Booster Theme Review 2024: Best Shopify Theme?

Booster Theme

Overall Verdict

Shopify Booster theme or just Booster Theme 6.0 is not just a theme but also has a lot of functionalities inclusive of all the plugins. Shopify Booster theme review will take you close to lots of functionality you may not be knowing.

Out of 10


  • 19,127+ Shopify users using Booster
  • 91% Customer support satisfaction
  • 277% Increase in Conversion rate
  • Boost your Average order value
  • ​Upsell any collections or products
  • ​Increase buyers impulsivity


  • More pricing options needed


Price: $ 248

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Join The Thousands Of Shopify Stores Using Booster Get your sales Boosted in One-Click.? Easy Setup. No Coding. Take less than a minute to install.

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If you’re tired of your store being slow and outdated, it’s time to boost it.

Building a Shopify store is not an easy process. There are many things to consider, which can be overwhelming for a beginner.

If you’re struggling to set up your store, Booster Theme is here to help. With our Theme Manager, you can create an incredible store in less than a minute.

You know,

According to Shopify, there are currently over 5,300 active Shopify Plus stores. Shopify today powers over 2,297 million active websites, generating $1.12 billion in quarterly revenue.

shopify profit report

Booster Theme is the most advanced Shopify theme ever created. It’s optimized for speed and includes over 100 new features, making it the perfect Shopify theme for any store owner wanting to sell faster, smarter, and more products.

In this article, we’ve done a Shopify Booster Theme Review, and you’ll get a Shopify Booster Theme Discount Coupon June 2024(100% Verified).

Dropshipping has been one of the best online businesses for the past few years, and it is certainly going to progress. There are some Dropshipping tools and platforms in the market. Some Dropshipping tools and plugins are necessary for better conversions and to generate more sales.

Bottom Line Upfront: From my own experience, Booster Theme has been a great tool for making my Shopify store work as well as it can. Because of how easy it was to use, I was able to create my store in just a few minutes, giving me more time to sell. The theme comes with all the latest marketing tools, so you don’t have to pay extra each month. I highly recommend trying out Booster Theme if you want to improve your Shopify store and make it easier to sell.

BoosterTheme Speed: Booster Theme Review

The most important part of the Dropshipping tool is the platform. For this purpose, Shopify is the best solution for drop shippers. I have written several posts about Shopify and its other plugins and tools.

Shopify has many themes that can be profitable to boost your sales. I have used several themes for the Dropshipping stores and was amazed to see the features the Booster theme offers.

The booster theme, previously known as the Shopify Booster, does not merely have the themes but also many plugins.

Booster Theme Review

Summary of Booster Theme Review

Are you looking for a Shopify theme that can help boost the sales of your online store? Look no further than Booster Theme! This one-of-a-kind theme comes fully equipped with advanced features and a unique design to ensure your store has maximum appeal.

It’s feature-rich and can provide customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business. Plus, based on claims from those who’ve used it – Booster Theme is two times faster than other themes currently available.

Boost your store performance today with Booster Theme, designed to maximize conversion rates, load pages quickly, and offer eloquent design options! With Booster Theme’s innovative technology, you’ll notice an improved customer experience with as little effort as possible.

Leverage this flexible theme for optimal control over content display and structure. You won’t be disappointed signing up for this powerful tool!

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Booster Theme Review (6.0): The Most Complete Shopify Theme?

Shopify Booster theme, or just Booster Theme 6.0, is not just a theme but also has many functionalities, including all the plugins. Shopify Booster theme review will take you close to many functionalities you may not know.

You can create product stores using these themes. Also, you can create the mini sales funnel, which is not as effective as the other sales funnels, but yes, the appreciable one.

Best Shopify theme Booster: Booster Theme Review

It includes the add-on upsells, the sales page, and the direct checkout to the Shopify checkout page. I have shared a detailed Shopify Booster theme review with you.

