Why All Bloggers Should Create an Online Course 2024? (The Complete Guide)


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Online courses are a great way to diversify your current income and increase it manifold. You have already established yourself as an expert in your niche. Just go a step ahead. Build a tribe if you haven’t already & make money repurposing the content you’ve already written.

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The blogging world started to gain momentum almost a decade ago. In the past decade, the industry has changed dramatically. it has evolved into a full-blown career option. 

It won’t be wrong to say that by launching an online course vertically, the bloggers formed a multi-billion dollar online course industry. It hasn’t just opened another income source but became a limitless potential with very little work.  

When launching online courses is at its peak, bloggers have got a cutting edge. The web already knows you for your topic. They have already recognized your authority in a particular domain.

That means, if you blog about Parenting, the web already knows that you know a thing or two about “Parenting”. You have already got an audience, traffic & an email list.

Hence, if you launch a course related to “Parenting”, your existing readers are more likely to become your first paying customers. They already trust you with this topic. 

Why All Bloggers Should Create an Online Course

There are many ways to monetize your blog.

You could use Affiliate Marketing, earn from Google Adsense, or launch a Premium Newsletter! 

However, with the world becoming increasingly hungry for knowledge & self-improvement, nothing beats an online course launch to monetize your blog.

Blooging-earn money by top 3 Ways

Why All Bloggers Should Create an Online Course?

When you begin to teach a topic, you automatically start to position yourself as an expert. People begin to view you as an industry leader in your niche. 

Launching an online course quickly turns your blog from a mere information storage space into a passive money-making machine!

Creating a blog is super easy. However, running it successfully isn’t. If you have been able to be consistent at it, you are already far ahead in the game. 

In this article, I’ll quickly sum up why launching an online course is superb for you if you are already a blogger.

You can quickly validate your course ideas

The number step of launching a profitable online course is to be able to validate your course idea. This can be tricky for an absolute beginner. Being a blogger, you already have your readers & analytics vouching for your topic. 

Check your Google Analytics, talk to your readers, or maybe conduct a survey. Just know that you have twice more chance at winning at it than anyone starting from zilch.

You’re already established on Google

No, you don’t necessarily rank on the front page of Google. Even if you are yet to rank, you’re still leaps and bounds ahead. Google already knows you for your topic. For someone just launching their online education business, it will take some time for GOOGLE to take notice.

On the other hand, if you have been blogging for a while & you rank well, you are in it for a treat. Once you start promoting your course through your blog, having that prior visibility will make the process faster & more effective for you. 

You are already a course creator

Bloggers are content creators. You don’t only have a sense of articles, you must have published PDFs, newsletters, infographics, videos & much more!

online course ideas for selling courses

We are huge advocates of repurposing content. Whatever you’ve already created, you can turn it into an online course. Your blog posts can act as your video scripts.

You can use the same title in your course modules as well. This is why being a blogger you can create an online course pretty quick. The time that a course creator spends on researching, you have already done that.

Online courses are evergreen assets

In order to keep your authority as a blogger afloat, you need to create consistent content. As a course creator, you spend time creating courses just once. It’s an evergreen asset for you. Once launched, you can sell them again & again. You can just relaunch your online course every once in a while. 

You can promote your online course with your blog

As already highlighted, being a blogger has a unique advantage here. You can serve your blog as a powerful promotion tool for your blog! 

  1. After launching your online course, you can sell on autopilot by optimizing your blog. Add a link to your course sales page (or your LMS) on your navigation bar. You can name it “shop” or “courses” or “products”. When people click on it, they will be redirected to your course sales page
  2. Go revisit the blog that you have created. In each one of them, mention your course page link or provide more information about your course. Give a very clear C.T.A. Doing it benefits you in terms of SEO too. 
  3. Talk about your online course in your author bio & section like “about me”. If your CTA is clear & mentioned everywhere, people are more likely to convert. 

