clients. One of the best plugins for creating responsive photo galleries and collections is Gallery Bank. With this plugin, you can make a thumbnail size collage framework of images.

Instagram Feed Plugin:

instagram feed plugin

Additionally, if you have high promotional media on a social media platform such as Instagram, then the Instagram Feed plugin is an excellent option here. The plugin is free, and you can display content from one or more public Instagram profiles in some customizable grids.


Beside just pictures of your travel experiences, you can also include getaways with information. If your company is for urban tours or a Hotel Company, then you can allow your customers orientation and insight into nearby areas, you can add custom Google Maps and location pins. Your customers might want to know what’s nearby.

Stellar Places:

Stellar Places Pugins - Build a Travel Business Website

Here come the plugins like Stellar Places that lets you add a custom location pin to display on a Google Map. The plugin is free and easy to set up.


3. Plugins for Reservation and Travel Booking:

Booking Calendar Plugin:

Booking Calander- Build a Travel Business Website

After providing all the relevant information about your business, you want to make sure that your travel site has options that offer travel booking and reservation options for your customers. The Booking Calendar plugin is one of the best reservation plugins for startups and smaller businesses.

With the help of this plugin, your visitors can check the availability of vacation houses, building unit and hotel rooms, and complete their booking in less than a minute.

Most of the travel businesses already use top tour and travel booking software like TourCMSTrekkSoft, or Checkfront tour and travel booking software programs. These are some of the best programs that make its own WordPress plugin for seamless integration with your site.


4. Accepting Payment:

Depending on the type of your travel business, you may need a method to take payment upfront via your site, since travelers tend to prefer the convenience of paying online.

WooCommerce Plugin:

WooCommerce- Build a Travel Business Website

The free WooCommerce plugin is an excellent choice for this, the WooCommerce plugin isn’t just favorite, it’s also feature-packed. WooCommerce offers both the primary and advanced functionalities necessary for a traveling site. This plugin easily can handle all of your payment requirements, including inventory tracking, report generation, significant areas of payment and tax handling.

PayPal Plugin:

PayPal Shopping Cart Plugins - Build a Travel Business Website

Another plugin for accepting payment is the Simple PayPal Shopping Cart plugin. This plugin is useful for installing the “Add to Cart” button to any page. Also, it routes all your payments via PayPal. As the PayPal brand is highly trusted and widely-known.

5. Legitimize your Travel Business Website:

As this is the matter of paying online so before any customers you should check their payment details online, many of them will want to know more about your business. Help them to fully trust you by providing your contact info, hours of operation, a business address, any essential company policies, or other info customers will want to know about.

Profile Plugin:

User Profile Plugin - Build a Travel Business Website

For this task, Business Profile plugin is one of the best options.  Here users can fill out business name, address, phone, email, contact page link, hours of operation, and integrate a Google Map. The resulting contact card can be displayed on a page or in a sidebar.

You could also create your own custom “Contact Us” to display information as well and make sure that you use the stand-alone Google Maps plugin to show off your location. The map will also help your customers to visualize whether your travel company is near the airport, their hotel, or other points.


6. Choosing Theme for Website:


ElegantEstate Real Estate WordPress Theme

While choosing a theme for your WordPress travel site, it’s best to pick one that already has all your desired features or one that is easily customizable.  One of the best options for choosing themes is ElegantEstate. This theme is already equipped with ready-to-use location mapping, gallery, testimonials and booking forms.

Just for $69 a year, you can get Elegant Estate license that includes full access and premium support.

The Divi theme can be used for adventure getaways, specialty guidebooks, tour companies, and travel agencies and make an impressive website seem comfortable. This theme is equipped with a custom page builder with modules and pre-made layouts that make it easy to quickly assemble a stunning site. The built-in options for testimonials and galleries are particularly lovely. Divi is one of the most flexible themes in Elegant Themes’ lineup and is also included in the Personal license.

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Conclusion: How to Build a Travel Business Website Using WordPress

Now you have everything you need to create an excellent website for your travel company, with the right elements and a good theme. If you include all of these, you should start seeing more bookings and reservations from your site. Let me know if you are using this on your WordPress site in the comment section. Do share it on all the trending social media platform.



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