Blinkist Review 2024: 🥇Is This Book Summary App Worth The Price?


Overall Verdict

Blinkist is a service that takes the most important nonfiction books in the world and breaks them down into bite-sized chunks that can be read in as little as 15 minutes. This gives users a basic knowledge of the subject matter.

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  • 7 Days Free Trial
  • Learn anywhere anytime
  • Provides content in audio & text
  • One Account, Multiple Devices
  • You can access all titles offline with the app.
  • Unlimited access to every title


  • The study material should get frequent updates
  • Limited Pricing Option
  • It differs from reading the entire book


Price: $ 4

I grew up in a household where reading was a common activity, so it is not surprising that I have enjoyed books ever since I was a young child. I used to carry a book with me at all times, but now that I have kids and a full-time job, that no longer happens.

A number of years ago, I decided to make it a goal of mine to begin reading books once more. That was the turning point in my life when I started using e-books and audiobooks. My hectic schedule prevented me from reading as much as I would have liked to, and after a while, the number of books on my “to be read” list became overwhelming.

A friend of mine told me about Blinkist, a website that provides users with detailed summaries of books in just 15 minutes and then I made a decision to give it a shot in the hopes that it would assist me in reducing the number of books on my TBR list.

🥇Bottom Line upfront

Blinkist is a good book summary service for non-fiction books, For novels with only a few compelling arguments, this is invaluable. It’s a great way for avoiding reading any bad books. You’ll be able to quickly absorb information on a wider range of topics. Instead of spending a month reading one book on meditation, you can read a summary of several different books in just a few minutes. After that, you can move on to another book on mindfulness or even an other subject.

Blinkist Review

Blinkist Review


Blinkist Review 2024: 🚀About Blinkist

Blinkist Review

Blinkist is a subscription service that provides book summaries. Members can gain access to all of the summaries, also known as “Blinks,” in the library for as little as $5.99 per month.

Over 5,000 best-selling non-fiction publications may be accessed in text and audio format, and approximately 40 new ones are uploaded each month.

A membership to Blinkist grants access to “Shortcasts,” which are audio recordings that summarise and highlight the most important points discussed in popular podcasts.

Blinkist was initially established in 2012 by a gang of close friends. The organization’s mission was to provide readers who didn’t have enough time to read all they wanted to with access to the primary concepts presented in non-fiction books through a concise text or audio summary that typically lasted between ten and fifteen minutes.

You can learn whenever, and anywhere you want to with Blinkist, including on your way to work or while driving, walking, working out, or doing chores, as well as throughout your morning and evening routines.

It is an excellent method for enhancing your knowledge in various areas, including but not limited to business, relationships, parenting, personal development, and more.

Blinkist Review 2024: Is Blinkist worth it?

Blinkist, a professional book summary service, allows you to recognize the critical insights from the world’s best non-fiction books in a few minutes. If you ever feel overwhelmed by all the newly released books or struggle to finish a non-fiction book, then surely Blinkist can help you.

Each critical insight that fits nicely on one page refers to blink.

There are thousands of non-fiction books in Blinkist through which you can benefit from reading. You can easily download the Blinkist app and get over 3000+ book summaries that change almost daily.


The preview for each book in Blinkist includes a subtitle, image, author, and time it takes to read. However, if you want full access to Blinkist features and its excellent service, you can pay for Blinkist Premium.

It includes ultimate functions such as syncing your highlights to Evernote and audio versions of most book summaries, and you can save your entire library offline.

Blinkist is worth it. The collection is large and growing daily, and it’s cheaper than other book summary services. I prefer summaries for non-fiction but complete volumes for fiction since I can forget the story. Some novels, even bestsellers, are not good enough.

I skip the fluff with Blinkist. Because I don’t have to spend weeks reading the same book, I learn more topics in 15 minutes. Summaries just highlight the most crucial points, so I recall more than previously.

How Does Blinkist App Work?

Undoubtedly, nowadays people cannot find enough time for reading still they want to know more about science, technology, history, and much more. If you are the one who wants to learn about virtual things in no time, then the Blinkist app is for you.

There you can get numerous book summaries that cover a vast area of topics and stories, which you can learn in a few minutes.

Blinkist Review - Blinkist

  • You will be redirected to the library once you create your account on the Blinkist app. There are two tabs: ‘ Currently reading’ and ‘Finished.’ Currently, reading is for the title you have started reading or recently added. However, the finished tab is for all the summaries you have already completed.
  • By searching for a subject on the Blinkist app, you can review relevant book summaries without pressure, stress, and time commitment. You can easily choose the interesting one and even listen to audio recordings in a few minutes.
  • When you click on one summary, you will be taken instantly to the first blink of that specific book. However, if you click on the three dots at the bottom of a preview, you can easily remove the book from your library.