Check Out! My Booster Theme Review Video.

Here Is The Purchase For Shopify Booster Theme: 

Booster Theme Discount Coupon

Booster Theme Review 6.0 & Updates: What’s New?

On July 16th, Booster Theme published Theme Update 6.0.

Shopify chose to completely reimagine the theme experience. As a result, with the release of Booster Theme 6.0, Booster became the first theme to be fully compatible with Online Store 2.0.

Booster Theme 6.0 has many new/improved features and OS 2.0 compatibility.

Here’s the rundown:

New swatches

The new swatch system is exceedingly simple and intuitive to use, and it comes with many customization choices. Having interactive swatches in your business dramatically improves the customer experience.

new swatches in booster theme

New Menu Features

Unicorns can now be used to create awesome-looking submenus. You can also use Tags to categorize your menu items! By grouping related products together, you make it easy for potential buyers to find what they want.

All pages now have a new FAQ section.

new faqs in booster theme

You can use Sections on every page with Online Store 2.0, which means the FAQ section is now available on every page! With this section, address frequently requested questions as quickly as feasible.

On the product page, there are two additional blocks.

Buttons for sharing on social networking

social media share with booster theme

With those simple buttons, your customers can share your product on social media, increasing traffic and sales.

Delivery on a regional basis

product delivery

Your customers’ packages will be delivered on time thanks to localized delivery.

The carts are now in harmony. Tabs And Across Windows

syncronise between tabs

There’s no need to refresh the page to see everything you’ve placed in your cart. Booster Theme takes care of everything for you. This feature ensures that any potential friction is avoided.

Progression bar for free shipping

free shipping progress bar

Ascertain that your clients are aware when they have reached the Free Shipping Limits.

Personalization based on location: The geo-personalized capabilities let you display your visitor’s Emoji, SVG flag, country, and city, allowing you to geo-personalize the message with their location.

Changing title dynamically: With this program, you can ensure that if visitors leave their tab open, the dynamic title will remember them and encourage them to return and become customers.

Countdown/timer for the cart: The use of urgency features has been shown to increase sales. Make sure to leverage these new features to give your customers a sense of urgency.

They improved the Product Page design: The New Booster Theme 6.0 Standard Product page design is now wider than before, and how the countdown timer is shown to visitors is now improved. They have added a Second Product page design, meaning you can choose between product page designs. We called it the Marketplace Product Page Design! Inspired by one of the most successful eCommerce websites, Amazon! This new product page design has 3 columns instead of 2. Each column has its own purpose. The first is for media, the second is for the description, and the third is dedicated to the purchases!

New Product Reviews Integration: We’ve directly integrated your favorite review apps into the theme to make using them easier. Loox Reviews and Ali Reviews are now easily integrated with Booster! More App integrations are coming up soon.

Improvement in the Testimonial Section Design: Booster has added the 5 Stars rating under our testimonials section. It’s a small improvement but worth mentioning. Details are important.

New Sales Notification Design: Booster has improved the Sales Notification design. It now looks and feels smoother for your visitors.

New Action Bar on the home page: For those with too many items on your menu. It’s now possible to add an action bar section in your store. You can add it directly under the header or as the main menu. Making your site easier to navigate.

New Header Style: You can now use a transparent header over the slideshow or image text overlay section. It’s a nice new touch.

Currency Converter Integration: Booster has improved the integration with the new currency converter from Shopify. So it’s now running smoothly!

New Header Strip functions: You can now display multiple messages in your header strip. The messages are going to change automatically with a smooth transition animation.

New Badges on the collection and product pages: Booster refreshed the collection of badges to today’s taste.

New Custom HTML section on the home page: You now have more freedom to craft your unique store.