It’s very easy to create an online course

Sign up - Why bloggers should create online course

If you are holding back because you think launching an online course is complex, it’s NOT. Launching online courses is easier than you think. You don’t have to be a techie to do this. You also don’t have to hire a team or outsource an agency to build your online course platform.

You can easily on your pocket & launch your online course platform using SPAYEE. One of the best online course platforms out there. It has a DIY drag & drops course builder, Indian payment gateway integration, engagement tools, marketing tools & much more. 

Getting started wuth spayee- creating aon online course

Once you sign up, you get access to your own course platform. You can create multimedia course content & design your branded course sales page in a way that suits your online brand image.

SPAYEE takes care of all the complicated tech settings like payment gateway, students dashboard, app launch & much more. It even has in-built themes that you can use to create an attractive sales page.

The plan starts at Rs. 2,999 a month & goes up to Rs. 14,999 a month.

Pricing - spayee

We vouch for it because of its customer support & Indian Payment Gateway integration.

You have got the skills 

Being a blogger, you already possess all the skills necessary to create a course. Creating a video lecture isn’t harder than creating a blog post. If you find it fun & interesting to write about a topic, you will enjoy recording the material as well.

As a blogger, your writing & communicating abilities with your audience is already established. You already know how to explain complicated concepts in a simple way.

You already promote your blog posts, so you would have a pretty good strategy of course promotion as well. Finally, you are good at listening to your audience and giving them what they want. These skills are invaluable when it comes to creating & then selling a course.  

Your Audience Wants To Repay You

Believe it or not! But, your audience already wants to pay for the knowledge sharing you are doing. 

You might not be aware, but you are yet to tap into the goldmine you are sitting on! 

How to Grow Audience with Guest Blogging - Tracing report

Blogger has its own pros. Your audience trusts you and considers you an expert on the given topic. Among your audience, a certain section would love you to create a course on your blog topic. They might even be desperate for it. Ask them & see for yourself. Or better, just pre-launch it. 

If you are a blogger, you might feel that you can’t be a successful course creator because you give so much away for free. But, the reality is the exact opposite. Because you have given away so much value already, people are going to trust you with their money. 

Here are a few tips to get started TODAY!

No matter what stage of your blogging journey you are at now, turn your uncertainty into confidence.


  1. Choose a good topic

The main difference between a blog and an online course is that a course is more specific than a blog. You can blog about more general topics, a course has to be specific.

Narrow down your blog ideas into one specific subject. Use your audience as a focus group. You can do a small survey as well to see what they’re interested in learning. 

  1. Chart your course curriculum

Like a blog, even your online course would need direction. It must have a beginning and an end. Hence, take time & go through the former posts.

Check what you can transfer to your course. Now start to plan out the various chapters & sub-chapters. Rather than taking a broad topic, choose a micro-niche.

  1. Sign Up for FREE on a Course Platform

Spayee dashboard- best ways to create online course

While you are preparing your online course modules, make sure to sign up on one of the online course platforms like SPAYEE. It would give you an idea of what a course dashboard looks like. You would understand the nitty-gritty of launching your own online education business. 

  1. Blog about your online course

If you have come this far, chances are you have already made up your mind. Leverage your existing audience & talk about your course progress through your blog, social media & email.  Offer pre-sales and discounts to them. Warm-up your audience!

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 Over to you: Why bloggers should Create an Online Course 2024?

Online courses are a great way to diversify your current income and increase it manifold. You have already established yourself as an expert in your niche. Just go a step ahead. Build a tribe if you haven’t already & make money repurposing the content you’ve already written.

This is a hot cake right now! Do NOT miss out on this opportunity.  

When are you beginning?  

Comment below and let me know!




Online courses are a great way to diversify your current income and increase it manifold. You have already established yourself as an expert in your niche. Just go a step ahead. Build a tribe if you haven’t already & make money repurposing the content you’ve already written.

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