Are you tired of a busy lifestyle and looking for ways to read interesting books quickly? Indeed, Blinkist is the perfect fit if you are looking for shortcuts to reading several books by getting an overview.

What are the main Blinkist features?

How can I read a Blinkist for free - Blinkist-Review

1) Reading summaries

The reading interface in the Blinkist app is not only clean but free of distractions as well. The first blink helps you clarify if the review is perfect for you, and then all other blinks cover the book’s content. The last blink, which contains a recap with actionable advice, refers to as a final summary.

Blinkist Features - Blinkist Review

2) Audio summaries

You can find an audio player at the bottom of each blink. When you press the audio will start, and pages turn automatically unless you pause, or the summary gets finished.

3) Highlighting and sharing

You can use the cursor to highlight some text in Blinkist, which allows you to mark that passage with a yellow background. You can easily save the enactment as a highlight or share a specific insight from any summary.

How much does Blinkist cost?

Blinkist Pricing & Subscription

The Big question you must be wondering is how much it costs to use such a productive and beneficial book-reading app. Generally, the Blinkist app is free to download. However, if you want to access several new and innovative features, then you can go with the premium version.


Blinkist Premium subscriptions can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis. Both offer unrestricted access to all of the more than 5,000 blinks available in text and audio format, as well as to Shortcasts, which are podcast summaries, and discounts on full-length audiobooks.

The Premium monthly plan costs $14.99 per month, while the Premium annual plan costs $89.99 per year, totaling $7.49 per month. A forty percent discount on the yearly subscription plan is also available now.

You can see that purchasing the yearly plan results in fifty percent savings and grants you access to a free trial period of seven days. In contrast, the monthly plan does not include a trial period.

Blinkist Free Trial

Anyone interested in evaluating the Blinkist service at no risk can use the company’s 7-day free trial option.

Cancel your account at any time before the free trial will allow you to avoid being charged for the service if you decide not to continue using it.

Best Blinkist Alternatives

Still unsure about the Blinkist app? check out the Best Blinkist Alternatives that are equally worth a try, and some of them are free too. so let’s get started.

1. StoryShots

StoryShots - Blinklist Alternative

StoryShots is an app that takes the pleasure of reading and storytelling to a whole new level. It’s a collection of free books, short stories, and movies with audio summaries in text, animated, and video formats. You can find some of the best books and movies for your child or family on the app.

StoryShots is a learning app with free text, audio, and animated book summaries. It’s featured worldwide as one of the best educational apps and called “very clever” by Bill Gates‘ favorite author, Steven Pinker.

It is good for students and teachers when they no longer have to worry about studying.

2. Instaread 

Instaread-Blinkist Alternative

The Instaread app has been a hit with users who want to quickly learn something new. They provide a simple and fast way to access the current news of the world, books to read, videos to watch, and blogs to read. The user interface is minimal and fast, making it easy to use.

Instaread is an easy way to look up and learn from over 700 books, magazine articles, original writing pieces, blogs, videos, and more. It’s fast and easy to use.

You can search for things using a variety of keywords. You can read all types of content, such as news, books, movie reviews, or even inspirational quotes.

It’s very convenient as you don’t have to remember all the sources or whatever you look up.

3. 12min

12min - blinkist alternative

12-minute platform chooses, reads, and summarizes the most influential non-fiction books. Start here to learn more about the books selected for our list of the best non-fiction books.

You don’t have to waste time reading hundreds of boring books by yourself. 12 minutes will allow you to get quick access to information about a subject in the order you choose.

There are so many books on any topic, but finding them all can be quite time-consuming and confusing for beginners.


FAQs: Blinkist Review [2023]

✅ Is Blinkist worth your money?

If you don’t have the luxury to carry books with you all the time then Blinkist is a great solution for you. This platform is purely for bookworms. You can read any book you want, wherever you want, and whenever you want with Blinkist. It has over 4000 Nook summaries in its library.

👉 Which is better audible or Blinkist?

The Blinkist is the best choice if you are looking for summaries, where Audible is a better choice in case you are interested in reading the entire no fiction or fiction book.

👉 Is Blinkist app free?

Although a Blinkist Premium subscription is not free, you can sign up for a free account and receive one title per day if you don't want to pay for one. Although it's not required, choosing your own title is still a smart move.

🤔How does a Blinkist work?

The core idea of Blinkist is to take the trending & best of new nonfiction books and turn the entire books summed up in a different series of these “blinks” of around 15 minutes or so. Users get to see the top-10 trending list with options like suggestions and user wishlists.

🤔What are Shortcasts?