Booster Theme Review: Free Theme Updater App

Free Sales Notifications

Free Product Upsell

Free Collection Cross-Sell

Free Geo IP Currency Converter

Free Exit Discount

Free Automatic Mega Menu

Optimized For Free + Shipping


Free Countdown Timer

Free Direct Checkout

Free Optimized Cart Page

My Favourite Features Of Booster Theme:

1. Direct Checkout

The tedious task of adding to the cart and then jumping to the checkout page can be boring and certainly irritating for the customers. To get more conversions and less bounce rate, the Booster theme redirects the customers to the checkout page and saves them time.

booster Shopify theme for Dropshipper

So, to increase the front-end conversion and get better sales, you can either get the sales to funnel or this awesome booster theme.

2. Sales Notifications

That’s a great way of boosting your sales and getting more conversions. This tool gives fake sales notifications and creates a sense of urgency for the customers. It is a great way to put your customer’s trust and prove to them with social proof about a specific product.

Make sure you don’t use it too often, and it’s completely up to you how frequently you want to keep the pop-ups. You can disable it anytime you want to.

Shopify booster sales page

3. Product Upsells

Upsells are a great way to generate more sales. You can sometimes sell cheaper products to attract more customers. When someone orders a product and navigates to the checkout page, you can create a suggestion for those products that go well with that product.

It actually helps!! Suppose a customer has purchased a torch. He would need the batteries, too. You can add the batteries in an upsell and thus create an urge to buy the recommended product. You can add up to 6 products as an upsell.Best theme for Shopify-booster

4. Currency Converter

Another reason to choose this Shopify theme is its robust feature of the currency converter. You might often face difficulty in converting the currency of your products. Your audience might not just be limited to a specific country.

Let’s say you also have an audience from the USA and Europe. If the product merely shows up in USD, it would be less interesting for the European audience.

Thus, you need a currency converter that can effectively and quickly convert US dollars or any other currency into the audience’s location-based currency.

shopify booster theme

The basic Shopify theme doesn’t offer a currency converter, which becomes a headache when you download a currency converter for your store.

5. Mobile-Friendly

Mobiles are more convenient and handy than laptops. Thus, this theme suits you well to make your store more convenient and easy to use. This Shopify theme is fully mobile optimized. At the top, the images and the add to cart button are present, which is helpful for the conversion.

6. Email Discounts Plugin

best shopify booster theme

Most of the time, the customers might not return to your store or even abandon your store. Booster themes bring more traffic to your Shopify Dropshipping store. You can build your email list by giving discount offers as a pop-up to the visitors.

There are plugins too for this purpose, but Booster theme gives you everything right with this plugin. Once the visitor gets to your website, he/ she will have a pop-up with the discount offer where you can customize the pop-up by asking for the relevant details.

7.  Automatic Mega Menu

review for Shopify booster

This is the only Shopify theme in the market that offers the mega menu option. The navigable mega menu makes every product and category easily visible. The better design for your store is also responsible for the higher conversions.

The mega menu gives a better user experience. You can promote the discounted products inside and Showcase only collections, products, and menus.

8. Optimizer + Free Shipping

If you want to sell a product for free, you can edit the button text and optimize the product according to you.  The Booster theme automatically detects the free tools and thus edits the button text.

booster 2 theme for shopify

You can add ‘Just Pay Shipping’ or ‘Free + Shipping’ if you want to give the product and the shipping for free. It is a great way to increase sales at the initial stage of your Dropshipping. This way, products will be added instantly, and you can grow your email list.

9. Optimized Cart Page

This feature is not available with the other Shopify themes. The cart optimization page can boost your sales by creating a sense of urgency for visitors. With this, you can increase the reach after checkout. It has 2 checkout buttons, making it easier for the customers.

Booster Theme Pricing Plans

Booster Theme Pricing Plans

Pros & Cons Of Booster Theme 

Pros ✅:

  • Fully Mobile Optimized
  • Increased Conversions and Sale
  • Mobile Responsive & Retina Ready
  • Complete control over the layout and design.
  • No monthly charges; one-time, recurring fees
  • All in one app; no need for paid apps or third-party apps.

Cons ❌:

  • Variable charges: Charges may increase or decrease at any time.
  • No Free Trial

How To Install Shopify Booster Theme? | Booster Theme Discount Coupon

Shopify Booster Theme is really easy to get. You will have to purchase this theme to proceed. There is no free trial for this theme.

Click on ‘Get Now’ on the left-hand side of the page.

best shopify theme for Dropshipping

Once you have purchased the theme, you will receive an email. In the email, click the green button ‘Download your Order.’

booster theme for shopify

You will be taken to the download page to save the zip file or download it to your desktop.

The next step is the installation of your theme. Log into your store admin and click on ‘Online Store.

Though there are several themes already available, you can upload the Booster theme by clicking ‘Upload theme.’

Shopify Booster theme upload

After uploading the theme, it will be visible on the saved themes. Click on the available theme and publish it. Lastly, you must copy the license key and be ready to customize the booster theme.

Join The Thousands Of Shopify Stores Using Booster. Get your sales Boosted in One-Click.? Easy Setup. No Coding. Take less than a minute to install.

Most importantly, it is all in one package and does not need different plugins. This way, you can spend less and earn more. Don’t forget to use the Shopify Booster Theme Discount Coupon:  BID10 at checkout to save money. 🙂 

USE COUPON: BID10  At Checkout to Get 15% OFF

Booster Theme Customer Reviews & Testimonials

review for Shopify

FAQs On Booster Theme:

How To Get The Shopify Booster Theme For Free?

Booster Theme is not free.

Is booster a good Shopify theme?

Booster is a top Shopify theme for conversions. Booster will set you up for high sale conversions.

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Conclusion: Booster Theme Review 2024

Every successful online store has certain elements that excite and impress customers. The features mentioned earlier are some features that most customers expect to be available in an online store by default.

Does your online store have it? Maybe you should include them if you build a top-visited eCommerce store.

Though many themes are available for Shopify, none offers robust features as the Booster theme does. You will certainly see an appreciable increase in sales.

Everything is set up; you just need to spend a few bucks. This was my detailed review of the best Shopify Booster theme that goes well with its name and boosts your store.

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55 User Reviews on Booster Theme

  1. I tried this theme for just one week and I am already getting more sales than any of my other stores. One of the best things about Booster is that it has all these cool features built in! Their integrated apps let you save money on app fees so you can spend your money on better marketing tactics for even bigger results. If you are looking to boost your revenue quickly, without having to hire someone who knows the tricky world of coding, then Booster might be exactly what you are looking for.

  2. I have been developing Shopify themes for a long time and this is by far the best theme I have ever used. If you are looking for a high converting theme, look no further!

  3. I was tired of paying for Shopify apps that I didn’t need to improve my sales. That’s when Booster Theme came along, with an integrated suite of features designed to make your store the best it can be. For less than what you would pay for one year on Storefront or Product Design, Booster comes loaded with BaseShop, Product Designer 2D/3D, SEO tools & more!

  4. I really cannot believe how lucky I am! Booster Theme has allowed me to streamline our store with its built in apps, which helps me so much in keeping my own workload manageable. There’s no need to run around for different suppliers it’s all contained within the theme. For someone like me who does so many things at once this is an absolute lifesaver. Not only that but even without having to write a line of code myself this absolutely gorgeous theme looks professional and makes people want to buy because they see just how luxurious everything is, it’s just perfect!!!

  5. Boost your sales like never before with the ultimate Shopify theme, Booster Theme. Designed to hook customers on its easy-to-navigate homepage and SEO-friendly code, you’ll automatically see higher conversion rates without any extra work!

  6. Booster Theme is the only theme that has helped our store go from $0 in revenue before we started using this theme to now consistently using $1500/mo.

  7. You know how frustrated it is when your theme doesn’t have the apps that you need to make your store work for you. I’ve been there. It’s annoying, frustrating, and makes you regret upgrading. With Booster Theme, I never again have to rely on separate Shopify apps – because Booster has them built in!