The Blinkist platform has got the addition of shortcasts. In a nutshell, those are podcast summaries. Similar to Blinks, Shortcasts are typically 15 minutes long and highlight the most important information from podcasts. They are frequently made in collaboration with the people who created the podcast, which adds to their originality. Unlimited access to Shortcasts is included with the Blinkist Premium subscription.

👉What are Blinkist app reviews?

Blinkist works on Android and iOS but not Windows phones. I like using the app because it has features and content not available on the website. The mobile app only offers full-length audiobooks and Shortcasts. To browse curated collections, add favorites, and organize titles in the library, you need the Blinkist app. The app is simple and minimalistic. Download audio and text titles to listen offline.

👉 Does Blinkist offer offline access?

Yes. The book summaries one adds to their library will automatically be available as the downloaded version in textual format. Even you can download audio, and delete them whenever you feel like it.

👉 Who can use Blinkist?

For those who enjoy reading but don't have a lot of spare time, such as students, working professionals, stay-at-home mothers, and, in general, most people these days, Blinkist is a good app. Reading has several advantages, including lowering stress levels, improving sleep quality, increasing knowledge and concentration, enhancing focus, preventing depression, and more. I can usually find 15 minutes a day, despite my busy schedule, to listen to an audiobook or read a little text. And I promise you, it is well worth it.

✅What languages does Blinkist support?

Both English and German are now supported languages for use with Blinkist.

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Conclusion: Blinkist Review – Should you go for it?

Blinkist is, in my opinion, an excellent service. Yes, reading summaries differ from reading whole novels. But if I opted to read entire books, I would never be able to read all the literature I want to. But with Blinkist, I had already read so many books that I could clear out my to-read list (well, almost).

And if I genuinely enjoy a Blinkist synopsis, I buy the book to read it once I’ve finished the summary. However, if the resume is only passable, I go on to the next. I can avoid wasting time on uninteresting books this way and yet learn a lot. However, I do not advise using Blinkist instead of reading altogether.

Nothing, after all, can take the place of reading an actual book. Consider Blinkist as a convenient tool for enhancing your knowledge and finding inspiration. Blinkiist is an excellent option if you need it in your life.


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  1. Blinkist is a lazy person’s choice. It takes from books without even delivering what it promises. I can’t imagine how something that requires so little of the reader could be satisfying, but rather just seems like a scam.

  2. If I could only recommend one app with all my being, it would be Blinkist. Make time in your day for moments where you are engrossed with art or culture–and download Blinkist.

  3. There’s something about finishing a whole book within fifteen minutes as opposed to sitting down with it for hours. In fact, the idea ‘Blinkist’ was created from the concept of reading these types of articles in under 15 minutes. You can finish one book per day without any extra work on your part, making Blinkist a success through and through.

  4. Reading has always been one of the most enjoyable pastimes in my life, but between work and school it can be hard to find time to pick up a book. I was constantly trying to read everything at once, never giving myself the chance to fully dive into any one story. That’s when I found Blinkist! Using its app or reading magazine, I can get that same sense of satisfaction by getting an overview of books that are relevant to my interests without having to waste hours on end.

  5. Nobody wants to read a whole book, not when there are five hundred other things on the to-do list. Blinkist saves you time, so you can spend it productively elsewhere…snag your fifteen minutes of reading greatness with this app!

  6. Blinkist is an app for mobile phones that delivers bite-sized, condensed information on any topic imaginable. It offers a 20 minute audio synopsis of the best books and articles by some of the most notable authors in modern history, ready to be consumed and digested at your convenience. If you want to know what Blinkist is all about, it could be described as podcasts for nonfiction enthusiasts or novels made easy.

  7. I dig Blinkist. One great thing about the service is that you don’t have to commit plenty of time in order for your reading habits to be considered “healthy.” I am a busy guy, and often have trouble balancing both my career as a lawyer with being an active father. On top of all that, I love learning new things! With this platform, I can absorb massive amounts of knowledge on one subject without even leaving my living room.

  8. Blinkist is a service that promises to deliver some of the best reading books in under fifteen-minutes. But does it actually live up? The Blinkist App uses their little blinks which are indeed short summaries to provide you with information about what they’ve chosen for you, but not much more.

  9. One of the best parts about reading a Blinkist summary is that you can do it in your spare time, when you have downtime at just fifteen minutes. More than just being descriptive, the summaries are engaging and concise enough to inspire action.

  10. Blinkist is a perfect app for anyone with a short attention span, who spends most of their day on their phone. I love the idea behind this service because it’s great to be able to grab moments wherever I am and get information in digestible bites without having to invest hours reading. Blinkist offers key insights from top nonfiction books in an easy-to-digest format!

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