  8. “What a blessing. I was about to go out of business with my first shopify store, but thanks to Booster Theme I am now making thousands!” “Booster is the easiest way to make your Shopify site look like an e-commerce powerhouse.”

  9. I’m a hobby entrepreneur and I found Booster Theme when searching for Shopify themes. All of the other themes were either too expensive or they didn’t include all the apps I needed to run my business. When Booster did both it seemed like fate so I bought it right away!

  10. Booster Theme is the best Shopify theme of all time. This product makes it easy to make your store look modern, sleek, and hip with its high quality design features. My business has increased by over ten percent since I used Booster Theme for my products!

  11. Booster Store is a Shopify-specific theme that aids your effectiveness by reducing the amount of money you spend on storefront fees thanks to it’s integrated easy-to-use

  12. I use this Booster theme for my online store and it can’t be more perfect. I am not tech-savvy but with the Booster app, my site is now running smooth. And to top that off, I never had any problems or bugs! It is very versatile and has plenty of customization options, like unlimited colors which work great on mobile devices too.

  13. I just flipped my whole store with this theme and I am so happy. Not only is it pretty as heck, but the functionality is almost indescribably good. The customer service was also unsurpassable! 10 stars!!!!!!!!

  14. When I first started my Shopify store, I was at a crossroads. Do I continue to manage all of the different aspects or do I hire someone else? That’s when my friend recommended Booster for me! I clicked on the website and loved that it had an app with set-up guides to walk me through setting up your store. Of course they have integrated apps you need right away like promotions, social media marketing, mailing lists, etc.; but if you are looking for something is only one click away!

  15. Booster Theme was a great purchase for my business on Shopify. I love how it has built in apps that allow me to make lots of purchases from the app, without having to leave Booster. It’s been only been a few months and I’ve already saved over $3000 from not incurring any of those pesky Shopfy taxes.

  16. I was looking for the best way to set up my web store and convert sales, when I found Booster Theme. It’s perfect! This theme is built with conversion optimization in mind. The design appeals to customers’ senses which helps close more sales. And get this – it has an easy-to-use interface that makes you look like a professional designer! Plus, it includes Adobe Illustrator files if you need images editable by hand. This product will make your business take off faster than ever before…

  17. This theme is perfect. I like how there’s a place for custom blocks on the homepage, and that they’re available to replace any text or images that you can think of. The sales boost increaser has been especially useful with increasing conversions of new customers by over 100%.

  18. Booster is the finest Shopify theme! I’ve been using them since version 1 and continue to do so. Love the team behind it; they usually respond quickly to my inquiries and are always developing their theme.

  19. I used the Booster Theme to take my store from good to great in less than 24 hours. I was hesitant at first, but after getting it installed and setting up all of the apps that came with it, I saw an instant pay off. 20x more engagement on blog posts, Facebook ads 15% cheaper per click-through rate. Not to mention 10x faster site load time!

  20. I’ll never use another theme again! From the minute I logged in, everything was so easy. The live chat is super helpful too if you have any problems or questions. I love being able to edit every little thing myself and how it looks exactly like what my brand is supposed look like on social media.

  21. After using the Booster Theme for 20 sales, I’ve increased my sales by 300%. This invaluable theme has already saved me so much time and money in Shopify App fees. If you’re struggling to decide between a premium theme or all the extras, don’t hesitate anymore! The integrated apps pre-installed with this theme will make your customer experience memorable, while leaving more dollars in your pocket. Get the Booster Theme today!

  22. This theme is perfect. I like how there’s a place for custom blocks on the homepage, and that they’re available to replace any text or images that you can think of. The sales boost increaser has been especially useful with increasing conversions of new customers by over 100%.

  23. I was looking for the best way to set up my web store and convert sales, when I found Booster Theme. It’s perfect! This theme is built with conversion optimization in mind. The design appeals to customers’ senses which helps close more sales. And get this – it has an easy-to-use interface that makes you look like a professional designer! Plus, it includes Adobe Illustrator files if you need images editable by hand. This product will make your business take off faster than ever before…

  24. I love this theme’s app suite! The Drop-Shipper integration allows me to easily find items on eBay and import them into my store! Plus it has beautiful templates which make the design process way easier.

  25. Double your Sales with Booster Theme’s suite of powerful features that help you do what needs to be done-sell products or services effortlessly! That

  26. Booster Theme is the best Shopify theme on the market! It’s not hard to see why. Booster doesn’t just create a great experience for your customers, it saves you money too. With over half of Boosters apps integrated into the themes dashboard, you’ll save more than $3,000 on app fees from third party developers with this one easy purchase. My store went from the 22nd page of Google search results to 10th in just a week! That’s something everyone should be excited about and there are plenty more promos waiting for you when you click below.

  27. I’ve always loved Booster Theme the minute I saw it. It gave off creativity and just felt welcoming, considering everything was custom-made to fit your needs. The navigation is so easy at first glance you feel like you don’t even need directions because of how intuitive this theme really is. You can create an entire website without ever touching code by using all its useful tools that are built in, such as their robust collection of Shopify-integrated apps. And not only does each app do something similar but they also master many different tasks which saves both time and money! Seriously love Booster Theme if you’re looking for a template that will help take your business to the next level.

  28. I’m a longtime Shopify seller and I can’t believe how easy Booster Theme is. Why pay $99 every month for the standalone apps that come with this theme? Unleash your creativity … there are so many ways to use these high converting, ready-made features … And don’t even get me started on all the cool freebies!

  29. I was not expecting to save money with this theme, but it has all the apps I need integrated and an awesome design. The best part is that you can run your business instead of paying for Shopify fees! This wasn’t a chance thought either, there were reviews on how they saved tons of money and time with Booster Theme.

  30. After struggling for months with outdated themes and plugins, I finally found the perfect solution. Booster Theme not only solved all of my existing problems (customized billing, integrated apps), it made things so much easier for me and allowed me to do more online.

    Try Booster Theme today and see why we’re the best converting Shopify theme ever created!

  31. Simply amazing support, they really are here to help. The product is first class too, with great features. Always updated and easy to implement.

  32. I never thought I was going to be able to afford Shopify and other marketing apps. The Booster theme has given me everything I need for one-tenth the price! Thank you, Booster Theme!

    + Boost your average order value with integrated marketing app features.

    + Discover how not paying for expensive Shopify fees can end up saving you over $3000/year at no cost to you!

  33. I just installed this app and I’m so excited! The built in apps are amazing. The customer service was top notch and the best that I’ve experienced on Shopify to date. It’s such a relief that someone has finally created something that does it all but also customizes different things within the store for me through multiple pages to make it my own space.

    The design is awesome, not sure why everyone else in the market couldn’t figure out how easy it is for customers to find things they want in a way designed to make them feel comfortable rather than intimidated by all of this knowledge you have dumped on them from every corner of your site’.

  34. Dude, I’ve installed like 10 different themes from Shopify and Booster Theme was the ONLY one that actually increased my conversion rate. It simplified the design process and saved me time revamping my site for every new marketing campaign. Plus, it comes with all these functional bells-and-whistles that make it easier to customize your theme without breaking a sweat! After monkeying around with some other products available on their website, it became clear just how advanced this product is. Bye bye old school Johnny Appleseed lookin’ sites – Yoohoo up Booster Theme! I am impressed by your booster theme review.

  35. “Finally, a theme that does it all. I’m tired of browsing endless themes to find one that stands out and actually suits my purpose. I wear the same thing everyday so why can’t I just have a vacuum cleaner with only ONE lever? This Booster Theme is for those who want more from their Shopify Store’s look as well as functionality.” In your booster theme review, you covered all aspects very clearly which is very impressive.

  36. Nice booster theme review louie. This theme is hands down the best of its kind and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to purchase. Not only did it save loads of development time, but the end result was a beautiful, mobile friendly layout that improved my conversion rates significantly. My customers have been thrilled thus far!

  37. Great booster theme review. Unbelievable! I have got to be honest, when I went looking for a new theme for my Shopify store, it was an absolute disaster. It took countless hours of work and everyday store traffic just kept getting worse because the site would run so slow. But then Booster Theme came along and changed everything! After installing this theme in under 5 minutes from their easy-to-use dashboard, suddenly my site feels like it’s running at twice the speed with all these amazing updates tailored toward maximizing mobile user experience. If you’re tired of dealing with problems on your site that are costing your business money and don’t know where to start – make Boosters your first stop!

  38. The Booster Theme truly has been one of the most valuable investments I have ever made for my business. Installing was simple and only took a few minutes before my store was up and running with all of the features I needed quickly. It works great on mobile devices so customers can easily view their purchases from any device they choose to use while browsing!

  39. This theme is great if you want your store to look professional without all the hassle. The clean layout is really easy on eye strain so you can keep working all day long! Really love how sweet this shop feels- makes me feel more relaxed

  40. The best Shopify theme ever created? Definitely. Save $3000 or more on app fees with the Booster integrated apps that you’ll need to boost sales and increase your average order value in just a few clicks. Get looking as good as who you are, because Booster is enjoying worldwide use by over 45,000 other Shopify merchants for their success. And we give them great support too so they can work smarter and not harder here at Preferred Marketing.

  41. I love Booster Theme and I can’t speak highly enough about it. Not only is the design gorgeous, but the app integrations are second to none. And all of this without any hidden costs–no monthly fees for Shopify apps like many other themes on the market. The best part? You get a full 24-hour turnaround on any custom changes you want made.

  42. I was able to build my own custom theme with ease because it included all of the templates I needed. The Site Translator feature made it easy for me to translate everything into Spanish so that I could sell internationally. Overall, this is a fantastic product!

  43. Booster Theme is a Shopify app that includes all of the features you need to grow your store’s average order value and increase sales. The Booster theme integrates with apps like Sales Funnel, Live Chat, SMS Marketing, Instagram Feed – at no additional cost! There are so many bonuses in one customizable theme… can’t beat it. Plus when you purchase this theme for your shop from our site today, we’ll boost one day FREE support for an entire year! Your search ends here if you’re looking for a boosting solution.

  44. I was hesitant to purchase Booster Theme at first because I didn’t want to fork out all that money. Now that I’ve used it, it’s worth every penny! Everything is easy – from finding a theme to adding plugins and apps for Shopify. The support staff are always there if you need them and they do everything in their power so you don’t have any problems with your account.

  45. So, Booster Theme is just one of the sweetest Shopify themes that I’ve ever seen. It’s super customizable with lots of nice-looking templates for you to start building your store. One of the most unique parts about this theme are all its included apps! You can save a ton on app fees by getting them in Booster, which will make it much easier when running your business.

  46. I’ve been using Booster Theme for a while now, and it’s delivered on its promises. My store’s speed is fantastic, the alternatives are fantastic, and their technical assistance is courteous, competent, and responsive. I enjoy it so much that I went ahead and bought the 5-license bundle so I can use it on all of my future sites and save money right now.

  47. I am loving this new theme! I’ve been contemplating switching to Shopify for some time now and I’m happy I chose Booster as my first. It’s very easy to use, the design is great and it has those useful apps for boosting sales that weren’t built into another of the popular themes.

  48. Booster Theme deserves five stars because it made my website exactly how I wanted it, even better! All of Boosters’ features work seamlessly with Shopify so you don’t have to waste money on annoying advertising contracts or pay every time you want an update for your store.

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